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2016 第一学期高一期中练习 I. Grammar and Vocabulary Verb-filling 1._______(put) on your coat, or you will catch a cold. 2.Much attention _____________________(pay) to pollution up till now. 3.It ___________(know) to us all that the scenery of Guillin is the best under heaven. 4.By the time my mother came back we _________finish the meal. 5.Many things (consider) impossible in the past are very common today.. 6.Ten minutes ____(be) more than enough to finish the dialogue. 7.It is good manners for us not to make much noise while others _______________(have) a rest. 8.Can you get anyone else _______(copy) these files? 9.The hotel _______(run) by Mr Wang is very successful. 10. She stayed up late, __________(prepare) a report. 11.The teacher requires that the exercise books ___________(hand) in early tomorrow morning. 12.Your trousers require ___________________(press). 13.They insisted that they ________(not see) the men he had mentioned. 14.The day he looked forward to __________(arrive) at last. 15.He seemed to _________(drop) most of his friends. 16._____________(compare) with his, your composition is better. 17.This is not the first time I _________(hear) her name mentioned. 18.Mary told me the film is interesting and it worth _________(see) 19. In yesterday’s physics exam, John got better marks than _________(expect). 20. (tell)many times, he still couldn't understand. Choice 21. You can have _____ second try if you fail _____ first time. A. the, / B./, a C. the, a D. a, the 22. I don’t like the way ______ you speak to her. A. which B. that C. in that D. of which 23. I’m so hungry that I ______find something to eat. A. have to B.would C.may D. can 24. The meat must be bad. It ______ a terrible smell. A. gives off B.gave off C.is giving off D. will give off 25. I’m not used ______ like that. A. to be talked B.to being talked C.to being talked to D. to be talked to 26. He found ______ very interesting to play with the little dog. A. what B. it C./ D. that 27. The Shanghai Students’ Post is ______ a weekly newspaper; it can greatly help improve our English. A. less than B.more than C. no more than D. no less than 28. You will answer for what you ______ one day. A. will do B. have done C. had done D. do 29. “Why did you leave that position?” “I ______ a better position at IBM.” A. offer B. offered C. am offered D. was offered 30. Charlie told me that he ______ in the chemical plant for two more months, A. had worked B. would work C. had been working D. must have worked 31. ______ it with me and I’ll see what I can do.

A. When left B. Leaving C. If you leave D. Leave 32. Ali said that she wouldn’t mind ______ alone at home. A. left B. to be left C. being left D. leaving 33. The purpose of new technologies is to make life easier, ______ it more difficult. A. not make B. not to make C. not making D. do not make 34. The jewelry store is reported in the local newspaper ______ in broad daylight yesterday. A. robbed B. to have been robbed C. to be robbed D. having been robbed 35. Many passengers died from the serious accident, ______ an old man and a baby. A. to include B. include C. included D. including II. 语法填空 On a flight for Seattle, I chatted with the person next to me. His name was Nick. As we exchanged stories, I learned that Nick lived in an apartment just one block(街区) away (36)___________ mine. What I found interesting was how different Nick and I were, and how close our social circles were, for we always (37)___________(visit) the same shops and supermarkets and almost met the same neighbors in the community. Years ago, I joined hundreds of others (38)___________(enjoy) a concert. I didn’t know anyone next to me that night, (39)___________ we were all connected in our laughter. Any shared experience —good or bad—has a positive impact on our sense of happiness. It(40)__________ make us feel connected and lessens our sense of happiness. Besides, it can even help us live ( 41 ) ___________(long). John T. Cacioppo, a professor at the University of Chicago, led a study and found a 30-point difference in blood pressure among those with loneliness and those with healthy social connections. Being connected to others in a positive way is a basic need for humans, similar to (42)___________(eat) and drinking. If we are alone, we can’t see who we are. When we join a club, other people become the mirror. Through them, we see (43)___________ and understand what we are going through. To know others is to know yourself. So go ahead and let yourself be known. Section C: 选词填空 A. consider B. useful C. talking D. respect E. traditionally F. disagree G. assistance H. either I. busy J. also K. prefer

