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(本试题卷分四个部分。时量 l20 分钟。满分 150 分。 )
Part I Listening Comprehension (30 marks) Section A (22.5 marks) Directions: In this section, you will hear six conversations between two speakers. For each conversation, there are several questions and each question is followed by three choices marked A, B and C. Listen carefully and then choose the best answer for each question. You will hear each conversation TWICE. Conversation 1 1. Who is the man? A. A soldier. B. A government officer. C. A company clerk. 2. When did the man begin his career? A. Right after high school. B. About five years ago. C. Last month. Conversation 2 3. What is the woman doing? A. Washing dishes. B. Having a bath. C. Doing homework. 4. Who answers the phone at last? A. Steve. B. The woman’s brother. C. The woman’s father. Conversation 3 5. What did the man give the woman? A. His student card. B. His driver ’s license. C. A VIP card. 6. What will the man do next? A. Call Mr. Peterson. B. Have a meeting. C. Drink some coffee. Conversation 4 7. Who didn’t go home for Christmas last year? A. The woman. B. The man’s brother. C. The woman’s brother. 8. Where will the man go for Christmas? A. Toronto. B. New York. C. South America. 9. Why is the man’s mother sad? A. He missed the plane. B. He didn’t pass the exam. C. He can’t attend Christmas Eve dinner. Conversation 5 10. How many packages does the woman have in total? A. Two . B. Three. C. Four. 11. When will the larger package arrive in Beijing? A. Within a week. B. Within ten days. C. Within a couple of months. 12. What is being sent to Guangzhou? A. Paintings. B. DVDs and CDs. C. Books and magazines.

Conversation 6 13. Where does the conversation take place? A. At the man’s home. B. At a restaurant.

C. At an office.

14. When will the man meet his friend? A. At 6:00. B. At 6:30. C. At 7:00. 15. What does the woman say about the rain? A. It won’t last long. B. It’s terrible thunderstorm. C. It hasn’t stopped for the last three hours. Section B (7.5 marks) Directions: In this section, you will hear a short passage. Listen carefully and then fill in the numbered blanks with the information you have heard. Fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. You will hear the short passage TWICE. David and His Show David The Household Gourmet The show today A(n) _____16_____chef with the Household Gourmet for five years ·Was founded _____17_____ago ·To provide people with _____18_____products · The first is a(n) _____19_____using several prepared items from the supermarket. ·The second treat is a dessert that takes a little bit _____20_____ to make. ·As David prepares these dishes, he’ll be showing some products for you.

Part II Language Knowledge (45 marks) Section A (15 marks) Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence. 21. _____ happens, you should stick to _____ you believe right. A. Whatever; that B. What; that C. Whatever; what D. What; what 22. Although people in the city earns ____ more than farmers on average, the high living cost and work pressure reduce people’s happiness. A. quite B. much C. little D. no 23. It’s true that most house plants require _____. A. watered B. being watered C. watering D. to water 24. When they returned with ice-creams in their hands they found their places_____. A. have been taken B. have taken C. had taken D. had been taken 25. can be seen in her eyes, she didn’t feel regretful at all for what she had done. A. That B. Which C. It D. As 26. The spring outing really relaxed us a lot. That is ____ its value lies. A. where B. what C. how D. why 27. Up till now, the program ____ thousands of children who would otherwise have died. A. has saved B. saves C. had saved D. would save 28. Judging from her ____ voice, I knew at the moment that we finally won the game. A. exciting B. being excited C. excited D. to be excited 29. If he my advice, he wouldn't have lost his job. A. followed B. should follow C. had followed D. would follow

