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2016 年湖南单招英语模拟试题:万能词讲解

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1:The young man insisted that he_____nothing wrong and___free. A、did; set B、had done; should be set C、do; be set D、had done; must be set

2:Whom would you rather _______ with you to the library? A、went B、have go C、have gone D、go

3:Students are always interested in finding out A、how soon B、how often C、how long D、how far

they can go with a new teacher.

4:The chances of discovering life on Neptune are about a million _____. A、at one B、for one C、to one D、against one

5: --- How do you find the movie Avatar? --- Fascinating. It is ____________ again. A、worth watching B、worth to watch C、worthy watching D、worthy to watch

6: 五、英汉互译(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!
1、平静 / 镇静下来_______________________ 2、经历 / 经受_____________________ 3、即使_____________________ 4、对......熟悉_____________________ 5、失去信心________________________ 6、believe it or not_____________________ 7、used to _____________________ 8、rather than _____________________ 9、in search of _____________________ 10、come into being _____________________

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7:翻译句子(共 8 小题,满分 15 分,1-7 题 2 分;第 8 题 1 分) 【小题 1】____________________________________was a very enjoyable and exciting experience for me. (去一所英国高中待一年对我来说是一件很愉快和兴奋的事情). 【小题 2】He also told us that _________________________________ was to devote ourselves to study and achieve high grades. (他也告诉我们赢得尊重最好的方式是我们专注于学习和取得高分). 【小题 3】I found that the homework was not as heavy as ______________________________in my old school. (我发现作业没有我过去在原来学校所有的作业多). 【小题 4】_________________________________,he started traveling in China. (他一完成学业就开始周游中国). 【小题 5】I was very lucky to_______________________________. (体验这种不一样的生活方式)。 【小题 6】We _______________________________ that our library will be closed next Wednesday. (我们很抱歉地告知你图书馆将在下周三关闭). 【小题 7】You ______________________________until tomorrow. (你们应该直到明天才回家来). 【小题 8】Our club is much____________________________ just music. (我们的俱乐部绝不仅仅只有音乐).

8:根据句子结构的语法性,在下面空格处填入一个适当的词或使用括号中词的适当形式填空,并将答案填入答 题卡的相应位置。 【小题 1】They have been married ________ ten years. 【小题 2】England is ________ European country. 【小题 3】Lily is not a good girl ________ we forgive her because she is still so young. 【小题 4】This plan ________(change) but no body told me about that. 【小题 5】_______(know) that Joey is a selfish girl, we decided not to play with her again. 【小题 6】Betty is ________(beautiful) than Jenny. 【小题 7】I think _______ stupid that we will wait for her until 9 p.m.. 【小题 8】It is a pleasure _______ (help) others. 【小题 9】This is the latest book _______(write) by Mo Yan. 【小题 10】He broke the window _______ the stone.

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!
【小题 11】This is the factory ______ we worked last year. 【小题 12】All of us know _____ has happened. 【小题 13】Tom’s ________ (absent) made his father very angry. 【小题 14】There are three boys making _______(annoy) noise around me. 【小题 15】With their __________(encourage), I kept on working hard.

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9:单词拼写(共 10 小题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 5 分) 【小题 1】He ate the food and drank the beer. Then he put a piece of cheese in his ________ and went away. 【小题 2】A few hours earlier, someone had told the police that ______would try to steal the diamonds. 【小题 3】 Nearly everybody enters for “The Nicest Garden _____” each year, but Joe wins every time. 【小题 4】 It was the last day of the year and a large_______ of people had gathered under the Town Hall clock. 【小题 5】 Our clavichord is kept in the living-room. It has __________ to our family for a long time. 【小题 6】It is worth your time and patience to get out of the h___________ of smoking. 【小题 7】The__________ (政府) should take measures to improve the living conditions of the people. 【小题 8】They have planned a tight s_________ of travel, so they need an early start. 【小题 9】Excuse me, what is the f___________ to Paris? Is $ 10 enough? 【小题 10】The plane was then flying at an a___________ of 8000 feet.

