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Introduction Production Character The views about love Postmodernism in Shrek Shooting technique

Shrek (Mike Myers), a green ogre that has always
enjoyed living in peaceful solitude in his swamp, finds his life disrupted when numerous fairytale beings, including Pinocchio, the Three Little Pigs, and

Donkey (Eddie Murphy), are forced into
the swamp by order of the obsessive Lord Farquaad

(John Lithgow).

Shrek decides to travel the country to see Farquaad to try to regain his privacy, with Donkey tagging along. Meanwhile, Farquaad tortures the Gingerbread Man into revealing the whereabouts of the remaining fairytale creatures until his guards rush in with an object Farquaad has been searching for: the Magic Mirror.

The Mirror tells him that Farquaad technically isn't a king and doesn't become one until he marries a princess. The Mirror gives him three princesses to choose from including Cinderella, Snow White, and Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz). Farquaad chooses Fiona and silences the Mirror before he can mention "the little thing that happens at night".

he two make it to Farquaad's palace in Duloc, where they find themselves in the midst of a tournament; the winner will have the "privilege" of attempting to rescue Fiona from a castle surrounded by lava and protected by a fire-breathing dragon so that Farquaad may marry her. Shrek and Donkey easily beat the other knights, and Farquaad agrees to remove the fairytale creatures from the swamp if Shrek goes on to rescue Fiona.

Shrek and Donkey travel to the castle and split up to find Fiona. Donkey encounters the dragon and sweettalks the beast to save himself before discovering that the dragon is female. Dragon takes a liking to Donkey and carries him to her chambers.

When Shrek finds Fiona, she is appalled at his lack of romanticism. As they are leaving, Shrek manages to save Donkey, caught in Dragon's tender love, and causing her to become irate, chasing Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey out of the castle. At first, Fiona is thrilled to be rescued but quickly becomes disappointed when she finds out that Shrek is an ogre.

the three make their return journey to Farquaad's palace, with Shrek and Fiona finding they have more in common with each other along the way, and falling in love. However, at night, Fiona refuses to camp with them, taking shelter in a nearby cave until morning. Shrek and Donkey stay awake and watch the stars while Shrek informs Donkey that he plans to build a wall around his swamp when he returns.

When Donkey persists as to whyShrek would do this, Shrek tells him that everyone judges him before they know him, therefore he is better off alone.The next night, Fiona takes shelter in a nearby windmill. When Donkey hears strange noises coming from the windmill, he finds Fiona has turned into an ogress. Fiona explains she was cursed as a child and turns into an ogre every night, which is why she was locked away in the castle, and that only a kiss from her true love will return her to her proper form.

Shrek, about to confess his feelings for Fiona, overhears part of their conversation, and is heartbroken as he misinterprets her disgust at her transformation into an "ugly beast" to be disgusted with him. Fiona makes Donkey promise not to tell Shrek about the spell, vowing to do it herself, but when the next morning comes, Shrek has brought Lord Farquaad to Fiona. The two return to the castle, while a hurt Shrek returns to the nowvacated swamp.

Shrek finds that despite his privacy, he is miserable and misses Fiona. Donkey shows up to tell him that Fiona will be getting married shortly, urging Shrek into action to gain Fiona's true love. They are able to travel to Duloc quickly thanks to Dragon, who had escaped her confines and followed Donkey. They interrupt the wedding before Farquaad can kiss Fiona, but not before the sun sets, which causes Fiona to turn into an ogress in front of everyone.

While her transformation causes Shrek to fully understand what he overheard at the windmill, Farquaad, disgusted over the change, orders Shrek killed and Fiona imprisoned, but Dragon bursts in and devours Farquaad. Shrek and Fiona admit their love for each other and share a kiss; Fiona is bathed in light as her curse is broken,

but is surprised to find that she has remained an ogress. Shrek calms her by assuring her that she is still beautiful. The two of them get married in the swamp and depart on their honeymoon while the rest celebrate by singing "I'm a Believer".

