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2013 学年度高一上学期寒假作业
第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21.--- Do you like the novel Red Sorghun written by Mo Yan, who is the winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature ? --- Very interesting ! _______. A. It is so – so B. I couldn’t see what it was about C. It is not to my taste D. It couldn’t have been better. 22.We all admire Madame Curie a lot . But most of us have little knowledge of ______makes a great person. A. that B. which C. what D. whom 23.Many new stadiums _____ in Rio de Janeiro ( 里约热内卢) in order to celebrate the 2016 Olympic Games. A. are building B. were being built C. will be built D. would be built 24. --- You seemed to be impressed by his skill . --- Not exactly. It was his courage _______his skill that really impressed me. A.except that B. as well as C.according to D. because of 25.Nowadays many young people left their home to go to the big cities _____ good job opportunities. A. in charge of B. in return C. in search of D. in result 26. We are _______ at the _______ pictures of San Qing Mountains taken by the foreigners. A. amazed; amazing B. amazing; amazed C. amazed; amazed D. amazing; amazing 27.---_______ do you visit your parents ? ---Once __________. A. How soon; each three days B. How often; every third days C. How often; every three days D. How long; each three days 28.Two-day marriages are typical of the “post – 80s” generation and many young couples ________ after lightning marriages. A. break out B. break up C. break in D. break through 29.The athletes from all over the world ________ great importance_______ attending the games, and they are trying their best to win gold medals. A. look; as B. attach; to C. dream; of D. take; for 30._______________a passer – by , I carried the injured person into a hospital nearby. A. Under the help of B. By the help of C. With the help of D. After the help of 31. I’m used to ________ in the house which _______ to keep books and magazines. A. living; use B. live ; was used C. live ; used D. living ; was used 32. Can I use your computer to check my e-mail ? Mine _______ at the moment . A. has been repaired B. will be repaired C. is being repaired D. is repaired 33. Kitty is _________ careful a girl ________ she always reads her composition many times before handing it to her teacher. A. too; to B. so; that C. such; that D. so; so 34. Margot often ________ after–school programs , like playing in the band. A. put up with B. takes part in C. runs away D. gets along with 35.The singer became famous in _________ , ____________ the classical music was better than the pop music. A. early 1980s; which B. early 1980’s; when C. the early 1980s; which D. the early 1980s; when 第二节 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白

处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 One day Reuben saw something in a shop window that set his heart racing. But he couldn’t 36 it at that moment. 37 , he opened the shop’s door and went inside. Standing proud and straight, he told the shopkeeper what he wanted and asked him to 38 it for some time. The shopkeeper 39 ___. Reuben walked out into the sunlight and thought he would ___40 the five dollars and not tell anybody. Hearing the sound of hammering(敲打), he had a(n) 41 . People built their own homes using nails(钉子) and 42 nail bags outside. He could sell them back to the nail factory for five cents a piece. That day he sold two bags and hid the 43 . It was evening when Reuben got home. Dora was at the kitchen, ready to serve 44 as Reuben sat at the table. He looked at his 45 and smiled. Every day after school, Reuben 46 the town, collecting nail bags. On the day the school closed for the summer holiday, Reuben was happier than anyone 47 he would have more time for his 48 . Finally, the time had come! He 49 the coins. It was five dollars in all. Then he headed for the shop. “I have the money,” he 50 told the owner. And he got his ___51 ___. Racing home, Reuben 52 as he ran to his mother, “Here, Mum! Here!” He 53 a small box in her big hand. She 54 it carefully and saw the golden word “Mother” inside the box. It was Mothers’ Day. Dora had never received such a 55 . She smiled happily and held her son in her arms. 36. A. touch B. send C. use D. afford 37. A. Therefore B. However C. Because D. Thus 38. A. get B. hide C. keep D. share 39. A. agreed B. ignored C. refused D. received 40. A. spend B. raise C. borrow D. steal 41. A. idea B. wish C. decision D. secret 42. A. sold B. needed C. left D. made 43. A. nails B. shoes C. bags D. coins 44. A. lunch B. dinner C. customers D. tea 45. A. sister B. friend C. mother D. neighbor 46. A. left B. visited C. cleaned D. searched 47. A. or B. but C. because D. though 48. A. plan B. duty C. travel D. result 49. A. dropped B. counted C. showed D. collected 50. A. quietly B. worriedly C. cleverly D. happily 51. A. job B. reply C. treasure D. present 52. A. shouted B. clapped C. asked D. fell 53. A. found B. placed C. threw D. took 54. A. packed B. checked C. picked D. opened 55. A. gift B. letter C. word D. prize 第三部分:阅读理解(共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A. B. C. D)中,选出最佳选项,并把正确答案 填在答卷上。 A Wildlife faces threats ( 威胁 ) from habitat destruction, pollution, and other human actions. Although protecting wildlife may seem too hard at times, even small actions in your own neighbourhood can help protect many different animals. Here are some tips on how to protect wildlife through small actions.

