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2014 届高三限时阅读训练(2) time limit :50--60 minutes


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故事类【2012 陕西卷 B 篇】 Three Boys and a Dad Brad closed the door slowly as Sue left home to visit her mother. Expecting a whole day to relax, he was thinking whether to read the newspaper or watch his favourite TV talk show on his first day off in months. “This will be like a walk in the park,” he’d told his wife. “I’ll look after the kids, and you can go visit your mom.” Things started well, but just after eight o’clock, his three little “good kids”—Mike, Randy, and Alex— came down the stairs in their night clothes and shouted “breakfast, daddy.” When food had not appeared within thirty seconds, Randy began using his spoon on Alex’s head as if it were a drum. Alex started to shout loudly in time to the beat(节拍). Mike chanted “Where’s my toast, where’s my toast” in the background. Brad realized his newspaper would have to wait for a few seconds. Life became worse after breakfast. Mike wore Randy’s underwear on his head. Randy locked himself in the bathroom, while Alex shouted again because he was going to wet his pants. Nobody could find clean socks, although they were before their very eyes. Someone named “Not Me” had spilled a whole glass of orange juice into the basket of clean clothes. Brad knew the talk show had already started. By ten o’clock, things were out of control. Alex was wondering why the fish in the jar refused his bread and butter. Mike was trying to show off his talent by decorating the kitchen wall with his colour pencils. Randy, thankfully, appeared to be reading quietly in the family room,but closer examination showed that he was eating apple jam straight from the bottle with his hands. Brad realised that the talk show was over and reading would be impossible. At exactly 11:17, Brad called the daycare centre (日托所).“I suddenly have to go into work and my wife’s away. Can I bring the boys over in a few minutes?” The answer was obviously “yes” because Brad was smiling. 1. When his wife left home. Brad expected to . A. go out for a walk in the park B. watch TV talk show with his children C. enjoy his first day off work D. read the newspaper to his children 2. Which of the following did Randy do? A. Drawing on the wall B. Eating apple jam C. Feeding the fish. D. Reading in a room 3.Why did Brad ask the daycare centre for help? A. Because he wanted to clean up his house. B. Because he suddenly had to go to his office C. Because he found it hard to manage his boys home. D. Because he had to take his wife back. 4. This text is developed . A. by space B. by comparison C. by process D. by time B 广告类【2012 辽宁卷 A 篇】 Mini Book Excerpts(节选) Biography When Salinger learned that a car park was to be built on the land,the middle-aged writer was shocked and quickly bought the netghboring area to protect it? The townspeople never forgot the rescue and came to help their most famous neighbor. J. D. Sulinger:A Life by Kenneth Slawenski(Random House,$27) Mystery(疑案小说) “You’re a smart boy. Benny’s death was no accident, and you’re the only who saw it happen. Do you think the murderer should get away with it ? ”The boy was starting stubbornly at his lap again. A thought suddenly occerred to Annika,“Did you ?You recognized the man in the car,didn’t you?” The boy hesitated, twisting his fingers,“Maybe,”he said quitely. Red Wolf by Liza Marklund(Atria Books, $25. 99) Short Stories


2014 届高三限时阅读训练(2) time limit :50--60 minutes

She wants to say to him what she has learmed,none of it in class. Some women are borm stupid,and some women are too smart for their own good. Some women are born to give ,and some women only know how to take. Some women learn who they want to be from their mothers,some who they don’t want to be. Some mothers suffer so their daughters won’t. Some mothers love so their daughters won’t. You Are Free by Danzy Senna (Riverhead Books,$15) Humor Do your kids like to have fun? Come to Fun Times! Do you like to watch your kids having fun? Bring them to Fun Times! Fun Times!’s “amusement cycling”is the most fun you can have,legally,in the United States right now. Why spend thousands of dollars flying to Disney World when you can speng less than half to that within a day’s drive lf most cities? Happy And Other Bad Thoughts by Larry Doyle(Ecco,$14. 99) 5. If the readers want to know about the lite of Salinger , they should buy the book published by________ . A. Ecco B. Atria Books C. Riverhead Books D. Random House 6. The book Hbppy And Other Bad Thoughts is intended for . A. young children B. Disney World workers C. middle school teachers D. parents with young children 7. Which book describes women with characters of their own? A. Happy And Other Bad Thoughts B. J. D. Salinger:A Life C. You Are Free . D. Red Wolf 8. After finishing the book Red Wolf, the readers would learn that . A. the boy helped arrest the murderer B. Benny died of an accident C. the murderer got away with the crime D. Ammika carried out the crime
C 人物传记类(10·全国Ⅱ B 篇)

