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浙江建人高复 2015 学年第一学期第 3 次月考试卷
英 语
(试卷满分 120,答题时间 120 分钟) 第一部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 30 分) 第一节:单项填空(共 20 小题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 10 分) 从 A、B、C 和 D 四个选 项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题纸上将该选项标号涂黑。

1. I just heard _______ bank where Dora works was robbed by _______ gunman wearing a mask. A. The; \ B.a ; \ C.the ; a D.a ; the 2. The quality of education in this small school is better than _______ in some larger schools. A.that B. one C.it D. this 3. I?m so ________ to all those volunteers because they helped my terrible day end happily. A.special B.superior C.grateful D.attractive 4. China Today attracts a worldwide readership, ______shows that more and more people all over the world want to learn about China. A. who B. whom C.that D. which 5. There seems to be no_______that Mr. Smith will approve of my attending the conference . A. acceptance B. need C. point D. possibility 6. No one would easily be ______ of the safety of the nuclear power after a reactor at the Chernobyl plant exploded in 1986. A.informed B. suspected C. robbed D. convinced 7. See, your computer has broken down again ! It doesn ?t ______ sense to buy the cheapest brand of computer just to save a few dollars. A.have B.make C.display D.bring 8. ______you?re putting off doesn?t go away; we had better solve the problem right now . A. Whatever B. Whichever C. Whenever D. However 9. ______ Chinese people , I would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to people from all around the world for their support . A. In favor of B. On behalf of C. By means of D. In terms of 10. ________ twice a year , whether it is a car or a truck , is the rule that every driver must obey in this city . A. Examining B. Being examined C. Examined D. Having been examined 11. Looking back now , if I _______ the effort in learning the piano then , I would not be who I am . A. didn?t put in B. wouldn?t have put in C. hadn?t put in D. shouldn?t put in 12. You ______ be Carol. You haven?t changed a bit after all these years.

A.must B.can C.will D.shall 13. It is important to remember that success _______ a sum of small efforts made each day and often _______ years to achieve. A.is; takes B.are; takes C.are; take D.is; take 14. People worldwide have a lot in common in what they need most if _____ alone on a deserted island . A. left B. to leave C. leaving D. having left 15. Form good habits in your study , ______ you will make great progress soon . A. and B. or C. yet D. but 16. ---After having been homeless for five years , it is about time you _____ down . ---I?m thinking about it . A. had settled B. settled C. should have settled D. settle 17.There is no doubt that this candidate?s advantage ______ his communication with foreigners in English. A.leaves out B.goes against C.lies in D.makes up 18. Many of the things we now benefit from would not be around ______Thomas Edison. A.thanks to B.regardless of C.aside from D.but for 19. Only after talking to two students ______ that having strong motivation is one of the biggest factors in reaching goals. A.I did discover B.did I discover C.I discovered D.discovered I 20. ---Can you come to a party on Sunday, Peter? --- Oh,______ I?m already going out, I?m afraid. A.what a pity B.don?t ask! C.how come? D.so what? 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21 – 40 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选 项,并在答题纸上将该选项标号涂黑。 Each of us struggles for self-respect and self-worth to some degree . I spent much time trying to achieve 21 in every aspect of my life . I was a happy kid with a lot of friends and a supportive family . But growing up was really 22 and even scary sometimes . During my childhood , I was constantly involved in something that included people?s viewing my achievements or my 23 . I wanted everyone?s praise and acceptance , but I was my own toughest critic (挑剔的人). After I graduated from high school , my 24 to be “thin” began to trouble me . I began trying to diet by 25 my food . In the beginning , I felt great –attractive and successful , almost superhuman . I even thought that I was better than everyone else . What I didn?t see was that I was slowly 26_ myself . People around me began to 27 my weight loss . They said 28 , “You?re losing too much weight . ”Elisa,you?re so thin . ”All their words only suggested that I was getting closer to “perfection”.