1.Create wildlife friendly areas in your backyard.
When trying to make your garden more beautiful , you can choose plants that can provide food and shelter to native wildlife . This will also help cut down on pollution . Add bird or bat houses to your yard or garden to attract and shelter these species.

2. Avoid harming the natural ecosystem ( 生态系统 ) in your area.
Some plants from other places can kill or harm native plants that provide food and shelter for wildlife.

3. ________________________________________________.
By using less water and fewer fuels, you will be helping to protect the wildlife around you . Take buses or the subway when you can, turn off electric devices when you’re not using them , take shorter shower, and keep your room temperature at or below 68 degrees during the winter.

4. Buy products that are wildlife friendly
Don’t buy products that are made from endangered animals. Keep in mind that some endangered animals are killed by traps , catches or hunters who are after other wildlife within the same habitat.

5. Donate money or time to organizations that protect wildlife and their habitats.
You can give money to organization or groups that protect wildlife species in your neighbourhood. 56. We infer that the purpose of this passage is to ________. A. tell us why protecting wildlife is extremely important now B. suggest that we protect wildlife through actions C. explain why protecting wildlife is not as hard as people think. D. give us some tips on how to protect wildlife through small actions 57. Which of the following threats to wildlife is NOT mentioned in the passage ? A. Animal diseases B. Loss of habitat C. Pollution D. Hunters 58. What’s the best title for the third point ? A. Have a greener lifestyle. B. Use less water and fewer fuels. C. Take a bus when you go out . D. Try a new kind of life. 59. The writer suggests that we _________. A. not buy products made from animals B. share cars with others when we go out C. grow as many kinds of plants in our gardens as possible D. provide shelters for birds and bats in our gardens or yards 60. In which section of a newspaper would you most probably read this passage ? A. Environment B. Teaching C. Business D. Geography B In a movie, a woman reads a storybook to her friend’s daughter. As they approach the last page, she reads, “… and Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever after.” She closes the book and looks at the young girl, adding, “ You know, things don’t always happen like this in real life, I just think you should know that now.” We were all raised on fairy tales with glass slippers, brave princes and magic! It didn’t take too long to realize that stories like that aren’t necessarily true. In real life, you learn that glass slippers are really uncomfortable, no prince is perfect and magic doesn’t always work. So what do you do when the way you planned things is not the way they turned out? Know that parts of your fairy tale have already been written, and sadly, there’s not much you can do about those first few chapters. You didn’t get the best start. Your trust was unexpectedly betrayed (背叛). You didn’t get the job. Whatever falls and failures happened in your past, there’s still more to the story. Your life has a lot of contributors (投稿者), and you are the editor-in-chief. You take what’s there and create the masterpiece (杰作). All the good pages and the bad can come together to make a beautiful adventure. When you find yourself wishing your life was more like the fairy tales, remember that in some ways it already is. There will be dragons, bad witches, great romances, winding roads and friends to help you along the way. Live your life carefully and positively as if you are writing a long story. Whether it’s a comedy, tragedy or a little of both, the pen is in your hand. How it ends is all up to

you. 61. According to the first paragraph, we know the woman is __________. A. wise B. cruel C. brave D. patient 62. Why does the author raise the question in Paragraph 3? A. To compare different ideas B. To express the doubts of life. C. To introduce points for discussion. D. To describe the conditions in real life 63. It can be learnt from the passage that _________. A. friends can always be a great help in life B. there is a perfect prince waiting in your life C. magic can work at any time once you gain it D. glass slippers are both beautiful and comfortable 64. Which of the following may NOT often appear in fairy tales? A. Glass slippers B. Winding roads C. Sad endings D. Bad witches. 65. What is the message conveyed in the passage? A. Be positive about life B. Write your own stories. C. Parents should tell fairy tales to their kids D. There are many problems in school education C

