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灵活运用 一、单句填空 1. You are driving too fast. Can you drive more slowly (slowly)? a bit ____________ 现在太快,问对方能否比现在更慢一点, 用比较级;由形容词加-ly变成的副词的 比较级,要在前面加more构成比较级。 常修饰比较级的a bit也提醒我们用比较 级。

more (much) money 2. Those who have _____ than sense may sometimes act foolishly. 由关键词than可知用比较级。 3. Ten years ago the population of our large (large) as that village was twice as _____ of theirs. 在as…as结构之间,用原级。

4. The new group of students is betterbehaved than the other group who earlier (early). stayed here ________ 与现在这组学生相比“更早的”。 5. The melon the Smiths served at dinner better (good) if it had would have tasted _____ been put in the fridge for a little while. 将“放入冰箱中冷冻”与“不放入冰箱 中冷冻”作比较,故用比较级。

6. Speaking of all the songs he has written, I think this is probably his best-known (well-know) one. ___________ 因为是从他所写的所有歌中选出一首来 比较,故用最高级。 7. Of the two coats, I’d choose the cheaper ______ (cheap) one to spare some money for a book. 因是两者比较,故用比较级。

8. Work gets done ____________ more easily (easily) when people do it together, and the rewards are higher too.

从and the rewards are higher too(得到的 回报也更高)得到启示,要用比较级,省 略了than when people don’t do it together。

9. This washing machine is environmentally friendly because it uses _____(little) water less and electricity than _____ older (old) models. 由“environmentally friendly(有利于保护 环境的)”可知,这种洗衣机比“旧式的”洗 衣机用“更少的”水和电。 10. I don’t think this film is by far the most boring. I have seen ______(bad). worse 意思是“我看过(比这部)更差的电影”。

I don’t think it 1 __________(difficulty) difficult to learn English well, because as long as you work hard, you can learn it well. I believe harder (hard) you work at your that the 2 _______ study, the better you can learn it. For mine , is the example, Li Ping, a friend of 3 _____ 4 ______hardworking student in our class, most and he gets 5 ______ higher(high) marks than any other student in our class in every English test.

6 ______(lead) by him, all the students in Led harder our class are studying English 7 ______ __________ and harder (越来越努力). As a result, in the latest English test, our class was the 8 ______ better (good) of the two key classes in our school, and the number of students twice as who got excellent marks is 9 __________ large as /twice larger than 两倍大) that of _____________________( all of us should the other. Therefore, 10 ___ study hard no matter what we learn.

三、单句改错 1. Different people have different attitudes to the value of honesty. According to me, nothing could be important. more

在be后加more 比较级表示最高级,句意: 没有什么比诚实更重要。

2. Although he was seriously injured in the devastating earthquake, he recovered more faster than anyone else in Wenchuan Red Cross Hospital.
去掉faster前的more 因faster已经是比 较级了。

3. My beloved mother bought some articles of furniture in the second hand market at an extremely low price, but they all look well. well→ good 因look系动词后面接形容 词,well作形容词时意思是“身体好 的”。

4. Fast & Furious 7 is by far the exciting most film that I have ever seen. 在the后加most 由by far和that I have ever seen 可得知要用最高级。 5. In spite of the fact that he got the task in the last minute, he accomplished it as better as others. better→ well 在as…as中间用形容词或副 词的原形。

6. The number of tourists paying a visit to Tai Mountain was small last year, but there seems to be even few tourists around this year.
few→ fewer 今年甚至更少,填fewer。

7. In the distance appeared a figure who I thought was professor Wang. However, when he came close to me, I found he was professor Li. close→ closer 指走得“更近”。

8.If they had got to the station five minutes early, they would have caught the first train bound for Panyu Square. early→ earlier 如果是早到五分钟,就赶上 了。

9. I can’t understand what you said just now. Can you speak a bit slowly? 在slowly前加more 请对方说得比之前 说的要“更慢”一点。 10. Of all the participants, Martha Berry works hard. hard→ hardest 由Of all可知,后面应 用最高级。

11. He is a heavily smoker. heavily→ heavy 在名词smoker前作定语, 用形容词。
12. She looks happily. happily→ happy 在系动词looks后作表 语,用形容词。

13. I find it easily to get on with her. easily→ easy 作宾补用形容词。

14. You must work much more careful. careful→ carefully 修饰动词作状语, 用副词。

15. Being a student,he was natural interested in museums. natural→ naturally 修饰形容词 interested, 用副词。 16. All of them are working extreme well. extreme→ extremely 修饰副词well,用 副词。

17. Hopeful, we’ll meet again on Thursday. Hopeful→ Hopefully 修饰全句,用副词。 18. He is bad in need of money. bad→ badly 修饰介词短语in need of,用 副词。

题组训练 2 1.The longer you stay (你呆的时间越长),the better it will be. 2.The new city is becoming more and more beautiful (变得越来越美丽了). 3.China is larger than any other country in Asia (比亚 洲任何其他国家都大).

The taller of the two boys (这两个男孩中较高的那个) is 4.
my brother. 5.The road is five times as long as that one.(同义句改写) The road is five times the length The road is four times of that one.

longer than that one.

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