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【2014届高三一轮复习英语精品资料 题库强化练习(新课标专用)Book 7 Unit5 Word版含解析

Unit 5

Travelling abroad

1.—Doesn't this bus go to the Children's Palace, sir? —________. A.Yes, we don't C.You're welcome 答案 B B.No, this is

as far as we go D.I'm very sorry

[考查交际用语。No, this is as far as we go.“是的,不去。这路车终点就到这里

了。”其他三项答非所问。] 2.Because some students failed to________financial support from the donators, the latter were considering whether it was worthwhile to continue their kindness. A.acknowledge C.acquire B.recognize D.realize

答案 A [考查动词。句意:由于一些学生没有答谢捐助者的经济帮助,这些捐助者们 正在考虑这种善行是不是值得要继续做下去。acknowledge“答谢,感谢”;recognize“辨认出, 承认”;acquire“获得”;realize“意识到,认识到”。] 3.He contributes to the school magazine regularly________I know. A.as well as C.as soon as 答案 B B.as far as D.as long as

[句意:据我所知,他定期向学校杂志投稿。as far as I know=as far as I am

concerned“据我所知”。] 4.Having retired from business, he now________himself with the welfare of the disabled. A.associates C.charges 答案 B 于”。] 5.“Meals on wheels” is a free service,________hot meals are delivered to elderly people who may not be able to move around very easily. A.that B.which B.occupies D.rewards

[考查动词。句意:退休后,他忙于残疾人的福利事业。occupy oneself with“忙

C.where 答案 C

D.what [考查定语从句。 hot meals are delivered to elderly people 是定语从句部分, 该部

分句子主干成分完整,因此用关系副词。] 6.—Will the fine weather________? —I am afraid not.The weatherman says it's going to rain. A.stay up C.come on 答案 B B.keep up D.move on

[考查动词短语。 句意: “好天气会继续吗?”“恐怕不会。 天气预报说有雨。 ”keep

up“保持”;stay up“熬夜”;come on“进展,跟着”;move on“前进;往前走”。] 7.During the 2008 financial crisis,the French president Nicolas Sarkozy agreed to provide millions of emergency fund aid to help________unemployment. A.release C.relieve 答案 C B.resemble D.recommend

[考查动词。句意:在 2008 年金融危机中,法国总统萨科奇同意提供 30 亿元

的紧急经济援助以缓解失业。relieve“缓和,减轻,解除”;release“释放”;resemble“相像”; recommend“建议,推荐”。] 8.The film The Founding of a Republic is wonderful because about 80 stars appear in it, some of________are worldfamous. A.whom C.them B.who D.those

答案 A [考查定语从句。先行词是 stars(影星),而且是作 of 的宾语,所以选 whom。 句意:电影《建国大业》很好看,因为 80 多位影星参演,其中有些还是世界级的明星。] 9.I feel sure that________qualification, ability and experience, you are suited to the position we have in mind. A.on account of C.on the basis of B.in terms of D.in the light of

答案 B [考查介词短语。句意:就资格、能力和经验而言,我相信你是该职位的合适 人选。in terms of“就……而言,从……角度”。] 10.Coming to another country to study requires a big adjust- ment and it usually takes a while to________.

A.fit in C.keep up

B.calm down D.get away

答案 A [考查动词短语。句意:出国学习需要做大的调整,通常需要一段时间才能适 应。fit in“相适应,相融合”;calm down“镇静,平静”;keep up“保持”;get away“逃跑”。] 11.Angela and John picked up the marriage________after they met on line several times, which was not sensible. A.acquisition C.certificate 答案 C B.identification D.qualification

[考查名词。句意:在网上相遇不久,Angela 和 John 就领了结婚证,这是不明

智的做法。 certificate“ 证书 ” ; acquisition“ 获得,取得 ” ; identification“ 身份证明,确认 ” ; qualification“资格,资历”。] 12.I began to feel________in the new school when I saw some familiar faces. A.at home C.at will B.at heart D.at sight

答案 A [本题主要考查介词短语的意义区别。句意:当我看到一些熟悉的面孔时,我 (才)开始觉得在新学校里也不拘束了。feel at home 此处指“感觉舒适、自在、不拘束”,而 at heart“在内心里/本质上”;at will“随/任意”;at sight“一见(就)”,均不合句意。] 13.His parents________him to work in a big company but he failed them. A.suggested C.recommended B.demanded D.hoped

答案 C [考查动词辨析。句意:他的父母建议他去大公司工作,但他使他们失望了。 suggest“建议”,不能用 suggest sb. to do sth.;demand“要求”,demand of sb. to do sth.“要求某 人做某事”;recommend“建议”,recommend sb. to do sth.“建议某人做某事”;hope“希望”,也 没有 hope sb. to do sth.结构。] 14 . My morning________includes jogging in the park and reading newspapers over breakfast. A.drill C.regulation B.action D.routine

答案 D [routine“常规,惯例”;regulation“规则”;action“行动”;drill“操练,练习”。] 15.—Mommy! I can finish it on my own.

