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2012-2013 学年 下 学期学前教育 08 级 初教英语专业《综合英语》试题(B 卷) 试卷类别:闭卷 题号 得 分 一 二 三 考试时间:100 分钟 四 五 总 分



I. Fill in the blanks. (20ps)
1.放弃、终止 5.项目、计划 9.存在、生存 得分 评

卷人 2.创造性的 6.不管怎样 10.租借、租金 3.广告 7.投资 4. 警告、提醒 8.频繁的、常见的

II. Translate the following into Chinese. (20ps)
1. Some think that McDonalds?s real reason for wanting to close down the restaurant has noting to do with the money. 2. Thanks to the confidence I picked up from Helen, I dreamed of having my own restaurant one day. 3. I valued my life plenty, so I didn?t touch the TV when I came home from school that day. 4. My father often said it was only because my grandmother was so economical that the wolves were kept at bay. 5. If a computer message came addressed to ?Dad?, for example, I?d feel forgotten and neglected.



III. Reading comprehension (30ps)
(1) Upon reaching an appropriate age (usually between 18 and 21 years), children are encouraged, but not forced, to “leave the nest” and begin an independent life. After children leave home they often find social relationship and financial support outside the family. Parents do not arrange marriages for their children, nor do children usually ask permission of their parents to get married, Romantic love is most often the basis for marriage in the United States; young adults meet their future spouses (配偶) through other friends, at jobs, and in organizations and religious institutions, Although children choose their own spouses, they still hope their parents will approve of their choices. In many families, parents feel that children should make major life decisions by themselves. A parent may try to influence a child to follow a particular profession but the child is free to choose another career. Sometimes children do precisely the opposite of what their parents wish in order to assert their independence. A son may deliberately decide not to go into his father?s business because of a fear that he will lose his autonomy(人身自由) in his father?s workplace. This independence from parents is not an indication that parents and children do not love each other. Strong love between parents and children is universal and this is no exception in the American family coexisting with such love in the American family are cultural values of self – reliance and independence. 1. The writer discusses the marriage of young adults in order to show which of the following? A. They enjoy the freedom of choosing their spouses. B. They want to win the permission of their parents.

C. They have a strong desire to become independent. D. They want to challenge the authority of their parents. 2. Most young adults in the U.S. get married for the sake of ____. A. love B. financial concern C. their parents D. family background 3. Based on the passage, it can be assumed that ______. A. American young adults are likely to follow the suit of their parents B. most American people never make major decisions for their children C. American young adults possess cultural values of independence D. once a young person steps into his twenties, he will leave his home permanently 4. A son is unwilling to work in his father?s business mainly because _____. A. he wishes to make full use of what he has learnt in school B. he wants to prove his independence C. he wishes to do the opposite of what his parents approve of D. he wants to show his love for his parents 5. The subject matter of this selection is _____. A. family values B. marriage arrangements C. the pursuit of a career D. decision making (2) Being safe in your everyday life needs knowledge (知识). If you remember the following information, your life will be much safer. Always notice the environment around you. You shouldn?t walk alone outside. Make sure where the public phones are. If anything dangerous happens, you can find them easily. Your bag should be carried towards the front of your body instead of putting it on your back. When a bus is full of people, it is easy enough for a thief to

take away the things in the bag on your back If you are followed by someone you don?t know, cross the street and go to the other way, let the person understand that you know he or she is after you. Next, don?t go home at once. You are safer in the street than you are alone in your home or in lift (电 梯). If you have to take a bus to a place far away, try to get to the stop a few minutes earlier before the bus leaves. This stops other people from studying you. On the bus, don?t sit alone. Sit behind the driver or with other people. Don?t sleep. 6. Which of the following is NOT safe when you are out?. A. Go home alone late at night. C. Don?t get to the bus stop too early. D. Always notice the environment around you. 7. You?d better put your bag ____ when there are too many people on a bus. A. on your back B. beside you C. in front you D. behind the driver B. Make sure where the public phones are.

