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一.根据句意和首字母提示完成单词。 1. One h 1 2. I'm really t is the number 100. 2 .I've got to go to bed. . 4 of 100 C.

3. Peter doesn't like eating chocolate.It tastes too s 3 4. Normally,water boils at a t 5. Would you mind c 7. If it r 7 8.
_____ _____

5 the door?It's cold outside.

6. His legs were so weak that he could h 6 stand. tomorrow,they won't have the party in the open air. or Thursday? Shall we meet on W 8

Either day is fine with me. to the moon for vocation. 11 that they look like small birds.

9. One day people will f 9

10. In this zoo there are a lot of a 10 ,such as monkeys,tigers and birds. 11. Look at the sky!The kites are flying so h Go down this road until you see a tall building. You can't m 12 it. 13. Mum,I'm h 13 14. Yes,but how? 15. Most Chinese have three m 15 16. W 16 a day.They are breakfast,lunchand supper. from that in North China. .

12. _____Excuse me.How can I get to the post office?

after a long run.Please give me something to eat.

I advise doing something to relax ourselves after the exams.Do you a 14 with me?

is the third day of a week.

17. The weather in South China is d 17

18. Liuu Ying is thin,but her twin sister Liu Li is h 18

19. China will have her sixtieth birthday on O 19 1 this year. 20. Shirley Temple b 20 a movie star when she was three years old. 21. I haven't been to a water park,what about you? . of difficulties. Me n 21

22. Be brave,boys and girls!Don't be a 22

23. S 23 is the best season of a year.When it comes,the trees turn green. 24. Sweden(瑞典)lies in the north of Europe.It is the fourth largest country in europe with an a 24 of 450,000 square kilometers. 25. Children are?p 25 for doing some housework so that they can learn how to make money for their own use. 26. It is very important to get e 26 sleep every day to keep healthy. 27. Andy moved to China in 2005.She has found many differences b 27 Chinese and Americans. 28. There was a fire in the office yesterday.L 28 ,all the people were saved. 29. We can enjoy f 29 air in the countryside. 30. Rush hour is the time of day when t 30 is very heavy.

31. What a hot day!Look!Maria is s 31 in the river. 32. It t 32 me 25 minutes to go to school every day. 33. W should brush our t 33 twice a day. 34. The Yangtze River is the l 34 river in China. 35. He is i 35 in English.He wants to be an English teacher. 36. My daughter likes sleeping with the windows o 36 to keep the air fresh. 37. Please don't w 37 water.Can't you see the sign “Save Water”? 38. My grandfather went to the dentist and had one bad t 38 pulled out. 39. Susan was so careless that she made many m 39 in the test. 40. The h 40 you work, the more progress you'll make. 41. Do you often take part in youe school a 41 42. Alice is always too s 42 to talk in public. 43. He used not to like Peking Opera,but now he is vey f 43 44. The bus went around to p 44 up students every morning. 45. “WWW”means “W 45 Wide Web”. 46. Science is one of my favourite s 46 .How about you? 47. Could you give us some a 47 on how to learn English well? I 'd be glad to. 48. He has v 48 a lot of places since he came to Ningbo. becomes shorter. people because they aren't able to see. the early bus. one. of our motherland -----Beijing. 49. When summer comes,day becomes longer and n 49 50. It'sour duty to help b 50 51. Hurry up,or we won't c 51 52. P 52 of it.

are my favourite animals and they live only in China.

53. This shirt is too short.I want a l 53 55. May I b 55 your ruler?

54. The 29 Olympic Games will be held in the c 54 Sorry,I've lent it to Liu Ying. 56. The famous singers had a concert to r 56 57. It makes me feel excited and p 57 二.根据对话和首字母提示完成句子。 (一) A:Excuse m (1) B:Can I h (2) . you? .

money for thr homeless people.

How do you feel when you see the national flag of China?

A:Yes,please.I need to see my friend.She's i (3) in the hospital.I have a map but it's in Chinese, and I can only s (4) English.H (5) do I get there? B:Don't worry.Let me have a l (6)at your map.OK,how do you get there,b (7) A:By bus. B:You can t (8) A:How f (8) a No.2 bus. is it from here? bus or on foot?

