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选修7unit4warming-up and reading导学案

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.


文华高中高二英语选修 7

Unit 4


Period 1 warming-up and reading

班级:_______________ 组名:_______________ 姓名:_______________ 学习目标:1. 能够正确读写 reading one 这部分的单词及短语。 2. 会运用略读,寻读等不同的阅读技巧寻找主题句,确定段落大意,理清文章的总体结 构。 3. 学会理解志愿者工作的意义,培养在日常生活中帮助他人,扶贫就困的爱心。 学习重点:1. 能够正确读写 reading one 这部分的单词及短语。 2. 会运用略读,寻读等不同的阅读技巧寻找主题句,确定段落大意,理清文章的总体结 构。 学习难点: 理解志愿者工作的意义,从而树立正确的价值观。 学法指导: 略读法,寻读法,朗读法

课前预习: 【自主学习】 Task 1:读单词和课文并注释单词,不会读的或读不准的做上记号,以便请教其他同学。 Task 2:根据汉语在课文中找出相应的英语单词或短语。(识别级) 1. 泥泞的;泥土般的_______________ 3. 有关的;切题的_________________ 5. 调整;使适合___________________ 7. 航空邮件_______________________ 9. 两星期_________________________ 11. 观念;概念____________________ 2. 特权;特别优待________________ 4. 参与;参加____________________ 6. 否则;不然____________________ 8. 遥远的,偏僻的________________ 10. 每周(的)___________________ 12. 杂草;野草___________________

Task 3:补充短语,并写出中文含义。(识别级) 1. the _______ day: _________________ 3. be dying _____: _________________ 5. participate _____ : ________________ 7. ______ up : _______________ 9. shake _______ with: _______________ 11.stick _______ :_______________ 2. hear ______: ________________ 4. dry ______ : _________________ 6. adapt _____: _________________ 8. ____ be honest: ______________ 10. upside ______:_______________ 12.come ________:_______________


Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

【合作学习】 Task 4:完成句子(理解级) 1. It was wonderful ______________________. 很高兴收到你的来信。 2. It takes me only a few minutes ___________________ down a muddy track. 我只要沿着一条泥泞的小路步行几分钟就到学校了。 3. I doubt whether I’m ______________________ to these boys’ lives at all. 我真的不知道我教的课是否会让这些孩子的生活有所改变。 4. But last weekend another teacher, Jenny, and I ____________________. 不过,上周末我和另外一个叫珍妮的老师真的去拜访了一个村庄。 5. We walked for two and a half hours to get there—first up a mountain to a ridge _________________ we had fantastic views and then down a steep path to the valley below. 我们走了两个半小时才到了那儿。先爬到了一座山顶山顶,从那儿我们欣赏到了优美的风景,然 后又沿着陡峭的山坡到了下面的山谷。 【小组学习】 组长负责制:1. 教会组员读单词,拿不准的单词标注。 2. 核对预习部分的习题答案,有疑问的,做好标记。 课堂自学: 【合作探究】 Task 5:Skimming: Read the passage and match the main idea with each part. (理解级) (1)文章结构 ( ) Part 1: (Para 1) A: Jo and Jenny visited Tombe’s home in the village. ( ) Part 2: (Para 2--3) B: Closing the letter. ( ) Part 3: (Para 4--8) C: The school where Jo worked and Jo’s work at school. ( ) Part 4: (Para 9) D: Opening of the letter and introduction to what will be talked about in the passage. (2)文章的主旨大意 The text is a letter written by ______, a young volunteer who teaches in a(n) ________ school in a poor mountainous village. She writes of her experiences as a teacher and her ________ to the village where one of her students lives. Task 6: Careful reading (1)Answer the following questions: (应用级) 1. Why was science the most challenging subject for Jo? Her students had no ________________________ and there was no _________________.


Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

2. Why did the boys start jumping out the windows? Because they never _________________________________ 3. Why should it take Jo and Jenny two and a half hours to get to the village? They had to climb up ___________________ first and then down ________________________. (2)What have you leant about the customs and lives of the people in Tombe’s village? Read paragraph 4—8 carefully and complete the table below. (应用级)

Type of houses

small, round, made of ________, grass roofs; men’s huts have ___________________________, no ___________, small ________, floor covered with ____________ large extended families(Everyone seems to be a ____________ of Tombe’s) _________________ are placed in an oil drum, then ______________ are placed in the drum, _________ _________ banana leaves and steamed.


Sweet _____________, ___________, vegetables peanuts

Family relationship


Not many—one ____________, a few ____________ and cups, a couple of jar

Cooking Methods


Tools are very basic. e.g. a digging __________

Sleeping arrangements

A new sleeping ____________ for guests, kiak usually slept in her own hut


The villagers believe in_______ ________. They believe that ________________ attracts evil spirits so they dry it out in a can over the fire. Then the can is thrown out of the hunt.

【当堂检测】 课文理解--选择最佳答案 (应用级) 1.The letter mainly informs Rosemary of ____________. A. Jo’s difficult life in a poor remote village B. Jo’s progress in teaching as a volunteer and the visit to a remote village C. a chemistry lesson Jo gives in the school of a remote village D. the poor teaching conditions of a remote village 2. In a chemistry experiment the boys jumped out of the windows because they ________. A. were frightened by the bubbling mixture B. couldn’t stand the terrible smell of the mixture


Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

C. didn’t like doing chemistry experiments D. knew chemistry was not relevant to them 3. Why does Jo wonder how relevant chemistry is to the kids? A. Because she thinks chemistry is too difficult to learn. B. Because she thinks chemistry may make little difference to the kids’ life. C. Because the kids there hardly come across anything of chemistry D. Because she thinks chemistry is useless. 4. According to the passage, it is NOT true that _________? A. many of the students have to walk a long way to go to school B. there is no electricity no water and even textbooks in the school. C. Jo has visited Tombe’s family several times before the letter. D. Tombe lives in a poor but complete family. 5. Why did Tombe throw the leftover food out of the hut? A. He disliked the leftover food. B. It was too dry to eat. C. He believed leftover food attracted evil spirits. D. He always wasted food. .




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