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英语:unit 5《The Power of Natur》课件-language points(新人教版选修6)

Unit5 the power of nature grammar & language points


Language points:

volcano an active volcano a live volcano a dormant volcano an extinct volca

Adventure a story of adventure a spirit of adventure An Antarctic expedition was once an adventure. The adventure of Robinson Crusoe …have a lot of adventure s in the desert

Have you ever consider how weak humans are compared with a volcano? consider +_n./v.ing 思考 他正在考虑出国留学. 他正在考虑出国留学 He is considering studying abroad. consider + wh我们仔细考虑应该如何帮助他们. 我们仔细考虑应该如何帮助他们 We considered how we should help them. consider +adv. 要谨慎考虑后再作决定. 要谨慎考虑后再作决定 Consider carefully before you decide.

2. risk风险危险 风险危险 Do you enjoy taking risks?

他在转弯处超车是在冒险. 他在转弯处超车是在冒险 He was taking a risk by overtaking on a bend. 这房子有起火的危险. 这房子有起火的危险 The house is a fire risk.

at risk 在危险中 不系安全带真的会有危险. 不系安全带真的会有危险
You are at risk if you don’t wear a seat belt.

at the risk of冒…危险 冒 危险 尽管似乎无理,恐怕我还是必须拒绝你的要求 恐怕我还是必须拒绝你的要求. 尽管似乎无理 恐怕我还是必须拒绝你的要求 At the risk of seeming rude, I must refuse your request. at one’s own risk自担风险 自担风险 在此处游泳者如有意外责任自负. 在此处游泳者如有意外责任自负 People bathing here do so at their own risk.

bore v. 使厌烦 I’m never bored.
My father’s always boring us with his stories about the war. 父亲老是在计在战争中的经历,我们都厌烦了。 父亲老是在计在战争中的经历,我们都厌烦了。 短语: 短语:bore sb. to death. 使某人厌烦得要 命 He’s always asking the same question, which bores me to death.

n. 令人厌烦的人、事 令人厌烦的人、
Doing housework is a real bore. 做家务真是件令人厌烦的事。 做家务真是件令人厌烦的事。

区别: 厌烦的,不感兴趣的, 区别:bored 厌烦的,不感兴趣的, 常和 with搭配 搭配 boring 令人厌烦的 The book is ________ boring I’m bored with the same thing I do ______ every day.

excite v. 使兴奋,使激动(不用于进行时或 使兴奋,使激动( 被动语态) 被动语态) Danger excites me and makes me feel alive. The story excited the little boy very much. 她到达的消息使人们激动起来. 她到达的消息使人们激动起来 The news of her arrival excited the people.

burn to the ground 完全 楼房等 烧毁 完全(楼房等 楼房等)烧毁
Many houses have been covered with lava or burned to the ground.

He has no place to live in because his house has been burnt to the ground. 他无处栖身因为他的房子被烧掉了. 他无处栖身因为他的房子被烧掉了 burn away烧掉 烧掉 木头已烧成灰烬. 木头已烧成灰烬 The wood had burnt away to nothing.

burn down(建筑物 烧毁 建筑物)烧毁 建筑物 电影院去年被烧伤了. 电影院去年被烧伤了 The cinema burnt down last year. 学校被人纵火烧伤了. 学校被人纵火烧伤了 The school was burnt down by vandals. burn off 烧掉 他在事故中严重受伤,头发也被烧掉了 头发也被烧掉了. 他在事故中严重受伤 头发也被烧掉了 He was badly injured in the accident,and all his hair was burnt off. burn out烧坏 烧坏 引擎被烧坏了. 引擎被烧坏了 The engine had burnt out.

burn up烧毁 烧得更亮 旺 烧毁,烧得更亮 烧毁 烧得更亮/旺 火箭重入地球大气层时烧毁. 火箭重入地球大气层时烧毁 The rocket burnt up when it reentered the earth’s atmosphere. 他往火上加木材想让它烧得更旺. 他往火上加木材想让它烧得更旺 He put more wood on the fire to make it burn up.

absolute adj. 完全的,真实的 完全的, It’s an absolute fact. absolutely adv. 完全地,无条件地, 完全地,无条件地, 完全对 absolutely right 口语, (口语,作为对一问题的回答或评 十分对,对极了, 语)十分对,对极了,当然 - Do you let your kids travel alone at night? - Absolutely not.

