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2015 届高考英语二轮专题复习小题狂做:完形填空 20
I am a team leader in an insurance company. We are going through a lot of changes right now, which is 36 much stress for all of us. A few weeks ago I was hav

ing a day so 37 that I even doubted if I had the ability to do this challenging work, and was about ready to change to a less stressful job 38 . Something happened that day to change my way of 39 and I am so appreciative of this young lady. I want to let her know that the small act 40 . On the top of my cubicle (工作隔间) I have a small collection of lighthouses (灯塔) to let people know where I am sitting 41 my team members have to find me for emergencies. That day I came into the office and was about to get the day 42 when Crystal came over. l asked if she needed anything. She said, "I 43 you something. " I looked at her with a 44 look and said, "Well, thank you, but why 45 you buy me anything?" I had never spoke to this young lady _46 . She said, "Every day I stand up and look across the 47 and see your lighthouses. Then I feel I am not alone and I encourage myself that there are always 48 things in life. I saw this on the way to work and thought 49 would like it. I wish it would have the same 50 as your Lighthouses do. " In her hand she had a small globe with a Lighthouse and a ship on it. I gave her a hug and 51 her. I don't think she knows how much that small act of 52 changed my day: 1 remained 53 the rest of the day. For anyone that reads this, I hope you remember, no matter what the 54 is, you could change someone's day, 55 even his views on life. 36. A. preventing B. reducing C. causing D. suffering 37. A. funny B. nice C. bad D. dull 38. A. everywhere B. elsewhere C. anywhere D. nowhere 39. A. working B. behaving C. speaking D. thinking 40. A. broke my heart B. touched my heart C. lost my heart D. tore my heart 41. A. in case B. so that C. as if D. even though 42. A. ended B. started C. changed D. avoided 43. A. borrowed B. lent C. sold D. bought 44. A. delighted B. puzzled C. thankful D. worried 45. A. might B. dare C. could D. would 46. A. before B. then C. since D. after 47. A. dorm B. office C. ship D. tower 48. A. bright B. challenging C. bad D. stressful 49. A. colleagues B. leaders C. you D. I 50. A. opinion B. cause C. expectation D. effect 51. A. praised B. thanked C. scolded D. refund 62. A. justice B. courage C. kindness D. tolerance 53. A. careful B. encouraged C. tired D. alone 54. A. present B. work C. gesture D. intention 55. A. so B. for C. or D. nor 2. You've probably heard the expression, "What you see is what you get." My grandfather used to

say. "If you 41 a tree long enough, it will move." We see 42 we want to see. Psychologists tell us that 43 controls our life more than our self-image. We live like the person we see in the 44 . We are what we think we are. If you don't think you'll be successful, you 45 . You can't be it if you can't see it. Your life is 46 to your vision. If you want to change your 47 , you must change your vision of life. Arnold Schwarzenegger was not that famous when he 48 a newspaper reporter. The reporter asked Schwarzenegger,“ 49 you've retired from body building, what do you plan to do next?” Schwarzenegger answered very calmly and 50 : "I’m going to become the No. 1 movie star in Hollywood. ”The reporter was 51 and amused at Schwarzenegger's plan. At that time, it was very hard to 52 how this muscle-bound bodybuilder, who was not a 53 actor and who spoke poor English with a strong Australian accent, could ever 54 to be Hollywood's No. 1 movie star! So the reporter asked Schwarzenegger 55 he planned to make his dream come true, Schwarzenegger said, “I'll do it the same 56 I became the No.1 bodybuilder in the world. What I do is create a vision of who I want to be, then I start living like that person in my 57 as if it were already true.” Sounds almost childishly 58 ,doesn't it? But it 59 ! Schwarzenegger did become the No. 1 highest paid movie star in Hollywood! Remember: “If you can see it, you can 60 it.” 41. A. look after B. live with C. look at D. care for 42. A. what B. where C. that D. why 43. A. something B. everything C. nothing D. anything 44. A. water B. picture C. novel D. mirror 45. A. don't B. won't C. can't D. will 46. A. limited B. contributed C. devoted D. offered 47. A. idea B. image C. life D. vision 48. A. turned into B. met with C. acted as D. worked as 49. A. Now that B. Even if C. In case D. Only if 50. A. proudly B. anxiously C. confidently D. happily 51. A. surprised B. excited C. disappointed D. scared 52. A. report B. imagine C. find D. judge 53. A. famous B. good C. professional D. popular 54. A. hope B. have C. fail D. happen 55. A. when B. why C. what D. how 56. A. chance B. method C. way D. effort 57. A. film B. play C. family D. mind 58. A. foolish B. simple C. funny D. clever 59. A. succeeded B. worked C. did D. completed 60. A. move B. leave C. get D. touch W: M: W: M: W: May I see your license, please? But officer, did I do something wrong? Do you mean _3._ (say) you didn’t see the speed limit sign back there ? Um, no, madam, I guess I didn’t. In other words, you drove by __4. fast to read it. The sign says 35km/h. A school


