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2011 National English Contest for College students
(Level D-Preliminary)
31. It goes without _A___that you?ll be paid for all this extra time you?re spending on the project. A. saying B. telling C. talking D. speaking 32. We B__ _the money to your money market account within three working days.工作日 在三个工作日之内,我们将把钱财纳入你的账户 A. have been transferred B. will transfer C. transferring

D. will be transferred

33. The colorful illustrations 说明书 included in the new edition 版本 if the book make it _A __attractive.有吸引力 从而使这本书更加有吸引力 A. much 不可数名词 more 比较级 B. most of all C. the more D. most 34. The crew worked so hard that they finished entire project three days _B___ of schedule. A. forward B. ahead C. soon D. advanced 35. Her Olympic experience gave her a bid _D__ over the other contestants.竞争者,选手 A. with which B. to that C. with D. to which 36. It is useful to be able to predict the extent D____ a price change will affect supply and demands. A. learn about B. worthwhile C. valuable D. valuing 37. The old lady became worried when she didn?t _C___- her son for a whole month. A. learn about B. hear of 听说 C. hear from 收到来信 D. learn from 38. He decided it wasn?t B_____ reading the report as he?d been informed of all the changes already. A. worthy of/to be B. worthwhile C. valuable D. valuing 39. They have taken measures to solve the city?s pollution problem, but it may be some timeA__ the situation improves. A. give in B. blooming 主动 C. bloom D. bloomed 40. Large companies sometimes try to _D___smaller companies by buying a majority of the shares. A. give in放弃 B. suggested 建议 C. persuaded 劝服 D. implied 暗示 41. Using recent developments in science and technology, man can make various 不同的,各种各 样的 flowers C___before their time. A. give in放弃 B. get up 起床 C. look after 照顾 D. take over 克服 42. Our neighbours have _C_____us to buy the same kind of carpeting that they have. A. insisted 坚持 B. suggested C. persuaded D. implied 暗示 43. –excuse me,A__?


Yes. That?s one glass of white wine, one mineral water and one sandwich. Ten pounds, please. Thanks, is service includes? No . Ok , here you are. A. can we have the bill 菜单, please 你们可以点餐了吗? B. what would you like to have. 你想要什么? C. do you have any hamburgers 你们有汉堡吗? D. could you please get me some wate 可以给我些水吗? 44. Reception , how may I help you? There isn?t soap in the bathroom! __B____, sir. Thanks you. Can I have some shower gel, and some shaving cream, too, please? Sorry. We don?t provide shaving cream, but there?s some shower gel in the bathroom cabinet. A. You can buy some in the shop. B. I?ll send some to your room right away C. I?m really sorry to hear that D. That?s impossible. There must be some. 45. Hello. I?d like to speak to Julie, please. I?m afraid she isn?t here right now. D___? Yes. This is her friend M ark.我是他的朋友 mark I?m calling to ask her if she?d like to see a movie tomorrow night. Okay. I?ll give her the message. Thanks. A. would you like to hold on? B. Do you know when she will be back C. Would you like to see a movie tonight D. Can I take a message.能告诉我吗? Part 3 close(15 marks) Read the passage and fill in each blank with one word. Choose he word in one of the following three ways: according to the context, by using the correct form if the given word, or by using the given letter of the word. Remember to write the answers on the answer sheet. This is Matt Drudge, millionaire founder and owner of the Drudge Report, the first and most successful online ?newspaper?. People have called Drudge the ultimate blogger but he doesn?t accept 接受 this (46)description 名词_____(describe). He considers the Drudge Report to be a proper newspaper, very different (47 _from______the thousands of weblogs which have sprung up on the internet. Drudge?s fascination for news and gossip 八卦 stems form a childhood job (48) delivering 生 产制造_____ papers for The Washington Star, which gave him plenty of time and opportunities__ 大量的复数形式___ to catch up with the latest news. Drudge was (50)_uninterested_____(interest) in school work or sport. However, he developed an obsession (51) with____ rumors and political gossip.在什么与什么之间建立一种。。 At school 。 his only good marks for (52) current____ affairs.流行的事件 Following a series of dead-end jobs Drudge ended up in los angels in the 1990s, just in (53) time 及时,准时____ for the beginning of what was to become the internet. The World Wide Web was a fertile hunting (54) ground__搜寻联系___ for Drudge. He spend hours sifting through the newsgroups and websites that then existed, searching (55)for 寻找 ____ rumors and inside stories from the political and entertainment worlds. He launched the Drudge