Oldest , Youngest , or in the Middle ?
Were you the first or last child in your family ? Or were you a middle or the only child ? Some people think it matters where you were born in your family . But there are different ideas about what birth order means. Some people say that oldest children are smart and strong-willed.They are very likely to be successful . The reason for this is simple . Parents have a lot of time for their first child . They give him or her a lot of attention . So this child is very likely to do well . An only child will succeed for the same reasons. What happens to the other children in a family ? Middle children don’t get so much attention . So they don’t feel that important. If a family has many children , the middle ones sometimes get lost in the crowd. The youngest child , though , often gets special treatment . He or she is the “baby” . Often this child grows up to be funny and charming. Do you believe these ideas about birth order? A recent study saw things quite differently . This study found that the first children believed in family rules. They didn’t take many chances in their lives.They usually followed their own ideas . They took chances . And they often did better in life. Which theory about birth order do you believe ? Look at your own family or you friends’ families . Decide which idea fits what you see. 66. This passage is about __________. A. why the oldest children in a family usually succeed B. why some children refuse to follow orders C. ways in which birth order may affect how children grow up D. how people have a lot of trouble agreeing about ideas 67. According to the article, some people think that youngest children grow up to be ________. A. babies B. not capable of doing anything C. funny and charming D. strong leaders 68. If later-born children take chances rather than following rules, you might expect them to be________. A. jealous B. creative C. spoiled D. obedient employees 69. The statement that middle children “ sometimes get lost in the crowd”means that _________. A. they have a poor sense of direction

B. they don’t get a lot of attention C. they have a strong desire to be leaders D. they can’t get along with others 70. The underlined word “ theory “ means ________. A. idea B. comparison C. evidence D. surprise D There is an old saying about volunteer work that goes like this: “ No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” Today, many people volunteer their time and energy to help others. There are a lot of ways to meet other people’s needs. For example, some volunteers provide help after a disaster. Others are happy to get dirty while repairing homes or planting trees or flowers in poor neighborhoods. Young people see suffering and loneliness around them and find ways to help. And history lovers help archeologists(考古学家) search for ancient objects to help deepen our knowledge of the past. Volunteers work in many areas around the world, including Haiti. More than two years have passed since a 7.0 earthquake shook the nation. The exact number of people who died may never be known. Thousands of survivors of the Haitian earthquakes still live in temporary(临时的) shelters. Last year, former American President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn joined five hundred volunteers in the town of Leogane to build houses. Organizations do not have to be large to get volunteers. An activist group in Dharamsala, India is a good example, Jodie Underhill from England arrived in northern India several years ago. She planned to volunteer for an environmental project. She could almost not believe how much rubbish was ruining some of the area’s most beautiful sights. Jodie Underhill learned about how to deal with the rubbish while taking part in other volunteer projects. But soon enough she formed her own group, Mountain Cleaners. Jodie Underhill says the work is very hard. But she praises the group’s efforts as a wonderful experience. The young Englishwoman says the Indian media started calling her “Garbage Girl”. And she says she was pleased with the name. American teenagers also volunteer in many ways . 71. The first paragraph serves as a(n) ___________. A. explanation B. introduction C. comment D. background 72. What did former American President Jimmy Carter do as a volunteer? A. He planted trees and flowers in Haiti. B. He gave some money to the poor in Haiti. C. He helped archeologists search for ancient objects. D. He helped to build houses after the earthquake in Haiti 73. What do we know about Jodie Underhill according to the text? A. She was born in Dharamsala B. She formed her own group to make money. C. She mainly works on dealing with rubbish. D. She was called “ Garbage Girl” by Americans. 74. What can we learn from the text? A. It is difficult for small organizations to get volunteers. B. The number of people died in Haiti’s earthquake is unclear. C. Most of the volunteers are good at collecting money. D. History lovers mainly learn about history from ancient objects. 75. What is most likely to be discussed in the paragraph that follows? A. How to join in a volunteer group B. Why people offer their services to others C. The benefits that volunteers can gain D. The volunteer work that American teenagers do.

第 II 卷(共 35 分)
第一节:阅读表达(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面短文并回答问题,然后将答案写到相应的位置上(请注意问题后的字数要求) 。

