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牛津高中英语模块五 Unit1 单元测试题

单 项 填 空 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 21. —Excuse me, Mum, but I want to join my friends on an outing to the beach. —OK. ______ A. Congratulations! B. Good luck!

C. My pleasure. D. Have fun! 22. Building ______ good friendship with others is not easy because it takes time and ______ energy. A. the; an C. the; 不填 B. a; 不填 D. a; an

23. —You must apologize ______ your sister ______ being so rude. —No way! It’s her fault. A. to; to C. for; to B. for; for D. to; for

24. —What’s wrong with Linda? —She can’t help ______ when she can’t help ______ a problem. A. crying; solving B. cry; solving

C. crying; solve D. cry; solve 25. —Father promised to buy me a computer. —He will. He always ______. A. keeps his word C. keeps his words B. breaks his word D. breaks his words

26. —What made our teacher so upset? —Lily didn’t pass the exam, but her parents ______ the failure on the teacher. A. considered C. targeted B. commented D. blamed

27. —What about going travelling to Shanghai? —I think it is a city ______ you are not willing to say goodbye once you have

visited it. A. in which C. to which B. at which D. with which

28. The mother cares so much about her son that she often ______ him, which makes him very uncom-fortable. A. focuses on C. depends on B. spies on D. holds on

29. —Jack made a decision finally. —But he changed it ______. You know he is always changeable. A. long before C. before long B. in advance D. in relief

30. Jessie kept looking around ______ she was looking for somebody. A. even if B. as if C. in case D. so that

31. The policeman ______ to be reading a newspaper. In reality, he was watching the man near the window. A. pretended B. hesitated C. swore D. determined

32. The fact is ______ the old man’s son takes good care of him, his health remains poor. A. once B. since C. if D. while

33. My friend asked me some ______ questions in public, which made me very embarrassed. A. cheerful B. cruel C. awkward D. powerful

34. All morning as she waited for the medical report from the doctor, her nervousness ______. A. has grown B. is growing C. grew D. had grown

35. —Christina, you had a wonderful time at your birthday party, didn’t you? —______, and ______. A. So did I; so my friends did C. So I did; so my friends did B. So I did; so did my friends D. So did I; so did my friends

完 形 填 空 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以 填入空白处的最佳选项。 “When you are young you just believe there will be many people with whom you will connect. Later in life you’ll realize it happens only a few times.” I don’t remember where I 36 this saying, but it makes sense.

There was a time when I never thought twice before 37 with a friend, not caring what would happen if we fell apart mainly because I thought that I would 38 many friends in my life later on. 39 after a period of about five springs, I

can hardly say that I still think the same. 40 , I believe good friends are very few and hard to 41 life. When I was in junior class in school, whoever 42 to sit beside me on the 43 and therefore, it is wise to hold on to the ones we have had in

first day of the school year became my best friend. I remember a nice and

girl sat beside me in Class 3, 44 her roll number (学号) was just before mine. I was very 45 since the talkative me was thinking how to 46 a whole year with a quiet girl as my desk mate. She went on to become a really good friend of mine, who 47 my things as I had a bad habit of 48 things. She also alerted (使警觉) me in class whenever the teacher started to look my side, and that was when I was paying attention to 49 with the one sitting on my other side. She had a powerful 50 on

me, always reminding me at the end of school

51 about important tasks to be 52 53

the next day. The next year, we were in different schools and after that we spoke. Now I wish I had made every effort to continue our 54 .

