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? 非谓语动词:不定式,动名词,分词 非谓语动词使用条件:一个句子里,已经有谓语 V,无连词,别的动词出现。 She got off the bus, leaving her bag on her seat. She got off the bus, but left her bag on her seat.

分词:现在分词doing/having done,过去分词 done/having been done 区别:语态上,现在分词表主动,过去分词表被动 Do you know the woman talking to Tom? The soldier wounded in the war has become a doctor. Having finished homework, I went home. Having been praised, he smiled happily. 时态上,现在分词表进行,过去分词表完成 developing country developed country boliling water boiled water

用doing/done/having done/ having been done填空 1._____(see ) those picture, he couldn’t help thinking of those days in Yan’an. 2._____( turn ) round, Fanny found a bus driving up. 3._____( water ) the vegetables, they began to pick up the apples. 4._____( finish ) the work, he went back home on foot. 5._____( inspire ) by Dr. Chen’s speech, they decided to study maths harder. 6._____( persuade) by my mother, she gladly went there alone.

? 作定语(前置定语,后置定语) There is a sleeping child. We only sell used books. The bridge built last month needs repairing. 后置定语相当于一个定语从句 The man,who had been disturbed was angry. =The man, having been disturbed was angry.

? Those who wish to join the club will come here. =Those wishing to join the club will come here.

? the question discussed yesterday 昨天讨论的问题(既被 动也完成) the fallen leaves 落下的叶子(只完成 ,不被动)

be +形容词ed + to do be lost in be faced with be dressed in be located in/at/on be determined to do be worn out be absorbed in be seated in/at/on be worried about be buried in be exposed to be compared with Judging from

? Dressed in red, she looks more beautiful. ? Lost in deep thought, he can’t hear anything. ? I found she seated at her seat, listening to music. ? I am excited to hear the news.

? 动词see,wathch,hear, set,keep, find,have,get等 ? I saw him walking in the street. ? I have my room cleaned.

? 现在分词和过去分词作状语的区别 现在分词表主动/进行 过去分词表被动/完成 (Seeing/seen)from the top of the tower, we can see the whole city. (Seeing/seen) from the top of the tower, the city looks beautiful.

1.(Hearing/heard) the bad new, they couldn't help crying. 2. (Giving/given) more time, we could finish it. 3.I stood by the door, not(daring/dared) to move.

? Hearing the bad news, they couldn't help crying. ? 当他们听到这个坏消息的时候,他们情不 自禁地哭了。 Given more attention, the trees could have grown better. 如果树被给以更多注意,它们本可以长 得更好。

? Being so angry, he couldn't go to sleep. ? Because he was moved by the hero, she decided to study harder. ? When he found the door locked, he went home. ? Because I don‘t know her address, I can’t write to her.

? 世纪金榜 P 5 P6 P16-18 P28-30

? 一般来说,分词或分词短语作状语,其逻 辑主语要和句子的主语一致 ? Given more time, we could finish it. ? 但是有时候,分词的动作不是由句子的主 语发出,它有自己的逻辑主语 ? We arriving there, the sun is rising in the east.


? 独立主格有两部分,前部分是名词或代词,后一部分 是非谓语动词/adj/adv/介词短语。前后两部分有逻辑 主谓关系。独立主格在句中作状语,本身不是句子, 表时间,原因,条件,伴随,目的等

? 1. 名词/代词+-ing分词及其短语 ? The moon appearing, they decided to go home. ? The students are walking slowly, their teacher following. 2. 名词/代词+-ed分词及其短语 Good-bye said, we went home. All things considered, it is a good plan.

? 3. 名词/代词+adj及其短语 The weather (being) hot, we all went swimming. Dinner ready, the hostess asked her guests to be seated. 4. 名词/代词+不定式及其短语 The money to be paid by the driver, the police went away.

? 5. 名词/代词+adv 及其短语 ? She stood there, book in hand. ? Everybody at home, we sat down to dinner.


? With the old man leading, they started toward the mountains. ? Don't speak with your mouth full.

7.There being/there having been结构,多表原 因

? There being a lot of books to read, he often studied till midnight. ? There having been no rain for a long time, the ground is dry.

? 世纪金榜 P39

分词是一种动词的非谓语形式_英语_初中教育_教育专区。分词是一种动词的非谓语形式。 非谓语动词指的是在句中起名词, 形容词或副词作用的动词形式, 而不是作谓...
注意:现在分词 作定语时,它表示的动作是正在进行或与谓语动词所表示的动作几乎同时发生,如果 两个动作有先后发生,一般不能用现在分词作定语,而要用定语从句。如:...
功能 独立主格结构”是由名词或代词作为逻辑主语,加上分词、形容词、副词、动词不定式或介词短语作为逻辑谓语构 “独立主格结构”实质就是带有自己主语的非限定状语...
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非谓语动词---过去分词 1、过去分词的基本用法:过去分词只有一种形式,也没有主动语态,它所表示的动作是一个被 动的或是已完成的动作。过去分词在句中也可用作...
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