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高一人教版英语必修三课时作业:Unit 4 Astronomy the science of the stars(8)

Unit 4 Astronomy:the science of the stars 课时作业(八)
I.完形填空(40 分) Are you a man or a mouse? When people ask this question they want to know 1

you think you are a 2 person or a co

ward(懦夫). But you'll never really know the answer to this question 3 you are tested in real life. Some people 4 they are brave but when they come face to face with real 5 , they act like cowards. Others think of themselves as cowards, but when they meet danger, they act like 6 Lenny had always thought of himself as a 7 person. He got worried before examinations. He worried about his job and health. All he wanted in life was to be safe and healthy. 8 , on January 15th, 2002,a plane crashed into the Potomac River in Washington. Lenny went to the river to see what was happening. He saw a woman in the 9 water. Lenny did not feel afraid. He kept very 10 and did a very courageous thing. He jumped into the Potomac, 11 to the woman, and kept her head 12 the water. Seventy-eight people died that day. Thanks to Lenny. it was not 13 When you are in a very 14 situation and feel afraid, the body automatically produces a chemical in the blood. This chemical is called adrenalin. 15 adrenalin in the blood system, you actually feel stronger and stronger and are 16 to fight or run away. However, when you are absolutely terrified, the body can produce too much adrenalin. When this 17 ,the muscles become very hard and you find you 18 move at all. You are then paralyzed (使无能为力 ) with fear. This is 19 when we are very frightened, we sometimes say we're "petrified". This word comes form the Greek work "petros", which means "stone". We are 20 frightened we become stonelike. 1. A. how B. neither C. whether D. either 2. A. brave B. real C. hard D. certain 3. A. when B. until C. after D. once 4. A. realize B. find C. think D. agree 5. A. life B. question C. mouse D. danger 6. A. soldiers B. mice C. heroes D. cowards 7. A. useful B. brave C. nervous D. terrible 8. A. So B. Therefore C. Then D.

Actually 9. A. fresh ice-cold 10. A. nervous excited 11. A. went 12. A. in from 13. A. an accident seventy-nine 14. A. dangerous favorable 15. A. With Like 16. A. afraid anxious 17. A. gets goes 18. A. needn't shouldn't 19. A. where why 20. A. really so Ⅱ.阅读理解(60 分)

B. poisonous B. calm B. helped B. under B. a mistake B. comfortable B. Without B. unable B. disappears B. can't B. how B. very

C. warm C. frightened C. spoke C. above C. seventy-eight C. different C. For C. ready C. happens C. mustn't C. because C. such D.


D. swam D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D.

A Attend the Next Forum For the last twelve years CPSB has had the pleasure of hosting a learning event we call a Forum. We started offering programs in Sarasota in February 1991 and our first Forum was held in 1992 as a small group meeting. Being from the Northern USA, this was a particularly good time to go south for the warmth of our friendships with Dr. Treffinger and Dr. Noller and to keep away from the cold winter. The Forum is the only chance to learn about various topics of the creativity and innovation (革新)and from those who have rich experience and interest in the field. The theme of the 2004 Forum includes searching for a few new methods, sharing lessons from experience, and learning and exchanging ideas on cutting-edge research. Space is limited, so early registration (登记) is welcome. Meeting the Innovation Challenge February 6 and 7,2004 The Lido Holiday Inn Sarasota, Florida $ 750(registration includes some meals and materials) Interested in becoming qualified to use the VIEW assessment (评估) of Problem Solving Style? The two days just before our Forum provides you just that chance. For more information on VIEW

see pages 24~25. VIEW Qualification Course February 4 and 5,2004 The Lido Holiday Inn Sarasota, Florida $ 650(registration includes lunch and course materials) Special Offer: If you would like to attend the VIEW qualification course and the Forum, you can register for both events for $ 1050. 21. According to this advertisement, at the Forum people________. A. come together in order to form an organization B. express different opinions and discuss public matters C. eat together to celebrate their success or victory D. work together for the purpose of business or trade 22. If you register both the VIEW qualification course and the Forum at the same time, you will save__________ A. $ 100 B. $ 300 C. $ 350 D. $ 400 23. "Space is limited, so early registration is welcome" means________. A. space is limited, so you can't register now B. space is too limited for you to register C. you'll lose the good chance if you don't register soon D. you'll be given a special offer if you register now 24. The main purpose of this advertisement is to________. A. encourage more people to attend the Forum in time B. promise everyone can pay less money to attend the Forum C. call on the people in the north of the USA to go south for holidays D. introduce some new activities and topics of the Forum B If you think a Web site designed especially for complaining (抱怨) sounds unique, then think again. If you have a complaint, there are hundreds of sites that allow you to get it off your chest. Sites exist for complaining about such things as defective (有缺陷的) products, government inefficiency, and offensive advertising. There are even sites where you can complain about anything that bothers you, including love, family, or just the weather. These Web sites won't actually do anything about your problem; they just let you blow off steam. Here's a sampling of complaints people have written. 1. Something I can't stand is pencils! They need to be sharpened after every page you write. And then don't you hate it when they start to make a scratching noise? 2. Have you ever noticed that in most schools you have chairs with armrests to write on attached to the right-hand side of the chair only? Where are the desk for left handed people? It's very uncomfortable for us "lefties" to use these desks made for right-handed people! 3. I see red every time I get my credit card bill from the bank. There's always a check for a large amount attached with an invitation to sign it and spend it on "anything I want." I have enough sense to tear it up and throw it away, but I bet a lot of people don't. They don't realize that when they use the "free check", the expense gets put on their credit card bill. Boy, they must be surprised when they get that bill! I think that banks shouldn't be tempting (引诱) people with

