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【2014届高三一轮复习英语精品资料 强化练习(新课标专用)Book 1 Unit 1

Book 1

Unit 1


Ⅰ.单项填空 1.Yue Yue,________2yearold girl who was twice run over by vans and then ignored by 18 passersby as she lay critically injured

on a street, draws________concern from all over the country. A.the;/ C.a;/ 答案 C 解析 考查冠词的用法。第一空泛指“一个两岁的小女孩”;第二空 concern 是抽象名 词,其前不用冠词,draw concern from...引起……的关注。 2.Please keep________while I take a photograph of you. A.still C.quiet 答案 A 解析 句意为:当我给你照相时,请不要动。keep still 保持静止不动。 3.—Have you finished the report? —Oh, sorry.It was so noisy in the office that I couldn’t________down to write anything. A.settle C.sit 答案 A 解析 settle down 意为“平静下来;专心于”。其余选项均不符合句意。答语句意为: 哦,抱歉,办公室里太吵了以致于我都静不下心来写东西。 4.—I really admire the people full of________.I’m always tired. —You’d better take more exercise. A.power C.force 答案 D 解析 上句句意为:我很羡慕那些充满活力的人,我总是很累。考查名词。full of energy 充满活力。power 权力,能力,电力;strength 体力;force 武力。 5.I________have watched that movie—it’ll give me horrible dreams.(2010· 山东,25) A.shouldn’t B.needn’t B.strength D.energy B.put D.lie B.calm D.silent B.a;the D.the;a

C.couldn’t 答案 A 解析



断, 其前内容为“不该做某事而做了”。 shouldn’t have done sth.本来不该做某事却做了; needn’t have done sth.本来不必做某事却做了;couldn’t have done sth.为否定推测,表 示“不可能做过某事”。 6. Once________, Jo devoted her life to looking after children and being a fulltime homemaker. (2012· 上海春招) A.having married C.marrying 答案 D 解析 考查非谓语动词的用法。此处相当于 once she was married。 7.—You all like your English teacher? —Yeah, she devotes herself________to teaching and it earns her a good reputation. A.originally C.obviously 答案 D 解析 副词词义辨析。答语句意为:是的,她把一生都献给了教育,这为她赢得了好名 声。entirely 全部地,完全地;originally 起初地,原来地;extremely 极端地;obviously 显然地。 8. Film has a much shorter history, especially when________such art forms as music and painting. (2012· 新课标全国, 32) A.having compared to B.comparing to C.compare to D.compared to 答案 D 解析 句子的主语是 film,它和 compare 之间是被动关系,所以要用被动形式。因此只 能选 D 项。 “when compared to...”相当于 when 引导的状语从句的省略, 补全后为: when it is compared to...。句意为:电影的历史短得多,尤其是它与诸如音乐、绘画等艺术形式 相比较时。 9.The police officers in our city work hard______the rest of us can live a safe life.(2011· 上海, 37) A.in case B.as if B.extremely D.entirely B.being married D.married

C.in order that 答案 C 解析

D.only if


力。in case 以免,(以防)万一;as if 好像;in order that 为了;only if 只有。由句意可知 选 C。 10.—People should use public transport instead of their own private cars. —________.The roads are too crowded as it is. A.All right C.That’s OK 答案 B 解析 考查交际用语。句意为:——人们应停止使用私家车而用公交车。——正是,像 现在这样的道路太拥挤了。exactly 可用于应答,意思是“正是,一点也不错”。 11.—I don’t know about you,but I’m sick and tired of this weather. —________.I can’t stand all this rain. A.I don’t care C.So am I 答案 C 解析 句意为:——我不知道你怎么样,不过我对这样的天气厌烦透了。——我也是。 我受不了整天阴雨连绵。由题干中的关键信息“I can’t stand all this rain.”可知答话者 对前一个人对天气的抱怨持相同的看法,故选 C 项,相当于:I’m also sick and tired of this weather.。 A 项表示“我不在乎”; B 项表示“很难说”; D 项表示“我希望如此”, 均不符合语境。 12.The police________the stolen jewelry and returned it to the owner. A.searched C.invented 答案 D 解析 句意为:警察找回了被偷的珠宝并归还物主。recover 找回,符合题意。 13.—Look! The telephone is broken.Someone damaged it________purpose. —That may be right.But perhaps it was broken________accident. A.on;by C.on;on 答案 A 解析 on purpose 故意地;by accident 偶然,意外地。 14. After the accident, we are______concerned with the safety of school buses than we used to be. B.by;by D.by;on B.hunted D.recovered B.It’s hard to say D.I hope so (2012· 山东,31) B.Exactly D.Fine