is just nearby, you know? M: Don’t get me wrong, but my speedometer didn’t read much _5.__ (fast) than that . W: Then, why is it __6.__ my radar showed you were going 45km/h? Let me put it __7.__ way. I’m going to give you a ticket. Again, may I see your license, please? M: Here it is, officer. But let me explain. I was late for an important __8. __ (appoint) and I was worried that I wouldn’t make it on time. So ? W: Uha, just a minute, here. Your license is no longer valid. You __9.__ (renew) it two weeks ago. I’m going to write your name up for that, too. M: What? Really? W: Your license became invalid on your birthday and that was two weeks ago according to the date here. You are in violation of (违犯) the law ––– driving __10.__ a valid license. M: I’m sorry , madam. I didn’t realize that. W: Here’s the ticket for not having a valid license. But I’m only going to give you __11.__ warning about exceeding the speed limit. Be __12.__ (care) next time. M: Yes, madam, I will. Thank you. They call themselves “The Soul Knights(骑士)” and come from different universities in Guangdong Province. During their summer vacation, the team, consisting of five male and two female students, more than 3,000 kilometers from Guangzhou to Beijing. It took them days to complete the journey. The Soul Knights have a noble , which is to advocate civilized travel by taking photos of graffiti(涂鸦) by tourists. “When we heard that a Chinese tourist wrote his name on an Egyptian temple, it made think a lot. We wanted to use photos to everyone how important it is to protect historic relics,” says Zhang Zhihao, 22, the team’s captain. On their trip, the team had a clear of duty. Some provided medical care, some were fund, and others updated the team’s micro blog. Cycling is a great way of enjoying the landscape, but it’s . On the way they passed through many cities heat waves with temperatures well above 40 degrees. They rode about 20 kilometers per hour. They got up at 6 am, departed at 7:30 and at noon to cool down. Sometimes they borrowed sheets of cardboards from restaurants and slept trees. After cycling for one month, the team arrived in Beijing, their destination. it wasn’t the end of their journey yet. The team a small exhibition on the Great Wall of China, one of the country’s most visited attractions, to show everyone the they had taken of graffiti in various places. To their , many visitors showed their support for the young team’s project by their names on the banner(横幅)they had prepared. “We do this adventure, for sending a message to the public about protecting our country’s cultural heritage( 遗产 ) is a very rewarding ,” said the team’s captain. 13.A.walked B. drove C. flew D. covered


14.A.fifty B. forty C. thirty D. twenty 15.A.cause B. excuse C. suggestion D. view 16.A.brushed B. printed C. sent D. left 17.A.him B. us C. them D. you 18.A.amuse B. inform C. urge D. remind 19.A.division B. sense C. goal D. faith 20.A.in need ofB. in possession ofC. in charge of D. in case of 21.A.shockingB. confusingC. amazing D. challenging 22.A.experiencingB. witnessing C. avoiding D. appreciating 23.A.bathed B. rested C. danced D. sweated 24.A.in B. between C. under D. beside 25.A.nearly B. finally C. naturally D. gradually 26.A.So B. And C. Since D. But 27.A.set up B. led to C. put on D. called off 28.A.marks B. pictures C. surprises D. effects 29.A.puzzlementB. shame C. delight D. disappointment 30.A.painting B. signing C. typing D. fixing 31.A.enjoy B. envy C. hate D. ignore 32.A.mind B. envy C. role D. feeling

参考答案 1. 36---55 CCBDB 【解析】 2. 41-45 CACDB 【解析】 ABDBD ABACD BCBCC

46-50 ACBAC 51-55 ABCAD


3.to say 4. too 5.faster 6. that 7.another 8.appointment 9.should have renewed 10.without


11.a 12.careful 【解析】 试题分析: 3.你打算说你看不见后面的限速牌吗?mean to do 打算做某事,所以填 to say。 4. 换句话说,你开车太快了看不见它。这里使用 too?to?结构。 5.我的时速表显示没有那个快。和 than 搭配用比较级:faster。 6.那么为什么我的雷达显示你的速度是每小时 45 公里呢?这里使用了强调句的特殊疑问 句,Why is it that?。 7.考查词组:换一种方式 put it another way。 8.我有个重要的约会要迟到了。考查名词“约会”:appointment。 9.你的执照不在有效,你本应该在两个星期前更新的。使用 should have renewed 表示本 应该做而没有做。 10.根据上文:You are in violation of (违犯) the law 可知这名女士是没有有效的驾 照开车。使用介词“没有”;without。 11. 我只是想给你一个警告。使用不定冠词 a 表示泛指。 12.下次要小心。使用形容词 careful“小心的,仔细的”。 考点:考查语法填空 13.D 14.C 15.A 16.D 17.B 18.D 19.A 20.C 21.D 22.A 23.B 24.C 25.B 26.A 27.D 28.B 29.C 30.B 31.A 32.D 【解析】 试题分析:本文是一篇故事类短文,介绍了大学生千里骑行记。为了收获一个非凡的暑假, 来自广东的七名大学生踏上了一段别开生面的冒险之旅。这支“五男两女”的队伍从广州出 发,耗时一个月,骑行 3000 多公里,最终抵达北京。他们通过拍照曝光游客乱刻乱画的痕 迹来倡导文明出游。


