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【创新设计】2015高考英语(译林版)一轮活页练习:模块8 Unit 2 The universal language(含答案解析)

Unit 2 The universal language Ⅰ.单词拼写

1.Music has been called the ________(全世界的)language. 2.She was ________(顽强的)and overcame all the difficulties. 3. If your child is ________(不乐意的

)to discuss something, don't insist he tell you what's on in his mind. 4.Her teachers ________(要求)that she wear longer skirts. 5.I don't like Tom,because I have a ________(偏见)against him. 答案 1.universal 2.stubborn 3.unwilling 4.demanded 5.prejudice Ⅱ.翻译句子 1.近几年来,我们城市发生了很大的变化,呈现出崭新的面貌。(现在分词作状语) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 2.大学毕业后,汤姆申请了很多工作,但还没有找到合适的。(apply for) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 3.2013 年,他第一次上台表演。从那以后,他越来越受欢迎了。(since) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 4.董浩没有去学校读书,而是去参军了。(instead of) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 5.他是一个可以信赖的朋友,他从来没有对任何人食言过。(break one's promise) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 答案 1.In recent years,great changes have taken place in our city,making it take on a new look. 2. After graduating from university, Tom applied for many jobs, but he has not found one which suits him yet. 3. In 2013, he performed on stage for the first time.Since then, his popularity has grown greatly. 4.Instead of going to school,Dong Hao joined the army. 5.He is a friend that you can trust.He has never broken his promise to anyone. Ⅲ.单项填空

1.A suggestion has come up at the meeting,which deserves________. A.to consider B.being considering C.to be considered D.to considering 答案 C [deserve to be done(=doing)意思是“值得做……”。] 2.It was so dark outside that the child didn't________. A.dare to go out to fetch some water B.dare fetch some water C.dare to go out bring some water D.to dare to fetch some water 答案 A [dare 用在肯定句中是实义动词,其后接 to do;to fetch...是目的状语。] 3.—What do you think of Mr Smith? —Never________such a good teacher before I came to this school. A.had I met B.I had met C.I met D.do I meet 答案 A [考查倒装和时态。否定词位于句首时,句子通常采用倒装语序;根据句中的

时间状语 before I came to this school 判断应用过去完成时。] 4. This novel is ________in the modern city, San Francisco, so once ________, it will be very popular. A.put;publishes B.set;having published C.put;publishing D.set;published 答案 D [be set in 表示“以……为背景”;once published 表示条件,publish 与 it 是被动 关系。] 5.________by the noise,they had to finish the meeting early. A.Being disturbed B.Disturbed C.Disturbing D.Having disturbed 答案 B [disturb 表示“干扰,打搅”。该动作发生在 finish 之前,并与 they 是被动关系。] 6.—Did you call Mr.Jackson? —No,because he said he would rather not ________disturbed this morning. A.to be B.being C.be D.been 答案 C [would rather not do 意思是“不愿意做……”。]

7.In the early 1920s,thousands of people went to Australia to ________their fortune. A.seek B.take C.develop D.undertake 答案 A [seek one's fortune 意为“寻求财富,发财”。] 8.The government are making their efforts to find a right place on which to build a monument ________the people who laid down their lives in defense of the people's safety and property. A.in favor of B.in case of C.in terms of D.in memory of 答案 D [in memory of“为了纪念”。 in favor of“赞成”; in case of“万一”; in terms of“用…… 的话,以……的观点,就……而言”。] 9 . It will take us decades , ________hard we may try , to make the transition from a carbonbased economy to one powered by new energy technologies. A.however `B.no matter C.whatever D.whoever 答案 A [考查让步状语从句。however“不管多么”,在此引导让步状语从句,它相当于

no matter how。] 10.Mum,my friend Saul will come to visit me next month.________he stay in our home for a few days? A.Must B.Shall C.Should D.Need 答案 B [考查情态动词。shall 用于第一、第三人称的疑问句中,表示征求对方意见,

故选 B。] 11.—Hi,are you an engineer in Lenovo Group? —No,but I________. A.want to B.want to be

C.want so D.want it 答案 B [考查省略。句意:“你好,你是联想集团的工程师吗?”“不是,但我希望是。” 答话人想成为联想集团的工程师,答句是“No,but I want to be an engineer in Lenovo Group.” 的省略形式。当不定式后有 be 时,be 不可省略。] 12.The number of tourists to the resort________by 10 % last year. A.was declined B.were declined C.declined D.was declining

答案 C [句意:去年到这个胜地旅游的人数减少了 10%。decline 作“减少,下降”讲时, 是不及物动词,无被动语态,可排除 A、B 两项;根据时间状语可知,应用一般过去时。] 13.—A microwave oven must be convenient to a busy couple like us. —________,dear.But when do you plan to get one? A.I just can't agree more B.A pleasure C.Good heaven D.No wonder 答案 A [not...more 表示最高级的含义,此处意为:我非常同意。] 14.—He seems ________tired to do it. —But I am only ________glad to do it. A.very;too B.extremely;too C.too;too D.very;very 答案 C [句意: ——他好像太累了而不能做它。 ——但我非常乐意做它。 too...to...“太…… 而不能……”,当 too 后的形容词为 glad 等时,to 表示肯定意义。] 15.—Linda didn't invite us to the party. —________?I don't care. A.For what B.So what C.What's on 答案 B D.What's up

