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2015年6月英语四级考试真题及答案(卷一完整版) (1)

2015 年 6 月英语四级考试真题及答案(卷一完整版)
范文: Writing:家长角色 There are several possible reasons accountable for this phenomenon(中心句). To begin with, family in growing numbers has only one child; therefore, parent s oftentimes focus all their attentions on that child and exert much pressure o n him or her(原因一). Moreover, numerous parents intend to realize their unfulf illed dreams by letting their children learn what they failed to learn and appl y for the college by which they failed to be accepted, because they have become richer and they believe that they have the power to make what they wanted and want come true now(原因二). For instance, my uncle used to be a poor man and hi s dream that one day he would become a violinist was broken because of lack of money. But he made a fortune by selling coals, and then forced his son, my youn ger brother to practice playing violin. My brother was a huge fan of sports, bu t now he has to play violin everyday unwillingly and ofter quarrels with their parents(举例:原来-然后-结局). To sum up, it is unreasonable for parents to control their children’s life (总结句). In order to help them grow happily and healthily, parents are suppose d to communicate with their kids about what they are really interested in(建议 一,目的句型). Meanwhile, it is about time that parents let their kids make the ir own choices(建议二,“是时候”句型). Only in these ways will children grow i n a psychologically happy environment and realize their own dreams. 短对话原文(周祖骏)

1. W: I am going to give up playing chess, I lost again today. M: Just because you lost? Is that any reason to quit? Q: What does the man imply? 2. M: Do you know Shirley’s new address? She’s got some mail here and I’d like to fold it to her. W: Well, we’ve not been in touch for quit a while. Let’s see, Marry should know it? Q: What does the women mean? 3. W: I missed the classes this morning could you please lent me your notes? M: My notes? You’ve never seem my hand writing, have you? Q: What does the man imply? 4. M: I am taking my girlfriend to the fancy new restaurant for her birthday tonight. W: I went there last weekend and I found it rather disappointing. Q: What does the women mean? 5. W: Winter is over at last, time to put away my gloves and boots.

M: I ‘ve been waiting for this for months. Q: What does the man mean? 6. W: Thank you for bringing the books back. M: I thought you need them over the weekend, many thanks for let me use them. Q: What do we learn from conversation? 7. W: Are you working flexible hours? M: No I am not, The weather today is so nice, so I decided to walk to work and that meant I have to leave an hour earlier than usual. Q: What does the man decide to do? 8. W: Our plane has been circling for a long time, we could delay. M: The airport was closed for a while this morning and things are still not back to normal. Q: What does the man mean? 短对话答案解析(孙祥喆) 【总评】:8 个短对话总体来说比以往四级听力要难,但是考察水平令人叹服。题目的设 置一改往年的模式化语境,更加委婉、微妙,贴近真实生活中的语境,选项并不是对原文的 简单重现而是替换与推理。

1. 考点:推理判断 答案:A. The woman should go on playing chess. 本题的关键在于听懂反问语气。女士说因为又输了棋,所以打算放弃。男士没有正面回应, 而是反问了一句:“Is that any reason to quit? 这能算一个放弃的理由吗?”言下之意就 是不该放弃。换句话说,男士就是建议女士继续好好继续下棋。 2. 考点:细节捕捉。 答案:D. Mary probably knows Sally’s new address. 本题的关键在于听到最后一句“Mary should know it. ”男士说自己手边有一堆 Sally 的信 件需要寄给她,所以需要知道她的地址。女士说自己很久没跟 Sally 联系了,但是结尾说了 一句:“Mary 应该知道地址。”如果没有听出结尾一句的反转含义,本题很容易错选。 3. 考点:推理判断 答案:B. His notes are not easy to read. 本题的关键在于听懂反义疑问句。女士想要借笔记,男士说:“You’ve never see my handwriting, have you?”“你从没看过我的笔迹吧?”言下之意,就是自己的笔记难以 辨认。 4. 考点:推理判断 答案:D. The man had better choose another restaurant. 本题的关键在于听懂否定语气。 男士说我今晚要带女朋友去新开的漂亮饭店过生日。 女士说 我上周去过,太让我失望了。从 “rather disappointing” 可以听出女士的强烈否定语气, 言下之意就是建议男士不要去这家饭馆了。 5. 考点:推理判断 答案:C. He has been looking forward to spring.