30. It seems you have rearranged the furniture in the living room. It never___ more comfortable than it does now. A. is looked B. was looked C. looks D. looked 31. ____ 3 years ago, the road is now in poor condition and there are often traffic jams. A. Building B. Built C. To be built D. To build 32. ----Toby, have you heard of my workmate, Karl? ----Yes, I ____ him at your apartment when there was a birthday party. A. met B. have met C. had met D. was meeting 33. Now we’re living in such a world ____ everyone depends on others in some way. A. which B. that C. where D. as 34. Mr. Jones along with his daughters _____ been researching Chinese culture for many years. A. are B. is C. has D. have 35. I’m trying to meet the deadline, so by no means _____ disturb me when I’m working. A. you will B. will you C. you must D. must you Section B (18 marks) Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. My daughter performed on behalf of her class in the annual school concert today.She played so _36__that I could not help cheering her.The very scene reminded me of her experiences of piano practicing. When she was five, we gave her a piano as a birthday present.With great_37__, she began learning it. However, when she was no longer curious, she became sick of it. _38__ , it is a tough job to learn the piano, not to mention the daily routine of practice. When her first teacher left, my friend _39__ me to an American teacher whose way of teaching was completely American.After practicing, she would give my daughter some _40__ comments, and then point out what should be improved.Every time she came, _41__ beginning the lesson right away, she would first play some music.She said, “To learn the piano, you should learn not only the skills of playing, but more importantly, to _42__ the music and love it.” After some time, my daughter became fond of her lessons. Sometimes she _43__ would like to show off a little bit when her skill reached a certain level.Surprisingly, my daughter said to me one day, “Mom, I was _44__ that you didn’t give up my piano lessons.Learning it is like climbing a mountain. You’ll feel _45__ when you are on the way. When you look _46__ from where you are, you will realize that you have been making progress. But if you _47__, you’ll never take one more step.” That was the very thing I wanted to teach her. 36.A.quickly B.smoothly C.carefully D.happily 37.A.doubt B.pressure C. regret D.excitement 38.A.After all B.Above all C.In all D.First of all 39.A.led B.sent C.introduced D.directed 40.A.usual B.good C.interesting D.humorous 41.A.as with B.except for C.instead of D.thanks to 42.A.feel B.follow C.create D.read 43.A.once B.even C.still D.then 44.A.nervous B.excited C.afraid D.lucky 45.A.tired B.easy C.afraid D.excited

46.A.ahead B.down C.up D.over 47.A.move B.continue C.do D.stop Section C (12 marks) Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. All the people in my small town, Macon in Missouri, seem to be warm-hearted. Some of the things that happened during my stay deeply touched me. One Saturday morning, my host mother and I were on our way to church when she noticed a car in the neighborhood _48__ its lights still on. “I’m going to tell the car owner that _49__ forgot to turn off his lights, ”she said. I asked, “Do you know the car owner?” She shrugged, “Nope, so? If I were the owner I would love to have someone remind me _50__ not turning off the lights as well. ” By this time we were at the door, ringing the bell. _51__ man opened it and my host mother explained the reason we were there. He smiled and thanked us. It was a moment that made the whole day seem special. Another day I was hanging out with a friend _52__ we found a lost puppy. We looked at the puppy’s nametag and found the owner ’s cell phone number and address. Unluckily, the call didn’t get through, so my friend suggested we take the puppy to its home. The owner was so happy to have his puppy back _53__ he thanked us over and over. _54__ we didn’t do what we planned previously , the feeling of helping others _55__ than made up for it.

Part III Reading Comprehension (30 marks) Directions: Read the following three passages., Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B,C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage. A It took courage to stand up at work. I’ve spent several weeks trying to find the perfect way to work at my computer without a chair. Now more and more people like to have a change and stand up when they are on something important. Standing up is enjoyed by more people. Medical researchers have found that people who stand at work tend to be much healthier than those who sit. But I wasn’t just looking for better health; standing would also improve how I work and relax my body. In the last few years, many office supply companies have begun to sell the adjustable-height desk. These so-called “sit/stand” models are equipped with an electric motor that lets them shift from chair height to person height at the push of a button. Unfortunately, they’re regarded as specialty furniture. Sit/stand desks tend to be expensive, hard to find and not very easy to test in person. I discovered that when I worked standing up, my mind was more excited and new ideas kept coming out. I suspect that this is because when you’re standing, you feel a bit unchained from your desk. If I got stuck on a word or sentence as I wrote, I found myself shaking my arms, bouncing on my feet or stepping away from the desk for a bit --- things I couldn’t do in a chair. Often, standing up seemed to relax my mind enough for me to get over creative obstacles.

There’s one other thing about standing for a long time: I tended to get hungrier than I do when I sit on a chair. That felt like confirmation of the stand-up advocates’ belief that you burn more calories when you stand than when you sit. For this reason alone, I’m hoping that sit/stand desks one day hit the mainstream(主流), with mass- market furniture companies making many low-priced versions. We could all do with a bit more standing up. 56. Standing up while you are working is becoming_____. A. perfect B. popular C . challenging D. unfavorable 57. which of the following about the adjustable-height desk is true? A. It’s easy to find. B. we can take it on trial easily. C. It’s relatively cheap. D. It’s smart in operate. 58. From the passage, we know standing up_____. A. tends to make us much unhealthier B. helps us forget the work at hand C. can make us relaxed and be creative D. make us move about and unfocused 59. The underlined word “unchained” in paragraph 4 means “_____”. A. free from imprisonment B. uneasy for the new setting C. free from the limit D. unbalanced for removed chains 60. What is the main idea of this passage? A. Standing up at work is a better choice. B. Standing up at work is the mainstream. C. Adjustable-height desks are available now D. Cheaper adjustable-height desks are expected B After a discussion last week, “Do School Libraries Need Books?” the comments from readers included some first-hand views from students. Below are excerpts(摘录) from their observations on how studying has changed and how they use libraries. It makes little difference whether the books you are reading is electronic or paper. But if you want a place to read, a library is still the place to go. As a kid in school, I often avoid the study hall noises and go to the quiet school library. The library is a place, a learning place. Modern technology won’t change the library as long as things are learned. -Scott Being a student I am aware that many of us seldom look at the books in the library unless told to do so by a teacher as a requirement for an assignment. It takes time to find the very book you want at the library, and it may not be necessary to do so. More and more students, such as myself, use the internet for nearly every assignment. There are countless online resources for us to use with a click of the mouse. What’s more, books are very expensive and schools could put that money towards charities. -Hayley H I hope schools continue to have libraries. As a student, I know there is a difference between reading something on a screen and something printed. When I read something in a book that I do not understand or want to look further into. I record it and will research later or discuss with someone. With a screen (especially online) I will instantly access the information and look into the question at hand, which interrupts my reading and especially my imagination. -Allie To me, it depends on the purpose of the books. As a student, I prefer to do research online.