8. When you are followed by someone on your way home, you should ____ to make yourself safe. A. run home B. find a lift and go in

C. turn back and walk towards him or her at once D. cross the street and go to the other way 9. When you take a bus alone, it?s safe for you ____.. A. to sit behind the driver or with other people, but not to sleep B. to talk with the driver D. to get off the bus at once 10. What can you learn from the text? A. How to notice the environment around you. B. How to be safe in your everyday life. C. How to cross the street. D. How to use the public phones. (3) What?s the meaning of “dark horse”? It?s someone who wins when no one expects it. C. to call your friends

Han Xiaopeng took China?s first gold on snow. He became an Olympic “dark horse” last Thursday by winning the gold medal in men?s freestyle aerial skiing(自由 式滑雪空中技巧) at Turin in Italy. He made two almost perfect jumps for the highest score. Han had never won a world gold medal before, let alone in the Olympics! “I never thought this would happen,” said the 23-year-old. “I feel like I?m in a dream.” It?s China?s second gold medal at the Turin Olympics. But more important, Han?s gold was the country?s first ever in a snow sport. In 2002, China?s Yang Yang won the gold for speed skating at the winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, US. Just because Han?s win was unexpected doesn?t mean that he didn?t work hard. Han grew up in Jiangsu Province. Before he started his training on snow, he used to be an acrobat(杂技演员) at a circus. In 1995, a coach found his talent. The coach, Yang Erqi, said Han had the agility(灵活性) and courage to be a ski jumper. When Yang first took the 12-year-old to northern China, the boy couldn?t swim skate or ski. But he wasn?t afraid of the high platform(跳台) and kept on training. Han almost left the sport after hurting his knee months before the Salt Lake Games. In that Olympics he only got 24th. “I was hopeless at that time, but my family and the coach stood firmly behind me, helping me through,” he recalled. Han Xiaopeng worked so hard that he won the gold medal in the Olympics at last. Because of his success, more and more people in China are becoming interested in skiing. We are proud of him and we hope he will have another big success in the next winter Olympics. 11. What does ?dark horse? mean? It means _____________. A. a horse which is dark B. someone who is expected to win D. someone whose win is unexpected

C. a horse which likes living in the dark

12. Where did Han Xiaopeng take China?s first gold on snow? A. In China . B. In Italy. C. In America. D. In Australia.

13. What made the coach, Yang Erqi, choose Han Xiaopeng to be a ski jumper? A. He had the agility and wasn?t afraid of the high platform. B. He was good at skiing though he was only 12 years old. C. He was born in the north of China and liked sports on snow.

D. He had the talent and he had won a world gold medal before. 14. Which of the following sentences is NOT TRUE according to the passage? A. He was 23 when he won the gold medal at the winter Olympics. B. He made two almost perfect jumps and got the highest score. C. No one had won the gold before Han Xiaopeng at the winter Olympics. D. He never gave up even though he had faced many difficulties. 15. What is the best title for this passage? A. A Dark Horse at the Winter Olympics C. A Hopeless Snow Game B. A Wonderful Match D. An Exciting Horse Race



IV. Analyze the sentences (10ps)
1. When I helped out in the kitchen, for example, nothing made me feel better than preparing the eggs and serving them just the way the customers wanted. 2. If my name appeared along with his, it would brighten my day and make me feel like I was part of their core family unit. 得分 评卷人

V. Writing (20ps)
Directions: For this part, you?re required to write a composition on the topic “I have a dream”. You should write at least 150 words, and write you composition on the Answer Sheet. I have a dream

得分 评卷人

I. Fill in the blanks. (20ps)
1._______ 2.___________3._________4._________5._________ 6._________7._________8._________ 9._________10_________



II. Translate the following into Chinese. (20ps)
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
得分 评卷人

III. Reading comprehension (30ps) 1. 11. 2. 12. 3. 13. 4. 14. 5. 15. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.



IV. Analyze the sentences (10ps)
1. 2. 得分 评卷人

V. Writing (20ps)
_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

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