Schools are never perfect and not all teachers are perfect, 44 ,if you meet a difficult teacher, or for some reason you just cannot get along with a teacher, here are some good points that you may like to 45. Teachers are professionals, so show respect for your teachers at all times. You may sometimes 46 with them and you may not always feel like settling down and paying attention in class, but you do need to show them 47. Listening is a learned skill that is important during your high school years. If you don’t listen, you will miss 48 information. And it is also a sign of respect for your teacher in the class. Make eye contact will 49 help to show your are paying attention. You will not always understand everything you see and hear in class. If you are unsure about a task that needs to be completed, go to your teacher for 50 . Ask questions. If the teacher is too 51 ,ask to arrange a proper time when you can ask the question for further explanation. You may 52 to gossip about your teacher . Spreading gossip means 53 about someone behind his or her back. It’s hurtful. III. Cloze Last July, my 12-year-old car died on California's Santa Freeway. It was an hour before sunset, and I was 25 miles from home. I couldn't ___54____ anyone to pick me up, so I___55____ to take a bus. Not knowing the

routes, I thought I'd just ____56___ east. A bus stopped. I got on and asked the driver how far she was going. “Ten more miles,” she said. There was another bus I could take from here. This clearly was going to be a ____57___ night. I got off at the end of the route and she told me which bus to ___58____ . After waiting 30 minutes, I began to think about a very ___59____ taxi ride home. Then a bus came up. There was no light number above its windshield. It was out of ___60____ , but the door opened. And I was ___61____ to find that It was the same driver. “I just can't ___62____ you here,” she said. “This isn't the nicest place. I will give you a ride home.” “You will drive me home on the bus?” I asked, ___63____ . “No, I will ___64____ you in my car,” she said. “It's a long way,” I insisted. “Come on,” she said. “I have___65____ else to do.” As we drove( from the situation) in her car, she began telling me a story. A few days earlier, her brother had run out of ___67____ . A good man picked him up, took him to a service station and then back to his car.“I'm just passing the street along,”she said. When I ____68___ her money as a thank, she wouldn’t accept.“That wouldn?t make it a favor,”she said, “Just do something nice for somebody. Pass it along.” 54. A tell B refuse C allow D reach 55. A expected B decided C managed D agreed 56. A drive B head C look D run 57. A cold B lonely C short D long 58. A get off B believe in C look for D come across 59. A convenient B safe C comfortable D expensive 60. A service B date C sight D repair 61. A lucky B nervous C surprised D proud 62. A forget B allow C put D leave 63. A discouraged B worried C puzzled D satisfied 64. A dive B take C catch D carry 65. A something B nothing C anything D everything 66. A because B as C until D now that 67. A gas B strength C money D life 68. A charged B showed C offered D returned Section D : 阅读理解 (A) Alfred Hitchcock is one of the best-known film-makers, and because of his habit of making quick appearance in each of his films ever since the 1930s, his face is easily recognized. People all over the world have come to connect the gentle-looking, over-weight Englishman with some of the most frightening films ever made. Alfred Hitchcock was the son of a shop owner. He had a strict education and went to several strict schools. He was a quiet boy who kept himself to himself. When he left school at fourteen, he began to train as an engineer. He had always been a theatre lover and when he was sixteen he became interested in the cinema too. About this time he found he also had a talent for drawing, and he went to a course in drawing at London University — at first it was to help him in his job. But as young Hitchcock's career developed, so did his interest in the arts and with his drawing talent came an interest in writing. His first written work appeared in the magazine of his factory. This led to another change in the direction of his career, as he found himself writing the advertising for the factory. This was the first time Hitchcock had been asked to use his imagination, and for the first time he started to make experiments with characters and stories.

69. Hitchcock is famous for______ A.his appearances in his films B. his horror films C. he is gentle looking D. he is easily recognized 70. Which of the following statements is true about Hitchcock? A. Hitchcock didn? t receive any education. B. Hitchcock was always interested in films. C. Hitchcock first worked as an engineer. D. Hitchcock wrote his first advertisement for his own film. 71. What can we infer form the passage? A.Hitchcock found his talent through his work. B. Hitchcock was a great man of different interests. C. Hitchcock? s drawing ability led him to use his imagination. D. Hitchcock was the director of some of the best-known films. LOST AND FOUND FOUND: Cat, 6 months old, black and white marking. Found near Linden and South U. Steve, 800-4661. LOST:Gold wire rim glasses in brown case. Campus area. Reward. Call Gregg 800-2896. FOR SALE MOVING : Must sell TV b/w 12’, $50 ; AM/FM transistor radio A/C or battery, $15; cassette tape recorder, $10; music records. Call John or Pat, 800-0739 after 5 or weekends. USED FUR COATS and JACKETS: Good condition. $50-$125. Call 800-0436 after 12 noon. ROOMMATES FEMALE ROOMMATE WANTED: Own room near campus. Available December 1. Rent $80 per month until March 1st. $129 thereafter. Call Jill for details, 800-7839. NEED PERSON to assume lease for own bedroom in apt. near campus, $92/mon. Starting Jan. 1. Call 800-6157 after 5:00 HELP WANTED BABYSITTER - MY HOME: If you are available a few hours during the day, some evenings and occasional weekends to care for 2 school-age children, please call Gayle Moore days 800-1111, evenings and weekends 800-4964. WAITRESS WANTED: 10a.m.- 2p.m.or 10:30 a.m.5p.m. Apply in person, 207S. Main. Curtis Restaurant.

