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【山东省2014届高三外研版英语单元测试Book7 Module3Word版含解析]

【KS5U】山东省山东省外研版英语 2014 届高三单元测试 必修七 Module3 Literature

Ⅰ.单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 1.—Tom,you get dead drunk again! —________? It' s none of your business.(2012·山东师大附中高三压底卷) A.What for C.Why not B.How come D.So what

2.Though having lived abroad for years,many Chinese still ________the traditional customs. A.perform B.possess C.observe D.Support

3.It was very________of you to include me. A.conventional C.considerate B.considerable D.consistent

4.All flights have been________because of bad weather. A.destroyed C.withdrew B.resisted D.cancelled

5.Would you allow your child to do such a thing if you are in ________ position of ________ parent? A.a;a B.a;the C.the;a D.the;the

6.People working 10 or 11 hours a day are more likely to suffer from health problems than ________ who go off duty after eight hours(2012·西安五大名校高三模拟) A.those B.that C.these D.them

7 . Over the past decades , sea ice ________ in the arctic as a result of global warming.(安徽省 3 月高考模拟) A.had decreased C.has been decreasing B.decreased D.is decreasing

8.John was dismissed last week because of his________attitude towards his job. A.informal C.determined B.casual D.earnest

9.—It's already five years since we last met.Shall we have a get?together tonight? (2012·南宁市高三适应性测试) —________. A.It's a pleasure B.That's all right

C.I can't agree more

D.It's very kind of you

10.Scientists say it may be five or six years ________ it is possible to test this medicine on human patients. A.since B.after C.before D.when

11 . ________ giving a general introduction to computer , the course also provides practical experience. A.In exchange for C.In addition to B.Except for D.Due to

12.—Excuse me,I wonder if you can help.I ________ my passport. —But where did you lose it? A.have lost B.lost C.had lost D.lose

13.Actually,there are lots of jobs ________ in the western part of China.(2012·安 徽省级示范高中名校) A.available B.accessible C.adorable D.admirable

14 . In my opinion , ________ matters is not one's looks , but one's inner thoughts.(2012·北京东城区示范校月考) A.that B.it C.what D.this

15.—Do you need any help,Lucy? —Yes.The job is ________ I could do myself. A.less than C.no more than B.more than D.not more than

Ⅱ.完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) In 1970,at the age of 35,my father was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.There was not much __16__ done at that time and my father had to __17__ the medication and treatment that were available at that time.But one thing was __18__,my father was not a quitter(遇困难就放弃的人).He was a teacher who __19__ children with special educational needs in Chicago Public High School.Every day we would hear __20__ about “his kids” .These “Kids”did not usually __21__ my sister and I. One day, my father arrived at his school and walked up the period.He was having a very __22__ for his first

__23__ day because the disease was really taking

everything out of him.He __24__ once and bruised( 擦伤 )his knee but he still kept going.__25__ did he know that someone was watching. As the day __26__ his steps began to get a little lighter.At the end of the day, he was about to leave __27__ a young girl entered his office.He had met her in the

hallway but she was not one of his __28__.He asked what he could do for her and she said, “I just wanted to thank you for __29__ my life.” He looked at her and couldn't __30__ what he had done.She then went on __31__.“When I got up this morning,I felt as if I was at the end of my __32__ and ready to kill myself.But when I saw you trying to go up the stairs and then you fell,I felt __33__ and the feeling of sadness just kept getting __34__.And now you are walking as __35__ as ever.It's really true that everything will get better as the days go on.”

16.A.information C.knowledge 17.A.give up C.take in 18.A.obvious C.difficult 19.A.abandoned C.taught 20.A.stories C.songs 21.A.connect C.mean 22.A.mountains C.ladders 23.A.normal C.unfortunate 24.A.fell C.appeared 25.A.Seldom C.Much 26.A.arrived C.broke 27.A.until C.when 28.A.students C.teachers

B.research D.experience B.send out D.rely on B.special D.strange B.followed D.attended B.jokes D.humors B.change D.defeat B.stairs D.streets B.pleasant D.difficult B.happened D.stood B.Little D.Never B.progressed D.stopped B.before D.while B.soldiers D.workers

29.A.losing C.passing 30.A.write down C.cut off 31.A.responding C.explaining 32.A.rope C.road 33.A.sorry C.lucky 34.A.cleverer C.higher 35.A.carefully C.lightly

B.giving D.saving B.figure out D.put up B.continuing D.complaining B.wall D.work B.bad D.proud B.weaker D.stronger B.quickly D.slowly

