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英语 英语【阅读理解】技巧一 1.最佳标题的选择要考虑一看标题就可以大致知道有关事件的 5 个 W , 即 what, who, where, when,why,其中至少要体现前 4 个 w,否则会出现以偏概全或者范围太大情况(概括性, 针对性,醒目突出行) 3.作者态度:注意文本中作者所说的话,以及描述作者观点所用的倾向性词语,但要注意文 本中有时会提及某个人物的态度, 不要与作者态度混淆。 ☆补充讲一下掌握必要的态度词汇 ?sympathetic, enthusiastic, friendly, fovorable, optimistic, objective, neutral, subjective, indifferent,critical,doubtful,complain,ridiculous 等。 3.数据:可以通过阿拉伯数字(也可以通过英语表达), 还有通过名词表达, 如 quarter, decade, fornight, score, dozen, century, half 等。 表示有数字变化的 increase, decrease, cutdown, reduce 和介词 to,by 等需要注意一下。 4.段落大意理解就需要注意关键句子,通常在段首和段尾 英语【阅读理解】技巧二 ☆5.(比较难的题了)推理判断:首先要读懂文章与题目有关的句子意思, 还要推敲它们之间的 关系,在通过逻辑判断与推理,理解文章言外之意,从而揭示文章深层含义。推理判断的答 案不可能在文中找到,所以推理时务必忠于原文作者,在文中寻找可以推理的依据。即由已 知推出未知,切记不要把自己观点当做作者观点。(推理题中文本中的直接信息肯定不是正 确答案) ☆6.文章答题出处:原则上属于推理判断题型, 考生在做题时应先读懂文本, 理解文章主旨, 根据题材和体裁,写作风格,中心思想,作者意图判断文本出处和来源。 例:1.新闻的来源具有及时性,有效性,时效性 2.politicalstory(政治故事)具有虚构性和教育性 3.researchreport 具有科学,缜密,启发性,应有大量科学数据和结论等 4.booksummary(书摘)具有概括,简练特性 ☆7.词义猜测:准确理解上下文(运用语法规则,构词法,定义法,同位法,上下文搜索确定 词义) 作文模板 原理:要想更有说服力,就应该用实际的数字来说明。 原则上在议论文当中十不应该出现虚假数字的, 可是在考试的时候哪管那三七二十一, 但编 无妨,只要我有东西写就万事大吉了。所以不妨试用下面的句型: According to a recent survey, about 78.9% of the college students wanted to further their study after their graduation. As everyone knows, No one can deny that… ? manage our own life so as to be capable in the future. ? Learning to care for others is another thing we must do. ? Only in this way can we enventually grow mature,physically,mentally,and morally. ? ? ? I. . . .has bot Rome wasn't built in a day. It'a a gradual process for us to change from children to mature adults. We should learn to make our own decisions and build up an independent mind .


And it's eaqually important that we try to

h advantages and disadvantages.……既有利又有弊。 2. . . .has many advantages.For example, . . .However,just as every coin has two sides, . . .has its disadvantages. 3. . .play(s)an important role /part in. . .……在……中扮演重要角色/起重要作用 4..With the development of. . . ,随着……的发展 5. When it comes to. . . ,some people think /believe that. . . ,others argue /claim that opposite /reverse is true. There is probably some truth in both arguments /statements, but. . .当说到……,有些人认为……,但另一些人则持相反的观点……。这两种观点可能 都有点道理,但……。 英语议论文多以简要总结全文或对所讨论的问题提出解决办法来结尾。 总结全文时除常用到 in one /a word,generally speaking 等外,没有固定模式。提出解决办法时却常使用下一 句型。 1..take measures to do sth 常用句型二 一,开头句型 1.As far as ...is concerned 2.It goes without saying that... 3.It can be said with certainty that... 4.As the proverb says 5.It has to be noticed that... 6.It`s generally recognized that... 7.It`s likely that 8.It`s hardly that... It’s hardly too much to say that... What calls for special attention is that...需要特别注意的是 There’s no denying the fact that...毫无疑问,无可否认 Nothing is more important than the fact that... what’s far more important is that... 二,衔接句型 A case in point is ... As is often the case... As stated in the previous paragraph 如前段所述 But the problem is not so simple. Therefore 然而问题并非如此简单,所以…… But it’s a pity that... For all that...In spite of the fact that... Further, we hold opinion that... However , the difficult lies in... Similarly, we should pay attention to... not(that)...but(that)...不是,而是 In view of the present station.鉴于目前形势 As has been mentioned above... In this respect, we many as well (say)从这个角度上我们可以说

However, we have to look at the other side of the coin, that is...然而我们还得看到事物的另 一方面,即 三,结尾句型 I will conclude by saying... Therefore, we have the reason to believe that... All things considered,总而言之 It may be safely said that... Therefore, in my opinion, it’s more advisable... It can be concluded from the discussion that...从中我们可以得出这样的结论 From my point of view, it would be better if...在我看来……也许更好 四,能句型 Let’s take...to illustrate this.试举例以兹证明 let’s take the above chart as an example to illustrate this. It’s remains to be further studied... There’s question is how... so that, so...that... 正式的英文写作.切忌不要使用“I”“You”“We”等等主观的称谓! The most common mistakes: 1. Use of questions. If you use a question it means you are questioning and not proving your point. Questions are best to be left out of essays because they are very passive and sometimes make holes in your essay. When you confront a question, turn it into a statement: Example:"What do you think that person should do?" Change to: "The person should do the following things to solve his/her problem." 2. Use of "and so on" &"etc." You can't put these in a formal essay. You must either identify what the "so on" and "etc" are or else just name three examples. The reader knows that you cannot possibly list every example or situation, but if you use "so on" and "etc" you are using non-formal language. Example: There are many types of religions in society: Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and so on. Change to: There are many types of religions in society such as Judaism, buddhism, Christianity, Jehovah Witnesses and Hinduism. 3. Using "I" When writing a formal essay, you cannot use "I think" "I feel"(and other "I" type statements. Instead, use words like "one" and phrases like "the reader" or "the audience." The reason we do this is, first, the reader knows you wrote it and also that it is your opinion; therefore, "I" is not needed. It is not formal language to say I think, plus it is not needed.