Report website in 1995, (56)which 非限制性定语从句中作主语______ has become a daily ?rumor bulletin? expressing his version of the latest and juiciest gossip from Hollywood and Washington. Always managing to be the first with (57) _breaking___ (break) news, Drudge?s success was assured when he became the first person to publicise the Monica Lewinsky scandal in 1998. Now with an income of over a million dollars a year and many thousands of (58)subscriptions_____ 作名词用 subscribe), the Drudge Report has become a ?must see? resource for those hungry for the latest news and gossip. Will the ever-increasing availability of news on the internet mean the (59) end____ 意味着什么的结束 for its older rival, the conventional newspaper? Drudge doesn?t think so. He thinks the two working (60) together__一 起工作____. Part 5 reading comprehension (40 marks) Read the following passages. Each passage is followed by several questions. Respond to the questions according to the passage. Remember to write the answers on the answer sheet. Section A (10 marks) On the evening of his 18th birthday, a teenager from a tiny village in northern Germany clicked ?send? on his computers in hospitals and blanks in Hong Kong, china had crashed, and trains in Australia and the USA and stopped. In court a few months later, the teenager, Sven Jaschan, was charged with criminal damage. He was found guilty of putting the terrible ?Sasser? computer virus 病毒 on the internet and received a 21-month suspended sentence. He avoided prison 入狱 because he was only eighteen when he committed the crime 犯罪. The virus infected millions of computer systems across the world, and caused millions of dollars damage. Sven admitted his guilt to the detectives who came to his home. He had spent an enormous amount of time creating the Sasser virus on the computer in his bedroom. He often spent ten hours a day in front of his computer but his parents hadn?t known what he was doing at the time. When he released the virus on the internet, he didn?t realize it would cause so much damage. He was just delighted that in had worked. ?I felt as if I had written a first-class essay?, said Sven. ?I told my classmates- they thought it was terrific.? But his feelings changed very quickly. He was terrified when se saw a TV news report about the virus and damage it had caused. Detectives arrested Sven after one of his classmates contacted Microsoft and told them about him. Microsoft had offered a $250,000 reward for information about the virus. However, Sven?s teachers at school were astonished that Sven had created the virus. They said that he wasn?t a brilliant computer student. ?there are others in the class who are better than him,? one teacher said! While he was waiting for his waiting for his trial to start, Sven left school and started work. He now works for a computer company, making ?firewalls? – vital pieces of software that protect computers from viruses! Questions 61-62: read the questions and the four choices marked A, B, C and D, and decide which is the best choice according to the passage. 61. What was Sven Jaschan?s crime?罪行 BC A. He stole a lot of computers. B. He created a computer virus. C. He created a computer virus. D. He robbed 偷 a big bank.

62. Why wasn?t Sven sent to prison? A A. Because he was too young. B. Because he wasn?t found guilty. C. Because he admitted his guilty to detectives. D. Because he worked for a big company. Question 63-65: read the passage, and then complete the following statements in no more than four words for each blanks. 63. When Sven released the virus on the internet, he was at first _ delighted ____, then frightened. 64. The police caught 抓住 Sven using information given to Microsoft by__ one of his classmates contacted Microsoft __. 65. In the last paragraph, the word meaning ?very important? is _ vital 至关重要的___. Section B (10 MARKS)

Esquire 1 year, 12 issues Price: $ 7.97 Esquire is lifestyle magazine aimed at professional men. The goal of the editors is to provide a broad scope of information of interest to this magazine, including business, health, fitness, fashion, sports, entertainment, family life and arts. Boy?s life 1 years, 10 issues Price: $ 23.00 Boy?s life is to entertain and educate all boys and to open their eyes to joyous world of reading. It includes a mix of new, nature, sports, history, fiction, science, entertainment, and comics. For boys aged 7 to 14. Nick 1 year, 12 issues Price: $ 24.00 Nick is filled with wonderful entertainment for children, aged 6 to 14. it is wholesome, imaginative and truly from a child?s point of view. Nick sees the world from your child?s perspective. Share the award-winning entertainment and humor magazine from NIck with your kids. Seventeen 1 year, 12 issues Price: $ 12.00 Seventeen is the world?s most popular magazine for today?s teenage girls! In every issue you?ll get the latest scoop on style, friends, guys, college, careers, the stars and love, as well as hot tips on beauty, fashion, fitness, entertainments and relationships. Each issue of seventeen has exciting features, including fiction, quizzes, music, videos, trends and so much more. And don?t forget the really cool articles, such as the ever-favorite Trauma-Rama. If it?s important to today?s young women, it?s in Seventeen. Questions 66-69: Answer the following questions according to the passage. 66. Which magazine is the cheapest according to the advertisements? Esquire

