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8B Unit5 Good manners知识点讲解

统和外语 8B Unit5 Good manners 知识点 COMIC AND WELCOME 1. You’re old enough to learn about manners now. 你现在年龄够大了 可以学学礼仪了。 1)manner 是可数名词,意思是:方式,态度,举止。 manners 意思是:举止,礼仪。It’s good /bad manners to do sth. have manners 有礼貌, have no manners 没有礼貌 …enough to do… 够……可以做…… 他够强壮 举得起这个重箱子。 He is _________ _________ ______ _________the heavy box. = He is so strong that he can lift the heavy box. 这河很窄 她游得过。 This river is ________ __________ for her _______ _________ __________. = The river is so narrow that she can swim across it. 2. Don’t cut in on others. 不要打断别人。 1) cut in 插嘴,打断 老师上课时她爱插嘴。 She likes __________ ______while her teacher is giving a lesson. cut in on sb./sth. 打断某人谈话 插嘴 老人打断了他们的谈话。 The old man ______ _______ _______their conversation. 别打断她。让她继续发言。 _______ _______ ______ _______ her. Let her continue speaking. 2) cut in = push in 插队 加塞 她在列队的最前头插队。 She _______ _______at the head of the line. She _______ _______at the head of the line. 3. wait politely. 句子 politely 是 反义词形式是

词,意思是 。


4. You’re never too old to learn.活到老学到老。 too…to… 太……而不能…… 形式上是肯定,意义上是否定。 这桌子很重 我搬不动。 The table is ________ _________for me _______ ________. = The table is so heavy that I can’t carry it. 5. drop the litter everywhere drop vt.& vi.(使)落下; 投下;垂下 (使)降低; 减少 Temperatures can drop to freezing at night. The horse drop his head to crop the spring grass. 6. leave the tap running 1).留下“leave” leave 用作及物动词,意为“留下,留给”时, 常见的短语有 leave sb by oneself 或 leave sb alone(把某人独自留下) 例如:Mrs Green is very busy with work and alwaysleaves herson at home by himself. 格林夫人工作很忙,她常把儿子单独留在家中) 。 2).遗忘“leave" 汉语中说“遗忘某物”可以 forget 或 leave. leave 多与表示场所的副词,或以表示具体特点的词语相连。 forget 侧不接具体的地点。

例如:I left my umbrella at home.(我把雨伞忘在家了) 3).“离开”leave leave 可作及物动词或不及物动词。 意为“出发, 离开”。 常用与短语“leave for some place"(动手去, 出发到) 。 例如:When did you leave then room?中文意思: (你什么时候离开你的房间的?) 4).leave 的“请假”条 leave 用作名词时,表示多种含义,有“请假;许可,同意”的含义。 We are going to have five days' leave.(我们将有五天的假期。 ) ask for leave (请假) leave school (中学)[毕业] 7.keep quiet in the library keep 的用法 1).keep +形容词 2).keep+sth/sb +形容词 3).keep +doing 一直做某事 4).keep ... from doing ... 阻止做某事。 。 。 5).keep a pet 饲养一个宠物 6).How long may I keep this book ? 此处 keep 指借 8.queue for your turn 排队等候 此处 turn 是可数名词,的意思是 。 take turns to do sth 轮流做某事= do sth by turns , It’s one’s turn to do sth. 轮到某人做某事 in turn 依次,一个接一个。 by turns 轮流,交替 9. Anything else? 其它的呢 放在不定代词、不定副词和疑问代词后 who else 还有谁 something else interesting 别的有趣事 构成短语的所有格 else’s My computer is faster than anybody ________in my class. READING 1.. What’s the proper way to greet people there, Jenny? proper adj. 符合习俗的 正确的 e.g. She is always proper in her behaviour. 2. British people say “hello” or “nice to meet you” and shake your hand when they meet you for the first time. 与某人握手 e.g. Chinese people usually shake your hand to express their friendliness. 3. Do they greet people with a kiss? 问候 打招呼 greet somebody with … 以……方式跟人打招呼 她微笑着跟我们打了个招呼。 She _________ _______ _______ ______ smile. 4. But please avoid subjects like age, weight or money. 话题 主题