—________! You are doing very well! A.Keep it up C.Keep up it B.Keep on D.Catch it up

答案 A [根据题意应是母亲鼓励孩子“继续做下去;保持优秀成绩”。故用 keep it up。] II.完形填空 I was really honored to be one of the students sent to South Korea to improve the relations between our city, and our sister city—Gwangju(光州)City. I was happy and surprised and an image of the country appeared in my dreams several times. Also, many__1__ran through my mind, such as how would we communicate? __2__I saw the friendly faces of our South Korean partners waiting outside the hotel, all my questions floated(飘浮)off to the Pacific Ocean. We__3__a warm welcome organized by the government and settled into the Aria House Hotel. __4__the next seven days, we visited many places, including Never Land, the biggest park in South Korea and the Seoul World Cup Stadium. But what__5__me most was the experience I had in their school. The school was built on a hill, so we had a very wonderful__6__from the top. But I paid__7__attention to their classrooms. Obviously, the situation was__8__. In China, there are usually more than sixty students in one class but in Korea their classrooms had just thirty seats. As I went to the front of the class, something really__9__me. Was I in South Korea, one of the most developed countries in the world? I saw lots of__10__chalk, too small to be held, saved for__11__. In our country, __12__lots of children can't receive education because of the lack of__13__, nobody ever uses the bits of chalk like that. I couldn't__14__thinking about the clean roads, the neat paper money and the cars running on the roads in South Korea. It is the__15__that makes South Korea a strong country, something we lost for years. In South Korea, I saw many old buildings built in the__16__style. Moreover, the people were very interested in Chinese traditional culture(传统文化). China has 5,000 years' splendid history and thousands of renowned scholars( 学者 ). Not only should we study our glorious( 光荣 的)__17__in class, but we must put it into__18__. In order to be a civilized and__19__country, I think it is necessary to__20__our culture back to life. 文章大意:本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。“我”非常荣幸地被派往韩国,既兴奋又喜悦。“我”

梦中不止一次地对那个国家进行过无边的想象。然而,真实的样子又将如何呢? 1.A.doubts C.problems 答案 B B.questions D.nervousness

[根据短文意义,此处应该用“疑问”。第 3 空前也有提示。] B.As far as D.At once

2.A.As long as C.As soon as 答案 C [as soon as“一……就……”。]

3.A.earned C.accepted

B.delivered D.received

答案 D [receive a warm welcome “受到热烈欢迎”。] 4.A.Over C.On 答案 A [表示“经过一段时间”,用 over。] 5.A.surprised C.impressed 答案 C [强调“给某人以印象”。] B.sight D.view B.taught D.excited B.For D.Along

6.A.scene C.time 答案 D [从高处俯视的景观。] 7.A.great C.more 答案 C

B.little D.a little

[pay more attention to“更注意;留心”。] B.different D.better

8.A.interesting C.strange 答案 B

[根据上下文判断,情景是“不一样的”。] B.inspired D.interested

9.A.puzzled C.shocked

答案 A [puzzle 为及物动词,强调“使某人困惑”。由该空后问句可知。] 10.A.bits of B.pieces of

C.heads of 答案 C


[heads of chalk“粉笔头”。 由该空后 too small to be held 可知。 13 空后也有提示。 ] B.spare use D.cleaning

11.A.future use C.collection 答案 A [根据文章意义判断。] 12.A.though C.as 答案 D [where 引导的是定语从句。] 13.A.source C.money 答案 C [lack of money“缺钱”。]

B.while D.where

B.development D.help

14.A.stop C.keep 答案 B [can't help doing“禁不住做某事”。]

B.help D.avoid

15.A.hard work C.people 答案 D [根据文意判断,强调民族精神。] 16.A.traditional C.Chinese 答案 C [据下文意思可知是指中国的风格。]