Robin Williams, who had worked for Jeffrey Katzenberg before in Aladdin and had a bitter falling out with him and The Walt Disney Company over marketing agreements, has hinted in an interview that he refused a role in Shrek, because it would mean working for Katzenberg again. He would not state which role he had refused

List of Shrek characters
Mike Myers - Shrek Eddie Murphy - Donkey Cameron Diaz - Princess Fiona John Lithgow - Lord Farquaad Conrad Vernon - Gingerbread Man Chris Miller - Geppetto/ Magic Mirror Cody Cameron - Pinocchio / The Three Little Pigs

Michael Galasso - Peter Pan Christopher Knights and Simon J. Smith - Three Blind Mice Christopher Knights - Thelonius Aron Warner - Big Bad Wolf Jim Cummings - Captain of the Guards Jerome De Guzman - Blind Mouse Vincent Cassel - Monsieur Hood (a French rendition of Robin Hood) Kathleen Freeman - Old Woman (Donkey's exowner) Andrew Adamson - Duloc Mascot (a man dressd in a suit that looks like Lord Farquaad)

The views about love
There’s no love in the world just like the tale is not exist in the world. Tales and love can only exist in your own heart. We should have a optimistic attitude about our life and the hopeful future instead of doing nothing. Just like the spirit of Shrek.

there is a story about “The Beauty and Beast” and we also heard that the wolf loves the sheep. This is the opposite of the tradition about the them of love. Please think about it , if the wolf married to the sheep, what will happen? Will it be accepted by us. Most of us will absolutely say no. It is so ridiculous, but if it happen our world will be harmonious. Shrek married to a princess just present this theme.

I like the end of the story. When the princess kissed Shrek she became a monster too. They can begin their new life in the marsh. This kind of ending give us more space to think about life and paved the way for their future. The beauty became a monster, is that a pity? I don’t think so. For the loved one, change became less important.

In fact I don’t think Shrek is a monster. Monster, what is the definition of monster? The appearance isn’t like ours called a monster, isn’t it? Absolutely not. When a chimpanzee see a beautiful human lady, he may not think the lady is pretty because there’s no furs on the lady. So the difference between ugly and beauty is just the conceptions in our minds.

"Shrek" is beautiful

beauty is successful, the beauty of a thing is as certain type of individual things in the full development of the unique character

The cartoon film Shrek, released in the year 2001, has been a great success and has won the 74th Oscar Award in 2002. Its success can be traced back to its distinctive features. On one hand, it subverts our expectation of the characters in classic fairy tales by adding some post-modernist elements. While on the other hand, the plots and narration of this film are inherited from the Hollywood style, which includes the happy ending with the hero and heroine living “happily ever after”


Writing from the 1960s forward characterized by experimentation and continuing to apply some of the fundamentals of Modernism, which included Existentialism and alienation. Postmodernists have gone a step further in the rejection of tradition begun with the Modernists by also rejecting traditional forms, prefering the anti-novel to the novel and the anti-hero over the hero.

Theoretical characteristics of postmodernism
1. Anti-foundationalism, anti-essentialist reductionism 2. Deny the integrity, identity 3. Against the center, looking for differences and uncertainties 4. Opposed to rational, modern digestion 5. Against the correspondence theory of truth, emphasized pragmatism and knowledge of the commercialization of Truth


"Shrek" is a post-modernist classic. The film fully embodies the postmodern deconstruction of the classic and traditional as well as the traditional construction of the new effort.

Postmodernism is the most prominent feature of the traditional and classical digestion, subversion. It is the classical past, deformation re-use, destruction of some of the traditional knowledge and put forward or the performance of the new more psychological point of view of today's people. In "Shrek," we can see many familiar things but specious. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as the story of the Mirror, the Western tradition of the Prince and Princess stories.

Prince or princess in general is a curse and turned into something or a long sleep and so loved that he (she) who can lift the curse after the kiss, but in this drama the actor became ugly Shrek, Princess is only "the same as the story of" pretending to fall asleep waiting for "Prince Charming" the kiss, she will be very bold desire to love, the last princess more beautiful but not ugly, and so "the prince and princess live ugly, but very happy life." The film everywhere comparison with the traditional classic, constantly engage in sabotage.

A new line with what the concept of modern life. First, it successfully raised a new concept. The final story has not lifted the curse of the princess, beautiful princess ugly, but they are frankly accepted it all. Therefore, the absolute consummation is impossible, it is unrealistic to successfully complete only the major factors, which is a new postmodern concept of art. Taste more of life to enjoy, you may find happiness. This is the moral of the film.


"Shrek" extensive use of post-modernist technique of expression, especially in characterization, the bold and the classic fairy tale in the tradition of subverting the role of image and the role of several fairy tales together, but these the image of the audience are familiar with some of the changes made so that they differ from the audience are familiar characters, and even added as talking, donkey ramble this image as a hero, giving a fresh feel.


