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1.work on +n./pron./v.-ing e.g. He is working on a report of the experiment. He is working on inventing a new machine for office work. 2. go by e.g. Time went by slowly. Twenty years went by and her hair was beginning to turn gray. 3. be/get engaged to sb. e.g. Tom is/gets engaged to Mary. Tom and Mary are/get engaged.

4. go on with sth. e.g. You may go on with your discussion. 5. dream of e.g. He dreamed of becoming a pilot when he was in the middle school. 6. turn out e.g. Everything turned out satisfactory. It looked like rain this morning, but it has turned out to be a fine day. 7. There is no point (in) doing sth. e.g. There is no point in arguing further.

1. (1) To learn about the universe, you need (2)to have a telescope(3) to observe the stars with. 2. It takes time (4) to know a man. 3. Please remember (5) to bring me a book. 4. I’ve got a lot of work(6) to do. 5. (7) In order to catch the first bus,she got up early. 6. It is important for us(8) to learn English.
Subject: (4) (8) Attribute; (3) (6) Object; (2) (5) Adverbial; (1) (7)

Fill in the blanks with the right phrases.
work on, be engaged to, turn out, dream of, go by, use up, go on with dreams of 1. He _________ one day becoming a famous violinist. is engaged to 2. Tom _____________ Ann. went by 3. Two weeks slowly _________ . turned out 4. His suggestion ___________ to be a good one. has used up 5. He ____________ his ink. 6. If we don’t finish painting the room today, we can go on with ___________ it tomorrow. is working on 7. He ____________ a novel.

练习 1. Is necessary to complete the design before National Day?

A.this B.that C.it D.he 2. When and where to build the new factory A.is not decided B.are not decided C.has not decided D.have not decided 3. To live in hearts we leave behind is . yet.

A.not to die B.to not die C.not dying D.dying not 4. She will tell us why she feels so strongly that each of us has a role in making the earth a better place to live. A.to have played B.to play C.to be played D.to be playing 不定式在句中可以做主语、表语、宾语、定语、状语、补足语 不定式在句中可以做主语、表语、宾语、定语、状语、

5. When I handed the report to John, he said that George was the person . A. to send B.for sending it C.to send it to D.for sending it to 6.—The light in the office is still on. ---Oh, I forgot .

A.turning it off B.turn it off C.having turned it off D.to turn it off 7.I to believe that God could make me enter a university.

A.reject B.require C.insist D.refuse 8.She can’t help the house because she’s busy making a cake.

A.to clean B.cleaning C.cleaned D.being cleaned 9.Not everybody has the ability in public.

A.of speak B.speaking C.spoken D.to speak

10.Mary is always the first student questions in class. A. rising B.to rise C.rose D.risen

to answer the teacher’s

11.—Mum ,why do you always ask me to eat an egg every day? --enough protein and nutrition as you are growing up.

A.Get B.Getting C.To get D.To be getting 12.—would you be so kind ---With pleasure. A. helping B.in helping C.help D.as to help 13.The purpose of new technologies is to make life easier. it more difficult. A.not make B. not to make C.not making D.do not make us out?

14.In Australia he made a lot of friends knowledge of English. A. get B.getting C.to get D.got

a very practical

15.European football is played in 80 countries, most popular sports in the world. A.making B.makes C.made D.to make 16.Yesterday I went to see him, abroad two days before. A.only to learn B.to learn only C.only learned D.only learning 17. Paul doesn’t have to be made hard. A.learn

it the

that he had gone

.He always works

B.to learn C.learned D.learning

18.Charles Babbage is generally considered computer.

the first

A.to invent B.inventing C.to have invented D.having invented 19.Wet umbrellas are not allowed the rule. into this hotel according to

A.to be taken B.to take C.taken D.taking 20.The patient was warned oily food after the operation.

A.to eat not B.eating C.not to eat D.not eating 21.The teacher ordered the classroom students began to work. at once and the

A.to be cleaned B. cleaned C. .to clean D.being cleaned

22.We agreed

here but so far she hasn’t turned up yet. C.to meet D.to have met

A.having met B.meeting ----Yes, he intends A.\ B.to C.so D.that .

23.---Does your brother intend to study German?

24.—Let me tell you something about the journalists. ---Don’t you remember A.told me the story yesterday? . B.telling C.to tell D.to have told

25.To fetch water before breakfast seemed to me a rule A.to never break B.never to be broken C.never to have broken 26.The teacher asked us D.never to be breaking so much noise.

A.don’t make B.not make C.not making D.not to make

不定式主语通常表示一次性、未来的且具体的特指动作。 而动名词作主语通常表示...to 在句中像妖怪,主动句中它走开,被动句中它回来,动词 let 要除外,to 词...
主系表主谓宾主系表三. 为了避免句子头重脚轻,特别是在口语中,常用 it 作形式主语代替动词不定式放在句首,真正的主语既动词不定式放在后面. To be a doctor ...
动词不定式(短语)的句法功能非常广泛,在句中可作主语、宾语、补足语、表语、定语及状 语等成分。 一、作主语 (1)动词不定式主语时,谓语动词常常用单数。 例如...
动词不定式与动名词的一些用法: ) 不定 式与动名词都可以在句中主语、宾语、表语和定语,但用法不尽相同。 1.作主语 一般情 况下,不定式与动名词作主语可以...
动词不定式用法 经典例句总结
一般在表示情绪的动词后加 to do 也表将来 疑问词疑问词 who,what,which,when,where,whether,how 后可接不定式构成不定式短语, 在句中主语、 宾语、 表语等...
不定式和动词ing做主语的区别_计算机软件及应用_IT/计算机_专业资料。不定式和动词 ING 做主语的区别: A: 1、动名词做主语往往表示普通的、一般的行为,不定式做...
补充:用 it 作形式主语,把真正的主语不定式置于句后,常用于下列句式中。如: ...可以接带 to 的动词不定式作宾语的动词主要有: 在 want, like, agree, hope...
(具体) (3) 不定式做主语,一般用 it 当形式主语...我们学校允许学生在数学考试中 使用计算器。 (4) ...(2) 动词不定式和分词作状语放在句末的区别 1) ...
不定式和动名词作主语的区别: 不定式和动名词作主语的区别: 动名词作主语通常表示抽象动作; (1) 动名词作主语通常表示抽象动作; 而不定式主语表示具体 动作。 ...
在句子中可作以下成分: 1. 主语 How to get rid of these things is a ...动词不定式 50页 免费 动词不定式练习:完成句... 2页 免费 动词不定式中的省略...