B.culture D.spirit

B.modern D.familiar

17.A.history C.tradition 答案 D [我们应该学习自己光辉的文化。] 18.A.effect C.action 答案 B

B.past D.culture

B.practice D.service

[put...into practice “把……付诸实施”。] B.built D.developed

19.A.made C.expected

答案 D [由上文的 civilized 可判断,此处强调已完成或已发生。] 20.A.take B.make



答案 D [bring sth. back to life“使复活,使恢复生机”。] Ⅲ.阅读理解 阅读下面的文章,从题中所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出最佳答案。 Have you ever thought, “I wish I could take a year off and just travel around the world”? Well, three lucky American teenagers were able to do just that. The teens—two males and one female—got an allexpensespaid hike to five continents. This trip didn't include any fivestar hotels or shopping fun. Eighteenyearold Jamie Fiel from Keller, Texas, 17yearold Arsen Ewing from Canyon, California, and 16yearold Tyler Robinson from Lincoln, Massachusetts, didn't expect fancy treatment. They signed up for the experience of a lifetime, which included hard work and often uncomfortable accommodations, and they may encounter with some of nature's most dangerous animals and environments. Jamie, Arsen, and Tyler were among hundreds of high school kids nominated by their science teachers to take this trip. Earthwatch Institute sponsored( 赞 助 )this adventure. Each year, Earthwatch Institute employs thousands of volunteers worldwide to help with scientific research projects. The group went all around the world to get a close look at the most pressing environmental issues of our time. Their assignments were as varied as their locations, and included measuring and attending pink flamings in Kenya's Great Rift Valley, and tracking giant sea turtles in Costa Rica. As they worked with the scientists of Earthwatch Institute, Jamie, Arsen, and Tyler began to understand that we are at a critical moment in the life of our planet. Time for change is running out. As the teens went from country to country and witnessed different environmental dangers and challenges, they understood that solutions to important environmental issues start with the power of one person's actions. They realized that each of them can make a difference. 文章大意:三个学生在 Earthwatch Institute 的赞助下,进行了一次环球徒步旅行,最后 他们意识到地球的环境问题已迫在眉睫了。 1.These teenagers went on the journey around the world________. A.to experience the most serious environmental problems on the earth B.to bring the kindness of America to the other parts of the world

C.to go sightseeing around the world D.to call on more teenagers to join Earthwatch Institute 答案 A [细节理解题。根据短文第四段第一句可知。] 2.Which is TRUE about their journey? A.They had to pay for their journey on their own expense. B.They often had to move from one hotel to another. C.They had to take great pains to collect environmental information. D.They received a warm welcome every time they arrived at a new place. 答案 C [细节理解题。根据短文第二段可知,这次旅行没有五星级宾馆也没有购物的 快乐,食宿不舒服,还可能会遇到危险。] 3.It can be inferred that Earthwatch Institute could be______. A.an international university that takes in students from all over the world B.a TV station that makes programs on the beautiful scenery of the earth C.a travel agency that organizes adventure trips especially for school children D . an organization that brings science to life for people concerned about the earth's environment 答案 D [ 推理判断题。根据第三段最后一句及这次旅行所从事的活动可推知,

Earthwatch Institute 是一个向关心地球环境的人推广环保科学知识的组织。] 4.What did these teenagers learn from the journey? A.It was high time that people protected the environment. B.The long journey was not suitable for school children. C.It should take the whole world to help the children. D.Environmental problems can be solved if school children take part. 答案 A [推理判断题。根据短文最后一段“...we are at a critical moment in the life of our planet. Time for change is running out.”推测可知。] 5.The underlined word“encounter”means“________”. A.agree C.begin 答案 B B.meet D.trade [词义猜测题。根据上下文可知,encounter 是“遇到,碰到”之意。]


假如你叫李明,学习成绩优异,家境贫困,无力承担你进入大学学习的费用。但你却有 幸成为某慈善机构的资助对象。现在,你已被一所重点大学所录取,请你给该慈善机构的负 责人王女士写一封感谢信。信的内容包括: 1.目前的生活和学习情况; 2.大学毕业后的人生方向; 3.表达感激之情。 注意:1.信的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数; 2.应包括以上要点,可适当发挥; 3.词数:100 词左右。 Dear Ms Wang, I'm Li Ming. Two years ago, I received your letter and schooling fees. ______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Yours sincerely, Li Ming 【范文】 Dear Ms Wang, I'm Li Ming. Two years ago, I received your letter and schooling fees. I'm very grateful for your kindness and generosity.

But for your help, I couldn't enjoy a wonderful college life in the beautiful campus right now. I've made a lot of friends here. Moreover, I am studying hard so as to acquire an abundant knowledge of English, which is my major. In fact, I'm making progress each day. Only in this way can I learn more and use what I've known to help those in need as well. Besides, I'm determined to go back to my hometown after graduation and devote myself to building my hometown, to make it more prosperous and beautiful. Words seem to fail me when I try once more to express my thanks to you, and I'll keep my promise and not let you down. Yours sincerely, Li Ming

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