10: Some people succeed, while others may not。 This is because some people possess certain qualities, which others do not。 The first thing you must remember is that in order to succeed,you must be optimistic(乐观的)。If you do not expect to win,you will not try as hard as those who do expect to win。You also need to have a clear aim and a reason for doing something because motivation(动力)is a key to achieving success。 If you do not have an aim, then you will not be motivated to work hard and put your performance under the microscope to make sure that every detail is right。 Another quality that helps people succeed is creativity(有创造力)-thinking about things in a different way and wondering how others would do the same thing。Think about some successful people you know。They might be successful with a little creativity,but the most successful people are the most creative ones。 Reading is another to success, as it will help you learn about how other people have achieved success。 If you want to learn how to set up a successful business,you should read books about people like Bill Gates and Jerry Yang,who have achieved amazing success in their areas of business。 Practicing is also important if you want to succeed because practice makes perfect。Practise every day at whatever career you are in, and by doing so, you will see yourself, your business and your self-confidence begin to grow。 If you feel confident about what you do, this confidence will make other people believe in you as well。 Your colleagues will be happy to work with you,and your boss will give you more responsibility。Finally if you are a successful person, you will be able to look people in the eye and smile confidently。 Success is yours for the taking! Cheers! Title (76)_________

11:句子:根据汉语意思完成下列句子,每空填一词。 (每空 0.5 分,共 5 分) 1. 很明显,咖啡店的经理在等李方离开。

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!
2。王鹏可不能让雍慧哄骗人们后而跑掉。 Wang Peng could not have Yong Hui _________ _________ with telling people lies! 3. 亚当斯先生,不知你是否介意我们问几个问题? Mr Adams, I _________ _________ you would mind us asking a few questions?

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It was _________ _________ the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for Li Fang to leave.

4. 当我试着向前迈步的时候,我发觉我被送出去很远,步子的跨度竟是在地球上的两倍。 When I tried to step forward, I found I was carried __________ __________ far as on the earth. 5. 她们决定先飞到温哥华而不愿一路乘飞机。 They decided to fly to Vancouver ___________ ___________ take the aeroplane all the way.

12:汉译英: (10 分) 【小题 1】他解释说,他的饮食控制得太严格了,以致不得不偶尔奖赏自己一下。 【小题 2】更糟糕的是房间还非常小,所以我暂时把书放在了地板上。 【小题 3】我刚回到厨房,门铃又响了起来,响声足以把死人唤醒。 【小题 4】费了好大劲儿,他爬进橱窗去取那件衣服。 【小题 5】您一走出这个帐篷,就会大吃一惊。

13:请根据括号内的提示,把下面的句子翻译成英语。 (共 6 小题,每题 3 分,满分 18 分) 【小题 1】艺术家们给这座建筑增加了更多的细节。 ( add … to…) 【小题 2】那就是奥林匹克运动会的格言——“更快,更高,更强”。 ( motto, the Olympics ) 【小题 3】不论如何,我的目标是为人类提供高质量的生活。 ( provide… with… , quality) 【小题 4】那是个好消息。 (news) 【小题 5】你曾梦想成为一个出名的人吗? ( dream of…) 【小题 6】没有人喜欢被戏弄。 (like doing, play jokes on )

14:将下列中文翻译成英文短语(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,共计 10 分) 【小题 1】喜爱,喜欢 【小题 2】改变主意 【小题 3】立刻,马上 【小题 4】设立,建立 【小题 5】失业

15:单句改错 (共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 请按要求找出并改正下列句子中的错误(每句只有一处错误) 。 多一个词:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉,在右边横线上写出该词,并也用斜线划掉。 缺一个词:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),在该行右边横线上写出该加的词。 错一个词:在错的词下划一横线,在该行右边横线上写出改正后的词。 【小题 1】I think that is pleasant to work with them. 【小题 2】 Tom strongly recommended that workers checked the machines every year. 【小题 3】I used to dream of play professional football.

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!
【小题 4】I was almost scared to the death yesterday. 【小题 5】Following the road, and you will find the store opposite the supermarket.

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1、B insist 意为“坚持说”时,后面的宾语从句中谓语动词用陈述语气,即如果从句动作与主句动作同时发生,从句谓语 用一般过去时;如果从句动作先于主句动作发生,则从句谓语用过去完成时。意为“坚决要求”时,后面宾语从句 中谓语动词用“(should) do”。


试题分析:句意:你想让谁和你去图书馆?这句话是特殊疑问句,可以还原成陈述句语序: You would rather ____whom _____with you to the library.可以看出用 have sb do sth 搭配,have 是使役动词,用省略 to 的不定式做 宾语补足语,选 B。 考点:考查固定搭配