Sometimes I miss some of those friends with whom I have broken up, and I deeply 55 some friendship breakups. 36. A. wished for C. worked on 37. A. connecting C. agreeing B. came across D. did with B. mixing D. fighting

38. A. meet 39. A. But

B. need B. And

C. help D. thank C. Or D. Although

40. A. In the long term C. At least 41. A. forget

B. On the contrary

D. In conclusion B. decide C. invite D. find C. happened D. seemed

42. A. pretended B. refused

43. A. quiet B. confident C. lonely 44. A. so B. because C. if

D. little

D. unless

45. A. disappointed B. fortunate C. interested D. pleased D. last

46. A. waste B. take C. spend 47. A. looked back on C. rose up against

B. looked forward to D. took care of C. stealing D. cutting

48. A. repairing B. losing 49. A. chatting C. dealing 50. A. force

B. comparing D. beginning C. influence D. argument C. buildings D. hours

B. voice

51. A. activities B. years 52. A. received C. considered 53. A. together 54. A. work C. fun 55. A. warn 阅

B. mentioned D. finished C. seldom D. often

B. forever B. friendship D. education

B. regret

C. mind

D. protect

读 理 解

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A I consider Lily to be my best friend because she is always very good to me. She’s always with me in times of difficulties and she is always there waiting for me. When I have problems and feel empty and upset, she’s always by my side to comfort me.

We’ve been together for two years. I met her during our college days. She was my classmate, but I can tell that we were not so close at that time, maybe because we had our own friends and maybe our attention was always on them, so I didn’t even notice her. Yet there were times that she was with me during my lunch break. That is why we slowly became close. We had our lunch together in the boarding house but sometimes not, probably because we had our own friends. And when we took our break, we bought our favorite food together, but not that often since we didn’t have enough money. Furthermore, we were together in the student union, which was nice for me to know her better. I can say that she is really a nice friend. She is the kind of person that is very approachable in times of emptiness. She is a friend whom I can call every time I need help. Definitely, I am so glad that I have her. Currently, we are working together as freelance writers online. We both work as contractors (承包人) in oDesk. We are very happy with working together, and we are looking forward to earning some money so that we can go on vacation together. Friendships may not last. Friendships can lose importance and die gradually. However, I believe she will be a lifelong friend of mine. 1. Which of the following statements is NOT true? A. They have been friends for two years. B. They often had lunch in the boarding house. C. The author is good at writing. D. Lily is a full-time teacher at college. 2. The author considers her friend Lily to be ______. A. distant C. helpful B. innocent D. wealthy

3. According to the passage, the author is ______ about their friendship. A. optimisticB. embarrassed C. nervous D. unsure 4. The author mainly wants to tell us ______. A. their close and valuable friendship

B. the education they have received C. how to work part-time effectively D. how to build good relationships

B The village of Foston, North Yorkshire, UK, now has a post office thanks to pupils at the village primary school. People in the village were saddened to see their local branch (分局) closed 12 years ago. But now the village primary school has opened one in a converted (改造过的) outdoor toilet, a small brick building, with all the pupils at the school trained to help. Teaching assistant Laura Glass, 29, said, “The last one closed in 1998 and the nearest one is five miles away, meaning it was very tricky as the village has a lot of elderly people, and we suggested that the old toilet be used. “We got a lot of help from the government and the villagers in converting it. We then realized that by getting pupils to run it we could help teach them important skills at the same time. “The children will be properly supervised (察看并指导). They love it and it gives them key skills, and the villagers love it too because it is such a unique service.” The post office opens daily during the pupils’ schooldays, for 15 minutes during their lunch break, and for another 15 minutes after lessons at 3 pm. Villager Laura Deighton’s five-year-old daughter Grace goes to the school and has been serving customers at the unusual branch. Laura, 31, said, “Grace thinks it’s wonderful and great fun, and she and all the kids learn really useful social skills. “It is also a great benefit to the community. They’ve got everything you could possibly need, and the kids are excellent. They are so friendly and helpful.” 5. The underlined word “tricky” in Paragraph 4 probably means ________. A. enjoyable C. exciting B. difficult D. different

6. Laura Deighton’s attitude towards the service provided by the pupils can be described as ________. A. anxious C. satisfied B. surprised D. doubtful

7. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. The post office opens every day. B. Only selected pupils can work in the post office. C. The post office is inside the primary school. D. Pupils love to help in the post office. 8. The best title for the passage would be ________. A. Outdoor toilet becomes new post office B. Kids serve customers during lunch break C. Another post office branch reopened D. Primary school opens village post office