Online research is faster and more efficient. But when I’m reading for pleasure, I absolutely refuse to give up a real book. The tactile sensation(触感)and freedom that real books give you really makes the reading experience more enjoyable. So my suggestion is that schools have more digital collections for research and scholarly work, and a good selection of interesting and age-appropriate fiction and nonfiction for pleasure reading. -CM 61.In Scott’s opinion , ______ . A.it’s necessary for a school to have a library B.there are many learning places better than a library C.the school library is noisy and crowded in most cases D.electronic books are totally different from paper books 62.According to the text, HayleyH ______ . A.hopes school libraries can provide more books B.often searches for information at the library C.suggests schools spend less money on books D.thinks students rely on paper books to learn 63.Allie believes that compared with book reading, screen reading _____ . A.takes more time B.interrupts her imagination C.provides more information D.allows her to discuss with others 64.Who prefers printed books when reading for fun? A.Scott B.HayleyH C.Allie D.CM 65.Which of the following share a similar attitude towards online research? A.Scott and HayleyH B.HayleyH and Allie C.HayleyH and CM D.Allie and CM

C When you consider what subject to study in college, chances are that you and your parents will think about what you can make out of it after graduation. You will likely ask the question: “Can I find a well-paid job or simply a job with a degree in this in the future?” This consideration also influences students when they come to choose between studying science (理科)or humanities (人文学科) at college. People generally believe that the humanities, which include literature , history, cultural studies and philosophy, do not prepare students for a specific vocation (职业). Science subjects, however, are considered vocational courses that produce scientists, engineers and economists. “I've decided to take finance as my college major. My parents and I think this subject will help me get a good job or start a business,” said Huachen Yueru, 17, a science student at Wuxi No. 1 High School. Even those who choose a liberal arts (文科) education often pick the humanities subject which they think will best help them later find a job. “I'm going to study Spanish in college, which I believe will open doors to a high-paying job for me,” said Liu Chao, 18, a Senior 2 student at Dalian No 20 High School. He said few of his

classmates show interest in subjects like philosophy and history, which are seen as “less promising” in job markets. The popularity of liberal arts subjects among college students has also been decreasing in the United States. American scholars and universities are concerned that in the ongoing economic crisis liberal arts subjects will be hit hardest. As money tightens, they worry that the humanities may become “a great luxury that many cannot afford”, according to the New York Times. This concern recently led the Association of American Colleges and Universities to issue a report aimed at selling the humanities to prospective (预期的) college students. The report argues that the humanities have both practical and economic value, as they develop personal growth, such as critical thinking, increase historical knowledge and sharpen reasoning skills. "The humanities have a lot to contribute to the preparation of students for their vocational lives," Derek Bok, a former president of Harvard, said to the New York Times. He said he was referring not only to writing and analytical skills but also to the type of ethical (伦理的) issues raised by new technology like stem cell research. 66. Why do college students prefer to choose science subjects rather than the humanities as their major? A. Because science subjects are easier to learn. B. Because they think science subjects will help them find a good job. C. Because they can spend less money if they learn science subjects. D. Because their parents prefer them to learn science subjects. 67. According to the report of the Association of American Colleges and Universities the humanities have the following advantages except______. A . developing personal growth B. increasing historical knowledge C. improving reasoning skills D. preparing students for a specific vocation 68. American scholars and universities worry that with the economic crisis going on, ______. A. humanities will be more and more popular B. nobody will choose to learn liberal arts C. it’ll be impossible for liberal arts students to survive D. the situation for liberal arts will be more difficult 69. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Most American students want to study subjects like philosophy and history in college. B. Only Chinese students prefer science subjects to liberal arts subjects. C. The Association of American Colleges and Universities is trying to promote the humanities. D. Science subjects have more advantages than liberal arts subjects. 70. What’s Derek Bok’s attitude towards the humanities? A. Positive B. Negative C. Neutral D. Indifferent Part 1V Writing (45 marks)Section A (10 marks) Directions: Read the following passage. Fill in the numbered blanks by using the information from the passage. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. People with an addiction do not have control over what they are doing, taking or using. Addictions not only include physical things , such as drugs or alcohol, but may include anything