3、D how soon 多久,表示将来, how often 多久一次,表示频率, how long 多长时间,how far 多远,表示距离, 学生们总是感兴趣弄清楚他们和一个新老师能走多远。故选 D。

4、C a million to one 百万分之一,意为“几乎没有什么可能”。

5、A 考查形容词用法。 be worth doing 值得做, 句意: ——你觉得电影 《阿凡达》 怎么样?——好极了, 它值得再次看。

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!
6、 1、calm down 2 go through 3 even if/though 4、be familiar with 5 lose heart 6 信不信由你 7 过去常常 8 而不是,与其 9 寻找 10 形成,产生 略

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7、 【小题 1】Going to a British high school 【小题 2】the best way to earn respect 【小题 3】what I used to have/get 【小题 4】Upon finishing his studies 【小题 5】experience this different way of life 【小题 6】regret to inform you 【小题 7】weren’t supposed to come home 【小题 8】more than

试题分析: 【小题 1】Going to a British high school 是动名词做主语 【小题 2】做…的最好的办法:the best way to do,或 the best way of doing,赢得尊重 earn respect 【小题 3】what 引导的是宾语从句,used to do 过去常常做什么 【小题 4】Upon /On doing sth 一旦做… 【小题 5】experience 这里是动词“体验”this different way of life“这种不同的生活方式” 【小题 6】regret to do 遗憾地做…inform you 通知你 【小题 7】直到…才…,not …until…,be supposed to do 应该做…, 【小题 8】more than 不仅仅 考点:考查完成句子 点评:这种题型考查固定词组和固定句型,平时多注意识记,还要注意时态和主谓一致。

8、 【小题 1】 for 【小题 2】 a 【小题 3】 but 【小题 4】has been changed 【小题 5】Knowing 【小题 6】 more beautiful 【小题 7】it 【小题 8】 to help 【小题 9】written 【小题 10】 with

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!
【小题 11】 where 【小题 12】 what 【小题 13】absence 【小题 14】 annoying 【小题 15】encouragement

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试题分析: 【小题 1】for 本句的 for ten years 是句子的时间状语,通常与现在完成时连用。 【小题 2】 a 后面的 European 是以辅音发音开始的,故使用不定冠词 a 来修饰,而不是 an。 【小题 3】 but 上下文含义有转折的关系。句意:Lily 不是一个噩耗女孩,但是因为她很年轻,我们还是原谅了 她。But 表示前后的转折关系。 【小题 4】 has been changed 本句是被动语态的形式,计划和改变之间存在着转折的关系。 【小题 5】 Knowing 本句考查分词做状语,因为多次 know 与句子主语 we 之间存在着主动的关系,故使用现在 分词的形式在句中做状语。 【小题 6】 more beautiful 后面有 than,说明这里应该使用比较级的形式。 【小题 7】 it 本句中的 it 是一个形式宾语,真正的宾语是后面的 that we will wait for her until 9 p.m. 【小题 8】 to help 本句的 it 是一个形式主语,真正的主语是后面的不定式 to help others. 【小题 9】written 本句的动词 write 与前面的名词 book 构成被动的关系,故使用过去分词做定语。 【小题 10】 with 本句中的 with 表示使用某种工具和方法。 【小题 11】 where 本句是一个定语从句,从句的句子结构很完整,故使用关系副词的形式在句中做状语。 【小题 12】 what 本句是一个宾语从句,what 引导起这个从句,并在句中做主语。 【小题 13】absence 名词 absence 作为句子的主语。Absent 是一个形容词,不能在句中做主语。 【小题 14】 annoying 本句中的 annoying 是一个现在分词转换的形容词,常常用来修饰事物。 【小题 15】 encouragement 本句中的名词 encouragement 在句中放在了 their 的后面做宾语。 考点:考查单词短语的识记和拼写 试题分析: 单词拼写考察实词居多, 特别应注意名词单复数的变化, 动词时态语态的变化, 形容词和副词的变化, 以及虚拟语气等具体语法的使用。

9、 【小题 1】pocket 【小题 1】thieves 【小题 1】Competition 【小题 1】crowd 【小题 1】belonged 【小题 1】habit 【小题 1】government 【小题 1】schedule 【小题 1】fare 【小题 1】altitude 略

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!

