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新目标 九年级 Unit 15

Unit 15 We’re trying to save the manatees!

Warming up Animals are man’s friends.

What’s this? And how to describe it?

enormous, gray

What’s this? And how to describe it?

noisy, clever

What’s this? And how to describe it?


What’s this? And how to describe it?

gentle, shy

What’s this? And how to describe it?


What’s this? And how to describe it?

aggressive, funny

Let’s relax .Let’s play a guessing game. what animals they are?
Can you guess what animals they are?

1 They look like a cow, but they live in the sea. 2 They are furry enough to keep out the cold. They are all white and only live in the North pole.

3. They are enormous, have long trunks. They live in Africa and Southeast Asia.
4. They only live in Australia and have pockets to keep their babies safe.



5. They look like monkeys but bigger than monkeys. They can follow what people do.


6.They are spotted and aggressive. They run fast.


What’s this? And how to describe it?What animal are you like ?
It’s a manatee .It’s enormous , it’s about 10 feet long and weighs 1000 pounds , but it’s gentle and kind of shy. I am like this animal because I like water and I like to eat vegetables.

gentle enormous shy

How big is the manatee ? It’s about 10 feet long and weighs 1000 pounds.

10 feet long weigh 1000 pounds

It’s a kangaroo .It’s about 2.6meters tall and weighs 80 kilos . It’s playful .It can jump very high . I’m like this animal because I like jumping. kangaroo How big is the kangaroo ? Playful high 2.6 meters tall weigh 80 kilos It’s about 2.6meters tall and weighs 80 kilos .

1b Listening

gentle furry enormous

playful noisy shy
aggressive gray fast spotted

Victor: Hey, Ginny. What’s that big, furry animal on the pond? Ginny: It’s a polar bear, Victor. They’re kind of aggressive. Victor: Are they? Looks like they really love water. Ginny: Uh-huh. Victor: And what do you call those big, gray things in the water?

Ginny: They’re called manatees. Victor: What? Ginny: Manatees. They’re very gentle and very shy. Victor: Oh. And how about the yellow and black spotted animals in that cage? Ginny: They’re cheetahs. The cheetah is the fastest animal on earth.

I am like this animal because I am strong and intelligent. I like water and I like to eat vegetables. No.

You’re like an elephant.


You’re like a Manatee.

2a Listening
1. endangered 2.mangroves swamps 3.habitat 4.aquatic feed a. the place where something lives b. there aren’t very many of them c. underwater plants and vegetation d. a place where trees grow in water

Tapescript Boy: Can you tell us about the manatees, please? Man: Sure. We’re trying to save them. Boy: Why? Are they endangered? Man: Yes There used to be a lot of manatees, but now there aren’t very many there are?

Boy: Do you know how many there are? Man: At this point, there are only about 2,500 in the U.S In 1972, it was discovered that they were endangered. Since then, the government has passed laws to

protect them.

Boy: Where do they live?
Man: Their favorite habitat is the water under the trees in mangrove swamps. Boy: And why are they endangered?

Man: Some of the swamps have become polluted. Also, there sometimes isn’t enough food for all of them. As you can see, they’re large. The average manatee is about ten feet long and. The average manatee is about ten feet long and weighs about 1,000 pounds. They need about 100 pounds of aquatic feed a day.

Boy: Aquatic feed? Man: Oh, that’s underwater plants and vegetation. That’s what they eat.

1.I am like this animal because I am strong and intelligent. be like=look like=be similar to 像,看起来像。如: He is like his father. 他像他的父亲。 = He looks like his father. = He is similar to his father.

这里的like作介词,意思为“像”, like 还可做动词用,表示“喜欢”, like(doing)sth. 喜欢做某事。如: He likes his father very much. 他很喜欢他的父亲。 Mary likes playing volleyball. 玛丽喜欢打排球。

2.How big are manatees? 海牛有多大? how big... 询问体重。以how组合的疑问 词组有很多,如: how old 询问年龄 how often询问频率 how long询问动作持续的长短 how much询问质量或者价钱 how far 询问距离 how many询问数量 how soon 询问过多久

3….they weigh about 1,000 pounds, ……他们大约重1000磅。 weigh 称……重量,测……重量。如: He weighed the stone in his hand. 他用手掂了掂这块石头的重量。 The piece of meat weighs four pounds. 这块肉重四磅。

weight 还可用做名词,重量。 如: What is your weight? 你的体重是多少?

4. We’re trying to save the manatees. 我们正在竭尽全力拯救海牛。 Try to do =try one’s best to do 努力去做某事。如: Every student should try to study hard in order to study in a university. 为了进入大学学习, 每个学生都应该 努力学习。

时 态 一般现在时 一般过去时 现在进行时 现在完成时 一般过去时被动语态 现在完成时被动语态 谓语动词的形式 (do)

do / does did be (am / is / are) doing

have / has done was / were done have / has been done

have / has + 动词的过去分词


1. 表示过去发生的某一动作对现在造


如: already, yet, ever, never, just, before, once, twice 等连用, 也可以和包 括现在在内的时间状语, 如these days,

today, this year, so far 等连用。

2. 表示过去发生的动作或存在的状态, 一直持续到现在,也许还将继续下去, 可以和表示从过去某一时刻延续到现 在的一段时间的状语连用。 即for +时间段, since+时间点/从句, in the last ten years等, 谓语只可用延 续性动词。

2. has / have been to 去过某地表示某人的一种经历,可 与once, twice, already, ever, never等 连用。 have/has gone to


have / has been in 逗留在某地 (已经一段时间)。 常 和for ten days, since I came here等 连用。

1. Where is Jim? He ___________ has gone to Wuhan. 2. My parents ___________ the Great have been to Wall twice. They like there very much. 3. _____ you ever _______ to the Have been to Happy valley? 4. How long ____ Peter _______ the been in has West Hill farm?