those checks. 4. It isn't fair that the U. S. dominates the Internet! I go to fill in a request for a catalog or a prize or a free offer, and I find it's limited to residents of the United States. I live outside the U. S.,and it's frustrating (使人沮丧的)! 25. If you have a complaint and go to some Web Sites,_______. A. your problem will be settled B. you won't probably be angry any more C. you are allowed to check your chest D. you will be bothered 26. What's the problem with those checks that people complain about? ________ A. People can buy anything without paying the bill. B. People usually throw them away. C. People are surprised to get the checks. D. People thought the use of checks were free, but actually they have to pay for it. 27. Why do people complain about the Internet?___________ A. People can't fill in a request for a free offer. B. People can't get a free offer in the United States. C. People outside the United States can't get a free offer on the Internet. D. It's limited to the people outside the United States. 28. What would be the best title for the passage? ________ A. Excellent Web Sites B. Complaining Online C. Sampling of Complaints D. Writing out Your Complaints C Ours has become a society of employees. A hundred years or so ago only one out of every five Americans at work was employed, i. e. , worked for somebody else. Today only one out of five is not employed but working for himself. And when fifty years ago being employed meant working as a factory laborer or as a farmhand, the employee of today is increasingly a middle-class person with a formal education, holding a professional or management job requiring intellectual and technical skills. Indeed, two things have characterized American society during these last fifty years: middle-class and upper-class employees have been the fastest-growing groups in our working population—growing so fast that the industrial worker, that oldest child of the Industrial Revolution, has been losing in numerical importance despite the expansion (扩张) of industrial production. Yet you will find little if anything written on what it is to be an employee. You can find a great deal of very dubious advice on how to get a job or how to get a promotion. You can also find a good deal of work in a chosen field, whether it is the mechanist's trade or bookkeeping. Every one of these trades requires different skills, sets different standards, and requires a different preparation. Yet they all have employeeship in common. And increasingly, especially in the large business or in government, employeeship is more important to success than the special professional knowledge or skill. Certainly more people fail because they do not know the requirements of being an employee than because they do not adequately(充分地) possess the skills of their trade; the higher you climb the ladder, the more you get into administrative or executive work. The greatest emphasis in on ability to work within the organization rather than on technical ability or professional knowledge.

29. According to the passage, with the development of modern industry,________. A. factory laborers will overtake intellectual employees in number B. there are as many middle-class employees as factory laborers C. employers have paid more attention to factory laborers D. the percentage of factory laborers in the total working population has decreased 30. The underlined word "dubious" (in Paragraph 2) most probably means __________ A. valuable B. useful C. doubtful D. reasonable 31. According to the writer, professional knowledge or skill is________. A. less important than awareness of how to be a good employee B. as important as the ability to deal with public relations C. more important than employer-employee relations D. as important as the ability to co-operate with others in the organization 32. From the passage it can be seen that employeeship helps one________. A. to be more successful in his career B. to be more specialized in his field C. to solve technical problems D. to develop his professional skill 延伸探究题 I.完形填空(20 分) All kinds of people came in to have their shoes shined. Most folks were friendly. But this man was different. "How much do you make a week, boy?" he asked me. I felt he was 1 at me. He kept giving a sharp 2 around every now and then. All the time I kept ____3____ where I'd seen his face. Suddenly I knew. I'd seen his 4 in the post office many times. He was the big robber: 5 by the police in three states! "You know," he was saying," it's imagination people 6 You'll never get anywhere as a shoeshine boy. " I kept brushing on his shoes as 7 as I could. The sooner I finished, the better. He said, "When I was sixteen, I had 8 $ 2 500 of my own. " That reminded me of something. Was it $ 2 500 or $ 5 000 or $ 25 000? I wasn't 9 I knew a big reward was 10 for him. But what could I do about it? 11 him with a can of shoe polish (擦亮 剂) ? A man his 12 could grind(压碎) me into the floor. If only someone would come in! He kept talking away(喋喋不休). "Along with 13 , it takes courage. The courage to take a chance. Start something on a shoestring (鞋带). " Suddenly I saw Officer Dailey 14 across the street. Then, real fast, I began tightening the man's shoestrings. The policeman was at the window when I cried out," Officer Dailey, 15 ! This man's a robber. " " 16 ," the man shouted angrily. He started to jump off the stand. But he didn't go the 17 he planned. He fell flat on his face and knocked himself out cold.

