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雇佣合同 Employment Contract

方:******(北京)有限公司 (北京)

Party A: ******* : 乙 方 Party B: :

签订日期 Date: : :

甲方:*****(北京)有限公司 Party A:**** Technical Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd 地址:北京市朝阳区****** Address:**********

乙方 Party B: 性别 Gender:___ 国籍 Nationality: 护照号码 Passport No.:_____________________ 在京居住地址 Address (Beijing): 联系方式 Contact:_________________________ _________ ____

其他紧急联络人 Contact person in case of emergency: 甲、乙双方遵循合法公平、平等自愿、协商一致、诚实信用的原则,签订本合同,并承诺共同遵守。 Party A and Party B agree to sign this contract and pledge to fulfill all the obligations stipulated hereinafter, in line with the principles of legality, justice, equality, voluntariness and mutual agreement.

一、 雇佣期限 Ⅰ Employment term 雇佣期限为___ __年,自______年__ 个月,自______年__ _月__ _月__ _日起至______年__ _月_ _月__ 日止,其中试用期为_____


_ 日止。

The employment term is ________year(s), lasting from _______________ to ___________. The probation period is __________month(s), lasting from ___________ to ______________. 二、 雇佣内容及工作时间 Ⅱ Content and working hours 2.1 甲方根据工作需要,安排乙方完成以下内容的工作任务: Party A gives Party B the following work assignments according to its operating requirements:

工作内容 Job responsibilities:

工作地点 Place:



2.2 工作时间:乙方每日工作时间不超过 8 小时,平均每周工作不超过 40 小时,每周休息日为周六、日。 甲方安排乙方延长工作时间,应安排乙方同等时间补休或依法支付加班酬劳。 Party B works no more than 8 hours per day, no more than 40 hours per week, and Saturday and Sunday are set as the official weekly rest days. Party A may extend Party’s B’s working hours on the basis of mutual agreement, and party B shall get corresponding deferred holidays or paid for the extended work hours in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. 三、 报酬及其他福利 Ⅲ Remuneration and other welfare benefits 3.1 乙方的报酬为税前__________ 元/月 ,大写: 乙方在试用期期间的报酬为税前_____ ____元/月,大写:

Party B’s salary is RMB __ ______ per month in the probationary period and RMB _____ ___ after the probationary period. 试用期过后,甲方为乙方提供住房补助¥5000.00 元/月(伍千元人民币每月) ,甲方凭乙方出具的租房 发票报销,报销时间在每月的 8 号。如遇节假日或休息日,应提前到最近的工作日支付,如因特殊原因延 期支付报酬的,甲方应在五个工作日内向乙方说明原因。 After the probation, Party A shall provide Party B with a monthly housing allowance of RMB5,000.00. Party A shall provide the invoice of rent payment for reimbursement. The monthly date for reimbursement is on the 8th day of each month. If the 8th day of the month falls in the weekend or holiday, the payment shall be brought forward to the nearest weekday. Party A shall inform Party B and explain the detailed reason within 5 work days in case Party A fails to pay the salary due to special reasons. 3.2 甲方应于每月 8 号以货币或转帐形式足额支付乙方上述报酬。如遇节假日或休息日,应提前到最近的 工作日支付,如因特殊原因延期支付报酬的,甲方应在五个工作日内向乙方说明原因。 Party A shall pay salary to Party B before the 8th day of every month in the form of cash or bank-transfer. If the 8th day of the month falls in the weekend or holiday, the payment shall be brought forward to the nearest weekday. Party A shall inform Party B and explain the detailed reason within 5 work days in case Party A fails to pay the salary due to special reasons. 3.3 甲方可根据生产经营的状况或乙方任务量和工作表现,适时调整乙方的报酬。 Party A can adjust Party B’s salary according to its operating conditions, Party B’s workload and performance. 3.4 当乙方的工作任务发生变化时,甲方可按规定调整其相应的报酬。乙方接受新的工作任务后,即视作 接受甲方按照该工作任务重新确定的报酬。 Party B’s labor remuneration will be adjusted in case Party A adjusts Party B’s job responsibilities. Accepting the new position is regarded as accepting the adjusted salary.

