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Unit 1 Meeting and Seeing Off

Unit One Meeting and Seeing Off
?Meeting Picking up Visitors at the Airport

Section I Warming Up (some useful words and expressions)
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? *baggage claim area *parking lot *schedule *delegation member *big name *luggage *suitcase *go through the customs *long journey *jet lag *flight

Section II
Core Sentence Structures (highly recommend to recite)
? *Excuse me, but are you/aren't you/would you perhaps be Mr. Smith from Britain? ? *You must be our long-expected guest, Mr. Wilson from the US?/How nice to see you again./Is this the first visit to Wuhu? ? *How do you do, I'm Li Ming with Continental Electric Company. Mr. Walker told me to get in touch with you./I'm Wu Yu from Wuxi Textile Import and Export Corporation. I've come to meet you.

Section III Classic Structures‘ Practice
*接机前 ? 1.We will meet you at the airport. ? 2.Could you tell me you arrival time so that I can pick you up at the airport. ? 3.Would you please give me a call when you arrive?

? 1.I'm glad/Very pleased/How nice/I'm here to meet you. ? 2.I've enjoyed your visit. ? 3.How have you been recently?/How are things with you?/How's business these days? ? 4.I've been looking forward to visiting your lovely country! ? 5.He meant to come here to meet you in person.--Thanks for coming all the way to meet me in person.--I wish you a pleasant stay here.

? 1.How’s your flight?/Did you enjoy your trip?--The air service/in-flight service was satisfactory. On the whole, it's not too bad. ? 2.It's a long way to China, isn't it? Did you have any trouble clearing customs?--No trouble at all./You must be very tired after such a long flight.

? 1. Do you know where the baggage claim area is? How many pieces of luggage do you have? Do you have all your luggage here? ? 2. May I help you with one of your bags?/Shall I have a porter help you?

? 1. I'd like to know where we are heading now? ? 2. There's a car waiting for you, so please come this way./We have a car (waiting just outside the airport) over there./I'll bring my car, so please wait a moment./Let's drive to the hotel.

Section IV
Listen and Act Out
Dialogue 1 ? A: Excuse me, are you Mrs. Green from England? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? B: Yes, I am. A: I'm pleased to meet you, Mrs. Green. My name is Myra. I work in Beijing Institute of Technology. I came here to meet you. B: How do you do? A: How do you do? B: It's very kind of you to meet me at the airport. A: Welcome to Beijing. Is this the first time in China? B: No, I've visited China several times, but it's my first time to Beijing and I think it's a great honor to be invited in your lovely city. A: It's our pleasure to have you here. I hope you'll have a pleasant stay here. B: Thank you. I'm sure I will have a wonderful time here.

Dialogue 2
? A: You must be Miss Lake from Chicago? ? B: And you must be Mrs. Wang. Thank you for meeting me. ? A: It's my pleasure. Welcome to Nanjing. ? B: It's good to be here. ? A: How was your flight? ? B: Long, but quite Comfortable. China Southern Airline treats its passengers well. ? A: Did you have any trouble clearing the customs? ? B: Oh, no. They were quite quick and efficient.

? 1.到机场接人应注意根据航班号查询到达时间,最好在航班快到前的几个小 时查是最准确的,以免有误差。然后去往机场“国际到达International Arrival” 的出口等待。如果不认识要接的朋友,应提前联系并告知会在某个出站口举 牌子等他,如“I‘ll hold up a sign and wait you at the Arrival Gate No 1”,并提 醒对方如找不到,应尽快拨打电话联系,如,“Please call my cell phone right away.”同时注意机场广播。 2.初次见面,一般接待者先考口自我介绍,说一些客气话“Glad to meet you.”等.然后问及行程如何、家人及生意情况等等。“How was your trip?” ...若是熟人可说“Glad to see you again.” 3.在路上介绍一下公司或当地文化,也可以因人而异闲聊一些轻松的话题, 如生活、兴趣爱好,或对中国的印象等家常话,这样可拉近双方距离。若感 觉对方旅途很劳累疲惫,要考虑到客人的感受,可说“Do you feel tired?/You must be so tried after this long trip, let's go and check in.”



*Seeing Off
Section I Warming Up (some useful words and expressions)
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? *so long *take care *to take leave of sb *see sb off *airport departure lounge *farewell *parting *departure *safe landing *on behalf of

Section II
Core Sentence Structures (highly recommend to recite)
? *Please send my best regards/remember me to your family. ? *Drop in again whenever you've time ? *We'll take the first chance to see you when we get to Shanghai. ? *Don't forget to give me a ring. ? *You must hurry up then. There's only 10 mins left. ? *I'm sorry you're unable to stay in Beijing a little while longer.

Section III
Classic Structures‘ Practice *表示挽留 ? 1. I feel you've just come. ? 2. Why are you in such a hurry? ? 3. It's a pity you're leaving so soon. ? 4. All good things must come to an end. ? 5. I won't keep you then.

? 1.Than you for all of your help/your time/everything you did for us/your trouble. ? 2.I've enjoyed every minute of my stay here. I shall miss you and thank you for your company. ? 3.It's so kind of you to come all the way to see me off.

? 1. We must arrive at the airport an hour before departure time. ? 2. We will pick you up and head straight to the airport. ? 3. Perhaps we can make things up next time you are here. ? 4. If opportunity offers, please also come to my country.

? 1. It's time to depart/board. ? 2. I'm afraid I must say goodbye. ? 3. So long. ? 4. Farewell, my friends. Take care. ? 5. Goodbye. Have a nice trip. And a safe landing in the States. I'll see you soon./I wish you a nice trip home.

? 1. When shall we see you again?/When will you come again? ? 2. I hope we can get together again./I hope to see you again soon. ? 3. Please keep in touch. ? 4. Come and see us when you have time. ? 5. I do hope you'll come next time. ? 6. I'm looking forward to our next meeting.

Section IV
Listen and Act Out
Dialogue 1 ? A: So you are leaving tomorrow, Mr. Ade? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? B: Yes. Times flies! I must go back home where many things are waiting for me to settle. A: We'll be sorry to see you go. B: I'm sorry, too. But That's life. A: Yes, I suppose it can't be helped. B: Thank you for everything that you've done for me during my stay in Shenzhen. I really appreciate your kindness and hospitality. A: It's very kind of you to say so, but really, I don't think I've done enough. B: Oh, you've done an excellent job.

Dialogue 2
? A: Nick, it's very kind of you to see me off. ? B: You're welcome. Did you have a good time on this vacation? ? A: Very well. If I leave I'll miss you. ? B: Me too. Please write to me as soon as you get to Boston. ? A: I'm sure and I remembered your phone number. I'll call you. ? B: Ok. They begin to register. ? A: It's time I left. ? B: Have a nice journey! Do give my regards to your parents.

在道别时,应特别注意下列四个环节: ? 1. 应当加以挽留 ? 2. 应当起身在后 ? 3. 应当伸手在后 ? 4. 应当相送一程 在双方正式道别时,便可利用一些道别用语 “goodbye, bye, so long, see you, good luck”等。

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