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【步步高 学案导学设计】2014-2015学年高中英语(外研版,必修一)课时作业:Module 2Period Three]

Period Three

Integrating Skills

Ⅰ.语境填词 1.Three years ago,our school had a ____________ (女校长),but today our school has a headmaster. 2.She studied French history for a long ____________ (一段时间) of time. 3.The final examination is coming.All the students are doing their ____________ (复习). 4.If you give her a ____________ (话题),she can talk a long time. 5.The winter ____________ (假期) is not as long as the summer one. 6.Strict ____________ (纪律) is required in our school. Ⅱ.同义词辨析 1.用 accept 或 receive 的适当形式填空 (1)I can’t __________ you as my assistant. (2)We were warmly __________ at the factory gate. (3)I __________ a gift but I didn’t __________ it. 2.用 asleep,sleep 或 sleepy 的适当形式填空 (1)I feel __________ now. (2)Tom fell __________ soon after he went to bed. (3)Every day I __________ eight hours. (4)The boy is __________ now.Don’t wake him up. Ⅲ.完成句子 1.由你决定我们是否呆在这里。 ________________ whether we’ll stay here. 2.我宁愿读书也不上网。 I ______________ read books than surf the Internet. 3.她似乎比较喜欢猫而不喜欢狗。 She seems to ________ cats ________ dogs. 4.请你把这个句子译成英语。 Please __________ the sentence ________ English. 5.他除了努力工作别无选择。 He ______________ but to work hard. 6.如果有可能,我将试一下。 ____________,I’ll try. Ⅳ.单项填空 1.—Shall we go skating or stay at home? —Which________ do yourself? A.do you rather B.would you rather C.will you rather D.should you rather 2.I prefer studying English at home________ the match. A.to watching B.than watching C.rather than D.to watch 3.—Shall we go out? —________ A.Shall we? B.I’ll follow your suggestion. C.I don’t know. D.It’s up to you. 4.I had________ but to wait for the next bus. A.choices B.no choose C.a choice D.no choice 5.I’m sure you’d rather she went to school by bus,________?

A.hadn’t you B.wouldn’t you C.aren’t I D.didn’t she 6.—Shall we have our picnic tomorrow? —________ it doesn’t rain. A.Until B.While C.Once D.If 7.She took a shortcut home again,letting herself in through her garden and the back door.She________ to wait. A.settled in B.settled down C.set down D.calmed 8.After dinner,the old________ prefer to have a walk in their garden. A.pair B.couple C.man D.woman 9.I________ pay Tracy a visit,but I’m not sure whether I will have time this Sunday. A.should B.might C.would D.could 10.—Do remember to take this medicine three times a day with boiled water. —________. A.Heard it B.Made it C.Got it D.Taken it Ⅴ.完形填空 A shepherd was herding (放牧) his sheep when suddenly a brandnew sports car came out of a dust cloud towards him.The__1__was a young man in a new designer suit, designer __2__, designer sunglasses and a designer tie.He__3__out the window and asked the shepherd,“If I tell you __4__ how many sheep you have here,will you give me one?” The shepherd__5__the man, then his peaceful sheep and__6__ answered, “Sure.Why not?” The young man __7__his car, took out his__8__, connected it to his mobile phone, surfed to a page on the Internet where he called up a satellite navigation system(卫星导航系统).__9__,he printed out a fullcolor,150page report on his hitech __10__,he turned to the shepherd and said, “You have exactly 1,586 sheep.” “That’s right.” said the shepherd,“I guess you can __11__ one of my sheep.” The shepherd then said to the young man,“Hey,if I can__12__ you exactly what your __13__is, will you give me back my sheep?”The young man thought about it for a (an) __14__and then said,“Okay,__15__?” “You are a consultant (顾问),” said the shepherd. “Wow! That’s __16__.” said the young man.“But how did you __17__that?” “No guessing required.” answered the shepherd.“You showed up here __18__nobody called you, you want to get __19__ for an answer that I already knew, to a question I __20__ asked and it’s obvious you don’t know a thing about my business...Now give me back my sheep.” 1.A.cyclist B.driver C.teacher D.pilot 2.A.clothes B.trousers C.socks D.shoes 3.A.leaned B.took C.put D.looked 4.A.exactly B.generally C.quickly D.similarly 5.A.turned to B.stared at C.looked at D.pointed to 6.A.stilly B.quietly C.angrily D.calmly 7.A.moved B.turned C.parked D.ran 8.A.counter B.computer

C.book 9.A.Finally C.Even 10.A.car C.printer 11.A.bring C.take 12.A.know C.tell 13.A.business C.computer 14.A.hour C.minute 15.A.for what C.why 16.A.all right C.correct 17.A.get C.work 18.A.as though C.if so 19.A.paid C.done 20.A.often C.sometimes