3.5 乙方应遵守国家及地方的税法制度,自行缴纳其个人收入的个人所得税,甲方无义务为其代缴。 Party B shall pay personal income tax voluntarily according to the state’s tax law. Party A doesn’t shoulder the responsibility to withhold and remit taxes for Party B. 3.6 乙方在合同期内享受中国法律规定的节日,公休假日,另外公司每年为其提供 5 天的带薪休假。 Party B is entitled with all legal holidays in accordance with the state’s regulations, In addition, Party B enjoys a paid leave of 5 days each year. 四、 雇佣合同的解除和终止 Ⅳ Contract Cancellation and Termination 4.1 合同期满双方不再续签或者双方约定的合同终止条件出现时,雇佣合同即终止。 This contract shall be terminated once it expires and both parties do not extend the contract. 4.2 经合同双方当事人协商一致,本合同可以解除。 The contract may be canceled based on both parties’ mutual negotiation. 4.3 乙方应遵守中国政府的法律、法规及有关规定,乙方如违反上述规定,甲方有权即时解除合同;乙方 因健康原因,经医生证明连续病休 15 工作日后仍不能继续工作,甲方有权提前终止合同。 Party B should abide by China laws, decrees and related regulations and Party A’s working systems. During the duration, Party A is entitled to cancel the contract in case Party B violates China laws and decrees, and terminate the contract before expiration in case Party B cannot resume his or her work for health reasons after the medical certification of continuous sick rest for 15 working days. 4.4 乙方因归国或其他私人原因未正常出勤且超过十天且未向甲方做出书面说明的,本合同自动终止。 The contract will automatically terminate in case Party B is absent for over 10 days without written explanation due to homecoming or other private reasons. 4.5 乙方被证明无法完成本合同项下的工作任务,甲方有权随时解除本合同。 In case Party B is proved to be not competent for the work under the contract, Party A is entitled to cancel the contract at any time. 4.6 乙方应严格遵守甲方的工作规定以及规章制度,尽职尽责,否则,甲方有权随时解除合同并追究因此 而造成的经济损失,并有权对所造成的经济损失在乙方的报酬中作相应扣除。 Party B should abide by Party A’s working systems, rules and regulations. Otherwise, Party A is entitled to cancel the contract and claim a corresponding compensation of any economic loss from Party B’s payment. 4.7 乙方有权提前 30 日以书面形式通知甲方解除本合同,在试用期内提前 3 日通知甲方即可解除。 Party B should inform Party A in written form 30 days in advance for canceling the contract, and 3 days in advance during the probation period. 五、其他事项 Ⅴ Others 5.1 其他未尽事宜,双方可参照甲方公司内部的相关规章制度执行。 Other items not stipulated by the two parties can be implemented according to the internal rules and regulations of Party A.

5.2 甲乙双方均应遵守本合同之约定,任何一方违约,非违约方均有权要求违约方承担相应的损失。 The two parties should abide by the contract. In case one party tears up the contract, the other party has the right to require the defaulting party to undertake corresponding loss. 5.3 甲乙双方在本合同的执行中如有争议,可协商解决。 For disputes during the execution of the contract, the two parties can settle them through negotiations. 5.4 本合同分为中英两种文本,每种文本具有相同的法律效力;如两种文本产生冲突,则中文文本为作准 文本。 The contract has two versions in Chinese and in English. The two copies are equally authentic. In case any dispute happens, the Chinese version shall prevail. 5.5 本合同一式两份,甲、乙双方各执一份,每份具有同等法律效力。本合同经甲、乙双方签字盖章后生 效。 The contract is in duplicate, held by Party A and Party B respectively. The two copies are equally authentic. The contract comes into effect upon signatures or seals of both parties.

甲方:******(北京)有限公司 Party A: ***** Technical Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

乙方(签字): Party B (Signature):

授权代表: Authorized Representative:

签订日期 Date:

签订日期 Date:

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