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M10 Unit 1 Building the future

Unit 1
Building the future

1、 expense n. 费用;价钱;支出;消耗;开支; 经费;牺牲;损失,代价;费钱之物 ◆I don't think we can afford the expense. 我认为我们负担不了这个费用。

◆We spare no expense to buy the machine.
我们不惜成本购买这机器。 ◆The prize of the game show is $30,000 and an allexpensespaid vacation to China. 这次比赛的奖品是3万美元和到中国的免费假期。

①This printer is of good quality. If it should break down within the first year, we would repair it (自费).

①at our own expense

②During the tenday vacation, they traveled to France their own expense.


2、deposit n. 堆积物,沉淀物,存款,押金,保证金,

存放物current deposit 活期存款
◆He put a deposit on a house. 他给一栋房子付了押金。 vt. 存放,储蓄;沉淀,沉积 ◆You may deposit your returned books with the


◆He deposited 5,000 dollars in the bank. 他在银行存了5000美元。 ◆As the river slows down, it deposits a layer of soil. 河流流速变慢时,一层流沙便沉积下来。

◆Passbook and code number are required when you
want to deposit or withdraw money in a bank. 当你想要在一个银行存、取款时,存折和密码是 需要的。

3、target vt. 把……作为目标 n. 靶子,目标 target sth./sb. 把……作为目标 target sth. on / at sth. /sb. 目的在于 hit a target 完成指标

set a target for sth. 为……制定目标
meet a target 达到目标 on target 按目标 an easy target 很容易击中的目标;容易受攻击的人

英译汉 ①The cinema is on target to open next year. ___________________________________


②What type of reader is the new magazine targeting?


③The programme is targeted at improving the health of women of all ages. ____________________________________

③这个项目旨在提高各个年龄段的妇女的 健康。

④The book will be the target of bitter criticism.


1、catch up on 补上,赶上,补做

◆I have got much work to catch up on.
我有许多工作需要补做。 ◆He has too much homework to catch up on. 他功课太多而无法做完。 ◆You know, I have some work to catch up on.


汉译英 迈克需要加把劲赶上功课进度。 _____________________________________

Mike needed to catch up on his homework.

2、put pressure on/upon sb. 给……施加压力

ease off the pressure of 为某人减轻压力 exert pressure on sb. to do sth. 迫使某人做…… relieve / reduce pressure on sb. / sth. 减缓某人/某物 的压力 under pressure 在压力之下 give in to pressure 屈从于压力 high blood pressure 高血压 air pressure 大气压

①The pressure that the bank has ______ on our company is to reduce its borrowings. A. made B. given

C. sent

D. put

①D 句意:银行施加给我们公司的压力是 减少贷款。

②Some people work well ______ while others get nervous and do badly. A. under way B. under pressure

C. under control

D. under repair

②B 句意:有些人在压力之下工作得相当 好而有些人则感觉很紧张且表现糟糕。

3 、 on top of = in addition to 另外,此外,除 了……之外 On top of being dismissed by the boss, he had an

accident on his way home.
不仅被解雇了,在回家路上,他又发生了交通 事故。

on the top of 在……上面 on top 在上面

on top of the world 非常幸福
from top to toe / bottom 从头到脚 at the top of one's voice 大声地;高声地

______ losing his job, he was divorced by his wife. A. Beside B. On the top of C. In addition to D. Except for

C 句意:非但失去了工作,他妻子还和他 离婚了。

4、push for 努力争取

◆Don't push him hard for a settlement.
别太逼他给你解决的办法。 ◆We should have to push them for a quick decision. 我们必须敦促他们迅速决断。 ◆They are pushing for economic reform.


push around 把……推来推去,摆布 push back 向后推,吞下 push on 推动,推进,努力向前

push through 设法通过;挤过,穿过
push up 抬高,增加,提高 push down 按下 push aside 把……推开,避开 push away 推开

push out 把……推出去, (使)突出

I asked him several questions, but he ______ them

A. set; away C. pushed; aside B. pushed; away D. pushed; for

C push aside 把……推开,避开。

1、In fact, hunger is the number one world health risk, killing more people than any disease. 事实上,饥饿是全球头号健康威胁,致死的人比任何 疾病都要多。
句中killing more people than any disease是现在分词短 语作结果状语。 ◆The enemy opened fire, killing one of our guards.

◆ Her husband died in 1942, leaving her with five children. 她丈夫在1942去世了,给她留下了5个孩子。

①More highways have been built in China, ______ it

much easier for people to travel from one place to
another.(2011· 陕西)

A. making
C. to make

B. made
D. having made


②The news shocked the public, ______ to great concern about students' safety at school. A. having led B. led

C. leading

D. to lead


2、There is a saying that goes, ‘Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for the rest of his life.’ 有句俗语是这样说的:“授人以鱼,三餐之需;授 人以渔,终身之用。”

此句中的go 意为 “(文句等)表达为……”,强调(诗
或歌中词/调) 唱,说或指(故事等)发生情况如何。 ◆How does that song go? 那首歌怎么唱? ◆The story goes that she's been married five times.


read 意为“应读作,写着,写成是??”,强 调的是“告示,信或段落等书写的内容”。 say 意为“写道,说,指示”,强调“书面材 料或可见的东西”所提供的信息,很多情况下 能与read 通用。 write 意为“写道”,强调“书面陈述,以 ( 文 字)说”。

◆The sign reads “No admittance”. 告示牌上写着“禁止入内”。 ◆I've changed the last paragraph. It now reads as follows… 我已经修改了最后一段,现在是这样写的…… ◆I saw a notice reading “Keep out”. 我看到告示上写着“禁止入内”。 ◆The book doesn't say where he was born. 书上没说他是在哪儿出生的。 ◆In his latest book he writes/says that the theory has been disproved. 他在最近的一本书里写道,那个理论后来已被证明不能 成立。

— What should I do first? — The instructions ______ that you should mix flour with water carefully first.

A. go
C. write

B. tell
D. say

D 说明书上写道你首先应当将面粉同水一 起混合。say强调“书面材料或可见的东西” 所提供的信息。

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