When you’re lying on the white sands of the Mexican Riviera, the stresses(压力) of the world seem a million miles away. Hey, stop! This is no vacation-you have to finish something! Here lies the problem for travel writer and food critic(评论家),Edie Jarolim “I always loved traveling and always liked to eat, but it never occurred to me that I could make money doing both of those things,” Jarolim said. Now you can read her travel advice everywhere in Arts and Antiques, in Brides, or in one of her there books, The Complate Idiot’s Travel Guide to Mexican Beach Resarts. ??writing began some eight years ago. After getting a PhD in English in Canada, she took a Test Frommer’s travel guides, passed it, and got the job. After working at Frommer’s, Jarolim workedfor a while at Rough Guides in London, then Fodor’s, where she fell so in love with a description of the Southwest of the U.S. that she moved there. Now as a travel writer, she spends one-third of her year on the road. The rest of the time is spent completing her tasks and writing reviews of restaurants at home in Tucson, Arigona. As adventurous as the job sounds, the hard part is fact-checking all the information. Sure, it’s great to write about a tourist attraction, but you’d better get the local(当地的)museum hours correct or you could really ruin someone’s vacation. 9. Which country does Jarolim live in now? A.Mexico B.The U.S. C.The U.K. D.Canada 10. What is most difficrlt for Jarolim? A.Working in different places to collect information. B.Checking all the facts to be written in the guides. C.Finishing her work as soon as possible. D.Passing a test to write travel guides 11. What do we know about Jarllim from the text? A.She is successful in her job. B.She finds her life full of stresses. C.She spends half of her time traveling . D.She is especially interested in museums. 12. What would be the best title for the text? A.Adventures in Travel Writing . B.Working as a Food Critic. C.Travel Guides on the Market . D.Vacationing for a Living.


2014 届高三限时阅读训练(2) time limit :50--60 minutes

D 文化类【2012 全国 II C 篇】 Facial expressions carry meaning that is determined by situations and relationships. For example, in American culture (文化) the smile is in general an expression of pleasure. Yet it also has other uses. A woman’s smile at a police officer does not carry the same meaning as the smile she gives to a young child. A smile may show love or politeness. It can also hide true feelings. It often causes confusion (困惑) across cultures. For example, many people in Russia smiling at strangers in public to be unusual and even improper. Yet many Americans smile freely at strangers in public places (although this is less common in big cities). Some Russians believe that Americans smile in the wrong places; some Americans believe that Russians don’t smile enough. In Southeast Asian culture, a smile is frequently used to cover painful feelings. Vietnamese people may tell a sad story but end the story with a smile. Our faces show emotions (情感), but we should not attempt to “read” people from another culture as we would “read” someone from our own culture. The fact that members of one culture do not express their emotions as openly as do members of another does not mean that they do not experience emotions. Rather, there are cultural differences in the amount of facial expressions permitted. For example, in public and in formal situations many Japanese do not show their emotions as freely as Americans do. When with friends, Japanese and Americans seem to show their emotions similarly. It is difficult to generalize about Americans and facial expressiveness because of personal and cultural differences in the United States. People from certain cultural backgrounds in the United States seem to be more facially expressive than others. The key is to try not to judge people whose ways of showing emotion are different. If we judge according to our own cultural habits, we may make the mistake of “reading” the other person incorrectly. 13. What does the smile usually mean in the U.S.? A. Love. B. Politeness. C. Joy. D. Thankfulness. 14. The author mentions the smile of the Vietnamese to prove that smile can ___ . A. show friendliness to strangers B. be used to hide true feelings C. be used in the wrong places D. show personal habits 15. What should we do before attempting to “read” people? A. Learn about their relations with others. B. Understand their cultural backgrounds. C. Find out about their past experience. D. Figure out what they will do next. 16. What would be the best title for the test? A. Cultural Differences B. Smiles and Relationship C. Facial Expressiveness D. Habits and Emotions E 科普类 【2012 安徽卷 E 篇】 Welcome to your future life! You get up in the morning and look into the mirror. Your face is firm and young-looking. In 2035, medical technology is better than ever. Many people your age could live to be 150,so at 40, you’re not old at all. And your parents just had an anti-aging(抗衰老的) treatment. Now, all three of look the same age ! You say to your shirt , ”Turn red.” It changes from blue to red. In 2035, “smart clothes” contain particles(粒子) much smaller than the cells in your body. The particles can be programmed to change clothes’color or pattern. You walk into the kitchen . You pick up the milk ,but a voice says ,” You shouldn't drink that!” Your fridge has read the chip (芯片) that contains information about the milk , and it Knows the milk is old . In 2035, every article of food in the grocery store has such a chip . It’s time to go to work . In 2035, cars drive themselves. Just tell your “smart car” where to go. On the way , you can call a friend using your jacket sleeve . Such “smart technology” is all around you. So will all these things come true? “For new technology to succeed,” says scientist Andrew Zolli ,”it has to be so much better that it replaces what we have already.” The Internet is one example what will be the next? 17.We can learn from the text that in the future__________. A.people will never get old B.everyone will look the same C. red will be the most popular color D.clothes will be able to change their pattern 18. What can be inferred from Paragraph 4?