C John von Neumann was the oldest of 3 children of a banker, and his speed of learning new ideas and of solving problems stood out early. When he was 17, his father tried to persuade him not to become a mathematician because he may lead a poor life being a mathematician, and so von Neumann agreed to study chemistry as well. In 1926, at 23, he received a degree in chemical engineering and a Ph.D. in mathematics. From then on, mathematics provided well enough for him, and he never had to turn to chemistry. In 1930, von Neumann visited Princeton University for a year and then became a professor there. His first book was published in 1932. In 1933, the Institute for Advanced Study was formed, and he became one of the 6 full-time people in the School of Mathematics (Einstein was one of the others). World War II hugely changed von Neumann’s areas of interest. Until 1940 he had been a great pure mathematician. During and after the war, he became one of the best mathematicians who put mathematics theories into practice. During the last part of the

war he became interested in computing machines and made several fundamental contributions. After the war, von Neumann continued his work with computers, and was generally very active in government service. He received many awards, was president of the American Mathematical Society and was a member of the Atomic Energy Commission. He died in 1957 of cancer. Von Neumann made several great contributions and any one of them would have been enough to earn him a firm place in history. He will be remembered as one of the greatest minds of the 20th century. Von Neumann really was a legend (传奇) in his own time, and there are a number of stories about him. His driving ability is a part of this legend. He reported one accident this way: “I was driving down the road. The trees on the right were passing me in an orderly fashion at 60 miles per hour. Suddenly one of them stepped in my path.” 9. According to the passage, von Neumann’s father believed that ________. A. a mathematician couldn’t earn a lot of money B. a mathematician needed a good memory C. von Neumann had the ability to learn two subjects at the same time D. von Neumann had a gift for solving problems at a high speed 10. Von Neumann published his first book at the age of ________. A. 23 B. 26 C. 29 D. 32

11. How did World War II affect John von Neumann? A. He realized the importance of engineering. B. He began to research how to put mathematics into practice. C. He left college and served at the government department. D. He lost interest in chemistry. 12. From the last paragraph, we can infer John von Neumann was _______. A. calm B. brave C. intelligent D. humorous

D People skills are also referred to as interpersonal or soft skills. Effective people

skills are necessary to become a leader or be an effective member of a team. In addition, interpersonal skills play an important role on a social level, particularly when developing relationships with family members and friends. The best way to test your people skills is to put them into practice. Step 1 Take an online people skills test. You’ll be asked questions about how you solve problems, resolve disagreements and interact (交流) with others. People skills tests may be of various lengths, but usually won’t take longer than 20 minutes to complete. To truly assess your people skills, you must be honest in each of your answers on these tests. Step 2 Interact with co-workers. A good way to test your people skills is during team activities at work or in one-on-one interactions with your superiors and fellow employees. Role-playing activities can help improve communication between management and employees. In addition, this provides a chance of gaining honest feedback (反馈) on your interactions with others. Step 3 Attend social gatherings. Place yourself in social situations, whether it is a dinner party or networking event. These situations require you to interact with people from all walks of life. This presents a perfect chance of putting your people skills to the test by communicating with others. However, if you know your people skills need improvement, consider hosting or attending events with your family and friends first. If you’re the shy type, this may help you feel more comfortable. Step 4 Apply for jobs where you have to interact with others. For example, taking on a temporary secretary position (职位) in a company will put your people skills to the test because you’ll be interacting with a number of different people. Step 5 Assess the results of your people skills test and social activities. Analyze your strong points and weak points. Ask for honest feedback from someone you trust and