B:It's about three miles. A:How l (9) does it take? B:About 20 minutes. A:OK,t (10) you very much! B:You're welcome.If you h (11) any problems,you can ask the policeman over there. (二) A:I haven't seen you for two months.W 1 A:Great!How was your v 2 ? .such as thr Great Wall and the Summer have you been? B:I've been to Beijing with my parents to take a holiday. B:It was wonderful.We visited many interesting p 3 Palace.

A:Did you go to the Olympic Sports Centre and visit the National Stadium? B:Yes,We took many pictures around the Bird's Nest.And we h 4 great fun watching a football game in the Bird's Nest. A:What about the f 5 B:Yes,it was delicious. (三) A:Who is your best friend,Ma Li? B:Cathy. A:W 1 is she a good friend? things as I do.She is popular,too.And she is good at s . B:Because she likes to do the s 2 A:Are you g 3 at sports ,too? B:Well,I like sports ,but Cathy is m 4 athletic(健壮的,体育的)than me.I'd say we are both pretty outgoing. A:What else do you like about Cathy? B:She is funnier t 5 B:My best friend is Lana. C:Whar do you like a 8 her? B:Well,she is a good listener,and she can k 9 secrets C:Is she a lot like you? B:Some people say that we l 10 the same.We're both tall,and we both have a long curly hair.But Lana is m 11 quieter than me,and she is also smarter.I'm more outgoing. 三. 根据短文内容及首字母提示完成单词, 将完整的单词写在短文下面的横线上。 (一) In many big cities in the world,the overuse of cars is thought to be one of the major causes of air pollution.What will cars be l 1 in the future? Some experts think that today’s cars are in trouble b 2 they use too much petrol(汽油).They that's important to me. I am ,and she is wilder .I'm a l 6 quieter. friend/ A:How about you,Tim?Who is your b 7 ?Have you ever tried Beijing Duck?

say the car of the future will be much,much smaller.The car of tomorrow will be m3 without a motor or air conditioning.It’ll have no radio and no lights.Tomorrow’s car will be an o 4 air car with no doors or windows.It needn’t have a pollution control system because it w 5 use petrol.In fact,this new car will be pushed by the driver’s feet.Very few people will be killed in accidents,because the top s 6 will be five miles per hour.However,we are also warned not to ask for pretty c 7 ,because the cars will come in grey only. Other car experts do not hold the same idea.They are s 8 that the future will be happier.They think that all our problems will soon be solved by car companies with the production of the Supercar.Tomorrow’s car will be bigger,faster,and more comfortable than b 9 .The Supercar will have four rooms,TVs,running water,heat,air conditioning,and maybe a swimming pool.Large families will travel on l 10 trips comfortably.If petrol is in short supply(供应),the Supercar will run on water. (二) The mobile phone is a useful thing, but maybe I don't know h(1) makes things difficult for me. to use it. Sometimes it

One day I wanted to see my friend nearby. I could a(2) at his house in five minutes, but I looked at my mobile phone and thought i (3) would be better to ring him up. I r (4) him for the first time, but the line was busy. Five minutes later, there was an answer, but it was the wrong number. Then I tried a(5) and this time I got an answer from him. I asked him if he was at home in the afternoon. And be said-at l(6) I thought he said-he would be at home all afternoon. So I went to his house, but then I found n (7) in. I called him for the fourth time. This time I got so angry that I s(8) , "You are not at home? But you just told me over the telephone that yon would be at home all afternoon!" Here w (9) e (10) his answer, "No, I said: 'I will NOT be at home all afternoon.'” I went back to my room, sat down in front of the mobile phone and looked at it. What could I do? Nothing! (三) Reading is an activity people enjoy a lot in their free time. Some like reading newspapers and o___1__enjoy novels or comic(喜剧的) books. My f___2__books are those about the lives of great people. Reading them always gives me a lot of ideas on how to make my o__3___life better. Great people are remembered not because they were handsome or beautiful, but because they did not give up w___4__their lives were difficult. They tried to use e___5___chance to change their lives and make the world better. One good example is Orville and Wilbur Wright, the two brothers w_6____ invented the airplane. The plane has m___7the world into a small village. Hard work, not good luck, is the r_8_____why the Wright Brothers could invent this convenient(方便的) machine and become great people. Today we will remember them when we see planes i__9__ the sky. Whenever I read s__10____about great people, I always learn a lot from them and they encourage me to march on. This is why I enjoy reading about great people’s lives.

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