(2012· 上海春招) A.little C.much 答案 D 解析 考查比较级的用法。句意为:意外事故之后,我们比过去更加关心校车的安全。 15.The story that follows________two famous characters of the Rocky Mountain gold rush days. A.concerns C.proclaims 答案 A 解析 concern 意为“涉及,与……有关”。句意为:下面这个故事涉及落基山淘金时 期的两位名人。relate 后面须跟有介词 to。 16.—What did he want to know,Anne? —________ I could finish writing the report. A.When was it C.It was when 答案 D 解析 此句属强调句型, 且此强调句作 know 的宾语, 即其前省略了 He wanted to know, 故应用陈述语序,选 D 项。 17.It is the first time that he ________ here and now it is high time that he ________ around. A.come;should be showed B.has come;was showed C.has come;be showed D.came;was showed 答案 B 解析 It is the first time that...结构中 that 从句应用现在完成时;It is high time that...结构 中 that 从句应用过去时。故选 B。 18.The moment she came back from work,she ________ to clean the kitchen thoroughly. A.set out C.set off 答案 A 解析 set out to do sth.开始做某事。 B.set about D.set up B.It was when that D.When it was that B.states D.relates B.less D.more

19.The earthquake has destroyed most houses in the village.How are they going to ________ the winter? A.get on B.get across

C.get over 答案 D

D.get through

解析 第二句句意为:他们将如何度过这个冬天?get through 可作“度过(时间)”讲。 20.Was it the lonely island________he was saved one month after the boat went down? A.where 答案 A 解析 结合题干语境和选项看,本题考查定语从句的引导词。句意为:那是他在船沉了 一个月之后被人救出来的那个孤岛吗?先行词是地点名词, 引导词在定语从句中充当地 点状语,故答案选 A。 Ⅱ.完形填空 Several years ago,Hurricane Katrina brought death and destruction to Mississippi and Louisiana.Humans as well as animals were__1__the terrible storms.Around 600,000 animals were__2__or left by their owners during the hurricane.A little pony(矮马) named Molly was one of the animals__3__.After three weeks,neighbors__4__her and moved her to a safe place. __5__, beyond expectation, for the pony, her good luck turned__6__the worse.While the new owner was away,a dog__7__Molly and her injury was__8__.Molly’s right front leg needed to be amputated(截肢).One day,doctors__9__Molly’s leg just below the knee.Everyone believed the__10__would give her a fighting chance. For her to live without a front leg,Molly needed a(n)__11__leg.A doctor who makes manmade limbs(假肢) for humans__12__one for Molly.The pony loved it and even began “asking” for it by holding out her__13__limb. Now,Molly has not only a new leg but also a new__14__.The pony goes to children’s hospitals , nursing homes and other places where__15__need encouragement.The little pony that__16__terrible injuries brings hope to others facing their own__17__.And she has even__18__a new book called Molly the Pony. __19__the doctor made Molly’s artificial leg,he cut a smiling face into the bottom of the “hoof”.Now she leaves__20__everywhere she goes! 1.A.worrying about C.suffering from 答案 C 解析 人类、动物都遭受到这可怕的暴风雨的袭击。suffer from 遭受。 2.A.killed C.saved 答案 A B.driven D.sold B.thinking of D.fighting against B.that C.which D.what

解析 约 60 万只动物也因此而丧生或遭遗弃。kill 杀死;drive 驱赶;save 挽救;sell 卖。 leave 在此句中是“遗弃”的意思。 3.A.injured C.abused 答案 D 解析 联系上句中的“left”可知,Molly 就是被遗弃的动物之一。injure 伤害;frighten 使 惊吓;abuse 虐待;abandon 遗弃,抛弃。 4.A.visited C.rode 答案 B 解析 三周后,邻居们把她救了,并将其安置在一个安全的地方。rescue 营救。 5.A.Anyhow C.However 答案 C 解析 然而,出人意料的是,Molly 的好运开始变坏。 6.A.on C.in 答案 D 解析 联系下句 Molly 被狗咬伤可知答案。for the worse 朝坏的方面。 7.A.attacked C.attracted 答案 A 解析 Molly 被一只狗袭击了, 受了重伤。 attack 袭击; discover 发现; attract 吸引; disturb 干扰,影响。 8.A.sudden C.light 答案 B 解析 由下一句“Molly’s right front leg needed to be amputated(截肢)”.可知,Molly 的伤 势很严重。sudden 突然的;serious 严重的;light 轻的;curable 可治疗的。 9.A.examined C.removed 答案 C 解析 医生将 Molly 膝盖以下的部分截掉了。examine 检查;fasten 扎牢;remove 移走, 去除;measure 测量。 B.fastened D.measured B.serious D.curable B.discovered D.disturbed B.with D.for B.Besides D.Therefore B.rescued D.accepted B.frightened D.abandoned

