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1. balance n. v. n. 天平;秤 平衡 keep one’s balance, lose one’s balance 均衡 We try to strike a proper balance between the entirely demands of the two parties. 收支差额;余额 a bank balance 银行余额 The balance of the wages was devoted to new books on flower culture. 剩下来的工资全用来购买花卉栽培的新书上了。 May I take the balance of my holidays next month? 我能否在下个月使用还没休完的假期? You may keep the balance. 找头你留着吧。 vt., vi. -anced, -ancing 权衡;对比 You have to balance the advantages of living downtown against the disadvantages. 你必须权衡住在市中心的利弊。 (使)平稳 (使) (重量、重要性或影响)均衡 使收支平衡 My accounts balance for the first time this year! 我的帐上今年第一次出现收支平衡! 2. base n. v. n. 1.基,底,基部[the S] The machine rests on a wide base of steel. 这机器由一个很大的钢制底座支承。 2.基础;基料[S1] 3.基地,总部 Our company's base is in Taipei, but we have branches all over the island. 我们公司的总部在台北,但是全岛都有分公司。 The explorers set up a base at the foot of the mountain. 探险者们在山脚下建立了基地。 4.基本部分,主要成分 5.【化】碱;盐基 6.【测】基线[S1] 7.【语】词根 8.【数】基数;底边[S1] Ordinary numbers use base 10, but most computers work to base 2. 普通的数目基数为十,但是多数计算机的基数为二。 9.【棒】垒 vt.

1.把...放在基座上 2.把...建立在某种基础上 This play is based on a true story. 这出戏以真事为基础。 3.以...为基地 4.以...为起点 3. criminal n. adj. 形容词 a. 1.犯罪的,犯法的 Robbery is a criminal act. 抢劫是犯罪行为。 2.刑事上的 Scotland has its own criminal law. 苏格兰有它自己的刑法。 3.可耻的 名词 n. 罪犯[C] 4. fit, fit, fit 及物动词 vt. 1.(衣服)合...身;与...相称 This dress doesn't fit me. 这件衣服不适合我穿。 2.适合于;使适合 We must fit the action to the word. 我们必须言行一致。 Her training fits her for the job. 她所受的训练使她能胜任这项工作。 3.安装 Can you fit the electric fire for me? 你能替我装上电炉吗? 不及物动词 vi. (衣服)合身;适合 Does this shirt fit? 这件衬衫合身吗? 形容词 a. 1.适合的;安适的;恰当的[(+for)][+to-v] Grass is fit for cows. 草适合给牛吃。 2.健康的;强健的 You look very fit, Mike. Keep fit 麦克,你看上去很健康。 3.相称的;能胜任的[(+for)][+to-v] He is not fit to be a lawyer. 他不适合当律师。 名词 n. [S] 1.适合

2.合身 This dress is a beautiful fit. 这件衣服既合身又漂亮。 5. bleed, bled, bled 6. great adj. adv. 形容词 a. 1.(数量、规模等)大的,巨大的 There is a great tree in front of our house. 我们的屋前有棵大树。 2.伟大的,优秀的 Einstein was a great scientist. 爱因斯坦是个优秀的科学家。 3.重大的,重要的 It was a great decision for her. 这对她来讲是一个重大的决定。 4.【口】美妙的,极好的,太好了 You have a great future. 你前途远大。 5.【口】对...拿手的;热衷的[(+at/on)] He's really great at playing the guitar. 他吉他弹得好极了。 6.(程度)异乎寻常的 His resign was a great loss to us. 他的辞职对我们是个巨大损失。 7.【口】(用来强调其后紧接的形容词)非常的[B] He is a great big fool. 他是一个十足的大傻瓜。 8.高贵的 greatly 副词 ad. 极其,非常,大大地 I was greatly moved by his kindness. 他的好意令我极为感动。 7. guide n. v. 名词 n. [C] 1.向导,导游;指导者 A guide will show you round the Palace. 一位导游将陪你们参观宫殿。 2.指导;指南[(+to)] Let conscience be your guide. 让良心指引你吧。