[1] “Why do I have to go to bed?” you ask, “Sleep is boring, and I’m not even tired!” [2] But sleep is more important than you may think. Maybe you can think of a time when you didn’t get enough sleep. That feeling is awful and, when you feel that way, you’re not at your best. So if you’re not too tired, let’s talk about sleep. [3] An average kid has a busy day. There’s school, taking care of pets, running around with friends, going to sports practice or other activities, and doing homework. It’s tiring just writing them down. By the end of the day, your body needs a break. Sleep allows your body to rest for the next day. [4] Everything that’s alive needs sleep to survive. Even your dog or cat curls up for naps. Animals sleep for the same reason as you do --- to give the body a tiny rest. [5] Not only is sleep necessary for your body, but it’s also important for your brain. Though no one is exactly sure what work the brain does when he’s asleep, some scientists think that the brain sorts through and stores information, replaces chemicals, and solves problems while you sleep. [6] Most kids between 5 and 12 get about 9.5 hours’ sleep a night, but experts agree that most need 10 or 11 hours’ sleep each night. Sleep is an individual thing and some kids need more than others. [7] When your body doesn’t have enough hours to rest, you may feel tired, or you may be unable to think clearly. You might have a hard time following directions, or you might have an argument with a friend over something really stupid. [8] One more reason to __________: if you don’t, you may not grow well. That’s right and researchers believe too little sleep can affect your growth and immune system --- which keeps you from getting sick. 76. What is the main idea of the text? (no more than 8 words) _______________________________________________________________________________ 77. What does the underlined word “them” in Paragraph 3 refer to? (no more than 6 words) _______________________________________________________________________________ 78. Complete the following statement with proper words. (no more than 3 words) Sleep is of great importance for _____________as well as for your body. 79. What does the brain do when we sleep according to some scientists ? (no more than 12 words) _______________________________________________________________________________ 80. Fill in the blank in the last paragraph with proper words. (no more than 4 words) _______________________________________________________________________________ 第二节,书面表达(满分 25 分) 同学们进入高中一个学期一定经历过多次考试,体验过成功,也遭遇过失败。请你根据下面 提示内容,简要概述同学们对考试失败的两种态度,并结合自身实际,说明你的观点。 (字 数 120 词左右,开头已给出) 消极态度 积极态度 你的意见 1. 尽管考试失败了, 对学习 充满自信 1.成绩不理想,焦急,忧虑 2. 学会分析, 与老师交流和 2.对学习丧失信心 …… 求助 3.决定放弃学习 3. 制定下一次的目标, 努力 赶上同学们

Facing the failure of examinations
It is a term since we have been in high school. In order to test our knowledge or abilities,we have had many exams. We have both achieved success and suffered from failure…






2012-2013 学年度高一上学期期末考试 英 语 答 题 卡
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1 [B] [C]









10 11 12

13 14

15 16

17 18



[A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C]

[D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D]

21 [B] [C]

22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

33 34


[A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C]

[D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] 36 [B] [C] 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55

[A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C]

[D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75

[A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [B] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [C] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D] [D]

第一节:阅读表达(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 第二节:书面表达(满分 25 分)


2012-2013 学年度高一上学期期末考试 参考答案
第一部分:听力(共两节,满分 30 分) 1-5 AABCB 6-10 CAACA 11-15 CBBAB 第二部分: 第一节 单项选择(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21-25 DCCBC 26-30 ACBBC 31-35 DCBBD 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 36-40 DBCAB 41-45 ACDBC 46-50 DCABD 51-55 CABDA 第三部分 阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 56-60 DAADA 61-65 ACACA 66-70 CCBBA 71-75 BDCBD 第四部分 第一节:阅读表达(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 76. Reasons why kids should get enough sleep. 77. Activities done in a busy day. 78. your brain

16-20 CBBCA

79. It sorts through and stores information, replaces chemicals, and solves problems 80. get enough sleep 第二节,书面表达(满分 25 分) One possible version: It is a term since we have been in high school. In order to test our knowledge or abilities,we have had many exams. We have both achieved success and suffered from failure. Of course these successes and failures will bring us joys and sorrow. In face of failure students take different attitudes. Some students are anxious when they don’t do well in the exams. They usually lose heart and no longer study as before.Giving up study is their choice. But most students take an active attitude towards failure. Though they fail in the exams, they encourage themselves to be confident and turn to teachers for help. They find out and analyze the cause so that they will no longer make similar mistakes. Besides, they set the goal for the next exam and make an effort to catch up with others. I agree with those with active attitudes. As we all know, failure is the mother of success. Even great men have failed many times before they succeed. So we must deal with our failure correctly.

听力材料 (Text 1) M: We have the greatest park right near our house! W: What do you do there? M: The kids play baseball and basketball, and I go jogging. (Text 2) M: Congratulations! So your wedding date will be on February 14. W: Yes M: I suppose you will look the best on that day. W: Thank you. On that day, I’ll have my friend Mary to help me make myself up. (Text 3) M: Now, please tell me exactly when, where and how this happened. W: Well, sir, I stopped immediately when the light turned yellow, but this man hit my car from behind. (Text 4) M: Could you tell me where the shoe shop is ? W: Yes. The shoe shop is on the east side of the shopping centre, close to the cafeteria. M: Thank you very much. (Text 5) W: Do you think you can fix my computer for me today? M: Sorry, I have my hands full as it is. (Text 6) M: There’s a factory outside the town that’s throwing chemicals into the river. W: How can they do that? Isn’t that against the law?

