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一、英汉互译。 (30 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 30 分) 1. 2.lonely 3.population 4. 5. 6.appearance 7. 8.description 9. 10. 11. 12.weight 13.weigh 14. n. v 残忍的 n. v. 描述 _________ 文字,角色 分别地 岛 勇气 叹气 严重的 16. 17.noise 18.danger n. adj. 危险的 吵闹的

19.___________ 20.choice 21. 22.attention 23.attack 24.attract n.

v. 选择

25.communication ___________ 26.permission 27.rough 28.dough 29.sketch 30.mystery

15.responsibility ___________

二、单词拼写。 (30 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 30 分) 1.The r__________why she didn’t come to school was that she was ill. 2. Children without an a__________ are not allowed to get in. 3. The girl is l__________ because she doesn’t have any friends. 4. Life has both happiness and p__________. 5. Please o__________ your seat to those people in need when taking a bus or subway. 6. We shouldn’t gave up when we f__________ difficulties. 7. With the help of the doctors, the child was out of d__________. 8. Few tigers live in the w__________. Most of them are kept in zoos. 9. The new restaurant serves some new dishes on their m__________.

Let’s have a try. 10. The black colour of your shoes doesn’t m________ the white colour of your suit. 11. After put on his black j________, he went out into the darkness. 12. I like sports and want to join the school basketball t__________. 13. Jackie Chen is the first Chinese a__________ to win an honorary Oscar. 14. Miss Yang gave b__________ to a lovely baby last month. 15 Did you s_______ hands with the famous movie star? 16 The beautiful l__________ over there is Tom’s mother. 17. He runs every morning in order to keep f__________. 18.It’s c_______ for people to read news with smart phones today. We see them everywhere. 19. He is very rich, but he lives in a s__________ life. 20. Do you know the m__________ of this new word? 21. You look tired. What’s the m__________? 22. Your diet is unhealthy. It can c__________ lots of problems. 23. Anna fell from her bike and h__________ her leg. 24. Lily and her friends r__________ money in the street for the disabled children yesterday. 25.Mary is a c__________ girl. Everybody likes to play with her. 26. Lu Han is one of the most popular s__________ in China. 27. He is seldom ill, so he is in good h__________. 28. What s__________ do you want? Large, medium or small? 29.I b__________ him because he is an honest man. 30.Turn down the TV, please. It’s too n__________.

三、完成句子。 (20 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 1.跟狗狗一起玩是非常轻松的。 very with dogs.

2. 她正在考虑买一台新电脑。 She is 3.他尽力给面试官留下一个好印象。 He tried to 4.下周二将会上演一场时装秀。 A fashion show 5.全体学生均被要求参加会议。 All the students 6.他的左脚受伤了,所以他走路有困难。 His left foot was hurt, so he 7.你首先要决定去哪里。 First you should where . . the meeting. next Tuesday. on the interviewer. a new computer.

8.因为这些原因,一小部分人不想参加这次活动。 For these reasons, want to take part in the activity. 9.你为什么不独立完成这项工作呢? don’t you finish the work 10.刚才李老师告诉我们要在六点前离开学校。 Miss Li just now. 11.运动会要来了!我们所有人都在忙着为它作准备。 The sports meeting is coming! We are all busy for it. 12.他真是太粗心了,把书落在教室了。 It was classroom. 13.电脑现在能被用来做很多工作。 Computers 14.当我在家的时候,爸爸总是提醒我学习的事。 do lots of work now. him the book in the school before 8 o’clock . people don’t

My father always at home. 15.这些艺术品都是由木材做成的。 All these works of art

my study when I’m


16.汤姆是个瘦小的男孩,身体还不够强壮,还不能干活。 Tom is a thin boy and he’s not 17.我想尝试一下这个方案。我确定我会成功的。 I want to try the project. I . 18.你知道怎样去儿童医院吗? Do you know hospital? 19.最后,我们别无选择,只能回去。 At last, we Back. 20.在太阳底下看书对你的眼睛有害。 In the sun your eyes. the children’s that I will .

四、阅读理解。 (15 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) (A) What would it be like to take a walk on the surface of Mars? If you could design the tallest building in the world, what would it look like? Do you dream of being the next J.K.Rowling? This summer, you can experience all of these things, and more. All you need is an Internet connection and your imagination. A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that kids spend an average of 1 hour and 29 minutes online each day. Many kids like to use that time to chat with friends, play games or check e-mails. But next time you get on the Web, try exploring the world instead. “ With the Internet, you can go back 11,000 years in time, or go 11,000 kilometers across the planet,” said Russell, Web search expert of Google. “The whole scope of history and the world is open to you.” There is a wealth of information to be found online. For example, if

your family is going on vacation somewhere, do a quick online search on the area before you even get in the car. “What’s the background of the place; what’s the history?” says Russell. “I like to tell my kids, ‘Whenever you have a question, whenever you have a doubt, search it out.’ ” Ready to launch a virtual journey of your own? Here are a few starting points to get you thinking and to help you on your way. You can invite your parents along for the ride, too. Always ask for permission before downloading programs and software into your computer. And, check with a parent or adult before visiting any new website. Navigate the world in 3-D with Google Earth. Begin in outer space and zoom into the streets of any city, from Hong Kong to San Francisco. Or, visit ancient monuments and watch the changing rainforests over time. With the moon in Google Earth tool, you can walk in Neil Armstrong ’ s famous footsteps. Take a guided tour of the moon’s surface with Armstrong’s fellow shuttle mate astronaut Buzz Aldrin. ( )1. According to Russell, the kids _________. A. spend too much time on the Internet B. should never chat and play games online C. can solve their problems through the Internet D. should study hard instead of chatting online ( )2. From the passage we know that _________. A. we can find much information we need online B. Neil Armstrong traveled to the moon alone C. the kids can download programs onto the computer freely D. the kids can visit the new website freely without parents’ guidance ( )3. According to the passage, if you want to go to Tropical Rainforests,you can _________. A. take the time shuttle B. go to the cinema to watch 3-D films C. find a travel agency in Google C. use Google Earth ( )4. The passage is mainly intended for _________. A. parents B. kids D. teachers D. adults ( )5. In which section of a website can we probably read this passage? A. Culture. B. Health . C. Internet World. D. Tourism.