3.旅行指南[(+to)] 4.入门书,简介[(+to)] 5.【英】女童子军 及物动词 vt. 1.为...领路;带领[O] Martin guided him to the reception-room. 马丁将他领到接待室。 2.引导;指导 He guided the company through the difficulties. 他带领公司渡过了难关。 3.管理;操纵 He guided the ship safely into harbor. 他驾驶轮船安全入港。 4.(感情等)支配(人),给予极大的影响[H] 不及物动词 vi. 1.担任向导 8. heat n. v. 及物动词 vt. 1.把...加热;使暖[(+up)] The stove heats the room. 暖炉使房间温暖起来。 2.使激动;刺激 不及物动词 vi. 1.变热,发热[(+up)] The water is heating on the stove. 炉子上的水在热起来。 2.激动起来;发怒 名词 n. 1.热度;温度[U] The sun gives off heat. 太阳散发出热。 2.暑热;高温[U][S1] You can't walk about in this heat. 你不能在酷暑中到处走。 3.热烈;激烈;激怒[U] In the heat of the argument I lost my self-control. 在激烈的争论中,我失去了自制力。 heated discussion

9. tick n. v. 名词 n. [C] 1.(钟,表等的)滴答声 Each tick of the clock was bringing the fatal hour nearer. 随着时钟的每一个滴答声,关键的时刻越来越近了。 2.【英】(核对完毕后画的)记号,勾号 He put a tick beside each word in the glossary that he had learned by heart. 他在词表中每一个已熟记的生词旁做个记号。 3.【英】 【口】一瞬,片刻 I'll be with you in a tick. 我一会儿就跟你来。 不及物动词 vi. 1.发滴答声 The clock ticked louder and louder in a quiet room. 钟的滴答声在静静的房间里变得越来越响。 2.工作,起作用 What makes the computer tick? 计算机的工作原理是什么? 及物动词 vt. 1.在滴答声中度过(或报知)[(+away)] The clock ticked the minutes. 时钟滴答滴答地报时。 2.【英】(核对后)给...标记号,勾去[(+off)] He ticked the items delivered one by one. 他把交付的物品一项项作了记号。 3.【口】责备,斥责[(+off)] David ticked me off for being late. 戴维责备我迟到。 10 sweat ,sweet sweat n. v. 名词 n. 1.汗,汗水[U] There was sweat on his forehead. 他额头冒着汗。 2.(在物体表面凝结成的)水珠,水汽[U] 3.【口】焦急,不安,神经紧张[S] We were all in a sweat over the final exam. 我们都为期末考试焦急不安。 4.【口】苦差使[S] This job's quite a sweat; I'm exhausted already. 这件工作是个苦差事;我已经精疲力竭了。

不及物动词 vi. 1.出汗 They saw his face was white and sweating. 他们看到他脸色苍白,并且出着汗。 2.(物体表面)结水珠,附上水汽 A pitcher of ice water sweats on a hot day. 盛着冰水的水罐表面在热天会结水珠。 3.焦虑,烦恼;懊恼 We were really sweating as we waited for the results. 我们在等待结果时真的感到非常焦急。 4.辛苦工作[(+away)] He sweated over his written reports. 他埋头撰写书面报告。 及物动词 vt. 1.使出汗;出汗弄湿 He sweated his horse by riding him too hard. 他拼命策马前行,马都出汗了。 2.(使)渗出,(使)流出;榨出 3.使干苦活 The employer sweated his workers. 雇主让他的工人死命干活。 4.借出汗减轻(体重)[(+off/away)] He goes to the gymnasium every afternoon to sweat off some weight. 他每天下午去健身房以减轻一点体重。 5.【口】从...身上榨取,剥削 Fabulous profits were sweated out of these foreign workers. 从外籍工人身上榨取惊人的利润。 6.【口】吃力地对付;焦急地期待[(+out)] He sweated out his composition in two hours. 他花了两个小时费力地写完了作文。 11. try n. v. 及物动词 vt. 1.试图;努力[+to-v] We'll try to improve our teaching methods. 我们要设法改进教学方法。 2.尝试,试行[+v-ing] Let's try knocking at the back door. 咱们敲后边的门试试。 3.试验,试用[(+out)][+v-ing] Try this key. 试试这把钥匙。

The method seems good but it needs to be tried out. 这个方法似乎不错,但需要试验一下。 4.试着推(或开)(门、窗等) We tried the door, but it was locked. 我们试着开门,可门锁上了。 5.审理,审判[(+for)] Their case will be tried next month. 他们的案子将在下个月开审。 6.考验,磨炼;折磨,使苦恼 Asthma tries him a great deal. 哮喘折磨得他够受。 This will try your courage. 这对你的勇气将是一个考验。 不及物动词 vi. 1.试图;努力;试验;尝试 Try and eat a little. 试着吃一点吧! 名词 n. [C] 1.尝试;努力 Who'd like to have a try at it? 谁想试试? 2.【橄】持球触地得分 12. share n. v. 名词 n. 1.一份,份儿;(分担的)一部分[S][(+in/of)] I have done my share of the work. 我已经做了我分内的工作。 2.股份;股票[C][(+in)] 3.市场占有率[U] 4.(工作、费用等的)分摊;分担;贡献[S] The young engineer had a large share in modernizing the factory. 这位年轻工程师在工厂现代化的过程中尽了很大的力。 及物动词 vt. 1.均分;分摊;分配[(+out/among/between)] The money was shared out between them. 这笔钱由他们两人分。 2.分享;分担;共有;共同使用[(+with/among/between)] Sam and I share a room. 山姆和我合住一间房间。

