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8A Unit 3 a day out comic & welcome

Period 1 Comic strip &

Welcome to the unit

Competition 1 (抢答)

/e/ / ?/

the White House Washington DC, the USA

Competition 1 (抢答)

the Golden Gate Bridge a steel bridge San Francisco, the USA

Competition 1 (抢答)
the River Seine the Eiffel Tower

Paris, France

Competition 1 (抢答)

the Opera House

the Harbour Bridge Sydney


Can you fill in the form?
name of the place of interest city country

Washington the White House DC

the USA

the Golden Gate Bridge
the Opera House the Harbour Bridge the River Seine

San Francisco

the USA


Paris the Eiffel Tower


Competition 2 Choose one of the pictures and have a test


? ? ? ? ?

1. want to exercise 想要锻炼 保持健康 2. keep fit 3. enjoy ourselves 玩得开心;过得愉快 经过 4. go past 5. a house with a garden


? ? ? ? ?

1、爬山 2、保重 3、乘船旅行 4、咖啡店 5、来吧,快点

climb the hill take care

take a boat trip
coffe shop come on

1. Eating less food and taking more e_______ xercise can help us keep fit. 2. Who is the ___________ President (总统) of the USA? urselves at the party last night. 3. We enjoyed o________ offee shop and drank some . 4. They went into the c______ 5. Don’tlimb c____ that tall tree, Jack. It’s dangerous. rip under the famous 6. Yesterday I took a boat t___ Harbour Bridge.

1. _________( Exercise 锻炼) to keep fit every day. 2. We are going to c_____ limb the Wolf Hill tomorrow. 3. Every day I go ______( past 路过)a book shop on the way home. 4. The __________(the head of the country)of the President USA lives in the White House. 5. We are going to the____ top(顶)of the TV tower. 6. You should be careful with the food if you want to keep____(health). fit

Task 1: Comic strip Eddie says he is going to exercise. Is that true?

Let's watch the flash.

Is Eddie going to exercise?

1. Is Eddie going to climb a real hill? No, he isn’t. 2. What kind of hill is it? It’s a hill of food.

3. What is he really going to do? He is going to eat some food. 4. What does he need to do? He needs to exercise and keep fit.

Imitate (模仿) them

Work in pairs and act out

Pair work:
What are you going to do , Eddie ?

I’m going to exercise .

Are you going to climb a hill ?

That’s good . You need to exercise and keep fit .

Come on ,Hobo . Let’s enjoy ourselves .

Well ,this hill isn’t as high as a real one !

1)本句是一个含有be going to 结构的特殊疑问句, be (am ,is ,are )going to+动词原形,构成一般 将来时态,表示打算或计划做某事。be 的形式与主语 在人称和数上要保持一致。
What are you going to do next ? 你下一步打算做什么? I’m going to climb the mountain . 我打算去爬上。 2)本句用的是be going to do 结构,exercise 在此作 不及物动词,意为锻炼。 Ann exercises every evening . 安每天晚上锻炼。

3)本句中的need to exercise and keep fit 意为需要 锻炼和保持健康,它用的是need to do 结构,表示需 要做……。在这个结构中need 是实意动词,意为需要, 不定式部分作need的宾语。此外实意动词need 还可以 接名词,代词或动词ing形式做宾语。need 接动词ing 做宾语时通常表达被动含义。 I need this book . 我需要这本书。

You need to give up smoking to be healthy . 你需 要戒烟使身体健康。
This plant needs watering . 这棵植物需要浇水。 keep fit 是一个固定短语。意为,保持健康。与keep healthy 同义,可互换。

keep/ stay fit (healthy )保持身体健康。

4)本句中用的是not as +形容词原级+as+名词结构,表 示……不如…..
。在这个结构中,第一个as 作副词,其后可接形容词或 副词的原级形式,第二个as是连词,连接比较的对象。 I’m not as lazy as tom . 我没有汤姆那么懒。 Lily doesn’t run as fast as Lucy . 李丽不如露西跑得 快。 as +形容词/副词+as …,意为和……一样……属于同级 比较。否定结构为not as (so)+形容词(副词)原级 +as …,意为……不如…..样。 His sister doesn’t write as well as Maria .他的妹妹不 如玛利亚写的好.

5)Come on 是口语中常用语,用于劝说,激励, 经常用于下列几种情况。 (1)当催促别人做某事时,你可以说come on ,意 思是:快呀,来呀。 (2)当哄小孩或宠物时,你可以说come on 意思 是:好啦,好啦,来吧,别哭了,别闹了。

(3)当别人开玩笑使你难为情时,你可以说come on ,意思是:好啦,行啦,别说了。
(4)当鼓励别人做某事时,你可以说come on , 意思是:来吧,你行的,你能做到。 (5)当与别人竞争时,你可以向对手说come on , 意思是:来吧,我等着呢。

enjoy ourselves 在此意为玩得愉快。它是 由enjoy 和反身代词oneself 组合而成的固定 短语,相当于have a good time ,have fun .使用enjoy oneself 短语时enjoy 的反身 代词要与enjoy 的主语的人称和数保持一致。
They enjoy themselves in the park . =They have a good time in the park .

=They have fun in the park .

Can you fill in the blanks?
? Eddie wants to e________ xercise today. He says that he will c______ limb a hill. Hobo is very happy to hear that because he thinks that Eddie n______ eeds to exercise and keep _____ f____. But Eddie says the hill isn't as h_____ it igh as a real one. Hobo is surprised to see so much food like a hill outside and Eddie is shouting nearby ,

urselves "Come _____ on, let’s enjoy o_________!"