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10、 【小题 1】Success 【小题 2】like 【小题 3】achieving 【小题 4】Think 【小题 5】 same 【小题 6】Reading 【小题 7】others 【小题 8】famous /successful 【小题 9】Understand /Master 【小题 10】confidently

【小题 1】Success 总结归纳题。文章正是关于需要取得成功的品质。 【小题 2like 推理题。根据第二段第 2 句 you will not try as hard as those who do expect to win。指要像那些希望获 得成功的人一样来努力。 【小题 3】achieving 原词再现。根据第二段第 3 行 motivation(动力)is a key to achieving success。 【小题 4】Think 词形转化。根据第三段 1,2 行 thinking about things in a different way。 【小题 5】same 原词再现。第三段第 2 行 how others would do the same thing。 【小题 6】Reading 原词再现。根据第四段第一行 Reading is another to success。 【小题 7】 others 原词再现。 根据第四段第 1 行 it will help you learn about how other people have achieved success。 【小题 8】 famous /successful 推理题。 根据第四段第三行 you should read books about people like Bill Gates and Jerry Yang。Bill Gates and Jerry Yang 都是成功的著名的人。 【小题 9】Understand /Master 总结归纳题。根据文章最后一段可知要理解熟能生巧。 【小题 10】 confidently 词性转化。 根据最后一段 3,4 行 If you feel confident about what you do, this confidence will make other people believe in you as well。这里是形容词,表格中用副词修饰 do.

11、 1. obvious that 2. getting away 略

3. wonder if

4.twice as 5. rather than

12、 【小题 1】He explained that his diet was so strict that he had to reward himself occasionally. 【小题 1】To make matters worse, the room is rather small, so I have temporarily put my books on the floor. 【小题 1】I had no sooner got back to the kitchen than the doorbell rang loud enough to wake the dead. 【小题 1】With great difficulty, he climbed into the shop window to get the dress. 【小题 1】The moment you leave this tent, you will get a big surprise.

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!

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13、 【小题 1】The artists added more details to the building. 【小题 2】That’s the motto of the Olympics — “ Swifter, Higher, and Stronger”. 【小题 3】Anyhow, my goal is to provide humans with a life of high quality. 【小题 4】That’s good news. 【小题 5】Have you ever dreamt of becoming a famous person ? 【小题 6】Nobody likes being played jokes on.

试题分析: 【小题 1】考查动词的时态。根据汉语可以判断应用过去式。正确使用短语 add…to。 【小题 2】考查句式 That’s …. 的正确使用。 【小题 3】考查用动词不定式做表语。正确使用短语 provide…with. 【小题 4】考查句式 That’s ….考查 news 为不可数名词。 【小题 5】考查动词的时态,该句用现在完成时,强调对现在的影响。 【小题 6】考查动词 like 应该用动名词的被动形式。Nobody likes being played jokes on. 考点:这主要考查考生的对句子结构的掌握程度,能够灵活运用所学的知识点组织语言的能力。 点评:考生要尽量使用自己熟悉的单词、短语及句式,写出真正符合英语表达习惯的句子。

14、 【小题 1】be fond of 【小题 2】change one’s mind 【小题 3】right away 【小题 4】set up 【小题 5】out of work

试题分析: 【小题 1】考查词组:喜爱,喜欢 be fond of 【小题 2】考查词组:改变主意 change one’s mind 【小题 3】考查词组:立刻,马上 right away 【小题 4】考查词组:设立,建立 set up 【小题 5】考查词组:失业 out of work 考点:考查词组翻译 点评: 词组翻译重点考查词组的识记能力, 平时在学习中要注意一个词组多种翻译的方法, 做题时可以游刃有余。

15、1. that 改成 it 或在 that 后加 it 2. checked 改成 check 3. play 改成 playing

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!
4. the 去掉 5. Following 改成 Follow 或去掉 and 略

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2016年海南单招英语模拟试题:形容词_高中教育_教育专区。2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供! 2016 年海南单招英语模拟试题:形容词【试题内容来自于相关网站和学校提供...
2016年江西单招英语模拟试题:阅读表达_高中教育_教育专区。2000 份高职单招试题,...(不超过 8 个词) ___ 7: 第 II 卷(共 45 分) 第四部分:书面...
湖南省2016年对口招生考试英语试题_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。湖南省 2016 年普通高等学校对口招生考试 英语(对口)试题试题卷分四个部分,共 13 页。时...
2016年湖南单招语文模拟试题:内容的归纳和概括_高中...外语或第二语言教学,正在走出“就语言教学语言”的...并在相关段落找到关键语 句,把握句中的词语就能找到...