29 , I took my physical appearance the first important in my life , 30_ that it was the way to become successful and accepted . Then I 31_ my food more and more , until a 32_ day consisted of half a teaspoon of nonfat yoghurt and coffee in the morning , and a cup of grapes at night . But my poor 33_ began to cause me to lose sleep . Then one night , my heart felt 34_ it might beat out of my chest . I tried to 35_ , but I couldn?t . The beating became so rapid and so strong that I could no longer 36_ . What I had done to diet nearly caused me to have a heart attack . I stood up , and immediately fell down . I was really 37 , and I knew I needed help . My roommate 38_ me to the hospital , beginning the long road to my 39_ . It took a lot –doctors , nurses , nutritionists , food supplements … And most important , a sense of what was true about myself got back on track with reality . I realized that , with my experience of trying to be “perfect” on the 40_ , I had sacrifice (牺牲)who I was on the inside . What I know now is , we are –each and every one of us –already perfect. 21. A success B. devotion C. wealth D. perfection 22. A. embarrassing B. hard C. amusing D. natural 23. A. personality B. scores C. background D. failures 24. A. problem B. desire C. method D. promise 25. A. collecting B. checking C. controlling D. balancing 26. A. killing B. forgetting C. ignoring D. questioning 27. A. help B. accept C. reject D. notice 28. A. with concern B. in anger C. with joy D. in relief 29. A. Luckily B. unwillingly C. sadly D. Thankfully 30. A. realizing B. believing C. pretending D. declaring 31. A. cut off B. cut up C. cut down D. cut in 32. A. pleasant B. difficult C. different D. typical 33. A. memory B. nutrition C. knowledge D. exercise 34. A. even if B. just as C. as if D. so that 35. A. rest B. relax C. cry D. talk 36. A. breathe B. laugh C. wake D. smell 37. A. scared B. discouraged C. annoyed D. disappointed 38. A. led B. threw C. showed D. rushed 39. A. glory B. recovery C. discovery D. victory 40. A. way B. mind C. outside D. place 第二部分:阅读理解(第一节 20 小题,第二节 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 50 分) 第一节:阅读下列材料,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最 佳选项,并在答题纸上将该 选项标号涂黑。 A. Qixi Festival, the Chinese equivalent of Valentine?s Day that fell yesterday, was not only a disappointment for forgotten lovers, but also for businessmen left with empty pockets. The cold reception has prompted cultural experts to seriously worry that the lovers?festival, marked for generations since the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220) , is

dying out. Some have even called for legislation to make the festival a legal “Chinese Lovers?Day”, which falls on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar year. But the effectiveness of such a measure is in doubt, although efforts to preserve traditional festivals deserve highly praise. A growing number of traditional Chinese festivals, such as the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, share the same fate of the Qixi Festival. Young people are showing less interest in traditional culture as symbolized by these festivals. Even if all traditional festivals are finally made legal, the risk of them becoming purely formalized celebrations with little meaning is not removed. If the younger generation fails to identify with the cultural significance of these holidays, there is little that can be done. While complaining about traditional festivals? fading appeal, decision-makers should reflect on cultural protection. Undeniably, our country has done a bad job of preserving culture and traditional festivals, compared to neighbouring Japan and the Republic of Korea(ROK). The 2,500-year-old Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. The traditional customs and ceremonies of the occasion, which originated in China, have been better preserved in the ROK. Only a few years ago did China begin to realize the significance of preserving intangible(无形的)cultural heritage when the ROK planned to apply to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to list its version of the Dragon Boat Festival as an important example of intangible culture. Concern about the traditional holidays also reminds people of the growing influence of foreign cultures as the country opens wider to the outside world. With traditional festivals becoming less important and imports such as Christmas and Valentine?s Day gaining widespread popularity, the public including cultural professionals have tended to measure traditional Chinese festivals in economic terms. Business rather than culture has begun to play a dominant role. More and more people are preoccupied with how much money can be made during the holidays. In fact what makes traditional festivals unique and what keeps them alive is their cultural elements. After all, it is unique culture that contributes to the world?s diversity with globalization. 41. What makes Chinese cultural experts worry that the lovers? festival is dying out? A. The disappointment for both businessmen and lovers. B. The cold reacting of the public to Qixi Festival. C. The failure to make traditional Chinese festivals legal. D. The action to preserve culture and traditional festivals 42. The public look at the effectiveness of the legalization of the Qixi Festival with a(n) _______ attitude. A. indifferent B. positive C. doubtful D. hopeful 43. From Paragraph 5 we can learn that _______. A. traditional festivals are thought more highly of by the young people. B. legal celebrations reduce the risk of disappearing of traditional culture. C. the significance of traditional festivals should be more identified with.