(B) Laptop computers are popular all over the world. People use them on trains and airplanes, in airports and hotels. These laptops connect people to their workplace. In the United States today, laptops also connect students to their classrooms. Westlake College in Virginia will start a laptop computer program that allows students to do schoolwork anywhere they want. Within five years, each of the 1500 students at the college will receive a laptop. The laptops are part of a $10 million computer program at Westlake, a 110-year-old college. The students with laptops will also have access to the Internet. In addition, they will be able to use e-mail to “ speak ” with their teachers, their classmates, and their families. However, the most important part of the laptop program is that students will be able to use computers without going to computer labs. They can work with it at home, in a fast-food restaurant or under the trees-anywhere at all! Because of the many changes in computer technology, laptop use in higher education, such as colleges and universities, is workable. As laptops become more powerful, they become more similar to desktop computers. In addition, the portable computers can connect students to not only the Internet, but also libraries and other resources. State higher-education officials are studying how laptops can help students. State officials are also testing laptop programs at other universities, too. At Westlake College, more than 60 percent of the staff use computers. The laptops will allow all teachers to use computers in their lessons. As one Westlake teacher said, “Here we are in the middle of Virginia and we’re giving students a window on the world. They can see everything and do everything.” ( )6. The main purpose of the laptop program is to give each student a laptop to ________. A. use for their schoolwork B. access the Internet C. work at home D. connect them to libraries ( )7. Why is the word “speak” in the second paragraph in quotation marks(引号)? A. They don’t really talk. B. They use the computer language. C. Laptops have speakers.




D. None of the above reasons is correct. )8. Which of the following is true about Westlake College? A. All teachers use computers. B. 1500 students have laptops. C. It is an old college in America. D. Students there can do everything. )9. Window on the world in the last paragraph means that students can ________. A. attend lectures on information technology B. travel around the world C. get information from around the world D. have free laptops )10. What can we infer from the passage? A. The program is successful. B. The program is not workable. C. The program is too expensive. D.We don’t know the result yet.

(C) Pecking University opened a new course on electronic games in the new semester and students have shown great enthusiasm, which indicates the fast-developing game industry in China. The optional course, General Theory of Electronic Games, is opened to all students. At first, it was designed to accept 120 students. However, it attracted more than 200 students just for the first two lessons. “This course does not aim to teach students how to play electronic games, but to study the issues and problems related to electronic games,” said Chen Jiang, the course teacher. Chen tries his best to make the course have variety. For example, apart from his own lessons, he also invited guests to talk to students, including a team with firsthand experience in developing games, an alumna (校友) who has created her own game and a psychology teacher who does research in social and psychological problems caused by games. Some students even have the chance to attend electronic game competition for close observation. According to the 2017 China Game Industry Development Report, the annual income for the industry has reached 219 billion yuan. Although the game industry is a great contributor to GDP and employment, playing

electronic games is still seen by many people as an inappropriate entertainment, especially for students. “This course is not meant to challenge traditional thinking,” said Chen. “I like playing games, but I deeply understand the problems that games have caused.” At the same time, Chen also predicted that many students will be involved into the game industry either through employment or investment and the game industry may develop into a backbone of the entertainment industry before long. ( )11. What was students’ reaction to the new course? A. They were very interested in the course. B. They didn’t want to attend the course. C. They thought the course was useless. D. They didn’t know the course at all. ( )12. The underlined word “variety” (in Paragraph 3) is closest in meaning to “________”. A. pressure B. difficulty C. diversity D. preference ( )13. Why does Chen opened the course on electronic games? A. To teach students how to play computer games. B. To study the issues and problems connected to electronic games. C. To prove that playing computer games is appropriate. D. To help students get a job in the game industry. ( )14. Which of the following statements is TRUE? A. The course attracted more than 200 students at last. B. Some guests were invited to give a talk to students, including a team, an alumna and a teacher. C.Many people support playing electronic games because of the great contribution of game industry. D. Game industry doesn’t have a bright future in China because of traditional thinking. ( )15. Where can we probably find this article? A. Newspaper B. Magazine C. Comic book D. Novel D

16. “Working from home” is probably an article about __________. A. how to work from home B. what is work from home C. how your clothing at home influence your work D. the advantage of working from home 17. What is true about Tianducheng according to the website? A. People are afraid to visit because it has many ghosts. B. Many tourists around the world go there. C. Some famous buildings in Paris were actually moved there. D. It is called “Pairs of the East” because it is beautiful. 18. From which page can a reader get some useful advice on saving photos? A. Working from home B. Want to save the world from hunger? C. How can I store my photos forever? D. Photos of Chinese town that copied Paris 19. What has been the most popular article on the website? A. Six things we’ve learnt from Facebook B. Children are the most frequent victim as knife crime increases C. Italian artists try Chinese painting and calligraphy D. Get 6 issues for $6 today

20. A person going to the page “Get 6 issues for $6 today” would expect to get ________. A. 6 problems B. 6 articles C. 6 dollar D. 6 newspapers