Examples:"I think t hat cats are better than dogs." Change to: Cats are better than dogs. Take out all the I thinks, in my opinion, I will show, I will prove and any other personal phrases. Instead, make them into more general statements. 4. Use of "You" "Your" "We" "Us" "Our" Please do not use these words in a formal essay. Not only are they not formal language, but readers may be insulted if the author of the paper insinuates that "You"/"We" do something. It brings too personal of an approach to the writing and can make the reader uncomfortable. Examples: I think/ In my opinion Change to: more general statements I think War is a pointless activity. War is a pointless activity. You/Your Change to:A person/ people/ His/ Her/ One/ One's You think that reading is boring. One may think that reading is boring. Our/ We/ Us change to: His/ Her/ People We all have to work together for a better society. people need to work together in order to create a better society. 政治 在 《政治生活》 中命题, 凡是要求回答: 针对解决国内问题 (主要是民生问题) 政府 (国家) 这样做(或为什么这样做)的政 治学依据是什么?从以下知识点去考虑: ①我国的国家性质和政府的性质:我国是人民民主的社会主义国家,政府是为人民服务的政 府; ②我国政府要履行的职能(1.保障人民民主和维护国家长治久安的职能 2.组织社会主 义经济建设的职能 3.组织社会主义文化建设的职能 4.加强社会建设 5.推进生态文明建设) ; ③我国政府应该坚持的原则和宗旨:宗旨:为人民服务,原则:对人民负责; ④政府要依法行 政[依法行政的意义:1.是贯彻依法治国方略,提高行政管理水平的基本要求,也体现了对人民 负责的原则 2.有利于保障人民群众的权利和自由 3.有利于加强廉政建设,增强政府权威 4 有 利于推进社会主义民主法治建设〕 ,科学民主决策,提高行政管理水平,维护政府权威;⑤. 贯彻落实以人为本的科学发展观。 ⑥如果材料中涉及到科技成就与发展: 当前国际竞争的实 质是以科技力和经济力为基础的综合国力的竞争。 补充:国家如何履行经济职能:①国家要利用经济、法律和行政等手段进行经济调节---统筹 规划,总体部署(即制定和实施经济计划) ,合理运用税收、利率、信贷、汇率、物价等经 济杠杆,引导结构调整,转变增长方式,深化经济体制改革;②市场监管----加强对市场的 监督、管理,加大对违规经济行为的查处、打击力度;③社会管理----制定并完善管理的相 关法律、法规及政策;④公共服务----信息引导,政策支持,创造良好的社会环境(如健全 社保制度,建立并完善预警机制) 2、针对解决国际问题,体现中国在国际关系中的主张或作为(如为什么极力主张构建和谐 世界或主权问题)?在《政治生活》里面命题,凡是要求分析或说明中国与其他国家关系的 行为,都要从以下知识点去考虑(选取与材料和设问相关的考点):

①主权国家的权利与义务(权利 : :独立权,自卫权,管辖权平等权,义务:不侵犯别国,不干涉他国 内政,以和平方式解决国际争端) ; ②国家关系的决定因素(国家利益是国际关系的决定因 素,国家间的共同利益是国家合作的基础,利益的对立是矛盾和冲突的根源。 ) ③联合国宪 章的宗旨与原则与作用:宗旨:维护国际和平与安全,促进国际合作与发展。联合国在维护世 界和平, 促进世界合作与发展和人道主义援助方面发挥着积极作用; 中国是安理会常任理事 国之一, 一贯遵循联合国的宪章和原则, 积极参加联合国及其专门机构有利于世界和平与发 展的活动;④和平与发展是当今时代的主题, 顺应了经济全球化和世界多极化发展的要求, 有利于促进国际关系民主化; ⑤当代国际竞争的实质是以经济,军事实力为基础的综合国 力的竞争,世界出现了多极化趋势; ⑥我国的国家性质和国家利益决定我国的独立自主的和 平外交政策(我国外交政策的内容的宗旨:维护国际和平与安全,促进国际合作与发展:基 本目标: 维护我国的独立和主权, 促进世界的和平与发展。 基本立场: 独立自主。 基本准则: 和平共处五项原则。 ) 地理自然地理小技巧 1.某一时期所占比例计算?建议推荐使用本方法:根据东十二区的区时(X)计算新的一天所占 全球比例 X/24,旧的一天所占全球比例 1-X/24. 2.日出日落方位判断?北半求夏半年日出东北,日落西北。北半球冬半年日出东南,日落西 南。 3.新月形沙丘:迎风坡是缓坡,背风坡是陡坡 各科学习方法总论:拿出以前做过的套卷,以最短的时间最高的正确率一遍遍的磨练。 100%的正确率就是这么炼出来的,而不是说出来的。 秒杀法意思是,在满足原题意的前提下,尽可能的将条件加强

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