[句意: —— 琳达没有邀请我们参加聚会。 —— 那又怎么样?我不在乎。 For

what“为了什么”;So what“那又怎么样”;What's on“在上映什么”;What's up“出什么事了; 怎么了;有什么事吗”。由具体语境 I don't care,可知应填 So what。] Ⅳ.完形填空 In a land far away,once upon a time there was great poverty(贫困),and only the rich could manage without great__1__.Three of those rich men and their servants were__2__together on a road when they came to a very __3__ village. The first could not stand seeing the poverty,__4__he took all the gold and jewels from his waggons(四轮载重马车)and shared__5__out among the villagers.He wished them all the best of luck,and he left. The second rich man,seeing the__6__situation,stopped for a short time and gave__7__all his food and drink,since he__8__see that money would be of little__9__to them.He made sure that they each __10__their fair share and would have enough food to__11__for some time.Then,he left. The third rich man,on seeing such poverty,__12__ and went straight through the __13__

without stopping.The two other rich men saw this from a distance and commented with each other __14__ the third rich man lacked sympathy.It was__15__ that they themselves had been there to offer help. However,three days later,they __16__the third rich man,who was coming in the opposite direction.He was__17__travelling quickly,but his waggons,__18__the gold and valuables they had been__19__,were now full of farming tools and bags of__20__.He was rushing back to help them out of poverty. 【语篇解读】 三个富人纷纷慷慨解囊帮助村民摆脱贫困,但是他们的做法却截然不同, 到底谁的方法最有效呢?还是读读下面的文章吧, 也许你能更好地体会“授之以鱼不如授之 以渔”的深刻内涵。

1.A.loss B.expectations C.success D.problems 答案 D [上文提到该地区极度贫困,只有富有的人维持生活才不成问题。富人维持生

活不成问题,而不能说是 loss(损失),故排除 A 项,选择 D 项。] 2.A.standing B.travelling C.gathering D.running 答案 B [三个富人和他们的仆人正在一条路上前行。根据 on a road 以及下文来到一个 贫困村落,可知是在路上前行,故选 travelling。其他三项均不符合题意。] 3.A.faraway B.poor C.different D.ancient 答案 B [本文开头提到该地区极其贫困,下文 could not stand seeing the poverty 也是重 要提示。] 4.A.unless B.because C.so D.if 答案 C [第一个富人不忍看到人们如此贫困, 所以把车上的金银珠宝都卸下车来。 unless 除非;because 因为;so 因此;if 如果。] 5.A.them B.anything C.nothing D.those 答案 A [本题中 them 指代上文的 all the gold and jewels。] 6.A.curious B.worrying

C.dangerous D.puzzling 答案 B [人们处于极度贫困中,这种情况应当是令人担忧的。curious 好奇的;worrying 令人担忧的;dangerous 危险的;puzzling 让人迷惑不解的。] 7.A.the villagers B.his servants C.the others D.the rest 答案 A [第二个富人把他的食品和饮料都送给了村民们。] 8.A.could B.might C.should D.must 答案 A [因为他能够看出金钱对于他们来说几乎没有什么用处。could 能够;might 可 能;should 应该;must 必须。] 9.A.interest B.concern C.use D.attraction 答案 C [金钱对于这些贫困的人来说并不是没有 interest(兴趣)或者 attraction(吸引力), 故排除 A 项和 D 项。第二个富人看出金钱对于这些贫困的人来说几乎没有什么用处,故选 择 C 项。] 10.A.returned B.gained C.offered D.received 答案 B [他确保村民们拿到他们应得的一份。gain 得到。] 11.A.remain B.last

C.supply D.share 答案 B [村民们会有足够的食物来维持一段时间。last 维持;持续。] 12.A.turned back B.set out C.showed off D.speeded up 答案 D [第三个富人看到这种贫困状况后,加快速度,径直穿过村庄,停也没停。turn back 原路返回, 往回走; set out 出发, 开始; show off 炫耀, 卖弄; speed up 加快速度。 without stopping 以及下文 travelling quickly 都提示正确答案为 D 项。] 13.A.village B.land C.field D.road 答案 A [见 12 题解析。] 14.A.whether B.how C.where D.when

答案 B [另外两个富人从远处看到这一切后都觉得第三个富人是那么缺乏同情心, 故选 择 B 项。而不是两人讨论第三个富人是否缺乏同情心,排除 A 项。] 15.A.good B.certain C.true D.strange 答案 A [他们亲自到村子里去提供帮助,这显然是件好事,故答案为 A 项。] 16.A.welcomed B.met C.accepted D.persuaded 答案 B [三天后,他们与第三个富人相遇,因此选择 B 项。] 17.A.still B.already C.always D.indeed 答案 A [他的速度还是那么快。与上文 The third rich man...speeded up...呼应。] 18.A.except for B.instead of C.apart from D.along with 答案 B [根据下文 were now full of farming tools 可知不是 gold and valuables,故用 instead of(而不是),选择 B 项。] 19.A.loading B.treasuring C.carrying D.earning 答案 C [车上满载的不是金银财宝而是农具和成袋的种子。本句中 they 指代 waggons, 所以用 carrying(运输),选择 C 项。loading 装载,没有“运输”之意,故排除。] 20.A.food B.jewels C.money D.seeds 答案 D [根据上文 farming tools 可知此处应是 seeds(种子),而不应是 food,jewels 或 money,故选择 D 项。]

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