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【创新设计】2014-2015学年高中英语同步精练:选修7 Unit 2 Period 1(人教版,重庆专用)]

Unit 2 Robots Period 1 Warming Up, Prereading & Reading 课时精练(人教版选修 7,重庆专用)
(时间:45 分钟)

Ⅰ.介、副词填空 1.Meanwhile they set ________part of their funds for the motorized boats. 2.The teacher set the papers he was marking on one side and reach ________ his cigarettes and matches. 3.Small businesses are anxious to experiment ________ computers. 4.The university students will test ________the computer program for any bugs. 5.Don't leave her ________ to sweep up after the party. 6.This new product, or ________,this new style of shirt, is not very attractive. 7.The bus had to back up and turn ________. 8.That's 5.40 pounds ________ all. 9.He was absent ________the meeting for one reason or another. 10.They were filled ________ wonder at the sight. 答案 1.aside 2.for 3.with 7.around 8.in Ⅱ.单词拼写 1.She ________(渴望) that you come at once. 2.Lightening is usually ________(伴随) by thunder. 3.The high court had nothing to gain by________(宣布) him guilty. 4.On the whole, I'm in ________(支持) of the proposal. 5.He delivered a course of lectures on world ____________(事务). 6.I have some ________(同情) with that point of view. 7.________(惊恐) by the noise, the birds flew away. 8.She can look back on her career with great ____________(满意). 9.He was filled with ________(羡慕) at my success. 10.There were ________(堆) of litter in the streets. 9.from 4.out 5.alone 6.rather


答 案


2.accompanied 8.satisfaction

3.declaring 9.envy 10.piles



6.sympathy 7.Alarmed Ⅲ.翻译与仿写

1.His name was Tony and he seemed more like a human than a machine. 翻译 ___________________________________________________________ 仿写 与其说她是个演员,不如说是个歌唱家。 ________________________________________________________________ 2.As she turned around, there stood Gladys Claffern. 翻译 _________________________________________________________ 仿写 我们的校长来了。(倒装) ________________________________________________________________ 3.It was then that Claire realized that Tony had opened the curtains of the front window. 翻译 __________________________________________________________ 仿写 你昨天在街上所见到的就是李蕾的兄弟。 ________________________________________________________________ 4.But even though Tony had been so clever, he would have to be rebuilt - you cannot have women falling in love with machines. 翻译 ___________________________________________________________ 仿写 他让我们在午饭期间一直笑个不停。 ________________________________________________________________ 5.It was going to be tested out by Larry's wife, Claire. 翻译 ________________________________________________________ 仿写 这种新的开关尚未经过充分检验。 ________________________________________________________________ 答案 1.机器人名叫托尼,看上去更像一个人,而不像台机器。

She is more a singer than an actress. 2.她刚一转过身去,就看到格拉迪丝· 克拉芬站在那儿。 Here comes our headmaster。 3.也就在这时候,克莱尔才意识到托尼早就把前边窗户的窗帘拉开了。 It is Li Lei's brother that you met in the street yesterday.

4.但是,尽管托尼很聪明,还得对他作一番改造——总不能让女人和机器相 爱吧。 He had us laughing during lunchtime. 5.这项实验将由拉里的夫人克莱尔来尝试。 This new switch hasn't been fully tested out. Ⅳ.语篇填词 Claire is a very emotional woman who needs a good 1.______.She finds this friend is a robot called Tony, who comes to help her in her home.He is 2.________ to her because he is so 3.________and sympathetic. He becomes her best friend. She is 4.________ by his abilities but 5.______by her feelings for him. She is disturbed because she thinks of him 6.________ a man even though he is not but is amused that other women 7.________ her and think they are having an 8.________ Claire succeeds in overcoming her sense of failure, but in doing so she falls in 9.________ with Tony. His visit leaves her upset, frightened and hurt, which has replaced her sense of failure. She has been hurt by Tony because he is too nice rather 10.________ because he is not nice enough. 答案 6.as 1.friend 2.attractive 3.handsome 4.impressed 5.embarrassed

7.envy 8.affair

9.love 10.than

Ⅴ.单项填空 1.Her clear and elegant prose________ her ________ from most other journalists. A.sets;aside C.sets;apart 答案 C B.sets;down D.sets;up

[set...apart 意为“把……区别开”。句意:她的清晰幽雅的散文使

她有别于其他大多数记者。] 2.—What are you reading, Tom? —I'm not really reading,just________the pages. A.turning off C.turning over 答案 C B.turning around D.turning up

[考查与动词 turn 相关短语的辨析。 句意: ——汤姆, 你在读什么?