"That was 18 clever of you," the officer said. "You'll get a reward of $ 7 500 for him. " "Well, it really wasn't my 19 ," I said. "It was his. He told me that 20 you had courage and imagination, you could start something big on a shoestring. " 1. A. staring B. glaring C. laughing D. pointing 2. A. look B. walk C. word D. tongue 3. A. considering B. remembering C. caring D. wondering 4. A. notice B. picture C. mail D. warning 5. A. wanted B. searched C. caught D. shown 6. A. respect B. treasure C. lack D. wish 7. A. carefully B. showly C. well D. fast 8. A. made B. stolen C. borrowed D. gathered 9. A. curious B. sure C. interested D. clear 10. A. afforded B. offered C. suggested D. received 11. A. Injure B. Warn C. Hit D. Avoid 12. A. size B. age C. height D. kind 13. A. money B. support C. cleverness D. imagination 14. A. wandering B. leaving C. coming D. speeding 15. A. help B. danger C. stop D. attention 16. A. Mind you B. Shut up C. Hurry up D. Hands up 17. A. method B. position C. manner D. way 18. A. pretty B. much C. very much D. too much 19. A. business B. idea C. reward D. praise 20. A. unless B. that C. whether D. if Ⅱ.阅读理解(30 分)

A If you are planning to study in the United States, you need to consider several factors (因素). Everyone has different opinions about the best place to live in. Also, the best places to live in are not always home to the best schools. Finally, many schools specialize in different areas of study. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for example, is a great school for computer science and technology-related fields of study. However, if you want to study oceanography, your interests may be better served by attending school in a place that is on a coastline or near the ocean. Now I am sure that you know which schools are considered the best in the country. So I will tell you about which states I believe are the best to live in. California is a nice state. Northern California specifically has very good weather. Los Angeles in southern California is another story though. Life in L. A. is full of excitement and fast, and sometimes dangerous. As for me. I enjoyed the time I spent in Massachusetts, Virginia and Maryland and these states have a lot of history and culture: The weather is not as perfect as in California, but it is still quite nice. My favorite area of America is the Midwest. Middle America, I think, is home to the true American sense of values. In addition, there are many good universities there. Also, you need to think about your likes and dislikes and then research the various states. You like sunshine and hate snow? Then you probably won't like the Midwest or even the Northeast. Open space, nature and peace and quiet? Then you probably should stay away from America's larger cities. Are you interested in government? Then Washington D. C. is the only place for you. Whatever you decide, put some thought into it. The place where you live could be the difference between a great study abroad experience and a state of great suffering on earth. 21. From the first paragraph we can conclude that in the USA________. A. all colleges and universities lie in big cities B. all colleges and universities lie in beautiful places C. famous colleges and universities lie in nice places D. famous colleges and universities may not lie in nice places 22. What should be considered first if you want to study in the USA?__________ A. The climate. B. The scenery. C. Studying conditions. D. Living conditions. 23. From the third paragraph we can find that California is A. the best place to live in B. the worst place to live in C. a state with different climates D. a small stale in the USA 24. If you study in Middle America, you can probably A. find the best universities B. feel the real character of the nation C. meet the most famous professors there D. face more difficulty B Office workers who would normally step into a pub or gym to deal with the stress (压力) of a working day are being invited instead to sit in front of a painting. Manchester Art Gallery has employed two of the country's leading experts in stress management to choose pictures that are guaranteed (确保) to leave even the most frantic (烦躁 的) feeling at ease with the world. They have created the "tranquility (宁静) tour" which allows city-center workers to spend their lunch hour visiting what are described as "some of the most

relaxing and inspiring paintings. "The free tour takes the visitor through several centuries of paintings, from the Victorian aesthetic movement, through the PreRaphaelite school, to modern abstract art. Kim Gowland, a gallery executive, said, "Looking at art is a stress-relieving activity. What we are trying to do is encourage people to spend half an hour of their lunch-break in the gallery, to chill out rather than rush around the shops. " Mr Loukes said, "We chose five pictures that suggest restfulness. We are particularly strong in early-19th and early-20th-century British art. " Dr Gregson said, "Research shows that stress levels have reduced and moods changed for the better when subjects look at paintings. Although art appreciation is very much a matter of personal choicest is true that some works of art appeal (在感染力) to almost everyone, and that some paintings have qualities that can cause relaxation in most people. Great painters such as Leonardo da Vinci were masters of techniques that could bring out particular responses (反应) in the viewer. " 25. According to the passage, which of following pictures is the least likely to be among the five pictures mentioned in the fourth paragraph? ________

26. The underlined words "chill out" (in Paragraph 3) mean__________ A. relax B. paint C. work D. play 27. According to the passage, most of the visitors attending the "tranquility tour" should be_____________ A. people with special skills B. workers on the farm C. workers in the city center D. people loving paintings 28. The words of Dr Gregson imply that________________ A. everyone can enjoy the works of art B. every painting can give people relaxation C. some painters can make viewers respond to their pictures D. there is no painting suitable for city-centre workers

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