M: Yes, it is. W: That’s terrible! What can Greener World do? M: Well, one thing to do about it is to talk to the management, or to get a TV station to run a story on it. W: Yes! Companies hate bad publicity. By the way, what’s the name of this factory? M: It’s called Apex Industries. W: Oh no! My uncle is one of their managers! (Text 7) M: Hi, Sally! Did you have a good summer? W: Oh, James. Summer was OK, thanks. And it’s good to get back after such a long holiday. I get bored when I don’t have a lot to do. M: Do you? I never want the holidays to end! Well, here we are again --- another school year. Look, I’ve just got my new timetable. Monday is my only bad day. W: Is it? What do you start with, then? M: Geography, I think. No, wait. It’s English, with Miss Counter. W: You’re lucky! My first lesson is maths with Mr Shaw. I don’t like him very much. He’s so strict. He really frightens me. M: Well, I know he’s a bit strict, but he knows how to explain things when we don’t understand. (Text 8) W: Joseph, are you home? M: Yes, Mum. I’ve already showered and had something to eat. Now I’m starting to do my homework. W: That’s good. Well, I want to talk to you about your birthday party next week. How many do you want to invite? M: No more than a dozen. I’ll make a list and tell you later. W: But tell me a few days earlier so I can order the cake. M: Which cake are we having? Will it be a fruit cake like last year? I didn’t really like that one. Could we have chocolate instead? W: Oh, I was actually thinking of an ice-cream cake… M: Wow! I want that then. W: Ok, fine. I’ll go ahead with my plan. (Text 9) M: Hey, Kelly! What have you been up to? W: I’m looking for a card. One of my friends lost his father. I just want to send him a card; let him know I’m sorry about his loss. M: Yeah. I think your card is really helpful and important. I’m just getting some thank-you cards. My birthday was a week ago. W: Did you get some good presents for your birthday? M: Well, I did get some nice things, but my aunt and my grandmother both sent me a T-shirt I’d never wear. I couldn’t believe it! W: Are you going to tell them? Maybe it can be returned. M: I don’t know. Right now I’m just going to buy a card. (Text 10) M: I moved into this flat a few weeks ago, and I’m really enjoying living here. At the moment my

sister is staying with me because she’s looking for a job. I work in advertising. It’s hard work, and the hours are really long, but I like it. And it’s well-paid. The only thing I don’t like about this flat is one of the neighbours, Mrs Snell, I think her name is. She’s really strange. She never speaks to anyone. I always say hello to her, but she never says a word. Maybe she doesn’t like young people. I had a party a few days ago. It really wasn’t very noisy. About ten of us were here until 11:00 and then we went out to a club. When I saw Mrs Snell the next day, I said I hoped there wasn’t too much noise, but as usual she didn’t say anything. Funny lady.


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2016高一期末自我鉴定_工作范文_实用文档。2016 高一期末自我鉴定高一是从初中到高中转换的一年, 踏入高中生活的大家习惯高中生活了吗?这学期大家 有什么收货呢?以下...
高一数学必修1、2期末考试试题及答案_高一数学_数学_高中教育_教育专区。高一数学必修1、2期末考试试题及答案 高一期末考试试题一、选择题(本大题共 10 小题,每...
杭州高一数学期末考试试卷_数学_高中教育_教育专区。杭州高一数学期末考试试卷 1.若集合 A ? {1 , 2, 3, 4} , B ? {2, 4, 7,, 8} C ? {0,1,...
宣化一中高一第二学期物理期末模拟考试卷一、选择题(每小题 4 分,共 40 分。在每小题给出的四个选项中,至少有一个选项是正确 的,全部选对得 4 分,对而...
高一期末_高一数学_数学_高中教育_教育专区。高一数学考试题优化方案教考资源网 www.yhfabook.com 高一期末考试数学(理科) 数学(理科)时间:120分钟 时间:120分钟...
高一期末答案 暂无评价 3页 1下载券 高一期末指导 暂无评价 14页 2下载券 高一期末成绩 暂无评价 1页 1下载券 高一下学期期末 暂无评价 8页 1下载券 高一期末...