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Sample: Resume (Chronological) Malia Smith 1234 Ala 'Ike Street

Instead of the "objective" statement, give the position you're applying for and a list of your qualifications

Pearl City, HI 96783

(808) 123-4567


Position: Office Manager No. 89482767

Listed like this, your qualifications jump out. They must be provable in the resume. Saying things like "Team player" and "Excellent customer service" are NOT provable. Just because you say so, doesn't make it true.

Summary of Qualifications: Two years experience in responsible administrative and accounting positions Associate of Science degree coursework in supervisory management

Proficient in Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint this list should be exactly the same as the one in your cover letter
Near native fluency in Japanese
Present your most important qualifications first. In this case, it’s Malia’s experience.

start with the present

Relevant Experience 10/20xx to present Apprentice, Radio Production, KHF0 Honolulu, HI As production manager, schedule studio, recruit support staff Process scripts, permissions, and logs involved in weekly productions Answer phones, direct callers, greet visitors Part-time work handled as full-time

5/20xx - 8/20xx Financial Officer, Pacific House (Part-time) Wahiawa, HI Manage payroll and employee benefits for staff of 12 Focus on Processed agency's cash flow, involving funder reimbursements, in-kind donations, and fundACTIONS, not raising goals. Do NOT say "excellent" Processed all accounts payable and receivable, monthly and quarterly statistical reports for local, or state, and federal funding agencies "outstanding" Designed flow chart to track success of a $25,000 fund-raising project Bulleted lists with active verbs During High school: Worked a number of part-time and summer positions to help put myself through school, including wait help, sales, hotel maid, and file clerk A good way to list miscellaneous jobs Education University of Hawai‘i - West O'ahu Pearl City, HI Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration. Expect date of graduation May 20xx. GPA 3.2 Leeward Community College Pearl City, HI Associate of Science degree, August 2001 GPA 3.5 Waipahu High School Diploma Received
Don’t reveal your age by giving your high school graduation date

Phi Beta Extra Curricular Activities Lambda is Senator, Associated Students of Leeward Community College (20xx – 20xx) LCC’s Member, Phi Beta Lambda, Eta Beta Epsilon Chapter (20xx – 20xx) business club/fraternity Manager, Hoop Dreams Basketball Team (20xx – 20xx) Call the Business Dept Community Service at 455-0344 Volunteer, Ronald McDonald House (January - June 20xx) for info how to Assistant Softball Coach, Mililani Na Hoku 14 and Under Bobby Sox (20xx – 20xx) join

Awards Employee of the Month Award, KHFO Radio (January 20xx) Leeward Community College Language Arts Scholarship (20xx) Ichiban Nihon Speaker Award, Inter-Japanese Language Schools Festival (20xx)

For all activities, service and awards, give the organization, your participation and year(s). Start with the present and work backwards. Unless you are under 21 or your high school activities were extraordinary, do NOT include hs.


Resume of Malia Smith, page 2
Paginate all pages with your name and page number

References 1. Joseph Cobb-Adams, formerly General Manager, KHFO Radio currently KITV Advertising Manager 801 South King St. Honolulu, HI 96813 (808) 123-4567 jcadams@kitv.tv Lei Kinimaka, Assistant Professor Business Division University of Hawai‘i - West O'ahu 9025 Ala 'Ike St., Pearl City HI 96783 (808) 765-4321 leik@hawaii.edu Jill Silva, Advisor Associated Students, Leeward CC 96-045 Ala 'Ike St., Pearl City HI 96783 (808) 345-6789 silva@hawaii.edu
The connection between your work experiences and education AND your references must be obvious in the resume. This first reference works at KITV. If you look at Malia's experiences, you can see she's never worked at KITV. So how Mr. CobbAdams know her as a worker isn't clear. By indicating that he used to work at KIFO but now works somewhere else, Malia makes clear how he knows her.



References are people who know you as a worker – not friends and relatives. It must be clear from the work experiences and education how your references know your work skills. Supervisors (from work or volunteer activities) and teachers (especially in your major) are the best references. The connection between the references and your education, experiences, and/or activities should be obvious. Otherwise, the reference looks like a friend, a NO-NO in resumes References should always be by permission. Expect that the employer WILL call them.

Give name and all business -- not personal -- information: Business title business address business phone, and email (if available)

Never say, “References available upon request. “They are ALWAYS requested. Instead, put them on a separate page (which makes updating the list easier) or, if you resume is really short, on the same page of the resume.


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