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必修4 unit1 reading Ⅱ using language and writing

Unit1 reading and wring

learning aims
1. 了解reading2 大意 ,训练阅读基本技巧。 2.了解如何描写一个人(基本的构思,方法)。 3. 增加学生自信,培养独立解决处理 问题的能力.

Unit 1 reading (a student of african wildlife)

Do you know her?

What is she doing?

What qualities do you think a great person should have?


I think a great man should be…



great people
modest determined

According to the text what qualities Jane Goodall has?
1. She did not study at a university but she was determined to work with animals in their environments 环境. (determined and brave) 2.She has argued 争论for them to be left in the wild and not used for 娱乐or advertisements. 3.Has been helping the rest of the world understand and 尊重the life of these animals. 4.She has 建立special places where they can live safely. (kind and sympathy towards chimps) 5.She spent years 观察 and recording their dairy activities. (Insistent and hard-working)

Working with animals in their own environment Gaining a doctor’s degree for her studies Showing that women can live in the forest as men can

How to describe a great man\ woman?
Key points: 1.background,education, hobbies experiences, 2. Her qualities (give some examples to support) 3. Her achievements 4. How is she commented (评价)by others?

Introduction of Jane Goodall
1934 April.3 born in England

In childhood spent much time outdoors exploring various creatures At 17 For 40 years decided to go to Africa has been doing research

in Gombe,
In 1965 In 2002 received her Ph.D honoured as a peace fighter by the UN

Why not carry on her good work?

New words and phrases:
article 文章 specialist 专家 rate 比率 sickness 疾病 emergency 突发事件,紧急情况 generation 一代,一辈 consideration 考虑,体谅 deliver 接生 come across 偶然遇见,偶然发现 be intended for 为…准备 carry on 继续

Fast reading
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Who is the main character in the text? linqiaozhi What was her job? She is a doctor. She is a specialist in women’s illnesses. Who was her small book intended for ? It was intended for women in the contryside.

Q4. Which period did Lin Qiaozhi live in?
She lived in the early 20th century? Q5. True or false: After reading about Lin Qiaozhi, the writer was moved by what she did , so she decided to study medicine.


Important expressions:
do research 作研究

catch one’s eye 引起某人的注意
be intended for 为…准备, 预订 as well as 和, 也, 又 deliver a baby 接生 find out 找出

devote one’s whole life to 献出某人的一生 carry on 进行…, 继续进行… can’t wait to do sth 等不及去做某 事哦

Careful Reading

Q. From Para.1, what can we infer(推断)? A. The writer’s homework was to change her life. B. The writer liked biology and chemistry.

C. The writer was a middle school student. D. The writer was studying at university.

Q. Why did Lin Qiaozhi write a small book?

A.It explained how to cut the birth rate the death rate from having and caring for babies.

B. She wanted to make money.
C.It was intended for women who lived in the countryside and could not reach a doctor.

D. Both A and C.

Para. 3
Q1. Was it easy for a woman to get
medical education at that time? Why? No, it wasn’t. Because at that time women’s education was always placed second to men’s.

Q2. What made Lin Qiaozhi famous?
It was her kindness and the consideration she showed to all her patients.

Para 4.
What were her sacrifices(牺牲)?
She devoted her whole life to her patients and chose not to have a family of her own.

? Background ,education, experiences…
? She lived from 1901 to 1983. ? She get medical training at that time. ? She travelled abroad to study as well as writing books and articles.

How many words can you find in the text used to describe Lin Qiaozhi? (her qualities)
hard working determi ned

Qualitie s

conside rate


Group work
Three achievements of Lin Qiaozhi

She became a specialist in women’s diseases.

She got a medical training for her career.

She made sure that about 50,000 babies were safely delivered to their mothers.

How to describe a great man\ woman?
Key points: 1.background,education, experiences, hobbies 2. Her qualities (give some examples to support) 3. Her achievements 4. How is she commented (评价)by others?

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Writing tips(人物介绍): 常用表达: 1.背景: …was born in /into a poor /rich family … when …was young ,spent one’s childhood in… 2.外貌: Beautiful, pretty, good-looking, ordinary-looking, handsome, strong, fat, thin. 3.品质和个性: kind, determined, gentle, considerate, optimistic, easygoing, warm-hearted, hard-working, responsible, patient, helpful, friendly, generous. 4.爱好: be good at… have a gift for… be interested in… be fond of … be crazy about… 5. 教育背景: graduate from… got a … degree , majored in… went aboard to further one’s study, studies hard at… took active part in class

? 6. 经历和事迹: devoted oneself to do sth, with great determination and perseverance, fright for, make up one’s mind to do sth, overcome many difficulties, try one’s best to do sth. 7. 评价: one of the best.../ most important…,set a good example to sb, is pride of …, make contribution to , be regarded as…

要求:展示同学 快速大胆 书写规范 点评同学 仪态大方 思路清晰 声音洪亮 有条不紊 其他同学 认真听讲 细心对比 勇于质疑 记好笔记 : 题 达 成 目 标 , 我 成 功 ; 超 越 目 标 , 我 优 秀 。










展 示 人 点 评 人

G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 G9 c2 c1 c2 c1 c1 c1 c2 c1 c2 G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 G9 A2 A1 A2 A1 A1 A1 A2 A1 A2

Jane – a great woman
Jane was born into a poor family in England. She spent her childhood in a small village. When she was young, she was crazy about the behavior of animals. Jane is a woman who has made great achievements in biology. I consider her to be a brave, considerate and diligent woman. I admire her for her strong-will. She has devoted her all energy to animals research. She has been focus on studying the daily life of chimps. She sets a good example to all women, Only by working hard can we realize our dreams. ?



1、总结本节课同学的表现。 2、评出课堂表现最佳小组和 最佳个人。 3、学科班长寄言。


Write an article about a great man you like.

A doctor who became a specialist in women’s illnesses. She devoted all her life to medical work for Chinese women and children. Her work encouraged many other women to become doctors.

Lin Qiaozhi (1901-1983) China

2.What should we learn from Jane Goodall?

wisdom and courage deeply love to the animals. her consideration her hard work

chimps Jane Goodall has studied the ________ for many
years in Africa and helped people ___________ understand
how much they ________ like human. Jane_____ behave was

____________ work with animals in their own determined to
____________. She spent many years _________ environment observing and _________ their daily activities. recording For 40 years, Jane _______________ has been helping the rest of the world understand and respect the life of these animals. Sheinspires those _______ who want to _______ the cheer achievements of women.

Madam Curie


Premier Zhou

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