Task 2: Welcome to the unit (A)
Amy and Simon are reading some postcards. Read the back of the postcads and match them with the correct pictures. Write the correct letters in the boxes.
c b a

Read the first postcard and do the "T" or "F" questions 1.Leo Nick sent the first postcard. 2.He went to Autralia for a visit. F T

3.He saw the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. T 4.He isn't is having a great time there. F

Hi Amy, Yesterday, I took a boat trip under the famous Harbour Bridge and went past the Sydney Opera House. I’m having a great time in Australia! Take care!


Amy Room112, Block 2 38 Hill Street Sunshine town Beijing 100000 China

Read the second postcard and choose the right answer
B 1. Leo is sitting in a ________ shop by the River Seine. A.little shoe B. small coffee C. big coffee D. large food 2. They are going to the ____ of the Eiffel Tower D this afternoon. A. east B. west C. bottom D. top

Hi Amy,

We are sitting in a little coffee shop by the River Amy Seine. We are going to Room the top of the Eiffel 38 Hill Street Tower this afternoon! Sunshine town All the best, Beijing 100000 Leo

Read the third postcard and answer the questions

1. Who sent the third postcard? Jane (did). 2. Is the White House a beautiful building with many gardens? No. It's a beautiful building with a big garden and many trees. 3. Who lives in the White House? The President of the USA (does).

Hi Simon, I saw the White House today. It is a beautiful building with a big garden and many trees. The President of the USA lives there. See you soon, Jane

Simon Flat A, 6/F, Block3 North Street Sunshine Town Beijing 100000 China

Task 3: Welcome to the unit (B)
Simon and Amy are talking about some information about places of interest around the world. Listen to the dialogue and answer some questions.

1. How long is the Golden Gate Bridge ? It is about 1.7miles. 2. How wide is it? It is 90 feet wide. 3. What is the weight of the bridge? It weighs over 100,000 tons. ton 1000 kg(kilograms) 4. What is the bridge made of? It is made of steel.

Practise the conversation with your partner

Make a dialogue to talk about the places you are interested in with your partner. the Eiffel Tower Over 300 metres high the Opera House 300 shows every day

over 100 years old
about 7000 tons …..

183 metres long
120 metres wide …..

A: What place of interest are you interested in? B: I'm interested in the Great Wall. A: How old is it? B: It's over 2000 years old. A: How long is it? B: It's over 6,000 kilometres. A: It is made of bricks (砖块), isn't it? B: Yes. Many people visit it every year.

Make a dialogue to talk about the places you are interested in with your partner.
the Eiffel Tower Over 300 metres high over 100 years old about 7000 tons ….. the Opera House 300 shows every day 183 metres long 120 metres wide …..

What place of interest are you interested in? How high/How old/How long/wide... How many... What's the weight of...

The bridge is made of steel ,isn’t it ?
这座桥是用钢铁建造的,是不是? (1)这句话所用的句型是反意疑问句。由于 逗号之前的部分是一个肯定句,故反义疑问句 要用否定式,由该肯定句中的be动词+not +主 语构成。 You are a student ,aren’t you ?

She was fat ,wasn’t she ?


(2)本句中用了be made of 结构,表示, 由…..制成,该结构强调从成品中能看得出原材 料。
be made from 表由…..制成,成品中看不出原 材料。

The table is made of wood . 这张桌子是用木 头制成的。 Books are made of paper . 书是用纸制成的。

Paper is made from wood . 纸是用木材制成的。

Yes ,and it weighs over 100000 tons . 是的,它的重量超过了100000吨。 over 在此作介(副)词,意为,超过, 在…..以上。可用来表示事物的数量、程度、 相当于more than 。

There are over 3000 students in the hall . 大厅里有3000多名学生。 over 作介词还可表在……之上,垂直且不 接触,反义词为under。也可表在……的上 面,在……的上方,同义词为above .

Reading them aloud
?The Opera House is in Sydney ______, Australia. ?The Harbour _______ Bridge is in Sydney, Australia.

Paris France. ?The Eiffel Tower is in _____,
Seine is in Paris, France. ?The River _____

?The White House is in Washington __________ D.C.,
the USA.

Think it over
Ask your partner for help Ask the teacher for help

Competition 3 (A game)


? ? ? ? ?

come on 1.来吧;赶快 take a boat trip 2.乘船旅行 3. 保重 take care 4.……的顶部 the top of 5.经过咖啡馆 go past the coffee shop

1. 让我们玩得开心点吧!

Let’senjoy ______ourselves __________!
2. 你打算做什么?我打算锻炼。

What are ____ you going ______ to do? I'm going toexercise _____.
3. 你需要锻炼保持健康。 You ______ need ____ to exercise and _____ keep _____. fit 4. 这座桥是钢铁造的,是吗? The bridge ____ is ______ made____ of steel, ____ isn't____? it

1. The box is so heavy. It's nearly 2 _______( tons 吨).

2. Look! Helen is already at the ______ top (顶部) of the hill. 3. Millie often works late. If she feels tired, she'll drink some _________( coffee 咖啡). 4. Obama is the P___________ resident of the USA. 5. ---How w_______ is this river? ide ---10metres. And it's 1000 metres long. 6. The Opera House is in Sydney, A__________. ustralia

Post activity

Team work

? Suppose you are a reporter, you'll interview the students in your group. Please ask them what places and why they want to go and report your interview to the class. ? ? ? ? ? ? What places/Where are you going to visit...? Why are you going there? How are you going there? When are you going there? Who are you going with? ...

? 1. All the students learn the new words and phrases we've learnt today by heart. ? 2. Most students learn to use the words, phrases and some important sentences. And try to recite Comic strip and Part B. ? 3. If you are interested in writing a postcard, write one to me. ? Situation 1: You have visited the places of interest. ? Situation 2: You want to visit the places of interest. ? 4. Preview Reading.

The world is wonderful and amazing! If you want to learn more, you should read more books and visit more places.