本题在于听懂期待语气。 本题首先听到女士开头说的: “冬天终于结束了。” 和男士结尾说: “我等了好几个月了啊。”有所期待才会愿意等待,显然是男士希望冬天快点结束,春天快 点到来。 6. 考点:细节捕捉 答案:B. The man appreciates the woman’s help. 本题关键在于听懂感谢语气。男士说:“Many thanks for letting me use them.”(太感 谢你让我看他们了。)thank Many thanks 和选项中的 appreciate 为同义词。 7. 考点:细节捕捉 答案:B. Go to work on foot. 本题的关键在于捕捉否定词之后被突出的信息。男士提到的“walk to work”和选项中的 Go on foot. 为同义表达。 8. 细节捕捉 答案:A. Temporary closing has disturbed the airport’s operation. 本题考察的是一组明显的因果关系, 即什么导致了延误。 男士提到今早机场关闭了一段时间 了,而且仍然没恢复正常。“closed for a while”与选项中的 Temporary closing 构成同 义替换。

长对话(周祖骏) 点评:今年听力长对话的选材还是来自于我们熟悉的工作场景的解决问题和个人访谈;长 对话的逻辑非常清晰,采取问答形式,一人主导提问,一人主导回答。如果能够把握好问 题是考题,回答是答案这一基本原则,长对话答题应该是不难的。而且选项和原文一遍是 原文重现,即听到什么选什么即可。 Conversation 1 W: Morning, this is TGC!

M: Good morning, Walter Barry here, calling from London. Could I speak to Mr. Grand, please? W: Who’s calling, please? M: Walter Barry, from London. W: What is it about, please?——问题是考题 M: Well, I understand that your company has a chemical processing plant.(9 题答案——回答是答案。)My own company LCP, Liquid Control Products, is a leader in safety from leaks in the field of chemical processing.(9 题答案——重复答案最容 易) I’d like to speak to Mr. Grand to discuss ways in which we could help TGC to protect itself from such problems and save money at the same time.——第 10 题答案(男士公司存在的问题) W: Yes, I see. Well, Mr. Grand is not available just now. M: Can you tell me when I could reach him? W: He’s very busy for the next few days. Then he’ll be away in New York. So it’s difficult to give you a time. M: Could I speak to someone else, perhaps? W: Who, in particular? M: A colleague, for example?——问题是考题 W: You are speaking to his personal assistance.——回答是答案(11 题答案) I can deal with calls for Mr. Grand.

M: Yes, well, could I ring him tomorrow?——问题是考题 W: No, I’m sorry, he won’t be free tomorrow.Listen, let me suggest something. You send us details of your products and services, together with references from other companies. And then we’ll contact you.——回答是答案(12 题答案) M: Yes, that’s very kind of you. I have your address. M: Barry. Walter Barry, from LCP in London. W: Right, Mr. Barry. We look forward to hearing from you. M: Thank you, goodbye. W: Bye. Q9. What do we learn about the woman’s company? Q10. What do we learn about the man? Q11. What’s the woman’s position in her company? Q12. What does the woman suggest the man do? Conversation 2 M: Miss Yamada, did you ever think that you would find yourself living and working in the western world?——问题是考题 W: No, not really, although I’ve always listened to recordings of great orchestras from Europe.——回答是答案(第 13 题答案) M: So you enjoyed classical music even when you were very young?

W: Oh, yes. I was an only child. M: You were born in 1955, is that right? W: Yes, I began violin lessons at school when I was 6. M: As young as that, did you like it? W: Oh, yes, very much. M: When did you first play on your own? I mean, when did you give your first performance?——问题是考题 W: I think I was 8…? No, Nine. I just had my birthday a week before, and my father had bought me a new violin. I played a small piece at the school concert. ——回答是答案(第 14 题答案) M: Did you know then that you would become a professional violinist? W: Yes, I think so. I enjoy playing the violin very much, and I didn’t mind practicing, sometimes three or four hours a day. M: And when did you first come to Europe?——问题是考题 W: I was very lucky. When I was fifteen, I won a scholarship to a college in Paris. That was for a three-year course.——回答是答案(第 15 题答案) M: How did your parents feel about that? W: I think they were pleased and worried at the same time. It was the chance of a lifetime. But of course I would be thousands of miles from home. Anyway, I studied in Paris for three years and then went back to Tokyo.