不及物动词 vi. 1.分享;分担[(+in)] My wife shared with me in distress. 妻子与我共患难。 We shared in his joy. 我们分享了他的喜悦。 13. delight n. v. 名词 n. 1.欣喜,愉快[U] To our delight, our football team won. 令我们高兴的是,我们的足球队赢了。 She ran back home with delight. 她兴高采烈地跑回家。 2.乐事,乐趣[C] He enjoyed the delights of New York's night life. 他喜欢纽约夜生活的乐趣。 及物动词 vt. 1.使高兴 I'm delighted that you are back. 你回来了,我很高兴。 We were delighted to read your novel. 我们很高兴拜读你的小说。 The clown delighted the audience. 小丑逗乐了观众。 不及物动词 vi. 1.高兴;喜爱;取乐[(+in)] She delights in her work. 她喜爱她的工作。 14. slip n. v. 不及物动词 vi. 1.滑动,滑行 The ship slipped through the water. 船在水面滑行。 2.滑跤,失足 She slipped on the ice. 她在冰上滑倒了。 3.滑落,滑掉;松脱 He woke to find that his quilt had slipped off the bed. 他醒来发现被子从床上滑下来了。 4.溜;悄悄走;(时间)不知不觉地过去[Q]

The student slipped out of the classroom. 那学生溜出了教室。 5.疏忽;不经意讲出;被遗忘 Be sure not to let the truth slip. 千万别把真相泄漏出去。 6.犯错误[(+up)] 7.(健康等)变坏;下降 Standards are slipping in this hotel. 这家旅馆的水平在下降。 8.匆忙地穿(或脱)[(+into/out of)] He slipped into his coat and went out. 他迅速穿好上衣,出去了。 9.不知不觉地陷入[(+into)]

slip into

及物动词 vt. 1.使滑动;使滑行 The old lady slipped a hand over the heart. 老太太伸手抚摩胸口。 2.错过;被...忽略;被遗忘 Your telephone number has slipped my mind. 你的电话号码我忘了。 3.摆脱,挣脱 4.匆忙地穿(或脱)[(+on/off)] He slipped off his clothes and went into the bathroom. 他迅速脱掉衣服,走进浴室。 5.塞入;暗中塞(钱等);把...塞给[O][O1] He slipped the note into my hand. 他把纸条悄悄塞到我手里。 6.无意中讲出;泄漏 7.使脱臼 名词 n. [C] 1.滑动;滑跤;失足 He took a slip in the bathroom. 他在浴室里滑了一跤。 2.下降 There has been a slip in the quality of your work. 你的工作质量有所下降。 3.意外事故;不幸事件 4.溜,溜走;不告而别[the S] 5.疏忽;错误[(+of/in)] That was only a slip of the pen. 那仅是笔误。 6.【机】滑程;滑率

7.(牵狗等用的)皮带 8.有肩带的连身衬裙;衬裙 9.枕头套 10.【空】侧滑 11.造船台,船台;码头 12.(剧场的)舞台边门[P] slip2 名词 n. [C] 1.片条,板条;纸条 My friend wrote down his address and telephone number on a slip of paper. 我的朋友把他的地址和电话号码写在一张纸条上。 2.接枝,插枝 3.后裔 4.瘦长的年轻人[S][(+of)] a slip of a girl 瘦长的姑娘 及物动词 vt. 1.从(植物)取接枝(或插枝) 15. spill, split, split Don’t cry over the spilt milk.


1. balance n. v. 2. base n. v. 3. criminal n. adj. 4. fit, fit, fit 5. bleed, bled, bled 6. great adj. adv. greatly 7. guide n. v.

8. heat n. v. 9. tick n. v. 10. sweat n. v. 11. try n. v. 12. share n. v. 13. delight n. v. adj. delighted 14. slip, slipped, slipped n. v. 15. split, split, split (劈开,切开)

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