Ⅲ.阅读理解(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) Water is necessary for your body to digest and absorb vitamins and nutrients.It also detoxifies( 除 去 ? ? 的 毒 素 )livers and kidneys , and carries away waste from the body.And when it comes to digestion it will not happen without water.Fiber alone cannot aid proper digestive function by itself.In fact,without water as its partner,good fiber goes bad,causing constipation(便秘)and extreme discomfort. Drinking water is important if you're trying to lose weight and some studies have shown that thirst and hunger sensations take place together.If there is slight dehydration(脱水),the thirst mechanism may be mistaken for hunger and one may eat some food.As most food contains some water,if one doesn't drink much water they may be driven to eat more food to gain the necessary water supply.However,you also gain the undesirable effects of increased calories.Drinking more water can help to prevent overeating and benefit weight loss. It is better to drink smaller quantities of water more frequently than to drink a lot of water at one time.It is recommended to drink 8 to 12 ounces a day and if you have not been drinking water regularly , you should double the recommended amount because your cells are already dehydrated.Make sure that you don't drink too much water in the morning prior to any physical activity.It is very essential to plan a proper routine for water drinking. Water which is not harmful to health and has all qualities to serve as drinking water

is called potable water.The potable water must be free from heavy metals,suspended particles and pathogens like bacteria.The polluted sky , dusty winds , chemicals spewed(涌出)from industries get dissolved with rainwater,causing acid rain.It is not advisable to drink such rainwater. 36.According to the first paragraph,water________. A.can help to purify your body B.has some digestive functions C.will mix with vitamins and nutrients D.can prevent all kinds of diseases 37.In order to lose weight you'd better________. A.eat food containing water B.refuse to take in calories C.take part in more physical activities D.drink enough water every day 38.We can infer from the third paragraph that we should ________. A.drink much water at one time B.gain much water in the morning C.form a good habit of water drinking D.drink double the proper amount every day 39.The author suggests that we not drink rainwater probably because________. A.there is enough drinking water B.it is harmful to our body health C.it includes many kinds of metals D.we should try to save more water 40.Which of the following is the best title for this passage? A.The benefits of drinking water B.The more water you drink,the healthier you are C.It's our duty to protect the environment D.The potable water and rainwater

1.D [考查交际用语。句意:——Tom,你又喝醉了!——那又怎样?与你无关。what for 为 什么;how come 怎么会这样;why not 为什么不;so what 那又怎么样。] 2.C [考查动词词义的辨析。句意:尽管在国外生活了很多年,许多中国人仍然保持着传统

的风俗习惯。observe 遵守;perform 履行,执行;possess 占有,拥有;support 支持。] 3.C [考查形容词的辨析。 conventional 常规的,普遍的,普通的; considerable 相当多

的,可观的,重要的;considerate 考虑周到的,体贴的;consistent 始终如一的,一致的, 坚持的。] 4.D [考查动词词义的辨析。句意:由于天气不好,所有的航班都取消了。 destroy 破坏,

毁坏;resist 抵制;withdraw 撤退;cancel 取消,撤消。] 5.C [本题考查冠词。第一空格特指处在作为父母亲的位置;第二空格后为可数名词单数故

用 a。] 6.A [考查代词的用法。those 用来指代前文的 problems。] 7.C [考查时态。over the past decades 常与现在完成时及现在完成进行时连用。] 8.B [句意:约翰上周因为对待工作漫不经心被解雇了。informal“非正式的” ;casual“不 经意的,漫不经心的,马虎的” ;determined“坚决的,果断的” ;earnest“认真的,真诚的” 。 根据词义选 B。] 9.C [考查交际用语。句意:——自从我们上次见面已经 5 年了。今晚我们聚一聚好吗?— —非常乐意。It's a pleasure 不客气;That' s all right 没关系;I can' t agree more 非常乐意;10.C [考查连词的用法。句意:科学家们说,可能要过五、六年后才有可能在病

人 身 上 试 验 这 种 药 。 当 表 达 “ 多 久 后 才 ? ? ” 时 , 我 们 常 用 句 式 it will be/may be/was...before...。而 it is/has been...since...意为“ 自从?? 以来已有多久” 。] 11.C [句意:除了对电脑进行系统的介绍,这门课程还提供实践操练。in addition to“除 了??之外(还有)” ;in exchange for “以??交换” ;except for“除了??之外(常表示 所除去的和整体是非同类事物)” ;due to“由于” 。] 12.A [考查时态。句意:——请问,你能帮我吗?我的护照丢了。——你是在哪里丢的?根 据句意可知,passport 现在还没找到,所以用现在完成时。] 13.A [考查形容词辨析。句意:实际上,在中国西部有许多工作可做。available 可得到的; 可利用的;accessible 易接近的;adorable 值得崇拜的;admirable 值得羡慕的。] 14.C [考查名词性从句。句意:在我看来,重要的不是人的外表,而是其内心世界。what 引 导主语从句,在从句中作主语。] 15.B [考查比较级。句意:——需要帮忙吗?——是的。这工作我做不了。less than 少于; more than 超过;不仅仅;no more than 仅仅,只有;not more than 不超过。] 【解题导语】 本文是一篇记叙文。作者的父亲患帕金森氏病,主要依靠药物来维持生命。尽