10.A.surgery C.message 答案 A

B.project D.support

解析 联系上文 Molly 被截肢可知,大家都认为经过这次手术,Molly 的生存机会很渺 茫。surgery 外科手术;project 项目;message 信息;support 支持。 11.A.healthy C.perfect 答案 D 解析 联系最后一段中的“...the doctor made Molly’s artificial leg...”可知, Molly 需要一条 假肢。artificial 人造的,假的。 12.A.bought C.found 答案 B 解析 一个做人体假肢的医生特意为 Molly 设计了一条假腿。 buy 买; design 设计; find 找到;claim 宣称。 13.A.strong C.good 答案 D 解析 Molly 很喜欢这个假肢,甚至举起它的伤腿要求使用。strong 强壮的;flexible 灵 活的;good 好的;damaged 受伤的。 14.A.friend C.career 答案 C 解析 由该段后半部分的叙述可知,Molly 不仅装了假肢,而且有了一份新的职业:给 人们安慰和鼓励。career 职业。 15.A.people C.children 答案 A 解析 Molly 去那些人们需要鼓励的地方。 16.A.faced C.bore 答案 B 解析 克服了巨大伤痛的 Molly 给其他面临挑战的人们带来了希望。overcome 克服; bear 忍受,此处主要强调 Molly 克服了伤痛而不是忍受伤痛,故选 B。 B.overcame D.forgot B.patients D.victims B.owner D.interest B.flexible D.damaged B.designed D.claimed B.automatic D.artificial

17.A.fortunes C.choices 答案 D

B.injuries D.challenges

解析 参见上题解析。fortune 运气;injury 伤痛;choice 选择; challenge 挑战。challenge 比 injury 的范围要广,故 D 项正确。 18.A.received C.inspired 答案 C 解析 Molly 的事迹不但鼓励了身处困境的人们,也激发了以她为主题的创作灵感。 receive 接受;influence 影响;inspire 激发;create 创造。 19.A.When C.If 答案 A 解析 医生给 Molly 做假肢的时候还在马蹄底部刻了一张笑脸。 20.A.shadows C.tracks 答案 D 解析 联系上句可知,Molly 所到之处都留下了笑容。shadow 影子;story 故事;track 足迹,踪迹;smile 笑容。 Ⅲ.阅读理解 If you struggle to spend more than a few moments away from your computer then a new invention could be for you. That’s because a pair of Dutch inventors have developed a set of jeans that give a whole new meaning to the phrase “laptop”. The jeans,known as Beauty and the Geek,come with a fully functional keyboard,a mouse and speakers integrated into the upper leg of the fabric(织物) and are the idea of design company Nieuwe Heren,run by Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit. The two Dutch handmade the trousers themselves and they are designed to give a user ease of movement while still being in control of the computer. “They’re not that heavy, ” de Nijs told WebProNews.“With the flexible keyboard, small speakers,and a small mouse,they are only a little heavier than your regular jeans.” He added,“The idea was that you could log in to your computer and control it without sitting in a closed environment behind your desk.” The jeans are of a modern style and have a back pocket that has been specially designed to B.stories D.smiles B.Although D.Until B.influenced D.created

cover the mouse,which uses an elastic wire to stay attached. They stay connected to the laptop via wireless technology in a USB device and are expected to sell at around £250—if they ever make it onto the market. De Nijs added,“The whole project is too complex and we don’t have enough money right now to get it ready for the market.” 1.The jeans have these devices EXCEPT ________. A.a keyboard C.speakers 答案 D 解析 细节理解题。根据文章第三段的 “...a fully functional keyboard , a mouse and speakers...”可知 D 项为正确答案。 2.What’s the purpose of designing the jeans? A.To make users move freely while controlling the computer. B.To make jeans fashionable. C.To control it sitting in a closed environment. D.To see well. 答案 A 解析 细节理解题。根据文章第四段“...they are designed to give a user ease of movement while still being in control of the computer.”可知, 设计的初衷是为了让用户在控制电脑操 作的同时还能自由活动。 3.Which one is NOT the character of the jeans? A.A flexible keyboard. B.Small speakers and a small mouse. C.A modern style with a back pocket. D.Much heavier than common jeans. 答案 D 解析 细节理解题。 根据文章第五段的“With the flexible keyboard, small speakers, and a small mouse,they are only a little heavier than your regular jeans.”可知 D 项为正确答案。 4.We can conclude from the passage that ________. A.the kind of jeans should be made by hand B.the jeans have been sold at around £250 C.the mouse doesn’t use a wire D.the project is too difficult and the inventors are short of money 答案 D B.a mouse D.a screen



生产销售,故选 D 项。根据第四段“The two Dutch handmade the trousers themselves...” 可知这条牛仔裤是他们手工制作的, 并不意味着这种牛仔裤只能手工制作, 故 A 项不对; 根据第八段的“...and are expected to sell at around £250—if they ever make it onto the market.”可知 B 项不对;根据第七段“...the mouse,which uses an elastic wire to stay attached.”可排除 C 项。 5.What’s the main idea of the passage? A.Two computers inventors. B.Newly invented Laptops. C.New jeans with a builtin keyboard,a mouse and speakers. D.The wireless technology. 答案 C 解析 主旨大意题。本文主要介绍两位荷兰发明者发明带有键盘、鼠标和扬声器的“计 算机牛仔裤”。

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