Q13. What do we know about the woman before she went to Europe? Q14. What does the woman say about her music experience? Q15. What does the woman say about her study in Paris?

短文听力 点评:短文是听力选择题部分最难的;话题难,词汇难,要听懂就更难。但是如果学会给 短文文类之后有重点的去听录音,重点就会更突出,答案就更容易捕捉。如最后一篇短文 是人物故事类,故事的主人翁叫:Gerald Ratner,讲了发生在他身上的故事。既然是故 事就应该学会把握时间脉络。我相信各位同学见了老师的分析之后应该非常明显的看到了 原文中的答案一般都紧跟在时间词之后。故事类的文章喜欢出推断题,推断故事想传递的 道理是什么,而这个道理其实一般出现在首句——主旨,就是主旨的改写而已。 Passage One What makes a person famous? This is a mystery that many people have thought about. All kinds of myths surround the lives of well-known people. Most people are familiar with the works of William Shakespeare, one of the greatest English writers of the 16th and 17th centuries. Yet how many know Shakespeare, the person, the man behind the works? ——第 16 题答案(极端表达 most 预示答案,转 折关系 yet 引导答案)After centuries of research, scholars are still trying to discover Shakespeare’s personal history. It is not easily found in his writings. Authors of the time could not protect their works. An acting company, for example, could change the play if they wanted to. Nowadays, writers have copy rights to protect their work. Many myths arouse about Shakespeare. Some said he had no formal education. Others believe that he

began his career by tending the horses of wealthy men. All of these myths are interesting, but are they true? Probably not. Shakespeare’s father was a respective man in Stratford-upon-Avon, a man of the town council.——第 17 题答案(新出现的信息为重点)He sent young William to grammar school. Most people of Elizabethan times did not continue beyond grammar school. So Shakespeare did have at least average education. Some paths of Shakespeare’s life were always remain unknown. The great London fire arouses 1666 burned many important documents that could’ve been a source of clues.——第 18 题答案 We were always be left with many questions and few facts. 解析: 短文虽难, 但答案一定是能在原文中听到和捕捉到的, 在短文中关系词显得尤为重要, 而这篇关于莎士比亚的短文也是一样,答案基本出现的极端表达,转折,因果等关系词后。 Q16. What does speaker say about William Shakespeare? 答案:B) His personal history is little known. Q17. What does we learn about Shakespeare’s father? 答案:D) He was a member of the town council. Q18. Why does the speaker say parts of Shakespeare’s life remain a mystery? 答案:C) Possible sources of clues about him were lost in a fire. Passage Two Wherever you go and for whatever reason, it’s important to be safe. While the majority of people you meet in travelling are short to be friendly and welcoming,

they are dangerous. First being the most common. Just as in your home country. Do not expect everyone you meet to be friendly and helpful.——第 19 题答案 It’ s important top repaired for your trip in advance and to take precautions while you are travelling. As you prepare for your trip, make sure your have the right paperwork.——第 20 题答案 You don’ t want to get to your destination, only to find you have the wrong visa, or worse, that your passport isn’t valid anymore. Also, make sure you travel with proper medical insurance. So that if you sick or injured during your travels, you will be able to get treatment. If you want to drive all year abroad, make sure you have a international driver’ s license. When you get to your destination, use official transport.——第 21 题答案 Always go to bus and taxi stands, don’ t except rights from strangers who offer you a lift. If there isn’ t a meter in the taxi, agree on the price before you get in. If you prefer to stay in cheap hotels while travelling, make sure you can lock the door of your room from the inside. Finally, bear in mind to simile. It’s the friendly and the most sincere form of communication. And it sure to be understood in any part of the world. Q19 What is mentioned as a most common danger when people go travelling abroad? 答案:A) Do not expect everyone you meet to be friendly and helpful.. Q20 What is the most important thing to do when you prepare for your trip abroad? 答案:B) Have the right documents.

