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【北师大版】2014届高考英语一轮复习课时作业(二) 模块1 Unit 2 Heroes Word版含答案]

课时作业(二) [模块 1 Unit 2 Heroes]

(限时:30 分钟)

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.First impressions are the most lasting.After all,you never get________second chance to make________first impression.

A.a;the B.the;the C.a;a D.the;a 2.—Why do you look so sad? —My father was________in a car accident. A.wounded B.hurted C.injured D.damaged 3.Hiking by oneself can be fun and good for health.It may also be good for________building. A.respect B.friendship C.reputation D.character 4.The flowers her friend gave her will die unless________every day. A.watered B.watering C.water D.to water 5.The water of the lake was so________that it looked like glass. A.silent B.calm C.still D.quiet 6.She went to the bookstore and bought________. A.dozen book B.dozens books C.dozen of books D.dozens of books 7.________in the fields on a March afternoon,he could feel the warmth of spring. A.To walk B.Walking C.Walked D.Having walked 8.In my opinion,knowledge in the book is important,but of at least________importance is personal experience. A.fair B.reasonable C.equal D.proper 9.—I was riding along the street and all of a sudden,a car cut in and knocked me down. —You can never be________careful in the street. A.much B.very C.so D.too 10.—Will the match be cancelled because of the bad weather? —No, rain or shine, the match will be held as ________. A.schedule B.scheduling C.scheduled D.to schedule Ⅱ.完形填空 Jenna, a popular girl from Westwood Middle School, had graduated first in her class. She was ready for new __11__ in high school. __12__, high school was different. In the first week, Jenna went to tryouts(选拔赛) for cheerleaders(拉拉队队员). She was competing against very talented girls, and she knew it would be

__13__ for her to be selected. Two hours later, the __14__ read a list of the girls for a second tryout. Her heart __15__ as the list ended without her name. Feeling __16__, she walked home carrying her schoolbag full of homework. Arriving home, she started with math. She had always been a good math student, but now she was __17__.She moved on to English and history, and was __18__ to find that she didn't have any trouble with those subjects. Feeling better, she decided not to __19__ math for the time being. The next day Jenna went to see Mrs Biden about being on the school __20__. Mrs Biden wasn't as __21__ as Jenna. “I'm sorry, but we haveenough __22__ for the newspaper already. Come back next year and we'll talk then.” Jenna smiled __23__ and left. “Why is high school so __24__?” she sighed. Later in __25__ class,Jenna devoted herself to figuring out the problems that had given her so much __26__. By the end of class, she understood how to get them right. As she gathered her books, Jenna decided she'd continue to try to __27__ at her new school. She wasn't sure if she'd succeed, but she knew she had to __28__.High school was just as her mom had said: “You will feel like a small fish in a big pond __29__ a big fish in a small pond. The challenge is to become the __30__ fish you can be.”

11.A.processes B.decisions C.challenges D.exercises 12.A.Therefore B.However C.Otherwise D.Besides 13.A.difficult B.easy C.boring D.interesting 14.A.editor B.boss C.candidate D.judge 15.A.jumped B.sank C.stopped D.raced 16.A.strange B.happy C.awful D.lonely 17.A.struggling B.improving C.working D.complaining 18.A.ashamed B.disappointed C.shocked D.relieved 19.A.put up B.prepare for C.worry about D.give up 20.A.committee B.newspaper C.radio D.team 21.A.enthusiastic B.artistic C.sympathetic D.realistic 22.A.speakers B.readers C.cheerleaders D.writers 23.A.widely B.weakly C.excitedly D.brightly 24.A.similar B.ordinary C.different D.familiar 25.A.physics B.history C.English D.math 26.A.pleasure B.hope C.trouble D.sorrow 27.A.fit in B.look out C.stay up D.get around

