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Unit seven

Mr. King’s working trouble
Designer : Qiu Yuehua

Lead in: Do you know the present Situation about job hunting?

Brainstorm: facing the troub

le, how to solve the job situation?

New words about working
4. work experience 工作经验 1.major 专业 2.degree 学位 employment background 工作背景 computer 计算机科学 bachelorscience degree 学士 unemployed 失业的 programming 编程 accounting 会计 master degree 硕士 qualification 资历 finance 金融 sociology 社会学 doctor degree 博士 colleague /证书 workmate 同事 medicine 医学 law 法律 certificate teamwork 团队合作 philosophy 哲学 civil engineering 土木工程 diploma 文凭 workload 工作负荷 tourism and hospitality 3.salary / wage / pay / management income工资 酒店旅游管理 a paid job 有报酬的工作 social and public policy奖金 社会与公共政策 allowance 津贴 bonus well-paid 薪水高的 Media studies 传媒学 commission 佣金 benefit 福利 unpaid work 无偿劳动 Business studies 企业管理 insurance 保险 pension养老金 previous 前任职位 Chemistry 化工 clothing design 服装设计 retire退休position welfare福利 job responsibilities工作职责

Prediction (预测)
Read the title and predict information in advance What might be talked about in the passage?

A. Mr. King has problem with his boss. B. Mr. King meets problem during working. C. Mr. King thinks it difficult to find an ideal work. D. Mr. King wanted to give up his job.

Activity1 :skim the whole text quickly to
decide True or False ___1.Mr.King majored in film and television in F
college. ___ F 2. The job search went quite well. ___ T 3.Mr.King is working for no money in public relations. ___ T 4. Mr. King will probably start another job search.

Activity 2 :scan and circle the best answer. 1.Mr. King felt A about job search after his graduation. A. depressed B. positive C. angry 2.In Mr. King’s opinion, B is boring. A. Searching for a job B. making coffer for people C. advertising 3. For the time being, I’m helping my company to advertise an American film. what does the underlined phrase mean? A A. At the moment. B. For a long time. C. for many times.

Para 1

Careful reading
Media studies A competitive area

1.What did the author major in?

2.What does the author think of his major? 3.What was the conflict in finding a job?
Can’t get an interview because everyone wanted me to have work experience, but nobody gives me a job.

Para 2 Filling

Careful reading
in the blanks
things the author did

In the end Did unpaid work for a ___________________ company in public relations To begin with Did boring jobs like making coffee and photocopying ____________________

But recently

Started doing sth more ____________________ interesting

For the Helping my company to an American film ____________________ time being advertise

Para 3

Careful reading
Not happy because I think… exploit

I’m However,_____

If …don’t offer Start looking for


Task-based reading1:

Find the key phrases.
bachelor degree media studies Para1: apply for in film and television two years ago, after my a competitive area have a try graduation, at first, at that time have work experience did unpaid work Para2: in in public relations did boring jobs the end, to begin with, but recently, being Make coffer for for the time have a chance to do para3: use put…into exploit somebody sometime offer sb a paid job look for sth else


Task-based reading2:

work in groups to complete the table
Para 1: topic sentence ____________ Para 2: topic sentence ____________ Para 3: topic sentence ____________
Sum up Past conflict Past conflict

main idea __________

Sum up Now solution

Sum up Future plan


Task-based reading3:

Complete the blanks.
Para2: para1: I graduated two years ago _____a ______ Para3:However, I’m not _____ because I’m In the end, I did _______ work for a company degree in ______studies. And after my______, I working for ____ _____.Sometimes, I it. think in ______ _____.To begin with, I ____ I only ______ for jobs in ______and_____. I knew it was the _____ company is _______ me. If they did jobs like ______ for don’t people At a _______area, but _____ I wanted to have a_____. ______ me a ____ job soon, I’mstarted going to and ________. But recently I’ve doing first, it was _____, because I didn’t get one _____ for _____ ___ something more_____. For the time _____, I’m ______. Everyone wanted me to have ______ helping my company to _______ an American experience. But how can you ______work if film. I can have put _____ I’ve _____gives you a a _____ job? I to was so ______ at that learned ____ _____. time.

5 minutes’ reading then introduce Mr. King’s working problem to your neighbors. Select several students to report to the class.

Activity 2: Discussion
What would you do next after knowing Mr. King’s working trouble?

I think I would ……



3、做好职业规划,降低要求,先就业再 择业


Activity 3: Writing sample
Facing the present trouble ,what would you do ?
In order to improve the problem about job search, I think I should develop the qualities ,such as…. Firstly, ……,because…… Secondly……, because…… Thirdly……, because……

1. Read the passage fluently and understand Mr. King’s working trouble. 2. Learn useful words and expressions by heart and finish the exercise paper. 3.Try to write a composition about “What would you do next after knowing Mr. King’s working trouble”.

Have a good day.

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