Q21 What does the speaker suggest you do when you arrive at your destination? 答案:B) Use official transport. 解析:第二篇短文讲的是出国旅游需要准备的事宜,非常贴近生活,考生在听这边短文的时 候,不仅可以做到听到,甚至能听懂大部分。而此题的答案也非常的明显除了第 2 小题做 了简单的同意替换以外,其他的小题直接可以听到答案。 Passage Three The British are supposed to be famous for laughing at themselves, but even their sense of humour has a limit,——主旨对应推断题答案(25 题)as the British retailer Gerald Ratner found out to his cost.When Ratner took over his father's chain of 130 jewelry shops in 1984, he introduced a very clear company policy. He decided that his shops should sell down market products at the lowest possible prices. ——第 22 题答案 It was a great success. The British public loved his cheap gold earringsand his tasteless silver ornaments. By 1991, Ratner's company had 2,400 shops and it was worth over 680 million pounds. But in April of that year, Gerald Ratner made a big mistake. At a big meeting of top British businesspeople, he suited up and explained the secret of his success.——第 23 题答案 People say "How can we sell our goods for such a low price?" I say "Because they are absolute rubbish." His audience roared with laughter. But the British newspapers and the British public were not so amused. People felt insulted and stayed away from Ratner's shops. ——第 24 题答案 Sales fell and 6 months after his speech, Ratner's share price had fallen by 42%. The following year, things got worse and Gerald Ratner was forced to resign. By the end of 1992, he lost his

company, his career and his house. Even worse, 25,000 of his employees had lost their jobs. It had been a very expensive joke.——25 题答案 Q22 What did Gerald Ratner decide to do when he took over his father's shops? 答案:C) Sell inexpensive products. Q23 On what occasion did Gerald Ratner explained the secret of his success? 答案:A) At a meeting of top British businesspeople. Q24 How did people feel when they leaned of Gerald Ratner's remarks? 答案:D) Insulted. Q25 What does the story of Gerald Ratner suggest? 答案:B) There should be a limit to one's sense of humour.

复合式听写(周祖骏) 点评:复合式听写看似难,很多同学的软肋就是不会拼写单词。但实际上复合式听写的单 词却是有规律的,譬如:opposite 这个单词实际上曾今出现在 2013 年 12 月听力真题 10 题的 A 选项中,而 2014 年 6 月的复合式听写也考过这个单词。今年的词汇难度也并不大, 如 decade、account、opposite 这些单词都曾出现在老师给大家的复习资料中。在发音上比 较难识别的一个单词是 sustain,很多同学可能会听成 sixteen。但是数词不是我们复合式听 写的考察范畴。所以考听力最重要的还是要对单词的发音熟悉,自己在复习时就应该争取 吧 Looking at the basic biological systems, the world is not doing very well. Yet, economic indicators show the world is prospering. Despite a slow start at the beginning of the 80s, global economic output increased by more than a fifth during

the decade. The economy grew, trade increased, and millions of new jobs were created. How can biological indicators show the opposite of economic indicators? The answer is that the economic indicators have a basic fault. They show no difference between resource us Section A 36、A assets 37、K observe 38、L origin 39、N up-to-dated 40、B attend 41、 G guidelines 42、C aware 43、E excellent 44、D especially 45、O volunteering 56、B It will protect them from sunburn 57、A I is ineffecitive in preventing melanomas 58、D Daily application of sunscreen helps reduce the incidence of melanoma s 59、C It is not based on sirect observation of the subjects 60、A A Using both covering up and sunscreen.

61. B) Well-educated people tend to work longer. 62. B) A rapid technological advance. 63. A) Economic growth will slow down. 64. C) Even wealthy people must work longer to live comfortably in retireme nt. 65.D) Skills are highly valued regardless of age. 参考译文: According to the report, Chinese express service will deliver 12 billon par cels this year, which will make China overtake the US as the largest market for express. Most of the parcels contain the goods ordered online. China provides millions of online retailers with an opportunity to sell goods at an extremely competitive price. Chinese consumers bought 9 billion dollars from the largest online shopping plantform only on November 11, besides which there are many spe cial online shopping days in China. Therefore, it is not surprising that expres s industry expands so rapidly in China.

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