2014 届高三限时阅读训练(2) time limit :50--60 minutes

A. Milk will be harmful to health. B. More drinks will be available for sale. C. Food in the grocery store will carry electronic information. D. Milk in the grocery store will stay fresh much longer. 19. Which of the following is mentioned in the text? A. Nothing can replace the Internet. B. Fridges will Know what people need. C. Jacket sleeves can be used as a guide. D. Cars will be able to drive automatically. 20.What is the text mainly about? A. Food and clothing in 2035. B. Future technology in everyday life. C. Medical treatments of the future. D. The reason for the success of new technology. 信息匹配(11 浙江卷) 第二节:下面文章中有 5 处需要添加小标题。请从以下选项(A、B、C、D、E 和 F)中选出符合 各段意思的小标题,并在答题纸上将相应选项的标号涂黑。选项中有一项是多余选项。 A. Leadership B. Conflict Solving C. Open Communication D. Respect to All Team Members E. Measuring Progress against Goals F. Common Goals with Challenging Target Team Building Means More Than Throwing a Few People Together “Teamworking” is found every where within just about every organization. You can’t get away from “teams” that are supposed to be able to create something that is greater that the sum of its parts. Or so the theory goes. There are five measures that need to be taken before you can get the most out of a team: 21._______. There must be a clear reason for the team to exist. And all the members should realize the value and significance of what they are going to do. What they are hoping to achieve should be something achievable but at the same time tough and inspiring enough to attract the members and keep their motivation alive. What is more, they should also be well prepared for the possible difficulties they may come across in the process. 22._______. Team members must be able to express their opinions freely without fear of being criticized, and they must have the feeling that their suggestions will be taken seriously. This is an important point because the team may need to resolve some complex or thorny issues. For example, it may discuss a sensitive topic. Should they keep their conclusion within the team or share it with other employees? This is an issue in itself that all the members should agree on and frank discussion is required. 23._______. It is easy to think that a junior team member may have less to contribute than more experienced ones. This is not only demoralizing or discouraging, it also makes no sense ---- people that have nothing to contribute. Should not have been selected for the team in the first place. Since they have become members of your team, you need to make sure that each of them has an opportunity to add his or her thoughts to discussions. 24.________. Disagreements are natural and, in fact, debate and discussion should be encouraged. A team made up only of “yes men” can make disastrous decisions that few people honestly agreed with in the first place. Consequently, there should be rules on how lengthy disagreements should be handled. For example, team meetings may not be the most appropriate place for a discussion that involves only two people, so “underthe-table” method may be effective. 25. _______. Most high-performing teams are well organized, A good organizer should be able to play to individuals’ strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses. It should be someone who can act as a promoter and a constant reminder of what the team needs to achieve. He must, above all, be skilled in sharing responsibility and setting tasks to others, coaching them to achieve tasks, and providing constructive feedback on how the tasks went. Team building isn’t as simple as just throwing a few people together. It requires much more, but motivating people is most essential. Successful teamworking is not marked by how much progress the team makes


