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阅读训练(一) 古老与现代结合的典范。 A great design A modern holiday home inserted into the walls of an ancient castle in Britain has won a well-known architecture award (建筑奖) this year. The castle is located in Warwickshire (华威郡) and has a long history. It had been home to three queens of England before it was destroyed by fire in 1978. Now, after renovation, it has been declared the best building of the year—winner of the 2013 RIBA Stirling Prize. A two-storey modern home was built into the stone walls of the castle. New wooden floors and ceilings (天花板) create living areas and bedrooms in the oldest part of the building. The new building can hold up to eight guests. RIBA president Stephen Hodder described the work as “a great example of how modern architecture can revive an ancient castle.” Answer the questions: 1、 What has won a well-known architecture award this year? ___________________________________________________________________________ 2、 ___________________________________________________________________________ 3、 ___________________________________________________________________________ 4、 ___________________________________________________________________________ 5、 ___________________________________________________________________________

亲手打造“霍比特人”小屋。 A real-life Hobbit house If you are a fan of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings, this house will look___(1)___ to you. However, this is not a house from any movie set, but the actual residence of Simon and his family. Located on a hillside in Britain, the house is very “green.” Simon and his friends used only a chainsaw (电锯) and a hammer to ____(2)___ it.. To make sure that the house blends in with (与。。相协调) the surroundings, they used dead 。 wood branches (枯树枝) from the trees in the ___(3)____ to build the frame of the house (门框) and floor. In fact, most of the materials they used were natural or recycled. While the house uses a wood burner (火炉) for cooking and heating, it is equipped with solar

panels (太阳能电池板) to power lights, computers and washing machines. In short, the house was built for the 21st century. Simon ___(4)___ he and his family have chosen this way of living to help reduce their impact(影响) on the earth and also show people that it can be done quite ________ and result in a comfortable way of life. 1. ( 2. ( 3. ( 4. ( 5. ( ) A. forward ) A. buy ) A. farm ) A. says ) A. easier B. familiar B. bought B. factory B. talks B. easy C. friendly C. build C. field C. speaks C. easily D. different D. built D. forest D. tells D. easiest

北京英语高考改革,能否改在点子上? Changes coming in English language test Chinese is your first language, your “mother tongue.” For most of you, English is your second language, but in the college entrance exam, English is considered just as i_________ as Chinese—each language is worth 150 points. Some educators think this is unrealistic and unfair. Starting in 2016, Beijing and other cities want to r_______ the English point score to 100 and increase the Chinese point score to 180. They also want to allow students to take the English test more than o______ so that students have a better chance to get higher scores. There is also a proposal to delay the teaching of English until the third grade of primary school instead of beginning in the first grade as it is now. The reason behind these changes is simple. Although Chinese students s______ a great deal of time learning English throughout their school life, few students become fluent in the language and most students do not use English in their daily lives once they finish school. So, is learning English just a big waste of time? English is a gateway language. It is not just spoken in English countries. It is spoken all over the world and it is the most common language used in b______ and academia. Being able to speak English makes it possible for Chinese to communicate with everyone, everywhere. The changes made in Beijing will be good if they also mean that there will be changes in the way English is taught. There should be l________ emphasis(强调) on taking tests and more emphasis on fluency. In this way, English will become more meaningful and useful to students.

了解盲人,从手语开始。 Sign language Deaf people cannot hear, so they have special ways of communicating. One way is lip reading (唇读). With training, people can learn to understand what someone is saying by looking at the mouth of the speaker. Speaking is possible but difficult for the deaf. Because they cannot hear their own voices, and it takes a lot of training for them to make correct sounds. So, deaf people think the most practical way of communicating is sign language. In many ways, sign language is similar to spoken languages. The “words” of sign language are its signs. The signs are formed with movements (动作) of the hands, face and body. As with words, each sign has a different meaning. Signs are combined to form sentences. The alphabet (字 母表) of sign language is hand signs that stand for letters; they make spelling possible. The signs can express the same thoughts and feelings as a spoken language. In addition to knowing sign language, it is also helpful to know something about how deaf people communicate. Hand waving or hitting a table or the floor to get someone’s attention is fine. Also, lots of eye contact is necessary. Lastly, it’s good to remember that most deaf people do not think of themselves as different from other people, and you don’t have to, either!

谁才是数字中的“宠儿”呢? What’s the world’s favorite number? Among all the numbers in the world, which is the most popular one? Alex Bellos, one curious researcher, set up a website and asked people to answer this question. So which number is winning now? “7” is leading the game to be the world’s favorite number. Following are “3,” “11” and “13.” Alex has already noticed that odd numbers (奇数) are more popular than even numbers (偶数), and prime numbers (质数) are more popular than non-prime numbers (非质数). What’s more, birthdays are often more preferred, especially if they fall on the 3rd, the 5th, the 9th and the 13th. However, “if you were born on the 22nd or 24th, you are unlikely to choose your birthday as your favorite number,” Alex says. The real fun is how people fantasize about numbers. People like to personate (拟人化) numbers, adding their own imagination and understanding to numbers. According to those who have voted for prime numbers, prime numbers send out a feeling of being “strong and trustworthy.” “37” is widely welcomed because “it looks cool, like a cloaked villain (披着披风的反派人物) from a silent movie.” The number “9” is also preferred because it looks cute. It is regarded as the laziest number in the world because it seems to lie (躺) on a bed all the time!