67. How old are the boys that Boys? Life aims at?旨在 For boys aged 7 to 14. 68. If you need to choose a magazine from the above listed for a 7-year-old girl, how much do you Need to pay a year? $ 24.00 69. Who may be the most interested in Seventeen? teenage girls!谁可能是最吸引人的 Questions70:Read the question and the four choices marked A, B, C, and D, and decide which is the best choice according to the passage. 70. What information is contained in all the four magazines? B A. Career. 事业 B. Entertainment.娱乐 C. College.大学 D. Business.商业 Section C(10 marks) Many doctors know the story of ?Mr Wright?. In 1957 he was diagnosed with cancer, and given only days to live. He heard tumors the size of oranges. He heard that scientists had discovered a new medication, Kerbionzen, which was effective against cancer, and he begged his doctor to give him the drug. His physician, Dr Philip West, finally agreed. Mr Wright was given an injection on a Friday afternoon, the astonished doctor found his patients out of his ?death bed?, joking with the nurses the following Monday. ?The tumurs,? the doctor wrote later, ?had melted like snow balls on a hot stove.? Actually, Mr Wright had not been given a drug, just a mix of salt and water. This story has been ignored by doctors for a long time, dismissed as one of those strange tales that medicine cannot explain. The idea that what a patient believes can make a fatal disease go away is regarded as just too strange However, no scientists are discovering that placebo effect is more powerful than anyone had ever thought. They are also beginning to discover how such miraculous results are achieved. (74) Through new techniques in brain imagery, it has been shown that a thought, a belief or a desire can cause chemical processes in the brain which can have powerful effects on the body. Placebos are ?lies that heal?, said Dr Anne Harrington, a science historian at Havard University. ?The word placebo is Laitin for “I shall please” or “I shall make you happy” and it is typically a treatment that a doctor gives to anxious patients to please them,? she said. ?It looks like medication, but has no healing ingredients whatever.? Nowadays, doctors have much more deffective medicines to fight disease, but these treatments have not diminished the power of the placebo – quite the opposite. (75)Maybe when scientists fully understand how they work, the powerful healing effects of the human maind will be used more systematically. Questions 71-73:Read the passage, and then say whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F). 71.Wr Wright was given a new cancer medication which contained healing ingredienes.F 72.After Dr Philip West gave Mr Wright the injection, Mr Wright got better.T 73.Scientists are discovering that placebos don?t have any effect at all.F Questions 74-75: Translate the underlined sentences 74 and 75. Section D (10 marks) Robots are useful inexploring space because they can work in the conditions which exist in space. Such robots usually look like boxes with wheels. Though these robots are useful, however, they are extremely expensive-they break easily and they are cannot do very many tasks. Because of these problems, scientists have been working on a new and unusual kind of robot. These new robots will look and move like snakes, so they have been given the name ?snakebots?. The way a snake is shaped allows it to do special things, such as getting into very small spaces, like cracks in rocks. Snakes can also push themselves underground, and climb up different kinds

of objects, like rocks and trees. Such abilities account for the usefulness of robots designed like snakes, because they will be able to do these things, too. Such robots would be much more effective than regular robots with wheels. Wheeled robots easily get stuck and fall over, but snakebots would not have these problems. They could go almost anywhere and so would be useful for exploringth different environments of other planets. Since they can carry tools, snakebots would be able to work in space, as well. They could, for example, help repair the Internetion Space Station. How do you make a robot shaped like a snake? A snakebot is put together like a chain, made of about thirty parts, or modules. Each module is basically the same-they all containa computer and a wheel to aid movement. The computer in the ?head? of the snake makes the modules work together. If one module fails, another can easily take its place. Snakebot modules can also carry different kinds of tools, as well as cameras. Since each module is actually a robot in itself, each module can work apart from the restif necessary. The snakebot design is much simpler than of most common robots. Thus, snakebots will be much less expensive to build. One of the robots sent to Mars cost a hundred million dollars to build. However, snakebots cost as little as a few dollars to make and could therefore save . enormous amounts of money on future space missions ,With their versatility and affordability , snakebots will be the way of the future; at least as far as space robots are concerned. Questions 76~80: read the passage carefully and then complete each space in the summary, using a maximum of three words from the passage. Summary: 摘要 It is much easier to send robots, rather th an people, into space, but scientists have found that robots with wheels are not the most (76)__ effective ___ ones. This is because there are many problems associated with today?s robots: they are very expensive, they (77) break easily ___ and cannot do many tasks. In fact, for exploring places with lots of obstacles to go over or under, (78) _ snakebots ____ word better than wheeled robots. They are made of separate parts, or (79)_ modules ______, each of which is actually a robot in itself. Snakebots can go almost anywhere and do many different kinds of tasks. It books as though robots shaped like snakes will be the way of the future owing to their (80) __ versatility and affordability ___. Part 5 translation (10 marks) Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in the brackets. Remember to write answer on the answer sheet. 81. 请复习课堂上讨论过的要点, 还有你自己感到混淆不清的地方。 (as well as) Restudy the majority point which we talk about in class, as well as where youself fell doubtly