1. Shrek 2. Princess Fiona 3. other characters

In the classic fairy tale, the prince is handsome but brave, "they aim for a noble to rescue the suffering people." They will be danger, remove all obstacles to find the princess, get rid of wild beasts and wicked (as in "Snow White" and "Cinderella" in the same) to save the princess, the princess finally get the love and happiness with her life in together.

In the "Shrek", with the beautiful music playing in it is an ugly, dirty monster. He lives alone in the swamp, covered with green hair, face ugly, dirty and smelly. Even his character, is also incompatible with the image of the traditional prince. Shrek and lonely and even some autistic, bad temper, selfishness. Gradually changed. Pull back to toot his way to become friends with the donkey, the Shrek finally to the audience of his rich and fragile inner world. Shrek kind-hearted.. His sincere and sensitive feelings, fear of injury. Pull back to toot the road between Shrek and Princess Fiona had a deep affection, but because Shrek Princess Fiona has been worried that will not agree to marry a monster and not brave enough to her confession. As if he is the people around us, flesh and blood,.

Princess Fiona

Princess Fiona saw someone come and save her pretended to sleep on the bed, or even want to take the initiative to accept her imaginary prince kiss. This classic fairy tale of shy, pleasant, elegant image of the alien princess. Way back to toot pull her performance is the subversion of traditional princess. Fiona not really good, not weak. Tree snake made of balloons to give Shrek play. Na is not passive waiting, but take the initiative to fight. She boldly express their yearning for new life and the love for Shrek, finally got his love.

talking donkey
Another protagonist of the story talking donkey is also the protagonist of the classic fairy tale image of subversion. In the classic fairy tale, the handsome prince to ride horses to rescue the princess. In the "Shrek" in conjunction with

Shrek to rescue Princess is a ramble, a bit neurotic, talking donkey. His cheerful optimism, enthusiasm bright but timid. Compared to the classic fairy tale prince of Stallion, he is more like an exchange of friends. Ultimately the encouragement of the donkey, Shrek and Princess Fiona have lovers get married, the end of the story, Subversion of the traditional donkey is to the extreme: he not only can sing rock, but also fell in love with the dragon guarding the castle.

other characters
Farmers regardless of the original honest good to kill indiscriminately Shrek; pure goodness Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs cohabitation; good old carpenter for a few gold coins to sell the puppet Pinocchio; Du pull ruler method is only an appearance of adult gram ugly, sordid inner clown; outlaw Robin Hood become a rogue bandit heavy, but martial arts is not strength, and even beat the Princess Fiona.

a mirror to see the puppet master of color words, talent show host, became a major candidate's wife Fack tools;

fierce dragon

The fierce dragon has become a cruel like to hear compliments the small woman; eat Little Red Riding Hood's Langwai Po hasbecome a gentle, like to watchfashion and entertainment magazine. These figures are plausible postmodern subversion of the classic fairy tale and transform the result to be

the "Shrek" story narrative technique and point of view, it still continues the classic fairy tale narrative kernel , is a traditional Hollywood-style fairy tale. .

Classical literature
Three parts: beginning, development and climax. The three-segment structure after 17, the eighth century was summed up the development of classicism into "unities", namely: the beginning of the story leads to the event and introduced the main characters; the middle part of the inconsistencies and to initiate action; the end of the completion of action and resolve contradictions. Fairy story development in almost all faithfully followed this

The Non-traditional plot of the movie
ShrekⅠ, who was awarded “The best Ⅰ animated film ”, was made by Dream Works SKG and Pacific Data Images (PDI). The film not only absorbed the classic Disney mode, but also took this model and made a huge good joke. In this movie ,Shaping the characters with sounds made high achievements, especially Eddie Murphy's donkey voice. In addition, there have breakthroughs in computer technology, making a visual Realistic .

Previous Disney films can be summarized as "the prince save the princess in trouble, then fall in love with each other, finally life together". Needless to say ,Princes and Princesses are kind-hearted. Particularly important , they should be handsome boys and pretty girls.

Shooting technique
Bullet time : some

stationary shots , in a moment, all objects’ movement are stationary, and then the shots rotating around a fixed object 360 degrees, finally all of the objects removement.

The shooting processes of Bullet time
They shot "bullet time" shots when the 120 camera are accurately placed in a line which made by a computer tracking system. Then let the camera shutter in accordance with the computer pre-programmed time interval of good order and started taking pictures. After that, the photographs shot in various angles are all scanned into computers, computer patch the diversity of two adjacent pictures, which allows 360-degree lens, the subject of coherent and smooth moves, and finally computer integrate the coherent dynamic image with the background.