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1. 有关时间和日期的: What time(when) do you usually get up? What's the date today? What day is it today? 2. 有关业余时间的: Do you have classes at the weekends? What do you usually do after school or class? 3. 有关天气的: What's the weather like today? What was the weather like yesterday? 4. 有关家庭生活和个人熟悉的场景 a) What did you study in your school? b) What (kind of) subject do you like ? c) Is your home/house far from your school? How far is it? d) Which subject do you like best? 5. What are xxx doing? 6. What were they doing yesterday? 7. Can you do xxx? 1. How many days in one year? 2. how many months in one year? 3. how many seasons in one year? 4. where are you study? 学校生活 Where is your school? Which school are you in? Is there a library in your building? How many floors are there in your building? Which floor is your classroom in? 朋友 Who is your best friend? Can you tell me something about your friend? How old is your friend? 日期月份 What's the date today? What was the date yesterday? Which month is it now? When is your birthday? 天气 What's the weather like today? What was the weather like yesterday? Which district is your home in? 距离 How do you usually go to school? Which bus do you take to go to school? How long does it take you to go to school by bike / car? Is your home far from your school? How far is it from your home to school? 描述所做的活动 What were you doing at this time yesterday? Do you play basketball? Who do you often play with? What do you do on school playground in winter? What do you often do in your spare time?

What’s the weather like today? 今天天气怎么样? What’s the weather going to be like at the weekend? 周末天气会怎么样呢? It’s fine / cloudy / rainy today. 今天天气不错/多云/有雨。 It’s getting cold / warm in two days. 两天后要变冷/ 暖和。 It’s rather warm / cold / hot today, isn’t it? 今天很暖和/冷/热,是吗? It’s a beautiful day today. 今天天气很好。 ― Beautiful day, isn’t it? 天气不错,不是吗? ― Yes, it is. 是的。 Hopefully tomorrow will turn out fine. 希望明天是个好天气。 [案例探究] ― It’s a beautiful day today. ― ______ ― My goodness. It’s only May.

A. And the temperature is not high. B. The weather forecast says it’s fine and going to be 26 degrees. C. It’s rather warm today, isn’t it? D. Is that true? 答案与解析:答案选 B。本题考查表示天气的交际用语。根据上下文语境,尤其是最后一句可知 B 项 最恰当。 [巩固练习] 1. ― I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow. ― ______ A. I don’t like the weather at this time of the year. B. I don’t mind if it is going to rain tomorrow. C. Didn’t you read the newspaper yourself? D. Let’s listen to the weather report on the radio. 2. ― ______ ― The high is twenty?鄄 four degrees centigrade and the low is eighteen degrees centigrade today. A. What’s the usual temperature? B. How high is the temperature? C. How is the weather today? D. How low is the temperature? Key: 1-2 DC

喜好和厌恶(likes and dislikes)直接表达了一个人的情感和态度。究竟是喜欢还是不喜欢,要根据具 体情况把你的真实情感明白地表达出来, 而且表达厌恶时要注意委婉含蓄。 I like / love the dinner you prepared yesterday (very much). 我(非常)喜欢 /喜爱你昨天准备的晚餐。 I like / love to write poems in my spare time. 我喜欢在业余时间写诗歌。 I quite like the story written by the famous professor. 我很喜欢那位著名教授写的故事。 I really enjoy reading English novels.我确实喜欢看英文小说。 I am fond of listening to popular music like many young people. 像许多年轻人一样,我喜欢听流行音乐。 To tell the truth, I’m rather keen on science fictions. 说实话,我对科幻小说颇有兴趣。 I don’t like to play football after supper. 我不喜欢晚饭后踢足球。 I dislike being treated like that.我不喜欢被那样对待。 I hate to laugh at others when they are in trouble. 我讨厌在别人处于困境时嘲笑他们。 [案例探究] ―__________ ―I’m fond of playing table tennis. A. Do you like sports? B. Which sport do you like best? C. Playing table tennis is fun. D. Is playing table tennis your favorite thing to do? 答案与解析:B。本题考查表示喜好的交际用语。答语是:我喜欢打乒乓球。说明对方问的可能是: 你最喜欢什么运动? 1. ―Walking an hour every day is good for one’s health. ―Certainly. However, _______. A. I love doing it very much B. I don’t hate it C. I don’t like to do it every day D. climbing a mountain is also good 2. ―_______. Did you do it yourself? ―I’m glad you like it. My sister did it for me. A. I don’t think so B. I like your new hair style C. I have no idea D. You look nice today 3. ―Which would you rather have, tea or coffee? ―_______ A. Neither, thank you. B. Yes, both. C. Why not? D. Sure, I would. Key: 1-3 CBA