Please review 复习 the important points discussed in the class as wel l as any points you feel confused about.对。。。混淆不清的
82. 不要管其他人怎样想, 作为一个个体, 这是一个你必须自己做的选择。(regardless of) Regardless of what others think as a single part, this is a choice you have to make

82. This is a choice you must make for yourself as an individual,个人 的,个体的 regardless of what other people think.
83. 他们在大部分场合倾向于坦率, 毫无拘束的谈论自。 (tend) They tend to be frankly in most situations tallking something without disciline/freely

83. They tend to be fran Li in most situations and talLi about themse lves free' y.
84. 我宁愿现在就把真相告诉他, 而不愿一直保守这个秘密。 (would rather) I would raher tell him the turth now than keep it as a secret forever.

84. I would rather tell him the truth now than Lieep it as a secret f orever.
85. 被接见者说他熟悉办公室软,会做一些数据分析。 (be familiar with) Interviewee 被接见者 said that he was familiar with office microsoft, then can do some data annilize

85. The interviewee said he was familiar with office software and can do some data ana' yses.
Part 6 IQ test (10 marks) There are five IQ questions in this part. Write the answers on the answer sheet. 86. change MILK to WINE, one letter at a time, in three steps. 87. What number should replace the question mark? 50 58 (42) 26 39 (42) 45 32 (?) 68 88. clock A was correlate at midnight, 在午夜 but lost exactly 1 minute an hour from then on. It stopped 1 hour ago (B), having run for less than 12 hours. What the time now? A B 89. how many lines appear below? 90. can you understand the reasoning behind these dominos and find the missing letter?字母 S D W B Y F U H ? Part 7 writing (30 marks) Task 1 (10 marks) Suppose you are Wang Dan, and you have been given an opportunity to go to England to study English for one month. The institute where you will be studying has sent you some information about the family you will stay with, but there is still information you like to have before you go. Carefully read the information about your host family and the notes you have made below. Then write your letter to Mrs Rubens, introducing yourself briefly and asking for the information you need. Write a letter of more than 80 words in the answer sheet. Do not include addresses. Student: Wang Dan Host family name: Rybens Adults: Maureen (F) Nathan (M) Children: Samuel (M) Age: 18 Rebecca (f) Age: 16

David (M) Age: 15 Address: 26 Cheltenham Close, Bath The family will provide a single room, breakfast and evening meal and bed linen. Use of washing machine. Date of arrival: 20/7/2011 Date of departure: 19/8/2011 Are there any pets in the house? Do they smoke? How far from school? Should I rent a bike? Task 2 (20 marks) A young people?s magazine is preparing a special issue on the subject of health. Write an article for this issue of the magazine on the question: Should smoking cigarettes be made illegal? Write the article on the answer sheet and the article should contain at least 120 words.

Part 11 Vocabulary and Structure (15 mar Lis) 31. A 32. B 33. A 34. B 35. D 36. D 37. C 38. B 39. A 40. D 41. C 42. C 43. A 44. B 45. D Part Ilf Cloze (15 marks) 46. description 47. from 48. delivering 49. opportunities 50. uninter ested 51. with 52. current 53. time 54. ground 55. for 56. which 57. breaking 58. subscribers / subscriptions 59. end 60. together Part IV Reading Comprehension (40 mar Lis) Section A (10 marks) 61. B 62. A 63. delighted / pleased / happy 64. one of his classmates 65. vital Section B (10 marks) 66. Esqt Lire . 67. 7 to 14. 68. q$24. 00. 69. Teenage girls. 70. B Section C (10 marks) 71. F72. T73. F74. 大脑影像的新技术表明,人的想法、信仰或者欲望可以引 起大脑内部的化 学变化, 此变化可以对人体有强大的影响。75. 或许当科学家们真正理解了它们 (安慰剂)是如 何起作用的,人类思想的强大的治疗功效才会被更加系统地运用。 Section D (10 marks) 76. effective 77. breaLi easily 78. snaLiebots 79. modules 80. versat ility and affiordability Part V Translation (10 marks) 81. Please review the important points discussed in the class as well as any points you feel confosed about. 82. This is a choice you must maLie for yourself as an individual, re gardless of what other people

thin Li. 83. They tend to be fran Li in most situations and talLi about themse lves free' y. 84. I would rather tell him the truth now than Lieep it as a secret f orever. 85. The interviewee said he was familiar with office software and can do some data ana' yses. Part VI IQ Test (10 marks) 86. MILK,MILE,MINE,WINE 或者 MILK,MINK,WINK,WINE 87. 50 (32+68=100;100/2=50) 88. 6.00 am. 89. 12 90. S (D is the fourth letter from the start of the alphabet, W is th e fourth from the end of it, F is the sixth from the start, U is the sixth from the end etc.) Part Vl I Writing (30 marks)

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