who has observed you in social situations, and listen carefully to what that person has to say. 13. What is the most important quality when you are taking an online people skills test? A. Being honest. B. Being careful. C. Being brave. D. Being open. 14. If you are shy, you should ______. A. meet more people online C. apply for a job in a big company D. attend a dinner party with your friends 15. What would be the best title for this passage? A. Ways to attend social activities B. The importance of people skills C. How to test your people skills D. How to get along with others 任 务 型 阅 读请认真阅读下面短文, 并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入一个最恰 当的单词。 注意:每个空格只填 1 个单词。 Bad dreams are commonly experienced by children all over the world. Children often ask their parents to look around their room, under their bed or behind the door to check that there’s nobody there so that they can sleep in peace. The fears in real life may sometimes turn into bad dreams at night. Children may wake up all of a sudden and start crying at night or they may insist that they should sleep with their parents. That’s why, instead of letting the children live in fear of bad dreams, parents should take action to stop their children from having bad dreams. Bad dreams in children can be caused by a number of things. The most common B. try to become a leader

one is when a child is exposed (使暴露) to some scary images and scenes in storybooks or cartoons. The visual influence of these scary images can last for a long time and children may start having bad dreams because of them. Research in the field shows that any traumatic (极不愉快的) event in a child’s life can lead to bad dreams. For a child, anything that makes him cry can be traumatic and thus can be dreamed about. If the child has been given injections, if he has ever been left behind or left alone by the family, or if he has just started going to school — all these things, which may seem less serious to adults, can actually cause bad dreams. Parents whose children are experiencing bad dreams should talk to the children about dreams at first. Parents can share some of their own dreams while having breakfast to let the child know that it is normal to have them. If the dream has been really scary, parents can tell a story and turn it into something positive or funny. Parents should ask the child if he is having some problems at school or if anyone is trying to frighten him. Basically, the idea is to create a safe environment for the child to live in. Before sleeping, reminding the child of some good and happy things that he will do next morning will help him sleep in a positive mode and thus, can prevent bad dreams. Having the children maintain the same sleeping patterns matters. There are some other things that parents can do to stop bad dreams in children, such as making them sleep and wake up in a regular way, leaving the light on in their room while they are sleeping, reading them a nice bedtime story, or making them pray before sleeping to calm their mind. Title Introduction Bad dreams in children * It is quite common for children to (16) ______ bad dreams because of the fears in real life. * Some children cannot sleep (17) ______. * Some children wake up (18) ______ at

night and start crying. * Children may insist on (19) ______ with their parents. (20) ______ for bad dreams in children * Some images and scenes that (21) ______ children * Some traumatic events in their daily life (22) ______ to stop having bad dreams children from * Talk to children and help them (23) ______ about dreams. * Turn bad dreams into positive or funny ones by making up stories. * Help children solve their problems and give them a safe living (24) ______. * Remind children about some good things they will do next morning. * Maintain the same sleeping patterns. * Make children sleep and wake up (25) ______, leave the light on, etc. 书 面 表 达 假定你是李华, 收到笔友 Tom 的来信。 Tom 在信中提到他最近在劝好友 Andy 戒烟, Andy 却因此要与他绝交, 但 这件事令他很烦恼。 请你给 Tom 写一封回信, 提出一些建议。 注意: 1. 词数 150 左右; 2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 _________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

[参考答案] 21-25 DBDCA 26-30 DCBCB 31-35 ADCCB 36-40 BDAAB 41-45 DCABA

46-50 CDBAC 51-55 DDCBB 阅读理解: 1-5 DCAAB 16. experience / have 6-10 CDDAC 11-15 BDADC

17. peacefully

18. suddenly 19. sleeping 20. Reasons 21. scare / frighten 22. Ways / How

23. know / learn 24. environment 25. regularly One possible version: Dear Tom, I’m sorry to hear that you are upset about your relationship with Andy. I think you needn’t worry a lot about your friendship with Andy. First, you should realize that everybody has shortcomings and a friend without faults will never be found. Second, smoking does do harm to his health. But when you try to stop him directly, he may think you make fun of him and don’t like him. In my opinion, you’d better do it in another way. Try to make him realize the harm of smoking gradually and then try to persuade him to give up smoking kindly and sincerely. Finally, you should still be kind and show proper respect to him. As time goes on, he may feel sorry for misunderstanding you and you will be good friends again. Best wishes, Yours truly, Li Hua

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