口语考试中,说英语卡壳了怎么办? 口语考试中,说英语卡壳了怎么办?
无论是平时,还是英语口语考试之中,时常都会出现用词不对,或者说法不地道,造成误解或者不解的 现象。那么我们就有必要换一种说法解释清楚,让人明白。 看下面这组对话:

Mark: "English is a very easy language to learn." Susan: "What do you mean?" Mark: "Well, what I meant to say was that it's easy if you practice every day." Susan: "Oh, right." 以下是几种在日常英语中能把问题解释清楚的地道说法: 1. 重组语句,换一种说法。 "What I meant to say was..." "Let me rephrase that..." "Let me put this another way..." "Perhaps I'm not making myself clear..." 2. 从头再说一次。 "If we go back to the beginning..." "The basic idea is..." "One way of looking at it is..." "Another way of looking at it is..." 3. 如果一下子卡了壳,想不起来用英语怎么说: "I can't find the word I'm looking for..." "I'm not sure if this is the right word, but..." "What I want to say is…" 考试之中卡壳了,不要紧张,更不要不知所措,按照我们上边所说的--换一种说法,向考官解释清 楚你要说什么。这样,不但不会影响你的发挥,还很可能会赢得考官的赞赏! 1.what's your favorite room in your home 2.what it likes you live 3.what you do in the room and explain why you like it School introduce a school you like 1.what's kind of it 2.what size 3.what u enjoy most during the school time and explain why you like it 1.名字 What’s your full name? What’s your last/family/surname? What’s your given/first name? What is your English name? How can I call you? Who give your name? What’s the meaning of your Chinese name? Have you ever changed your name? Why? 2.学习 Can you tell me something about your study? What subject does you like or dislike? Tell me about your primary school? 3.未来打算/工作 What’s your plan in the future? Why you want to go abroad? What kind of job will you choose? Why? 5.天气/季节 What is your favorite season? Why? What do you do in that season? What people do in this season? What do the four seasons like in your country? Tell me the climate in your hometown? What kind of weather do you like? What type of weather do Chinese people usually like? What do you often do on sunny days? And on cold days? How do you get information about weather? ①hometown: the weather in my hometown is obviously different from season to season. The spring and autumn are somewhat similar as both are humid. In the summer, it is very hot and moist while when winter comes, it becomes quite cold, sometimes. ②country: well, it is hard to say. It is cold in the Northern provinces like Heilongjiang, and warm in the southern ones like Hainan Island. 7.时间段 What is your favorite time in a day? Why? What do you usually do at that time? What is your busiest time in a day? When you are free, what do you do? What do people do their spare time? Do you think spare time is important to you? Do you wear a watch? Do you think it important to be on time? How do you feel when others are late? 13.家乡 say something about your hometown..what do you think of it? what is the most interesting place in your hometown?Where do you come from ? What’s the climate like in your hometown? What are the people like in your hometown? Where do you live? Do you like a house or a flat? Do you like the place where you live? When did you begin to live there? 31.teacher describe a teacher who is important to you. who? What does he/she teach? his/her personality? why you remember he/she? 32.neighbour describe a person who is living near you.who is it? which kind of person he/she is? do you think he/she is a good neighbour? do you have many friends?

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