66)If you want a job of taking care of children, which ad will you answer? A. LOST AND FOUND B. ROOMMATES C. FOR SALE D. HELP WANTED 67)What should people do, if they want to get a second hand TV set? A. They should go to the campus area. B. They need a roommate first. C. They should call John or Pat. D. They should go to Curtis Restaurant. 68)The passage is probably from ___. A. a text book B. advertisements C. science fiction D. a news report (C) Just put your special clothes on in the morning and you could jump 3 meters into the air and even carry more than 60 kilograms without getting tired. The walk to school would be very , very easy. Such supercharged clothing is one of the products that could be created using “wearable robotics” technology. Designed to improve a person’s senses and skills, the device could be as simple as a hearing aid. Or it could be a full-body suit that senses what you’re going to do, then helps you do it better. “A superman suit would be the final result in wearable robotics,” said Francois Pin, head of robotics and energy systems at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory(橡树林国家实验室), US. While these suits are at least ten years

away, in some areas the technology is already in use. Researchers are developing artificial arms and legs that allow old, disabled or injured people to move freely. Thus US Army is interested in using wearable robot legs to help soldiers run faster, carry more equipment and be stronger in battle. Jobs that involve lifting heavy loads or saving lives from the rubble of an earthquake could also become much easier. A robot is a device that responds to a command. You’re probably with simple robots, such as toy cars or airplanes that respond to buttons you push on a remote control. Wearable robotics goes further. Instead of just receiving information through a wire or remote control, the robotic device can send information back to its controller. Suppose you wore a sleeve that has sensors where your joints are. Every time you move your arm, the sleeve senses your movements and sends the information to a robot, which then moves its arm just as you did. When the robot hits or touches something, it sends a signal back to the sleeve and you sense the action. In this way, scientists are working to wrap the robot around the person. Their goal is to make the sleeve, shoe or suit help you do what you want to do. 75.Which of the following can replace the underlined word “ supercharged” in Paragraph one? A.expensive B. overcharged C. advanced D. full of electricity 76.:Products resulting from this wearable robotics technology do not include ___________. A.remote controls B. hearing aids C. wearable robot legs D. superman suits 77.:From the passage, we can infer that_______________. A. it will be ten years before robotic devices are in use B. the wearable robotics technology has been employed in some areas C. the robots in the robotic devices will do whatever you want to do D. people must become lazier and less healthier in the future 定从填空 77.This is the factory ____________ my father worked 30 years ago. 78.This is the factory _____________ I visited. 79.It’s the best story ________ I have ever heard. 80.The woman with ______ I shook hands is an engineer. 81.The boss in ______ company Miss Read worked called at the hospital 82.The reason ______ Xiaoming was late for the meeting is the traffic jam. 83.The Niagara Waterfalls, the largest of __________ is shaped like a semicircle, are 670meters wide, and fall 56 meters in an awesome white sheet of water. 84.It is such a good place ______ everybody wants to go and visit ______ it is well known all over the world. VI. Translation. 85.课越难,对我们的好处就越大。 ( the more…, the more…) 86. 真实情况和你想的不同。 ( other than )

87. 新来的人一定会为我们的工作带来新的活力。 ( bring ) 88. 我认为在一周内完成这个任务是不可能的。 ( …it ) 89. 《哈利 波特》使各年龄层次的读者欣喜若狂。( be wild with )

Keys: 21-25 DBACC 26-30 CBADC 31-35 DCBCD 36. from 37. visited 38. to enjoy 39. but 40. can 41. longer 43.eating 44.ourselves 45-53 HAFDBJGIKC 54-58 ABBDA 59-63 CBCDB 64-68 DACAA 69-71 ABC 72-74 DCA 75-77 CDB 78. put 79. Have been paid 80. Is known 81. had finished 82. listening 83. is 84. are having 85.to copy 86. Stress in your life will secretly rob your hair of shiny beauty. 87. In order to preserve these buildings, only few people are admitted to visit. 88. Because of lack of exercise, his body becomes increasingly bad. 89. Talk with him and you will find he is a humorous person. 90. Students should be encouraged to apply what they have learned in the class to their life.


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