——其实我不是在看书,我只是随便翻阅。turn off 关掉;turn around 翻身,

转身;turn over 翻转,翻动;turn up 调高;露面;出现。故选 C。] 3.She was so sad because she failed in the math test. Let's ________ her ________. A.leave;behind C.leave;aside 答案 B.leave;alone D.leave;out

B [leave sb alone 意为“让某人单独静一静”。A 项意为“把……抛

在后面”;C 项意为“不予考虑”;D 项意为“不包括,不提及”。] 4 . The child enjoyed ________up the wooden down. A.adding C.piling 答案 C B.pushing D.forming [考查动词辨析。句意:那孩子喜欢堆起积木再放倒。 pile up“堆 bricks then knocking them

积,积聚”,符合句意。add up 把……加起来;push up 抬升;form up 排成。 故选 C。] 5.The informationoffice at the station ________ that all trains were running about one hour behind time. A.advertised C.determined 答案 B B.declared D.promised


意为“宣称、 宣布”; advertise 新闻发言人为广告宣传; determine 意为“下 决心, 决定”; promise 意为“承诺”。] 6. It was at this shop ________ I bought my skirt. How about coming to my home to have a look tonight? A.that C.which 答案 B.where D.what

A [考查强调句型。被强调部分是地点状语。]

7.After a whole afternoon's heated discussion, they finally ________ to us what had been decided.

A.told C.stated 答案 B

B.declared D.made [句意为:经过一个下午热烈的讨论之后,他们向我们宣布所决定

的事情。declare to sb 意为“向某人宣布”。] 8.The accident happened on such an evening with strong winds ________ by heavy rain. A.appeared C.accompanied 答案 C B.happened D.mixed

[accompany 伴随 strong winds accompanied by heavy rains 意为“强

风夹杂着大雨”。] 9.He has been ________ for three weeks. We'd better find another person to fill his place. A.absent C.gone 答案 B.left D.resigned

A [be absent from 意为“缺席,离开”。]

10.She felt ________ about wearing the improper garment in the party. A.embarrassing C.to embarrass 答案 B.embarrass D.embarrassed

D [feel 在此处用作系动词,后应跟形容词作表语。embarrassing 令人

尴尬的;embarrassed“窘迫的,尴尬的”。依据语境应选 D。] 11.They desired that they ________ the right to attend the meeting. A.had C.are 答案 B.have D.were B [desire 后从句中的谓语动词应用 should + 动词原形,should 可

以省略。] 12.In front of the park ________with a history of 1,000 years. A.does a tall tree stand B.stands a tall tree

C.a tall tree is standing 答案 B

D.a tall tree stands

[考查完全倒装。句意:就在这座公园的前面矗立着一棵有着一千 当表示地点的介词短语置于句首,且谓语动词为 be,


lie,sit,stand 等状态动词时,句子要用完全倒装形式,故选 B。] 13. The director can use________ one camera for a scene and then choose the video with the best angle. A.less than C.no more than 答案 B B.more than D.much more


个场景, 然后再选出角度最好的影像。 less than 少于; more than 不仅仅; no more than 不止;much more 更多。根据句意选 B。] 14.He________by his colleagues for he had been assigned to a new promising post just after a couple of days he came to the company. A.was respected C.praised 答案 B B.was envied D.hated [考查动词辨析。句意:来公司不到几天的时间,他就被提升到一

个很有前途的新岗位,这受到同事们的忌妒。C、D 两项语态不正确,故应排 除;respect 尊敬。故选 B。] 15.— Do you think he will come at this weekend? —________, because he has an important party to attend. A.I don't believe C.I believe not so 答案 B.I don't believe it D.I believe not

D [根据后面的语境可以推知答语应为“我认为不会”,正确的表达

方法应是 D。] Ⅵ.完形填空 A

Patti discovered the meaning of running when she was 23.At that time she was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and had__1__over 50 pounds.“I decided to__2__,”she says.She took a clock and started__3__what she did every day,and then she__4__aside an hour a day as a“be nice to Patti”hour.“I started having bubble baths with candles lit,because Cosmopolitan Magazine__5__that this would be good for me.But I got__6__of that soon,”Patti remembers.She wanted to do something really pleasant.She found that the happiest times in her life were times when she was physically active.So she took up__7__.She decided to start__8__the next day.She ran for an hour,__9__a total of 7 miles on her first run.“I couldn't walk for two weeks because I felt painful all over!”Patti recalls.“But I felt so wonderful !”Patti wasn't crazy about running yet ,but she was in__10 running.Within seven months,Patti had run her first marathon,qualified for the Boston Marathon,and placed 25th in the world for women__11__runners.Over the next years,she__12__records and set standards for women in the sport.She was the ,and then broke

