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Hometown feelings教学设计

Hometown feelings
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. My topic is Hometown Feelings. I will talk about my teaching ideas from 6 parts. I. Analysis of teaching material The topic is abou

t hometown. And such a topic is so related to our daily life that it’s easy to arouse students’ learning interests. In accordance with the teaching material and the new syllabus of English, I designed the following objectives: II. Teaching objectives

1.Knowledge objectives:
By the end this lesson, students can master the important words and expressions, such as nowadays,search for,among and so on.

2. The ability objectives:
To train students’ reading ability: Students can make predictions by using what they have already known, the title and the pictures in the passage.

3. The moral objectives
In this lesson, let students experience the happiness of learning English through groupwork. After this lesson, students will pay more attention to the migrant workers. III. Teaching key points and difficult points They are to let the students learn to predict the text using the previous knowledge and answering questions before reading. IV. Analysis of the students Students in Grade 8 have learned English for some years. And they can communicate with others in English, using the simple words and expressions. V. Teaching approaches and learning ways

1. Teaching approaches:
I will adopt task-based language teaching approach , situational teaching approach and audio-visual teaching approach.

2. Learning ways:
Cooperation and self –studying will be taken.

VI. Teaching procedures


Teacher’s activities Show the pictures of Linyi, in the old days and nowadays

Students’ activities 1. Compare the pictures in different periods and find out the changes our hometown. 2. Discussion: who makes the contribution to our hometown?

1.通过图片展示临沂的变化,激 发学生的学习兴趣并思考家乡 的意义。 2.学生通过讨论家乡的变化,认 识到农民工在家乡建设的重要 性。此环节为文本的学习做铺 垫。

Step 1 Warm up

Encourage students to talk about the questions about migrant works. Step 2 Pre-reading Let students to guess the main idea through the title and the pictures Let students read the whole passage to divide the passage and get the main idea of each part. Show the choices.

Talk about the questions: 1. Why do millions of Chinese leave the countryside every year? 2. How often do you think these people visit their hometown? Try to guess the main idea with the help of the tile and pictures 1.Read quickly to answer a question: How many parts can the passage be divided into? 2. Choose topic sentence of each part. Part 1. A Part 2 B Part 3 C 1. Read part 1 and finish the chart.

训练学生运用已有知识, 预测文 本内容的能力。 本环节可以激活 学生原有的知识, 同时为文本的 学习做铺垫。

训练学生充分利用题目, 图片等 文本材料预测课文内容的能力。 训练学生快速阅读的能力, 通过 给文章分段, 找主题句,帮助学 生整体把握文章结构。

Fast reading

Part 1 Let students read part 1 and finish the chart. Step 3 Whilereading Careful reading Part 2 1. Encourage students to make a prediction. 2. Let the students read part2 and show the questions. Part 3 Let students read part 4 and show the answers

1.通过完成表格,学生可以清晰 地把握第一部分的文本信息。 也 为后面的复述环节做铺垫。

2.Does Mr. Zhong care about his hometown 1. Prediction: What may have changed in the hometown? 2.Read paragraph 2.3 and answer two questions: What are the changes? Does Zhong Wei like the changes? Read and answer two questions: 1. What things haven’t changed in Zhong Wei’s hometown?

2.引发思考,为下文做铺垫。 1. 培养学生结合语境大胆猜测 文本信息的能力, 同时激发学生 继续阅读的兴趣。 2. 通过回答问题理清钟伟家乡 的变化。

总结钟伟在家乡永远不变的美 好回忆。

2. What are Zhong Wei’s hometown feelings? Intensive Reading Reading aloud & Retelling 1. Let students read the passage. 2. Lead students to review the story of Zhong Wei with the help of mind map. 1.Play a video about migrant workers Step4 Post- reading 2. Let students discuss the question. Help students with the difficult points. Read the passage and find out the difficult sentences to solve or beautiful sentences to share in groups. 1. Read aloud 2. Retell the story of Zhong Wei with the help of mind map.
扫除学生的语言障碍, 或赏析英 语的精美句子。

1.熟悉文本,同时复习较难理解 的语句。 2. 学生借助思维导图复述钟伟 的故事, 既可以回顾本节课主要 内容, 又可以锻炼他们的口语表 达能力。

1.Watch the video

1. 视频中涉及农民工的生活和 工作状况, 通过视频学生可以进 一步了解农民工的艰辛。

2. Discussion: How can we help them? From ourselves, local government, central government. 3.Share the ideas

2.通过引导学生从自身、当地政 府和国家三个角度讨论如何帮 助农民, 开启学生的思维,鼓励 他们尊重农民工, 从自身做起并 尽可能的影响周围的人关爱农 民工。

Step 5 Summary Step 6 Homework

Let students summarize the lesson.

Summarize the lesson from the dimensions of knowledge, ability and moral values.


1. Read the passage again and finish 2c on page 79. 2. Search on the internet for more information about migrant workers and tell them to more people.

VII Blackboard design Blackboard 1

Hometown feelings
Blackboard 2

Have changed Will never change
a big old tree

a migrant worker 农民工 nowadays among search for ….

Places: large hospitals new roads new schools

People: teachers children

The developments are good. Soft and sweet memories 3

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