管父亲身体很虚弱,他仍然坚持工作。他的顽强精神不仅令人感动,而且拯救了一个女孩的 生命。 16.B [ 考查具体语境中的名词辨析。联系下文中的“ and my father had to __17__ the

medication and treatment that were available at that time”可知,那时候人们对这方 面的研究(research)不多。] 17.D [考查固定词组。这方面的研究不多,所以父亲要依靠 (rely on)药物。根据上下文的

语境可知,此处没有“放弃,发出或包含”之意。] 18.A [考查具体语境中形容词的用法。 根据下文中的 “Every day we would hear __20__ about ‘his kids'.These ‘kids'did not usually __21__ my sister and I. ”可知,此处的语 境为 “但是有一点是很明显的(obvious), 父亲不是个遇到困难就放弃的人” 。 很明显, special, difficult 和 strange 的意思均和语境不符。] 19.C [ 考查具体语境中的动词辨析。根据空格所在处的句子及第二段中的“ One day , my

father arrived at his school and walked up the __22__ for his first period.”可知, 父亲在学校教(taught)特殊的儿童。abandon 意为“抛弃” ;follow 意为“跟随” ;attend 意 为“照料” 。] 20.A [考查具体语境中的名词辨析。每天作者都会听到有关他的“孩子”的故事。这里指父 亲讲学校里孩子们的事情,这和下文中的语境一致。] 21.C [考查动词辨析。 根据下文所涉及的学生可知, 这些孩子通常不是指(mean)姐姐和作者, 而是指学校里的学生。] 22.B [考查生活常识。根据下文中的“I saw you trying to go up the stairs”可知,此 处表示上台阶(stairs)。很明显,其他选项的意思均和语境不符。] 23.D [考查具体语境中的形容词辨析。根据后文的“because the disease was really taking everything out of him”可知,父亲的一天是很艰难的(difficult),因为疾病让他筋疲力 尽。] 24.A [考查动词辨析。根据下文中的“and bruised(擦伤)his knee”和最后一段中的“and then you fell”可知,他跌倒(fell)了一次。] 25.D [考查上下文的逻辑关系。根据下文内容可知,父亲不(Never)知道当时有人在看着他。

seldom 意为“不常” ;little 意为“稍许” ;much 意为“非常” 。] 26.B [考查具体语境中动词的用法。 随着时间的推移, 他的步伐慢慢地变得轻快了, progress

意为“行进” 。] 27.C [考查上下文的逻辑关系。 他正要离开, 这时(when)一个年轻的女孩走进了他的办公室。 其中 until,before 和 while 所表示的意思均和语境不符。] 28.A [考查具体语境中的名词辨析。父亲是个老师,再根据该段中的“He had met her in the hallway”可知这个女孩不是父亲的学生(students)。]

29.D [考查动词辨析。根据下文中的“to kill myself”可知,这里指父亲拯救了小女孩的 性命。losing,giving 和 passing 均和语境不符。] 30.B [考查固定词组的用法。他看着她,并不明白(figure out)他做了什么。write down 意 为“写下” ;cut off 意为“切掉” ;put up 意为“张贴,搭起” 。] 31.C [考查具体语境中的动词用法。父亲不明白,所以小女孩继续解释(explaining)。根据 语境可知,这里没有“回答,抱怨”之意;而 continue 的意思和上文中“went on”的意思 重复。] 32.A [考查固定习语的用法。at the end of one's rope 是固定词组,意为“筋疲力尽,智 穷力竭” 。] 33.B [考查具体语境中的形容词的用法。根据句中的“and the feeling of sadness”可知, 小女孩看到作者的父亲跌倒,感觉不好(bad)。] 34.D [考查具体语境中形容词的辨析。小女孩看到眼前的一幕,悲伤的情绪变得愈发强烈

(stronger)。] 35.C [考查具体语境中副词的用法。根据上文的“As the day progressed his steps began to get a little lighter.”可知,此处表示现在父亲的脚步已经和以前一样轻快(lightly) 了。很明显,这里的语境没有“细心地,快速地或缓慢地”的意思。] 【解题导语】 本文是一篇说明文。水对人体健康起着举足轻重的作用。水能促进消化,并且 能帮助身体吸收人体所必需的物质,而且多喝水还有助于减肥。 36.A [细节理解题。根据文章第一段中的“It also detoxifies(除去??的毒素)the livers and kidneys,and carries away waste from the body.”可知,水可以排毒,也能清除体 内的垃圾,故水可以净化身体。] 37.D [细节理解题。根据第二段的“Drinking more water can help to prevent overeating and benefit weight loss.”可知,饮水有助于减肥。] 38.C [推理判断题。文章第三段介绍了饮水的科学方法,由此可以得出养成良好的饮水习惯 对我们来说很重要。] 39.B [细节理解题。根据文章最后一段中的“The polluted sky,dusty winds,chemicals spewed(涌出)from industries get dissolved with rainwater,causing acid rain.It is not advisable to drink such rainwater.”可知,雨水不适于饮用,因为其中含有有害物 质,所以会对身体造成伤害。] 40.A [标题归纳题。本文主要介绍了饮水的好处,故正确答案为 A。

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