D. young people value traditional culture more while they can do little. 44. It is implied by the writer that traditional Chinese festivals should be measured _______. A. by legal decision B. in economic ways C. by professional rules D. in cultural terms 45. The writer?s purpose for writing this article is to _______. A. remind us that the cultural elements make traditional festivals live on. B. complain that Japan and ROK do a better job in preserving culture. C. inform the public of the dying out of traditional Chinese festivals. D. warn people against business role in celebrating traditional festivals. B. Welcome to the Electronic Village to explore new ways of language teaching and learning.
Electronic Village Program (Thursday, June 18, 2015) Nearpod ? 9:00 am to 10:00 am ? Room 501 Nearpod is a software program that creates a rich context ( 语 境 ) for students to learn vocabulary. The presenter will show how to use it. Kahoot ? 10:30 am to 11:30 am ?Room 601 Kahoot software can be used to create grammar tests which can be graded on a network. It can provide students with instant feedback ( 反 馈), including reports about their strengths and weaknesses. TEO ?2:00 pm to 3:00 pm ? Room 502 Our students come from different backgrounds but have the same desire to learn on-line. The presenter will use examples from his first on-line class to explain how any teacher can begin teaching on-line with TEO. Prezi ? 3:30 pm to 4:20 pm ? Room 602 Uses of Prezi in listening and speaking courses draw students' attention to speaking more fluently. The presenter will show how students can use Prezi to confidently present on a variety of topics, including introducing family, friends, and hobbies.

46. Nearpod can be used to ______. A. offer grammar tests B. teach listening on-line C. help vocabulary learning D. gain fluency in speaking 47. If you want to improve your speaking skills, you can go to____________. A. Room 501 B. Room 502 C. Room 601 D. Room 602 48. Which of the following can assess your grammar learning? A. Nearpod. B. Kahoot. C. TEO. D. Prezi. 49. A teacher who wants to learn on-line teaching is expected to arrive by ______. A. 9:00 am B. 10:30 am C. 2:00 pm D. 3:30 pm C.

Surfing the net when you should be finishing a work report , changing clothes when you have a train to catch , or perhaps even lying in bed when you?ve promised yourself you?ll work out . Sound familiar ? You are not alone . We all procrastinate (拖 延)sometimes , especially when it comes to things we aren?t really fond of . And although the number of activities we delay doing in any given week varies from person to person , it?s fair to say that none of us is super-efficient 100 percent of the time . A study revealed that we spend about 218 minutes procrastinating every day , which amounts to 55 days of lost time each year . We might not think these figures particularly worthy of worry , but when we look at the overall impact(冲击、影响)of procrastination on our lives , it?s a different story . Not only does this cost financial loss , it also affects peace of mind . And procrastination isn?t just a money thief –it steals time too . In general , people who continually put things off are unhappier , as well as being less wealthy and healthy . So why do we do it ? “When we avoid taking action , we?re really avoiding pain ?explains psychiatrist (精神病学家)Phil Stutz .For most of us, pain avoidance isn?t limited to one situation. It applies to almost anything that?s painful. Most of us try our best never to leave a comfort zone.That?s why we sacrifice something much more valuable: time .”Our time on earth is limited,” Stutz adds. “Every moment is an opportunity we?ll never have again . Procrastinators act as if they have all the time in the world . But deep down , they know they?re wasting parts of their life .The trouble is , most of them don?t know how to free themselves . ” One way he says we can reach this level of freedom is by overcoming the pain avoidance using daily visualization (想象). “Picture the pain you?re avoiding as a black cloud in front of you,” Stutz says .”Notice how you?re fed up with the ways this pain has held you back in life , and tell yourself that you?re determined to conquer it . Then it?s time to get through the cloud and to the other side –where you?re free . ”It is obvious that this tool works when we want to procrastinate. We then get into the habit of moving “towards” pain instead of away from it . In addition to the fact that procrastinators suffer more health problems , procrastination also destroys teamwork and personal relationships because if shifts the burden of responsibilities onto others . So next time you think about putting something off , remember the impact it will have. Experts insist :procrastinators can change their behavior ; it takes a lot of self-work but in the end , it?s worth the effort . And start today , not tomorrow . 50.The writer begins the passage by _______ . A. presenting unusual things B. asking related questions C. mentioning habitual activities D. comparing different opinions 51. By saying “it?s a different story”, the writer thinks procrastination _______ . A. tends to cause unhappiness among people B .may no be particularly worthy of concern C. is likely to have bad effects on people?s life D. leads to different results for different persons 52.According to the passage , people procrastinate because they ________ . A. pay no attention to taking action B. don?t want to experience pain