D.pencil B.However D.Therefore B.Internet D.phone B.fetch D.carry B.guess D.look B.car D.matter B.day D.second B.why not D.if not B.all D.so B.guess D.have B.even so D.even though B.praised D.called B.constantly D.never

have no choice but to do sth.除了做某事别无选择 ?1?I have no choice but to make more money. 我除了多挣钱别无选择。 ?2?She has no choice but to make a living by herself. 她除了自己谋生外别无选择。

Ⅰ.1.headmistress 2.period 3.revision 4.topic 5.vacation 6.discipline Ⅱ.1.(1)accept (2)received (3)received accept 解析 (1)accept 表示主观意愿, 有“接受、 同意、 认可”之意; 表示主动而且高兴地接受。 (2)receive 表示客观上“接收,收到”,与主观意愿无关。receive 还有“受到,得到;接 见,接待”之意,此时不能用 accept。 2.(1)sleepy (2)asleep (3)sleep (4)sleeping 解析 (1)asleep adj.睡着的,睡熟的,常作表语。 (2)sleep v.睡,睡觉,入睡;n.睡觉,睡眠。 (3)sleepy adj.想睡的,困倦的。

Ⅲ .1.It’s up to you 2.would rather 3.prefer possible Ⅳ.1.B [考查 sb.would rather do sth.。] 2.A 3.D 4.D



5.has no choice


[考查 prefer doing sth.to doing sth.喜欢……而不喜欢……。] [It’s up to you.由你来决定,为固定搭配。] [have no choice but to do...别无选择只有……。]

5.B [在反意疑问句中,如果主句的谓语动词是 think,suppose,believe,imagine,be sure 等,且主语为第一人称时,反意问句的主语和时态应与宾语从句的一致。] 6.D [句意为:——明天我们去野餐吗?——只要不下雨(就去)。] 7.B [由第一句话的内容知是:她最终安顿下来等。所以 B 项正确。] 8.B [couple 夫妇两人。由空后的 prefer 知 C、D 两项不正确。] 9.B [由后句“我不知这个星期天是否有空”知是有可能去拜访 Tracy。] 10.C [句意为:——记住这种药一天吃三次,而且用开水冲服。——明白了。此句用 Got it 表示“明白了”。made it 的意思是“成功”。] Ⅴ.1.B 2.D 相对应。] 3.A 4.A [此处是跑车司机依靠在车窗上,所以选择 lean,意思为“倚靠”。] [句意为:如果我能够确切地说出你这儿羊的数量,你能给我一只羊吗?exactly 确 [因为第一句话中有 sports car, 所以此处应该选 B 项。] [因为 suit 是“一套衣服”的意思,所以此处选择 D 最合适,和后面的 sunglasses 和 tie

切地,符合题意。generally 一般地;quickly 很快地,强调速度快;similarly 相似地。] 5.C [此处表达的是牧羊人看了看这个人,然后看了看羊,所以用 look at。turn to 转向; stare at 盯着;point to 指着。] 6.D [根据牧羊人很肯定地回答可以看出,牧羊人很平静,所以选 D 项。] 7.C [此处是“停车”的意思。] 8.B [此处是跑车司机拿出电脑接到手机上,然后上网,所以选 B 项。] 9.A [这个地方缺少一个表示时间的副词。前面的 parked,took,connected 和 surfed 是一 系列的动作,所以此处应该选 A 项,表示“最后”。] 10.C 选 C 项。] 11.C 12.C tell“辨别”。] 13.A [根据 12 题的解析,我们可以得到此题的答案为 A 项。] 14.D [跑车司机稍微想了一会儿,强调即时性,所以选 D 项。] 15.B 16.C [跑车司机稍微想了一会儿,表示同意,所以选 B 项。] [牧羊人猜对了跑车司机的职业,所以回答正确,选 C 项。] [牧羊人回答的是“我想你可以带走我的一只羊”。bring 带来;fetch 去拿来;take [牧羊人问“如果我能准确地辨别你的职业,你会还给我的羊吗? ”所以此处选择 带走;carry 运送,不强调方向性。故选 C 项。] [根据“he printed out a fullcolor,150page report”可知是在打印机上打印出来的,所以

17. B [跑车司机对于牧羊人猜对自己的职业感到很奇怪, 并且可以从牧羊人的回答 “No

guessing required.”看出,此处选 B 项。] 18.D 以选 D 项。] 19.A [结合第一段最后一句可知此处应填 paid。get paid 得到回报。] 20.D [根据上题的解析可以看出此题的答案为 D 项。 ] [即便没有人给你打电话,你也能到这儿,句中缺少的是一个让步状语从句,所

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