e.g. This book includes many different subjects. 这本书包含了许多话题。 避免 后面直接跟宾语。 avoid 后常跟 v.-ing 形式 构成 avoid doing sth.结构 意为“避免做某事”。 e.g. You should avoid eating such unhealthy food. 练一练 根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 (1) 我们必须认真做作业避免错误。 We must do our homework carefully to ________ ___________. (2) 王先生设法避免让他的经理生气。 Mr Wang tried to ________ __________ his manager angry. 5 表现 e.g. I do not think it's proper for you to behave so. 民众 群体 e.g. The palace is now open to the public. 公开地 在别人面前 e.g. Smoking is not allowed in public places. 公共场所不允许吸烟。 6. They think it’s rude to push in before others. 推 挤 和 push 相对应的词是 可意为“拉 拖 拔” 。 e.g. Don’t push the door. Pull it, please. 不要推门。请拉开。 对某人来说 做某事…… 句型中的 it 是形式主语 真正的主语是后面的 to do sth. e.g. It is impolite to ask British people how old they are. 问英国人多大年龄是不礼貌的。 练一练 将下列句子翻译成英语。 (1) 学好英语很难。 _________________________________________________ (2) 对孩子们来说 记住这些电话号码很重要。 _________________________________________________ 7. If you’re in their way, they won’t touch you or push past you. 挡住某人的路 e.g. I couldn't walk very fast because a lot of people got in my way. 我不能走的很快 因为很多人挡了我的路。 触摸 碰 e.g. You can’t touch that thing. 你不能碰那个东西。 8. They’ll say “excuse me” and be polite enough to wait till you move. 既可以作名词 也可以作动词。作名词时 可意为“借口 作动词时 可意为“原谅”。 e.g. Mary explained why she was late, but we didn’t accept her excuse. Please excuse him for arriving late. 请原谅他来晚了。 和 I’m sorry 的用法不同 前者是打扰或麻烦别人的客套用语 后者则是做错事后的道歉用语。 e.g. Excuse me. Can you tell me how to go to the park? I’m sorry. I broke your glass this morning. 9. British people are very polite at home as well, aren’t they? 也 还有 e.g. I write my own songs and I play the guitar as well. 一般不用否定句 通常放在句末 强调时可放在句中。 either 用于否定句 放在句末 之前加逗号。 too 语气较轻 多用于口语 在肯定句中使用 通常位于句末。 also 比 too 正式一些 语气较重 只用于肯定句 一般紧靠动词。

10. Just as the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” 谚语 格言 e.g. My grandpa knows a lot of English sayings. / 【随堂练习】 一、选择合适短语完成句子。 as well in one’s way in public push in shake sb’s hand 1. My classmates love music. I love it _________. 2. It is impolite to ________ before others. 3. We should not speak loudly ________. 4. Chinese people usually ________________ when they meet you for the first time. 5. Please do not stand ___________. I am in a hurry.


二、翻译句子。 1. 今天我已邀请了 King 先生谈论美国的礼仪。 Today we ________ __________ Mr King ______ ______ ______ ________ in the USA. 2. 有时我们中国人以拥抱的方式问候亲戚或亲密的朋友。 Sometimes we Chinese _________ ________ or ______ friends ______ a hug. GRAMMAR 1. enough to enough to 句型的用法 该结构的基本形式为“形容词或副词+enough to+动词原形”,其意为“足够地?可以?”: He is old enough to take care of himself. 他大了,能照顾自己了。 Will you be kind enough to shut the door? 可否劳驾把门关上? She is old enough to travel by herself. 她年纪够大,可以独自旅行了。 Is the river deep enough to swim in? 在这条河里游泳水够深吗? 【注】若 enough 前出现否定词,则不仅否定了 enough,而且也否定其后的不定式: He was not strong enough to do the work. 他不够强壮,不能做这工作。 He is not strong enough to lift the box. 他力气不够大提不起这个箱子。 另外,该句型有时可与 so [such]?that 结构转换: He is rich enough to buy a plane. 他很有钱,可以买一架飞机。 →He is so rich that he can buy a plane. 他很有钱,可以买一架飞机。 有时该句型也可与 too?to 句型转换: He is too young to go to school. 他太小,还不能上学。 →He is not old enough to go to school. 他还不够大,还不能上学 2.too…to… too?to 句型的用法 该结构的基本形式为“too+形容词或副词+to+动词原形”,其意为“太…以至于不能…”: He is too tired to go any further. 他太累了,不能再往前走了。 He is too shy to speak to her. 他太害羞,不敢同她讲话。 It’s too cheap to be good. 这东西太便宜,好不了(即便宜无好货)。 He is too young to know right from wrong. 他太小,还分不清是非。

有时不定式前可以带有一个由介词 for 引出的逻辑主语: The box is too heavy for me to carry. 这个箱子太重,我提不起。 另外,该句型有时可与 so [such]…that 结构转换: The box is too heavy for me to carry. →The box is so heavy that I can’t carry it. →It is such a heavy box that I can’t carry it. 3. patient adj. 有耐心的。反义 impatient. be patient with 。 。 。 :对。 。 。有耐心 她对孩子们很有耐心。 4.join the discussion discussion 可数名词,意思是 讨论。 discuss vt. 讨论。 discuss the question discuss with sb. 和某人讨论。 5. He did not express himself clearly. express vt. 表达,表示。 I can express to you how grateful I am. clearly adv. 清楚地,明显地,无疑地。 6. be busy with… / be busy doing

INTEGRATED SKILLS AND TAKS 1. explain 动词,解释,说明。 explain sth to sb. explain to sb that… 2. softly 的反义词是 3. notice sb do / doing sth 4. familiar adj 熟悉的,常见的 I like those familiar songs. be familiar to.. 为…所熟悉。 be familiar with 对…熟悉。 联想:similar 5. in general use 旁边使用 6. risk losing everything all at one time risk 冒…的危险。含有 孤注一掷并愿承担后果的意思。

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