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Unit3 (Book4) What’s Their
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Number Again? Reading




Multiple Media.


培养阅读技巧,提高阅读能力。 归纳提高记忆力的方法,并加以实践。







have an effect on 对??有影响 take effect 生效,起作用 bring/ carry/ put into effect 实行,贯彻
主要内容 板书设计

This medicine had no effect on him. 这药对他无效。 The film had quite an effect on her. 这影片对她影响极大。 effect vt. 实现,使生效,引起

辨析:affect sth. = have an effect on sth. effect sth. = make sth. happen


课 堂 教 学 安 排
教 学 过 程 主 要 教 学 内 容 及 步 骤

【课前预习】 一、预习并背诵下列单词,写出其汉语意思。
复 1. memorize _________________ 2. noticeable __________________ 习 导 3.research __________________ 4. commonly __________________ 入 5.reflect____________________ 6. entire ______________________

7.theme ___________________ 二、翻译并背诵下列词组。 1. regard as ________________ 3.according to_______________ 5.on average________________

8. translate ____________________

2. a challenging task _____________ 4.as if ___________________ 6. begin with ___________________

7.pay attention to ______________8. as to ____________________ 9.go over sth _______________ 11. instead of _______________ 10. concentrate on ______________ 12. at the end _________________


【课堂探究】 1. bathtub effect 浴缸现象 effect n. 结果,影响,作用,效力。其后通常接介词 on, upon. 常用的句 型结构有:have an effect on 对??有影响 take effect 生效,起作用 bring/ carry/ put into effect 实行,贯彻 This medicine had no effect on him. 这药对他无效。 The film had quite an effect on her. 这影片对她影响极大。 effect vt. 实现,使生效,引起

His opinion effected a change in the plan. 他的意见使计划变更。 辨析:affect sth. = have an effect on sth.

effect sth. = make sth. happen 练习: ( ) Critics believe that the control of television by mass advertising has ________ the quality of the programs.
教 学 设 ( 计

A. affected

B. effected

C. lessened

D. declined

) The new traffic rules have come into ________, surely it will have ________ on drivers. A. affect; an effect C. effect; an effect B. effect; affect D. an effect; an effect

课 2. begin 的常用短语搭配: 堂 at the beginning of ? 一开始; begin with 以??开始 讨 论 end 的常用短语:

in the end 最后;at the end of 在??末、底 by the end of 到??末为止; 练习: ( ) All the people, even if healthy, will ___________ death. A. end up for B. end ( coffee. A. end; up with B. ending; up with C. end; up as D. 课 堂 ending; up as 训 练 3. As if the word were a person lying in a bathtub, with the head out of the water at one end and the feet at the other. 这个单词就好像一个人躺在浴 缸内,头部在浴缸的一端露出水面,脚在另一端。 1). as if 引导的句子为虚拟语气,lying in a bathtub 为现在分词作定语,修 饰 a person. as if 从句的语气和时态: (1). 当说话者认为句子所述的是真实的或极有可能发生或存在的事实时, as if 从句用陈述语气。如:

end up with 以??告终

C. end up

D. end up with

) We have got used to ________ the dinner _______ fruit and

课 堂 He didn’t return the money as if he forgot. 他没有还钱似乎忘记了。 小 (2). 当说话者认为句子所述是不真实的或极少可能发生及存在的事实时, 结

It sounds as if it is raining. 听起来似乎下雨了。

as if 从句用虚拟语气。从句谓语动词的时态形式如下: ◆如果从句表示的与现在事实相反,谓语动词用一般过去时。如: You look as if you didn’t care. He talks as if he knew where she is. ◆ 如果从句表示与过去事实相反,谓语动词用过去完成时。如: He talked about Rome as if he had been there before. The girl listened as if she had been turned to stone. ◆ 如果从句表示与过去事实相反,谓语动词用“would/ could/ might + 动 词原形”如: He opened his mouth as if he would say something. 练习: ( ) Do every act of your life __________ it were your last. A. even if ( B. since C. because D. as if

) The two students talked as if they _________ friends for years. A. should be B. would be C. have been D. had

been ( ) He was sad ________ the world had come to an end. A. as to ( B. as if C. even if D. even though

) He is so pale that he looks _________ he were ill. A. like B. that C. as if D. if

2). with the head out of the water 为“with+名词+介词短语”的复合结构 形式。 with 的复合结构通常有以下几种类型: (1). with + 名词/ 代词宾格 + 不定式,如: With Tom to help me, I finish the work on time. 由于汤姆的帮助, 我及时完 成了工作。

(2). with + 名词/ 代词宾格 + 现在分词,如 He left the room with the candle burning on the table. 他离开了房间,蜡烛 仍然在桌子上点着。 (3). with + 名词/ 代词宾格 + 过去分词,如 He lay in bed with his eyes closed. 他闭着眼躺在床上。 (4). with + 名词/ 代词宾格 +形容词/ 副词,如 It’s impolite to talk with your mouth full. 嘴里塞得满满的跟人谈话是不礼貌 的。 The baby is used to sleeping with the light on. 这个婴儿习惯了灯亮着睡 觉。 (5). with + 名词/ 代词宾格 + 介词短语,如 She left the classroom, with tears in her eyes. 她离开了教室,眼里噙着泪 水。 练习: ( ) ________ two exams to worry about, I have to work really hard this week. A. With ( B. besides C. as for D. because of

) ________ more and more forests destroyed, some animals are facing the danger of dying out. A. by B. with C. as D. for


) I couldn’t do my homework with all that noise ___________. A. going on B. goes on C. went on D. to go on

( time.

) With a lot of homework ___________, little Tom felt tired all the

A. did

B. to do

C. do

D. doing

4. The bathtub effect is often reflected in the observation that, when trying to remember a word, a name of a telephone number, people find it easier to recall the beginning and end of a lost item than the middle. 浴缸现象也

反映在生活观察中,当人们想设法记住单词,姓名或电话号码时,他们发 现回想起开头和末尾比中间要容易些。 1). that 引导同位语从句,说明 observation 的内容。大多数同位语从句是 由 that 引 导 , 如 在 news, truth, hope, information, fact, promise, suggestion 等词后的同位语从句。 2). find it easier to recall the begging ? it 为形式宾语,真正的宾语为不 定式 to recall the beginning ?。 ( ) The idea _______ all people are selfish is wrong. A. what ( B. that C. why D. if

) We heard the news ________ our team had won. A. that B. what C. whether D. why


) The fact _______ he hadn’t said anything surprised us all. A. why B. if C. that D. whether


) Don’t you think ______ necessary to improve your memory? A. that B. this n. 专注 C. us D. it

5. concentration concentrate

vi. 专注于;集中注意力在??上,如:

I decided to concentrate all my efforts on passing the exam. __________________________________________________________ ____ It’s too noisy outside, I can’t concentrate on my work. __________________________________________________________ 【课后作业】 见练习册 P21,4 P22,1


教 传统的看法认为教师的任务就是传授知识, 按韩愈说的就是“传道授业解惑”, 但是 学 仅仅传授知识是不够的。 要提高学生的素质, 就要培养学生的能力。 因此英语阅读教学 反 中要突出“学”字, 从让学生“学会”转到培养学生“会学”, 授之以法, 把学习的主动 思 权交给学生。


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