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【创新设计】2014-2015学年高中英语同步精练:必修1 Unit 2规范训练(1)(人教版,课标通用)]

Unit 2

English around the world (1)

At the end of the 16th century , English was only spoken by people from England.They were native speakers.Today,the largest number of people 1.________ English may be in China.A lot of Chinese people speak English 2.________ their foreign language. 3 . ________ English language 4.________ quite a lot over the last four centuries.Old English sounded more 5.________ less like German for it was 6.________ on German,but 7.________ English sounds more like French than German 8.________ England was once ruled by the French. Two people had great effects on the English changes.One was Shakespeare,who 9.________ the English vocabulary ; the other was Noah Webster , who wrote a dictionary 10.________ gave American English its own identity. 答案 1.speaking 2.as 3.The 4.has changed 5.or 6.based 7.modern

8.because 9.enlarged Ⅱ.单词拼写


1.Production in the factories stopped because of ________(频繁的)power failures. 2.You can always tell the difference between the tourists and ________(当地人). 3 . A dead body was found under the bridge , but it was hard to determine the ________(身份). 4.If you want to read quickly and well,you should increase your ________(词汇). 5.Parents noticed the ________(逐渐的)change in their children. 6.He is not a Chinese but he can speak Chinese ________(流利地). 7.The report is written in the ________(官方的)style and is only for officers. 8.His ________(公寓)covers 200 square meters,which I like very much. 答案 1.frequent 2.natives 3.identity 4.vocabulary 5.gradual 6.fluently

7.official 8.apartment Ⅲ.翻译与仿写 1.Do you know that there is more_than_one_kind of English? 翻译:____________________________________________________________ 仿写:不止一个人在交通事故中丧生。 _________________________________________________________________ 2.Which country do_you_think has the most English learners? 翻译:____________________________________________________________ 仿写:你希望我们几点来接你? _________________________________________________________________ 3.Today,more people speak English as their first,second or a foreign language than_ever_before. 翻译:____________________________________________________________ 仿写:雨下得比以前更大了。 _________________________________________________________________ 4.Native English speakers can understand each other even_if they don't speak the same kind of English. 翻译:____________________________________________________________ 仿写:尽管在聚会上我谁也不认识,但仍然玩得很开心。 _________________________________________________________________ 5.It was_based more on German than the English we speak at_present. 翻译:____________________________________________________________ 仿写:以真实的事件为基础,这本书目前很流行。 _________________________________________________________________ 答案 1.你知道有不止一种英语吗? More than one (person)was killed in the traffic accident. 2.你认为哪个国家学英语的人最多? What time do you expect we will come and pick you up? 3.如今说英语的人比以往任何时候都多,他们有的把英语作为第一语言,有的作 为第二语言或外语。 It's raining harder than ever before.

4.以英语为母语的人,即使他们所讲的语言不尽相同,也可以互相听懂。 Even if I didn't know anybody at the party,I had a good time. 5.当时的英语更多是以德语为基础,而不是我们现在讲的英语。 Based on a real story,the book is popular at present. Ⅳ.句型转换 1.A:He left the company because the boss said something at the meeting. B:He left the company ________ ________ what the boss said at the meeting. 2.A:Some people now also speak English as a foreign or second language in South Asia. B:English now ________ ________ ________ as a foreign or second language in South Asia. 3.A:A great many college students were sent to the West to help the children there. B:________ ________ ________ ________ college students were sent to the West to help the children there. 4.A:I thought Betty was in the garden,but in fact she was in her room. B:I thought Betty was in the garden,but ________ she was in her room. 5.A:He'll be able to put his experience to good use in the new job. B:He'll be able to ________ ________ ________ ________ his experience in the new job. 答案 1.because of good use of Ⅴ.单项填空 1.We are badly in need of waiters ________;could you come and help us out? A.at once 答案 B B.at present C.at the end D.at first 2.is also spoken 3.A large number of 4.actually 5.make

[句意:当前我们急需服务员,你能来帮我们吗? at once 立刻;at

present 目前;at the end 最后;at first 首先。根据句意,应选 B。] 2.Her wish is to have a roundtheworld ________ after she retires. A.travel 答案 B B.tour C.voyage D.journey

[句意:她的愿望是退休后,能进行一次环球旅行。tour 强调“巡回

旅行”,符合题意。故选 B。] 3. ________ the bad weather, the boy couldn't go out to play, which made him annoyed. A.In spite of 答案 C B.According to C.Because of D.Thanks to


4.Though he ________ many difficulties on his way to becoming a doctor,he never gave up his dream. A.came to 答案 C B.came about C.came across D.came out


己的梦想。come to 达到;come about 发生;come across 偶然相遇;come out 出版。结合句意应选 C。] 5.To us,Mr. Zhang is ________ a teacher.He is also a friend. A.not more than B.no more than 答案 C C.more than D.not less than

[more than 意为“不仅仅”,符合题意。]

6.—Have you ever ________ been to England? —Yes.I have been there two times. A.gradually 答案 B.actually C.extremely D.presently

B [句意:——你确实去过英国?——是的。我去过两次。gradually 逐

渐地;actually 实际上,事实上;extremely 极其;presently 目前。] 7.On seeing her new classmate,she ________ and said with a smile,“Glad to meet you.” A.came up 答案 B.made up C.took up D.put up

A [句意: 一看到新同学, 她走过来并且笑着说: “很高兴见到你”。 come

up 走过来;突然出现;被提出。make up 编造;take up 占据;put up 张贴。结 合句意,应选 A。] 8. Tom's father serves in the army while John's father is an ________ in the government. A.official B.officer C.waiter D.secretary