1.A.lost C.gained 答案 C

B.earned D.reduced [由下文可知,帕蒂运动的目的是为了减肥,故此处是体重增加,

所以用 gained。] 2.A.turn C.walk 答案 B.move D.change

D [帕蒂决定改变(change)目前的状况。] B.recording D.collecting

3.A.striking C.sharing 答案

B [她开始记录(recording)日常的活动内容。] B.paused D.rested C [她每天留出一小时作为“善待帕蒂”的时间。set aside 意为“留

4.A.pulled C.set 答案

出”。] 5.A.spoke C.wrote 答案 容。] 6.A.afraid C.tired 答案 C B.fond D.ashamed [根据上下文判断, 不久她对这一做法就厌倦了。 get tired of 对…… B.said D.went

B [因为“丽都杂志”上就是这样讲的。say 意为“说,讲”,强调内

厌倦。] 7.A.smoking C.dieting 答案 8.A.right C.even 答案 B.bathing D.running

D [她决定进行体育锻炼,结合下文可知,她开始了长跑运动。] B.only D.again

A [她决定第二天就开始。right 为副词,意为“就,恰好”。] B.spreading D.overcoming

9.A.covering C.passing 答案

A [第一次跑了一个小时, 总共跑了 7 英里。 cover 此处意为“跑完”。 ] B.line D.touch [ 跑步的效果使得她喜爱上这项运动。 be in love with 意为“爱

10.A.peace C.love 答案 C

上”。] 11.A.distance C.drug 答案 B.race D.street

A [根据上文 Patti had run her first marathon 可知,帕蒂成为一名长跑

运动员。distance runners 长跑运动员。]

12.A.kept C.broke 答案 C

B.held D.cleared [之后数年中,帕蒂打破(broke)并保持这一项目的纪录。] B

A new era has come.Will__13__replace traditional books ? With the mass production of electronic devices and application of new technologies,mankind has entered an “e” age.Nowadays, and__14__, , , , , ,

extremely popular among youngsters,while traditional ones seem to__15__a great loss of their readers.For some people , electronic and Internet based books are convenient and__16__.Environmentalists even__17 18__that traditional books will disappear in the near future.I have been a book__19__for a long time.For me,reading

thumbing through a book bought years ago under a table lamp in

a dark night.As to

, scanning and skimming , and portability , traditional books have__20__.Just as the invention of camera didn't put an end to the history of painting,traditional books are,and will still be,an intimate friend of readers. 13. C. 答案 B. D. A [根据该句后面的 traditional books 可得出答案。] B.consequently D.besides B [这里是顺接前面的句子“Nowadays, , , ,

14.A.however C.yet 答案


书逐渐“消失”,所以此空表示结果。故选 B。] 15.A.impair C.suffer B.attract D.cause




多读者。 suffer a great loss“遭受重大损失”, 符合语境。 impair“损害, 削弱”; attract“吸引”;cause“导致”。] 16.A.imaginary C.economic 答案 B.accessible D.elegant

B [accessible 意为“可使用的, 可达到的”, 符合语境“电子书方便、

可使用”。imaginary“ 虚构的”;economic“经济的”;elegant“优雅的, 文雅的”。] 17.A.advocate C.carve 答案 B.agree D.mark

A [环保主义人士甚至提倡电子图书……四个选项中,只有 A 项意思

为“提倡,支持”,故选 A。] 18.A.assert C.choose 答案 B.complain D.analyze

A [从该句后面的内容“传统图书在不久的将来将会消失”可知,此

处是电子书爱好者的断言,即 assert“断言”符合语境。因文中没有“分析” 的依据,故 D 项不正确。] 19.A.seller C.publisher 答案 B.worm D.collector

B [从下文可知作者是一个书虫,故选 B。book worm“书虫”。] B.faults D.affairs

20.A.disadvantages C.advantages 答案 C


故 C 项正确。disadvantage“劣势,短处”;fault“缺点,缺陷”;affair“大 事,事件”。]

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