2014 届高三限时阅读训练(2) time limit :50--60 minutes

toward its goals, but by how confidently each of its members completes his or her assigned tasks with a sense of achievement and pride. 参考答案:
A. 【要点综述】母亲回娘家去照顾外婆了,留下父亲照看三个淘气的小家伙,此时,家里的一切都乱 套了…… 1.【答案与解析】C 推理判断题。根据第一自然段的第二句可知本题选 C。 2.【答案与解析】B 事实细节题。根据第四自然段的倒数第二句可知本题选 B。 3.【答案与解析】C 推理判断题。通读全文可知 Brad 打电话给日托所的原因是他照顾不了三个淘气的小 家伙,选 C。 4.【答案与解析】D 篇章结构题。通读本文可知本文是按时间顺序进行描述的,故选 D。 B. 【考点】日常生活类—图书介绍 【文章大意】本文向读都推荐了几种不同类型的书,并分别作了简介。 5.【答案】D 【试题解析】细节理解题。根据第一段可知,第一本书是介绍

Salinger 生平的书,这本

书是由 Random House 出版的,所以选 D 6.【答案】D
【试题解析】细节理解题。根据第四段可知,这本书是关于父母如何让孩子玩得高兴的书,所以这本书 的读者应该是有小孩的父母。 【难度】一般 7.【答案】C 【试题解析】细节理解题。根据第三段 Some women are born stupid, and dome women are too smart for their own good. Some women are born to give, and some women only know how to take. Some women learn who they want to be from their mothers, some who they don’t want to be.可知,这是一本用妇女自己的性格 来描述她们的书。 【难度】一般 8.【答案】A 【试题解析】Red Wolf 是一本悬疑小说,由“The boy hesitated, twisting his fingers 可知,小男孩犹豫 了,那接下来应该就是帮助警察破案并逮捕凶手了。 【难度】中等 C. 阅读理解的文字风格略显诙谐,Hi, stop! 但有实际的描述了一个很普遍的谋生问题:谋生在 Jarolim 身上既是度假休闲,又是写作和评论的源泉。这是一篇展示生活的文章。 从文字设计上看,影响考生理解完整意思的因素可能是专有名词和对话的插入,但是如果避开障 碍,处理好这些内容,整篇文章文字比较通顺流畅。难度并不大。但是在 47、48 题的理解上,部分考 生会出现问题。 9. 答案:B 考点:考查细节 解析:文章第三段提示 “then Fodor’s, where she fell so in love with a description of the Southwest of the U.S. that she moved there.” 10. 答案:B 考点:理解文中具体信息 解析:文章最后一段第一句 “As adventurous as the job sounds, the hard part is fact-checking all the information.” 提示 11. 答案:A 考点:作出简单判断和推理 解析:根据全文的介绍,说明这是一种成功的生活方式 12. 答案:D 考点:考主旨大意 解析:提示在文章第一段结尾句 “Hey, stop! This is no vacation-you have to finish something!”和第二段第 二句 “but it never occurred to me that I could make money doing both of those things,”说明了没有想到“度假 也可以谋生”的欣喜之情。


2014 届高三限时阅读训练(2) time limit :50--60 minutes

D. 【文章大意】 本文是一篇议论文。文章阐述了面部表情取决于情景和人们之间的关系。文章通篇阐述了面部表情的种 种表现形式,以及文化之间的差异导致的面部表情的含义不同。 13.【答案】C, 根据文章第一段中的“in American culture (文化) the smile is in general an expression of pleasure”可知,在美国文化中,一般地说,微笑是快乐的表情。此处 joy 是 pleasure 的同义词。故 选 C。 【考点定位】考查细节理解。 14. 【答案】B, 根据文章第一段中的“It can also hide true feelings. It often causes confusion (困惑) across cultures.”可知这是一个中心句,其后用例证法阐述:微笑能隐藏真正的感情。它常常导致跨文化间 的困惑。其中越南人讲故事的例子就是为了说明这一观点。故选 B。 【考点定位】考查作者的写作意图。 15. 【答案】B, 根据文章最后一段中的“The key is to try not to judge people whose ways of showing emotion are different. If we judge according to our own cultural habits, we may make the mistake of “reading” the other person incorrectly.”可知,我们在“读”人们的表情的时候,要现理解他们的文化 背景,否则,就会出错。 【考点定位】考查判断推理。 16. 【答案】C, 文章通篇阐述了面部表情的种种表现形式,以及文化之间的差异导致的面部表情的含义 不同。所以 C 正确。 【考点定位】考查文章的标题。

E: 17--20【答案】DCBD 21--25 FCDBA


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