A [official 指政府官员,officer 指军官。]

9.—Let's just play a game or something else. —Sounds good , but give me a call before you come.My mom might try to ________ something else for me to do.(2013· 厦门高一检测) A.come up with C.put up with 答案 B.keep up with D.catch up with

A [come up with“提出”;keep up with“跟上”;put up with“容忍”;catch

up with“赶上”。结合句意应选 A。] 10.They tried their best to ________ good use of the chance that their school offered to study hard. A.make 答案 B.take C.grasp D.seize

A [句意:他们尽力好好利用学校提供的机会努力学习。make good use

of“好好利用”为固定搭配。] 11.During the ________ part of November,there will be a series of activities. A.latest 答案 B.late C.later D.latter

D [句意:在十一月份的后半部分,将有一系列的活动。latest 最近的;

late 晚的;later 较迟的;latter 后面的。结合句意 D 项正确。] 12.What surprised me was not what he said but ________ he said it. (2013· 合肥高一检测) A.the way C.in the way 答案 B.in the way that D.the way which

A [句意:使我吃惊的不是他说的话而是他说话的方式。]

13. The famous film is ________ a Chinese fairy tale and directed by a famous director. A.basing at 答案 B.based on C.bases on D.to base at

B [考查语态。句意:这部有名的电影是基于中国神话故事,且由著名

导演执导的。be based on 基于……,为固定搭配。]

14.Let children speak their own opinions,________ they are different from your own. A.until 答案 B.even if C.unless D.as though

B [句意:让孩子们发表他们自己的观点,尽管不同于你自己的。even

if 即使,尽管;until 直到;unless 除非;as though 好像。] 15.Our monitor,as a student,is excellent,who does very well in sports and games, swimming,________. A.as 答案 D B.like C.such as D.for example

[for example 主要用于举例说明,一般只列举同类人或事物中的一

个,可以用于句首、句中或句末。符合句意。] Ⅵ.完形填空 When Pat Jones finished college,she decided to travel around the world and see as many foreign places as she could __1__ she was young.Pat wanted to visit Latin America __2__,so she got a job __3__ an English teacher in a school in Bolivia.Pat spoke a little Spanish,__4__ she was able to communicate with her students even when they didn't __5__ much English. A sentence she had read somewhere stuck in her mind;if you dream __6__ a foreign language,you have really mastered(掌握)it.Pat repeated this sentence to her students and __7__ that some day she would dream in Spanish and they would dream in __8__. One day,one of her __9__ students came up and explained in Spanish that he had not done his homework.He had __10__ early and had slept __11__. “What does this have to do with your __12__?” Pat asked “I dreamed all night,Miss Jones.And my dream was in English.” “In English?” Pat was very __13__,since he was such a bad student.She was __14__ secretly jealous( 嫉妒的 ) . Her __15__ was still not in Spanish.But she encouraged(鼓励)her young student.“Well,__16__ me about your dream.” “All the people in the dream __17__ English.” the student said.“And all the signs were in English.All the newspapers and magazines and all the TV programs were in English.”

“But that's __18__,” said Pat.“What did all the people say to you?” “I'm sorry,Miss Jones.That's __19__ I slept so badly.I didn't __20__ a word they said.It was a nightmare(噩梦)!” 1.A.because 答案 2.A.first 答案 3.A.for 答案 4.A.and 答案 5.A.say 答案 6.A.in 答案 C C B.while C.if D.since

B [趁着年轻想多到国外看看,用 while 合适。] B.at first C.last D.at last

A [首先想去旅行的地方是拉丁美洲。] B.of C.as D.like

[get a job as...“获得一份……工作”。] B.but C.so D.yet

[上下文为因果关系,故用 so。] B.know C.read D.write

B [学生对英语懂得不多。] B.about C.of D.for

A [如果能用外语思维做梦,你就真正掌握了外语。] B.realized C.hoped D.wanted

7.A.thought 答案 C

[Pat 希望他有一天能用西班牙语思维做梦,而学生们能用英语思维

做梦。] 8.A.English 答案 B.Spanish C.Russian D.German

A [参见 7 题解析。] B.excellent C.best D.worst

9.A.bright 答案

D [由文章最后一段可知,该学生一句英语也听不懂,说明他英语学得

很差。] 10.A.got up 答案 11.A.well B.gone to bed C.fallen asleep D.woken up

B [很早就睡觉了。] B.soundly C.badly D.heavily



[文章最后一段有提示。] B.language C.dream D.homework

12.A.English 答案

D [学生说他的作业没有做,是因为晚上没睡好,Pat 问:这与作业有

何关系?] 13.A.surprised 答案 14.A.yet 答案 C B.worried C.pleased D.excited

A [学习最差的学生竟然能用英语做梦了,Pat 当然感到惊奇。] B.seldom C.also D.still

[惊奇之余,还有点嫉妒。因为她还不能用西班牙语做梦。] B.class C.word D.dream

15.A.study 答案

D [使用西班牙语还不能做梦。] B.write C.tell D.ask

16.A.answer 答案 17.A.read 答案 C C

[tell sb about sth“告诉某人……的情况”。] B.liked C.spoke D.learned

[由原文可知,该学生梦中的人都说英语,他自己却一句也不懂。] B.terrible C.funny D.strange

18.A.wonderful 答案 19.A.how 答案 20.A.hear 答案 C

[能用英语做梦当然应该是很有趣的。] B.why C.when D.because

B [That's why...“所以……”。] B.understand C.know D.remember

B [他们所说的我一点儿也听不懂。]

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