virtual, such as abstract things as gambling, video games—in other words, addiction may refer to a substance dependence (e.g. drug addiction) or behavioral addiction (e.g. gambling addiction). Addiction to substances or activities can lead to serious problems. When a person is addicted to a substance, he will always make sure he has a good supply of it. In some cases the addicted person may take the risk of stealing. Addiction can also cause harmful health problem. A smoker is much more likely to suffer from lung cancer than non-smokers. What’s worse, an addicted person may spend more and more time and energy focusing on the addictive activity, thus, damaging family relationships and interfering with responsibilities at home and work. Besides, addiction can lead to financial problems. There are certain factors causing addiction. Genes play a role. Alcoholics are six times more likely than non-alcoholics to have blood relatives who are alcohol dependent. Gender is another cause. According to the Mayo Clinic, USA, males are twice as likely as females to have problems with drugs. Trying to confirm with other members of a group and gain acceptance can encourage people to use addictive substances, and eventually become addicted to them. Peer pressure is an especially strong factor for young people. Being alone and feeling lonely can lead to the consumption of substances. The good news is that addiction is treatable. An important way is to find alternative healthy activities to distract yourself, such as cleaning your house, going to the gym , or watching a movie. Reach out for support, like calling a trusted family member or meeting a friend for coffee. If the problem is very serious, you must ask help from the professional doctors. Title: 71.______ 72.______ Problems



●substance dependence (physical things) ●73.______ (something virtual) ●74.______ ●causing harmful health problem ●damaging family relationships ●interfering with family and work responsibilities ●75.______ ●genes ●gender ●77.______ ●78.______ ●find alternative healthy activities ●79.______ ●ask help from 80.______

Section B (10 marks) Directions: Read the following passage, Answer the questions according to the information given in the passage. After squeezing into a small space with two other friends, I had a strong sense of pride to be the mission commander of this space flight. Our objective was very important. Scientists had been arguing about the possibility of existence of life on Mars for decades. Some of them said that the pictures of Mars, taken during various space explorations, had given them sufficient proof that only intelligent being could have made those amazing structures. Others maintained that what looked like a face in the pictures was nothing more than a flash of lights. The arguments continued without

conclusion. To prove this once and for all, a decision was made launch an expedition into space. My crew and I were the best among our group of trainees. We practiced hard together, training hand in hand, filled with a single aim—flying safely to Mars and back. This feeling was tense and everyone was highly excited, as the day drew nearer. We were anxious to see what Mars was like but the uncertainty held us with fear. The last moment finally came. The countdown proceeded, and soon we were deep in space, floating about freely and went about preparing the spaceship for the intended landing. Since the trip was scheduled to take about three years, we slept in a special room to prevent ourselves from aging. So I drifted off to sleep peacefully and suddenly I felt someone woke me up. We must have arrived at Mars and my crew was trying to wake me up. I opened my eyes slowly and saw a familiar face. “Why would my English teacher wake me up?” I thought. Oh, no. Instead of medals and praise that I should receive, all I had was a severe warning against sleeping in class and then I spent the rest of the lesson standing in a corner. 81. Why did the author feel proud of himself? (no more than 10 words)(2 marks) ________________________________________________ 82. What was the objective of the mission? (no more than 11 words) (3 marks) ________________________________________________ 83. How did they feel as the day to explore space drew near? (no more than 8 words) (2 marks) ________________________________________________ 84. What happened to the author finally? (no more than 8 words) (3 marks) ________________________________________________ Section C (25 marks) Directions: Write an English composition according to the instructions given below in Chinese. 义工旅行在国外是一种非常流行的旅行方式。当前,选一个陌生的地方来一场义工旅行, 也成为了不少中国大学生暑期的出行选择。所谓“义工旅行”是到青年旅馆做义工换取免费 食宿,工作的同时也享受了旅游乐趣,而青年旅馆也可以通过录用义工这种方式降低经营成 本。请根据一下要点写一篇 120 字以上的短文。 1. 介绍义工旅行的情况 2. 发表你对这一旅行方式的评论 (如:体验不同文化,结识不同的人,??) 参考词汇:青年旅舍 youth hostel 义工 volunteer

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