fantastic It was an absolutely fantastic sight. 1.难以置信的 骇人听闻的,异常的 难以置信的,骇人听闻的 难以置信的 骇人听闻的, 2.(口语中 极好的,很棒的 口语中)极好的 口语中 极好的, The night view of the bay is even more fantastic. 3. 奇异的 奇异的insects of fantastic shapes 4. (想法 计划等 空想的 荒唐的 想法\计划等 空想的,荒唐的 想法 计划等)空想的 a fantastic plan fantasy幻想;空想的产物;幻想曲 幻想; 幻想 空想的产物;

4. make one’s way向某地走去 有出息 向某地走去, 向某地走去 We slowly made our way to the edge of the crater.

她犹豫了一下,但向前走去 她犹豫了一下 但向前走去. 但向前走去 She hesitated, but made her way forward. 她快速离开房间,朝她床边走去 她快速离开房间 朝她床边走去. 朝她床边走去 She hastily left the room ,and made her way to her bed.

你若想要有出息,趁年轻的时候要学会发奋 你若想要有出息 趁年轻的时候要学会发奋. 趁年轻的时候要学会发奋 If you want to make your way in the world, You must learn to work hard while you are still young. make way (for)让路 让位 让路,让位 让路 所有的车辆都得给救火车让路. 所有的车辆都得给救火车让路 All the traffic has to make way for a fire engine. 我将把职务让给更年轻的人. 我将把职务让给更年轻的人 I shall make way for a younger man.

Potential n. 可能性,潜在能力 可能性, I am amazed at their beauty as well as their potential to cause great damage. adj.可能的,潜在的 可能的, 可能的 a potential disaster potential resources You child is a potential singer.

5. enthusiastic (about)感兴趣的 热心的 感兴趣的,热心的 感兴趣的 她好象对这个主意很感兴趣. 她好象对这个主意很感兴趣 She seemed enthusiastic about the idea. 我们得到了顾客们的热情反应. 我们得到了顾客们的热情反应 We got an enthusiastic response from our customers. 力气(不可数 费劲的事,尝试 可数) 不可数) 尝试(可数 6. effort 力气 不可数 费劲的事 尝试 可数 抬起那些箱子要花很大的力气. 抬起那些箱子要花很大的力气 It took a lot of effort to lift the boxes. 今天早上起床很费劲. 今天早上起床很费劲 It was an effort to get up this morning.

Variety(质量 种类和特征的 变化 质量,种类和特征的 质量 种类和特征的)变化 你的膳食要多样化. 你的膳食要多样化 You need a lot of variety in you diet. (种类 品种 不同种类的香蕉 种类,品种 种类 品种):不同种类的香蕉 different varieties of bananas a variety of各种 各种 这些体恤有各种各样的颜色供挑选. 这些体恤有各种各样的颜色供挑选 These T-shirts are available in a wide variety of colours.

1. Are you _____ with my story?

A. bore B. to bore C. boring D. bored 2. There is no ______ standard for beauty. A. right B. wrong C. absolute D. absolutely 3. There are so many people that he has to _____ his way through them. A. force B. make C. take D. get

4. People who do not smoke have less

____ of suffering from lung cancer than those who do. A. cause B. choice C. potential D. hope 5. _____ other good students, the teacher thinks, Hank is ___ student. Compared to; a most satisfied Comparing to; the most satisfied Comparing with; the satisfying Compared with; a more satisfying

用-ing改写下列句子 改写下列句子 1.Mary saw a volcano erupting in the morning . She felt excited and couldn’t fall asleep at night. Having seen a volcano erupting in the morning , Mary felt excited and couldn’t fall asleep at night. 2.I know the sight is impressive on the top of the mountain. I make an effort to climb onto it. Knowing the sight is impressive on the top of the mountain ,I make an effort…

3. The new book of the famous novelist was very boring.it didn’t become popular In young people. Being very boring, the new book of the famous novelist didn’t become popular in young people. 4.Jim knew he had HIV. He was absolutely anxious and frightened about it. Knowing he had HIV,Jim was absolutely anxious and frightened about it.

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