C. don?t know how to free themselves D. are not aware of the limited time 53. One possible way to stop procrastination is to ______ . A. get some freedom B. take some exercise C. avoid anything painful D. overcome it mentally 54. What?s the writing purpose of the passage ? A. To show what contributes to procrastination . B. To analyze the impact procrastination causes . C. To encourage people to defeat procrastination . D. To solve the problems caused by procrastination D. When I was ten , I was suddenly faced with the suffering of moving from the only home I had ever known . My whole life , brief as it was , had been spent in that big old house , gracefully touched with the laughter and tears of four generations . When the final day came , I ran to the small backyard and sat alone , with tears welling up from my heart . Suddenly I felt a hand rest on my shoulder . I looked up to see my grandfather . “It isn?t easy , is it , Billy ?” he said softly , sitting down on the steps beside me . “Grandpa , ” I replied through my tears , “ how can I ever say goodbye to you and all my friends ?” For a moment he just stared off into the apple trees . “Goodbye i s such a sad word ,” he said . “It seems too final , too cold , for friends to use . We seem to have so many ways of saying goodbye and they all have one thing in common : sadness . ” I continued to look into his face . He gently took my hand in his . “Come with me , my friend. ” he whispered . We walked , hand in hand , to his favorite place in the front yard , where a huge red rosebush sat noticeably alone . “What do you see here , Billy ?” he asked . I looked at the flowers , not knowing what to say , and then answered , “I see something soft and beautiful , Grandpa . ” Kneeling , he pulled me close . “It isn?t just the roses that are beautiful , Billy . It?s that special place in your heart that makes them so .” His eyes met mine again . “Billy , I planted these roses a long time ago –before your mother came to the world . I put them into the soil the day my first son was born . It was my way of saying “thank you” to God . That boy?s name was Billy , just like yours . I used to watch him pick roses for his mother .” I saw my grandfather?s tears . I had never seen him cry before . His voice became hoarse . “ One day a terrible war came , and my son , like so many sons , went away to fight a great evil . He and I walked to the train station together …Ten months later a telegram came . My son had died in some tiny village in Italy . All I could think of was that the last thing I said to him in life was goodbye .” Grandpa slowly stood up . “Don?t ever say goodbye , Billy . Don?t ever give in to the sadness and the loneliness of that word . I want you to remember instead the joy and the happiness of those times when you first said hello to a friend . Take that special hello and lock it away within you – in

that place in your heart where summer is an always time . When you and your friends must part , I want you to reach deep within you and bring back that first hello. ” A year and a half later , my grandfather became seriously ill . When he returned after several weeks in the hospital , he wanted his bed next to the window , where he could see his beloved rosebush. Then the family was called home , and I returned to the old house . It was decided that the oldest grandchildren would be allowed to say their goodbyes . When it came to my turn , I noted how tired he looked . His eyes were closed and his breathing was slow and hard . I took his hand as gently as he had once taken mine . “ Hello, Grandpa” I whispered . His eyes slowly opened , “Hello , my friend ,” he said , with a brief smile . His eyes closed again and I moved on . I was standing by his rosebush when an uncle came to tell me that my grandfather had died . Remembering Grandpa?s words, I reached deep within me for those special feelings that had made up our friendship . Suddenly , and truly , I knew what he had meant about never saying goodbye –about refusing to give in to sadness . 55. From the beginning of the passage , we can learn ________ . A. the old house was very nice though not so big B. the writer went to the backyard to look for his grandpa . C. the family experienced both happiness and sorrow in the old house D. the writer had planned for a long time before he decided to move away 56. The underlined word “it” (Paragraph 2) refers to the writer?s ________ . A. starting a new life B. leaving his childhood home C. planting a rosebush D. finding a friend to talk with 57.By mentioning the loss of the eldest son , Grandpa wanted the writer to ________ . A. realize the cruelty of wars B. learn to say hello to people around C. share sadness and loneliness with him D. recall some happy memories instead of sadness 58. Which of the following best describes Grandpa ? A. Optimistic B. Friendly C. Determined D. Honest 59. The function of the last paragraph is to _______ . A. describe a certain scene B. arouse readers? thinking C. convey the theme of the story D. introduce a topic for discussion 60. Which of the following is the best title for the passage ? A. My Childhood B. Never Say Goodbye C. My Grandfather D. Never Move Home

第二节:下面文章中有 5 处(第 61 – 65 题)需要添加小标题。 请从以下选项(A、B、C、D、E 和 F)中 选出符合各段意思的小标题,并在答 题纸上将相应选项的标号涂黑。选项中有一项是多余选项。 A A Night of Glamor and Intrigue at Shanghai Bund in 1930 To celebrate Asian heritage month, Trendy New York is proud to present “Cheongsam Night out----A date with Cheongsam beauties in Shanghai Bunk 1930.” May 16,9:00PM- --May 17,12:00AM, EDT 330 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018

B. Picking partners---New York Featuring adaptations from Chinese and Western classics, including works from Chinese Academy Award-winning composer Tan Dun, the Beijing Guitar Duo teamed up with Cuban guitar virtuoso Manuel Barrueco for a China West Concert at the New York Historical Society on April 23.