13.D 动词辨析。.A. walked 散步;B. drove 驾驶 ;C. flew 飞;D. covered,掩饰,占 地,走过路程,覆盖。根据文章内容可知这五名大学生是骑自行车从广州到了北京,所以排 除 ABC 选项,选 D。cover 可以指走过多远的路程。 14.C 数词辨析。 A. fifty 五十; B. forty 四十; C. thirty 三十; D. twenty 二十。 根据文章倒数第三段中 After cycling for one month 可知他们的行程用了一个月的时间, 选 C。 15.A 名词辨析。.A. cause 原因,事业;B. excuse 借口;C. suggestion 建议; D. view 观点。根据后面定语从句的内容 which is to advocate civilized travel by taking photos of graffiti(涂鸦) ??by tourists.可以判断这是大学生们骑自行车旅行的原因, 选 A。 16.D 动词辨析。A. brushed 刷;B. printed 印刷;C. sent 发射;D. left,留下,离开。 根据文章内容可知大学生们一路上把游客们在旅游景点乱涂乱画的涂鸦给拍照,选 D。 17.B. 代词辨析。A. him 他; B. us 我们; C. them 他们; D. you 你。根据前后句中 出现的“we”可知这是大学生们在以第一人称说这件事给他们的影响,使他们想到的,选 B。 18.D 动词辨析。A. amuse 娱乐;B. inform 告知;C. urge 争吵; D. remind 提醒,使人 想起。 根据文章末段?. sending a message to the public about protecting our country’s cultural heritage??可以判断他们拍这些照片的目的是想提醒人们保护历史遗迹的重要 性,选 D。 19.A. 名词辨析。.A. division 分配,分工;B. sense 感觉;C. goal 目标;D. faith 信念。根据空后的解释内容 Some provided medical care, ??others updated the team’s micro blog.判断他们各有分工,选 A。 20.C. 介词短语辨析。A. in need of 需要;B. in possession of 拥有;C. in charge of 掌管;D. in case of 万一。这五位大学生在骑行途中分工合作,由此判断他们中有的人负 责管理财务,选 C。 21. D. 动词辨析。 A. shocking 震动; B. confusing 混乱; C. amazing 惊讶; D. challenging 挑战。根据下文内容可知他们骑车的行程是非常不容易的,是充满着挑战的,选 D。 22.A. 动词辨析。A. experiencing 经历;B. witnessing 目击;C. Avoiding 避免;D. appreciating 欣赏。从文章内容可以判断他们在途中经历了酷热的天气,其他不符合语境, 选 A。 23.B 动词辨析。A. bathed 洗澡;B. rested 休息;C. danced 跳舞;D. sweated 流汗。 根据空后内容判断他们是清晨赶路,中午天热了的时候停下来休息,选 B。 24.C. 介词辨析。.A. in 在里面 ;B. between 在之间; C. under 在下面; D. beside 在旁边。从情理可知他们只能在树下休息,其他不符合常理,选 C。 25.B 副词辨析。.A. nearly 几乎;B. finally 最后;C. naturally 自然地; D. gradually 逐渐地。根据空后内容 their destination 可以判断他们在经历了长途跋涉之后 终于到了北京,用 finally 表示一路的艰辛和不易,选 B。 26.D. 连词辨析。A. So 所以; B. And 和; C. Since 自从; D. But 但是。根据空 后内容可知他们到了北京,但是事情还没有结束,他们又去了长城进行照片的展览,前后是 转折关系,选 D。 27.A 名词辨析。A. set up 建立;B. led to 带领,通向;C. put on 穿上;D. called off 取消。 根据下文内容可以判断他们举行了一个小型展览来展示他们拍的照片, 从搭配可知选 A。 28.B 名词辨析。.A. marks 记号;B. pictures 图画 ,照片;C. surprises 惊 讶 ; D. effects 影响。根据上文内容可知这些大学生们一路都在拍照,take photo/pictures 拍照


片,所以填 B。 29.C. 名词辨析。A. puzzlement 迷惑;B. shame 害羞;C. delight 高兴; D. disappointment 失望。从后句内容可知很多游客都表示支持他们的活动,由此判断他们会 非常高兴,选 C。 30.B 动词辨析。A. painting 绘画;B. signing 签字;C. typing 打字; D. fixing 修 理。从空后内容可知人们在横幅上写名字,也就是签名表示支持他们的活动,从情理判断选 B。 31.A. 动词辨析。A. enjoy 喜欢;B. envy 嫉妒;C. hate 憎恨;D. ignore 忽略。根据末 句中的褒义形容词 rewarding 判断他们认为这项活动很有意义,也就是喜欢这次骑车的行 程,选 A。 32.D. 名词辨析。A. mind 心理;B. envy 嫉妒;C. role 角色;D. feeling 感觉。从句意 可知他们认为传递一种保护文化遗产的活动很有意义,有回报,能给人带来一种满足感,选 D。 考点:考查新闻报道类短文阅读


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