“6,” however, is not that lucky. Some think it is cunning (狡猾的) and evil, judging from its appearance. And being in the middle of “5” and “7” also adds to its unpopularity (不受欢迎). “5” is a nice number of fingers. “7” is a lucky number related to religion (宗教). But “6” is just nothing special. Interesting reasons, aren’t they? Now it’s your turn. What’s your favorite number and what’s your reason?

贝克汉姆的一家。 A famous family David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are one of the most popular couples in the world. David was a professional football player and Victoria was a singer and now is a fashion icon. Do you know how many kids they have? Four! What a big family! Discussing about his family, David said, “I like my kids. I want my three boys to be footballers. And my little girl Harper lightens up my day every time I see or speak to her. My children are my life.” Are you curious about David’s four kids? Let’s take a look at them. Brooklyn Joseph Beckham Brooklyn Joseph Beckham is the first child of Victoria and David. He was born in 1999, in London. He likes watching sports events with his father, and is now training with an England football club. Romeo James Beckham Romeo James Beckham, the second oldest child, was born in 2002, in England. He is very fashionable and is now a child model. Cruz David Beckham Cruz David Beckham was born in 2005, in Spain. He likes watching basketball matches with his father and is a big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers (洛杉矶湖人队). Harper Seven Beckham The couple’s first daughter, Harper Seven Beckham, was born in 2011, in Los Angeles Lucky Harper is cared for by both of her parents, as well as by her three older brothers. She is the apple of the Beckham family’s eye.

环保妙招——在屋顶上种植花草。 Plant a green roof In Shanghai, we can feast our eyes on a lot of high buildings. Do you know what we don’t

see enough of? Greenery. Green roofs (roofs with grass or plants growing on top) have become a solution to this problem. However, are they really good for us? Of course! And here is why. Absorb rainwater A rooftop green space can absorb (吸收) rainwater (up to 80%) and reduce the chance of flooding. Keep temperatures down Green roofs provide shade and remove heat from the air. So, they can keep temperatures down. On hot summer days, the surface temperature (表面温度) of a green roof can be much cooler than the air temperature. Resist fire Since plant life contains water, green roofs can act as a natural way to protect people’s houses from fire. Improve air quality A rooftop garden can clean air pollutants (污染物), and help reduce the amount of waste we breathe in.

孩子们的乐园——树屋。 Tree houses for kids Having a tree house in the backyard is cool for many kids in America. It is a great place for children to play together and have fun! If a kid owns a tree house, he/she will become the coolest kid on the block. Now, let’s take a look at some creative tree houses. A cool house The tree house has two amazing climbing walls. Children can climb the walls to get into the tree house. When the dinner bell rings, kids can exit the tree house via a slide (滑梯), a traditional ladder or make their way down the walls. An elegant house Where would you play if famous singer Celine Dion (席琳· 迪翁) were your mother? Here! This white “palace” was designed for Celine’s kids. How elegant! A house with swings This tree house makes use of the space below for swings (秋千). Children like playing on

swings, and this house provides three swings for the kids to breathe the fresh air and have fun.

躺在床上就能赚钱?这不是真的吧?! A stay-in-bed job You could say it’s a dream job: getting paid to stay in bed. American space agency NASA (美 国国家航空航天局) is advertising for people to do just that. They need volunteers who are willing to stay in bed, reading a book or watching TV. They have to stay in bed for 70 days without getting up at all. NASA scientists need to study the effects of weightlessness (失重) on the human body and they feel one of the easiest ways to do this is to get people to put their feet up. In NASA’s Bed Rest Project, volunteers will be placed in tilted (倾斜的) beds, so their feet are a little higher than their body. They’ll then stay that way—whether going to the toilet, or showering, or eating. After ten weeks, they’ll be asked to do a number of exercises to see how the lack of exercise has affected them. Lying down for such long periods of time can cause loss in muscle mass (肌肉体积) and bone density (骨密度). In fact, not everyone can take part in the project. The NASA team needs very healthy people to take part: they said the volunteers should be as fit as a real astronaut.

挪威 “慢电视”走红。 Norway’s must-see “slow TV” Would you watch a live broadcast of a seven-hour train trip? How about hours of a fire burning in a fireplace (壁炉)? They seem like some boring TV programs, but now they, known as “slow TV,” are very popular in Norway (挪威). In 2009, a public broadcaster in Norway aired a special program. It was about a seven-hour train journey across Norway. The show was surprisingly successful, and then a new TV trend was born. According to the Wall Street Journal (《华尔街日报》), the public broadcaster is also designing a 24-hour live TV program. It is about how workers build a clock. It seems like Norwegian television executives (主管) are trying to come up with the most boring ideas. So why are they breaking ratings (收视率) records? A sociologist (社会学家) explained, “Norwegians love a slow life. Watching slow TV is the Norwegian way of doing things.”

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