5. My sister __________ the shop. She has gone to will be back in two hours. 6. She ___________ Shanghai. She has gone to isn’t here. 7. She __________ Shanghai. She is has been to here. 8. She __________ Shanghai for two has been in years.

3. already ---------- yet 已经


用于否定句, 疑问句 yet 1. She has not seen this film _____. already She has _______ seen this film. already 2. I have ______ combed my hair. Have you combed your hair ____. yet 3. He has _______ watched a video. already yet He has not watched a video _____.

4. 现在完成时中延续性动词和终止性 动词 英语动词根据词义可分为两种,一种是 延续性的,一种是终止性的,终止性动词 (也可称为非延续性动词,瞬间动词,或点 动词),如:become, begin, buy, borrow, arrive, die, finish, get to know, go, join, marry, start, stop等。表示动作的发生 与结束于一瞬间完成,不能再延续,

所以它的现在完成时不能和表示延续 的时间状语连用,即不能与表示一段时

间的状语, for+时间段, since+时间点/
从句连用,也不能用在how long引导的


初中英语课本中常见终止性动词有: leave, go, come, arrive, begin, buy, borrow, die, join, become 等。 终止性动词要表示持续时, 可用以下 方法: ⑴ 将时间状语改为时间段 + ago, 句


eg. 我弟弟参军两年了。 My brother joined the army two years ago. ⑵ 若保留for + 时间段, since+时间点/ 从句, 或用在 how long句型中, 则需将 终止性动词改为相应的状态动词或延 续性动词。

常见终止性动词与延续性动词 (或 状态动词) 的对应关系如下: come / go / arrive / get / reach / move --- be in/at open --- be open die --- be dead close --- be closed become ---be borrow --- keep put on --- wear buy --- have

leave ----- be away (from)

begin / start ----- be on
fall asleep ---- be asleep

end/finish ----- be over
catch a cold ----- have a cold

join the army ---- be in the army be a soldier join the Party ---- be in the Party be a Party member

1. 吉姆买了这只钢笔两年了。 Jim has had this pen for two years. Jim has had this pen since two years ago. Jim has had this pen since 2003. It is two years since Jim bought this pen.

It has been two years since Jim bought this pen. Jim bought this pen two years ago. 2. 李雷自从2003年就参军。 3. 那部电影开始30分钟了。 4. 自从两年前这家商店就开了。 5. 那个老人已经死了五年了。 6. 莉莉六年前就离开家了。

现在完成时和一般过去时的区别: 现在完成时所表明的是过去发生 的动作对现在的影响, 强调的是现在 的情况, 不可以和表示过去的时间状 语 yesterday, in 1991, three days ago last time, last night等连用。 一般过去时表明的是过去发生的 事实, 和现在不发生关系。

5. 现在完成时中的 for 与 since for + 时间段与延续性动词的现在完成时 连用 since + 时间点/从句。 I have kept the library book for a week. = I have kept the library book since a week ago.

It is /has been + 一段时间 + since...

eg. It is /has been two years since
my brother joined the army.

1. since 引导的从句中动词用过去时。

2. when 引导 的特殊问句不与现在完
成时连用。 3. have got,has got 虽然是现在完成时, 但 have got = have has got = has

1. It's a long time since we ______ met (meet) last time, isn't it? 2. --I know you have chosen (choose) a __________ picture book among these. --Yes,Have a look at it, please. 3. So far, spaceships without people __________ have reached (reach) the moon and some other parts of the universe.

4. My father ____ home for nearly three weeks. A. has gone away from B. has left C. has been away from D. went away

5. Mr and Mrs Green have ____ in China for a week. A. been C. arrived B. got D. reached

近义句转换: 1. Jack joined the League five months ago. Jack _________ a League member has been five months ago. 2. It’s a long time since we met last.

We ________ _______ each other haven’t seen for a long time since we met last time.

Fill in the blanks with the right forms of the given words. 1. Every day my mother _____(get) up gets early. 2. The dinosaur eggs _____________ were discovered (discover) many years ago by scientists. 3. Listen! Some children ___________ are singing (sing) an English song over there.

4. In our hometown there used to ___(be) be many old trees. 5. My work __________________ (not hasn’t been finished finish) yet. I can’t go out to play with you.

Fill in the blanks according to the main ideas. My favorite animals are pandas. I like them very much friendly because they are gentle and shy. They are also 1________to people. And they look funny, too. Their eyes are the most interesting part. The black circles around theireyes 2_____ make them look like they are wearing glasses or have just been in a fight. Their favorite food is bamboo 3______. They don’t like leaves to move around very much. But now pandas are endangered .For one thing, people have destroyed many of enough their habits. For another, they don’t have 4______ food to eat. We must think of ways to 5_______ them. I think we should protect build more panda zoos and plant more bamboo for them. I hope everyone can do something for animals, so that we can keep our world rich and colorful and full of interesting animals.

* Try to find more endangered animals in the world and write a short passage about how to save them or protect them.

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