C. Heroes of History: Legacy of My Chinese Family Join us as actress Tina Chen recounts the fascinating story of three generations of her mother ?s family and their contributions to the history of China. Friday, May8,6:30PM---7:300PM Chinese Institute 125East 65th Street , New York, NY10065 D.
Great shots---New York

A photography exhibition held by Han Media to celebrate its founding in New York City on April 24, featuring three emerging Chinese photographers:Yingxi Michael Shi, Haiyin Lin and Liming Guan, whose works have appeared in publications such as Bogue, ELLE, The New York Times and others. E.
Forbidden delights---New York

The first session of the China Institute in America short course Being:The City Through Its Architecture opens on Wednesday. Nancy S. Steinhardt discusses the Forbidden City and Beijing?s imperial architecture. F.
Passing on the Kunqu Art: From Master to Disciples

Kunqu Society, the classical Chinese theater which combines singing, dancing and acting to literary works by masters of Ming and Qing Dynasties, performance introduces four signature plays of Kunqu Master Jiqing Zhang to American audiences. Sunday, April 19, 2:00PM, EST Miller Theater at Columbia University 2960 Broadway, New York , NY10027

请根据以下人物介绍选择他们可能参加的活动: 61. Edward Leonardo Norton, connoisseur of Chinese and Japanese antiques. He has a strong interest in classical Chinese literary works. He even starts going to evening classes to learn classical Chinese at Columbia University. 62. Daphne Sui-yuan Tan, former director of National Association of Photographers. After reading some history books on how the first group of Chinese immigrants survived in America of the 19th century, she has become keen on her own family history and that of others. 63. Sharon Collins, pop singer and amateur photographer. Her marriage with a serious music critic has drawn her to his world, so she is now crazy about classical music and will not miss any chance to attend a concert with her husband. 64. Michelle Higgins, eminent photographer and columnist for quite a few internationally-known travel magazines. Recently, she has shown great interest in photo exhibits which feature young artists with Islamic or Chinese background. 65. Caroline Hugo, famous writer and influential movie critic. Last year her fantasy story which involved the mysterious Forbidden City received critical acclaim. Now she is conceiving a romance that has Shanghai of the 1930s as the setting.

-非选择题部分(共 40 分) 第三部分:写作(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节:短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 下面短文中有 10 处语言错误。请在有错误的地方增加、删除或修改某个单词。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧) ,并在其下面写上该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写上修改后的词。 注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2. 只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。 In the summer holiday , we travelled to Qingdao and paid visit to my uncle there . It was a long and bored journey . But the moment I arrived , I fall in love with the city . It?s such beautiful a city that I can hardly find any word to describe them . The streets are clean and the sky is blue . If you walk along the coast , you can feel the wind to blowing on your face . The sea is vast and sometimes you can find a boat or a ship . You may also do some fishing as far as it is permitted . Moreover , I think the driver there drive too fast in the street . You can never be too careful when cross the street .
第二节:书面表达(满分 30 分) 生活中, 我们会收到很多礼物,哪件是你最珍惜的呢?你校英语社团正在举行以“The Gift I Treasure Most “ 为主题的征文大赛,请你用英语写一篇 100-120 词的参赛稿,内容包括: 你得到这件礼物的经过; 这件礼物对你的意义或者影响。 注意:1.礼物可以不局限于物品; 文中不得以任何形式透露考生和学校等真实信息。

英语参考答案: 单项选择: 1---5 CACDD 6—10 DBABB 11—15 CAAAA 16---20 BCDBA 完形填空: 21---25 DBDBC 26---30 ADACB 31---35 CDBCB 36---40 AADBC 阅读理解: A .41---45 BCCDA B. 46---49 CDBC. D. 55---60 CBDACB C. 50---54 CCBDC

第二节 61---65 FCBDA 短文改错: 1. visit 前 a 2. bored 改 boring 3. fall 改 fell 4. such 改 so 5. them 改 it 6. blowing 前 to 去掉 7. far 改 long 8.Moreover 改 However 9.driver 变复数 drivers 10. cross 改 crossing 五.书面表达:

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