28.A.swim B.try C.ask D.escape 29.A.in return for B.in case of C.in terms of D.instead of 30.A.slimmest B.smallest C.best D.gentlest Ⅲ.阅读理解 A The word advertising refers to any kind of public announcement that brings products and services to the attention of people. Throughout history, advertising has been an effective way to promote(促进) the trading and selling of goods. In the Middle Ages,merchants employed “town criers” to read public messages aloud to promote their goods. When printing was invented in the fifteenth century, pages of advertisements (ads) could be printed easily and were either hung in public places or put in books. By the end of the seventeenth century, when newspapers were beginning to be read by more people, printed materials became an important way to promote products and services. The London Gazette was the first newspaper to set aside a place just for advertising. This was so successful that by the end of the century several companies started businesses for the purpose of making newspaper ads for merchants. Advertising spread quickly throughout the eighteenth century. Ad writers were starting to pay more attention to the design of the ad text. Everything, from clothes to drinks,was promoted with clever methods such as repetition of the firm's name or product,words organized in eyecatching patterns,the use of pretty pictures and expressions easy to remember. Near the end of the nineteenth century, companies that were devoted to the production of ads came to be known as “advertising agencies(广告商)”.The agencies developed new ways to get people to think of themselves as members of a group. Throughout the twentieth century,advertising agencies promoted consumerism(消费主义)as a way of life,spreading the belief that people could be happy only if they bought the “right” products. 31. What was advertising like in the Middle Ages? A.Merchants were employed to promote products. B.Ad messages were shouted out in public places. C.Product information was included in books. D.Ad signs were put up in towns. 32.What does the word “This” in Paragraph 2 refer to? A.Advertising in newspapers. B.Including pictures in ads. C.Selling goods in markets. D.Working with ad agencies. 33.The 18th century advertising was special in its________. A.growing spending B.printing materials C.advertising companies D.attractive designs 34.Which of the following might be the best title for the text? A.The Story of Advertising B.The Value of Advertising Designs

C.The Role of Newspaper Advertising D.The Development of Printing for Advertising B It was a Sunday and the heavy storm had lasted all night.The morning after the storm,though, was beautiful:blue skies,warm air and a calm,inviting sea touching the shore gently. My father realised it was a good day for fishing and invited my sister and me to go with him.I was only 14 and fishing had never been my thing , but I decided to go all the same.I'm_so_glad_I_did. On the road to the harbour we could see the terrible destruction on the coast,but the harbour itself was in fairly good shape.After all,it was protected by the arms of a bay that had only one tiny channel to the sea.As we got on board,we noticed two big humps(脊背) in the distance. On approaching them,we saw it was a mother whale with her baby.We couldn't believe it—there aren't any whales along the coast here.The storm must have driven them across the ocean into the bay,in which the still water was so badly polluted that nothing could survive. The little baby whale — actually as big as our boat— was obviously stuck and could not move.The mother dived under the water and came up suddenly,making big whirlpools(漩涡) and waves.“She's trying to help her baby,but on the wrong side,”my father said.At this point,my father moved our boat in a semicircle to the other side and,heading the boat towards the baby whale,pushed it gently.With our several gentle pushes the big hump turned over and disappeared under water.Then it swam up right beside its mum.They struggled in their desperate attempts to escape but missed the exit and started heading in the wrong direction.We hurried up to the whales and tried to lead them towards the bay channel.Slowly, they let us lead them, sometimes rising from the water right beside us to breathe—and to give us a trusting look with those huge eyes.Once they hit their first part of clean water flowing straight from the sea,the mum gave us a wave with her tail and off they swam into the distance. In the excitement it had felt like only a few minutes,but we had been with those wonderful animals for almost an hour and a half.That was the simple and lasting beauty of the day.Nearly four decades later,I still look back fondly to that golden day at sea. 35.The author says “I'm so glad I did.”(in Para. 2)because ________. A.he witnessed the whole process of fishing B.he enjoyed the beauty of the calm sea C.he experienced the rescue of the whales D.he spent the weekend with his family 36.The harbour survived the storm owing to ________. A.the shape of the harbour B.the arms of the bay C.the still water in the channel D.the long coast line 37.The mother whale failed to help her baby because ________. A.she had stayed in the polluted water for too long B.the whirlpools she had made were not big enough C.she had no other whales around to turn to for help D.the waves pushed her baby in the wrong direction 38.What is the theme of the story?

A.Saving lives brings people a sense of happiness. B.Fishing provides excitement for children. C.It's necessary to live in harmony with animals.


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